Mercenaries 2 Gubbins

A man holding his penis, yesterday... gun, I mean gun.

A week ago Jim asked us all if we were excited about Mercenaries 2. Well, think more with a new video and dev interview from Gametrailers below. Most interesting is the discussion of the new co-op mode, which is a splendid inclusion in a sandbox game. I remember meeting the team when they were making Mercenaries 1, delighted by their stated mantra: “Blow shit up.” And then upset and enraged that it wasn’t coming to PC. That was LucasArts, who seem to hate the PC more than anyone else. Now Pandemic’s game is being published by EA, who only hate the PC for sports. This is no sport people. This is blowing shit up.


  1. RichPowers says:

    Three cheers for blowing shit up!

    (Is there a reason why blowing shit up can’t become a sport? Of course not! To the Olympics for the dynamite derby!)

  2. madaimer says:

    I really liked how he handled the GTA4 comparison question, citing that there very much different games, good in their own right

  3. Erlam says:

    I liked the GTA answer as well.

    While I’m not a fan of 3rd person games, I might take a gander at this. I really love the casual aspect in popping in-out of a game for co-op. Good call!

  4. sinister agent says:

    Ooh, my interest is piqued again. Co-op, yo… oh, it’ll be online, won’t it? Yawn.

  5. Tanner says:

    I love how he said “vendetters.”
    Can I get any more excited for this game?
    I think not.

  6. DSX says:

    Looks very cool, thanks for the heads up.

  7. GothikX says:

    Blowing shit up is mildly overrated. However, interesting.

  8. we3bus says:


    If the biathlon qualifies as an Olympic sport, I don’t see why not.

  9. El Stevo says:

    I like the look of this. He sold it well.

  10. BJ Blazkowicz says:

    Scarewed yeu ovah.

  11. MeestaNob! says:

    Hey RPS – No ‘blow shit up!’ tag? For shame.

  12. pauleyc says:

    “Blow shit up!” worked for Fatboy Slim, it’ll work for Mercenaries 2.

  13. Jonas says:

    Wow in the space of 2 videos I go from having no interest in this game to being really excited about it. Co-op makes me happy.

    Between this and Far Cry 2, I think I’ll need to quit my job.

  14. John Walker says:

    Rich, I think you’ve confused competitive sport with international terrorism. It’s a mistake we all make at some point.

  15. Schmung says:

    I’m umming and ahhing about this one. The footage looks fairly entertaining, albeit somewhat generic, but he didn’t half sell it well. Will await the demo I suppose.

  16. Tak says:

    ‘Generic’ is fine as long as there is a high degree of polish to go with it. The problem is so many places(publishers, that is, most teams don’t want to push their product till it’s done) seem to be happy with ‘generic’ and ‘average’.

    I for one am really excited that this is online, and for the PC. Because it’s for the PC (and online) it has a lot to compete with (on the PC), so it’s probably nothing compared to Starcraft II (also online, and for the PC) or Diablo III(online, for the PC, and pastel!). But still, because of it’s lineage (not online, and against the PC), this could be a solid chance to introduce the series to a new generation on the PC, and online.

  17. EyeMessiah says:

    You had me at coop.

  18. Scandalon says:

    Great, so games finally start including co-op from the get-go, after my wild LAN gaming days are gone…When are games going to start including the friend that has 1. the same game 2. on the same hardware 3. the same schedule as you (the buyer) so you can actually enjoy said co-op?

  19. Scandalon says:

    Okay, right, so now after actually watching the video…

    Looks like it could be fun: over-the-top, slightly cartoonish destruction. Should I check out the first one? Demo?

  20. grandstone says:

    Scandalon, the first one is good, but it’s console-only. It’s probably pretty cheap by now, though, and it’s fun.