Midway’s Online Arcade

Everyone’s gotta have an online games store these days. One day, even we’ll have one, exclusively selling unplayable text adventures we made when we were nine, and the BBC Micro version of Manic Miner which I hacked to say that I wrote it.

Meantime, it’s Midway’s turn.

These days, the old M are flogging the likes of UT3 and the super fucking subversive Blacksite: Area 51, but back in the dim and distant they were of course responsible for yer Defenders. yer Robotrons and yer Spy Hunters. They’re now selling a few of those olde worlde gemes at their new digital storefront, in packs of three games for $5, seven for $10 and $15 for the whole bunch. Which ain’t bad value, depending on the extent to which you’re jonesing for Gauntlet II and Super Off Road. Man, I could really go for some Super Off Road right now, actually.

You can also download its more recent, many Gigabyted PC fare from their main site. Blacksite and Stranglehold, only $20 each! Eeeuch.

It’s good times for retro fans, anyway. On a similar note note, take a look at Good Old Games and start getting excited about cheap, DRM-free digital downloads of Fallout and Sacrifice come September. It could be massive, eh? We’ll have a GoG interview for you next week, incidentally.


  1. jeffk says:

    GoG definitely has me interested. For a PC gaming venture, though, their site’s design makes it look like an Apple service. Those are definitely iChat bubbles, and is that a Mac running Leopard at the bottom? And can they make that happen so I don’t have to go back to Windows?

  2. Lukasz says:


    All hail Allah!

  3. houseinrlyeh says:

    Sacrifice? Fallout 2 (I hope the non-European version)? Plus the promise of having everything XP-ready? Makes for a happy guy here.

  4. Radiant says:

    If it makes you feel better I told my primary school music teacher I made the Sanxion loading music, the one that came on the zapp 64 demo cassette.
    I told her this in private.
    She thought I was a genius.
    I was put up in front of the entire school assembly whilst it played and I just stood there looking at 200 odd kids and teachers smiling back at me in awe.
    The only person who suspected anything was my Cello teacher because she knew I was the worst fucking musician in the history of musical instruments.

  5. Radiant says:

    btw has anyone actually finished Spy Hunter?
    I kept getting to the snow bit and have never ever got past it.

  6. sluzzuls says:

    wow. used to be you could just go to their site to play robotron. now i get why they never fixed teh arcadeemulator2 xtra. they need the five bucks. cuz of gas prices and all.

    and i’ll finish that vent off w/ur midway arcade site looks like a child made it! so there.

  7. Fesarius says:

    Can’t wait for GoG, hopefully we’ll see the old bullfrog titles on there.

  8. EyeMessiah says:

    Good work Dave. I knew you’d come through.

    Also. Freespace 2? Giants? Flashpoint? That is a nice lineup!!

  9. DigitalRiverSucksAss says:

    By the way, after reading this article, I was reminded of the glory days of Defender, Stargate, Joust, Robotron… and visited the MidwayArcade.com website.

    There I purchased their “Ultra Arcade Mega Deluxe” package of classic arcade games for PC. Their e-commerce provider is Digital River.

    Suffice it to say, my serial number fails to activate the product, and the support link on their page gives a 404 error.

    The best I can get now is the promise of a response from a Digital River customer service rep in “2 business days”.

    It’s 07:15 and I’m still up from last night’s EVE Online session, and I figured I could afford the fifteen bucks for this classic arcade pack because, yes, I ate Stouffers frozen French-bread pizza yesterday instead of ordering out.

    My impulse buy? It’s giving me the impulse to say nasty things about Digital River, and Midway for using them. Instead of the joy I should be immersed in, having installed and launched my shiny new nostalgic purchase.

    If you want to play a wholly great Stargate: Defender port, open source, check out “Defense Condition” at link to daylongraphics.com .

    No matter how much you would love to play your old favorites, DO NOT do business with Midway until they find an e-commerce solution that isn’t criminally incompetent.

    You have been warned.

  10. mrrobsa says:


    Hahaha, nice story, I had a similar folly at school where I copied a poem from a book about ‘Peter the Penguin’ rather than write my own. Unfortunately it was rather too good for the mind of an 8 year old, which led to my teacher asking whether I’d wrote it. After convincing her that I had, my lie was stuck to the wall and haunted my primary school years, but I was never rumbled.

    As for dabbling with the BBC computer, I wrote my own BASIC ‘chat’ programs where I could ‘converse’ with the machine so I must have been a lonely plagiarist. Maybe the amazing poetry I kept writing alienated me from my classmates. It’s tough at the top.

    Never finished Spy Hunter either.

  11. Dray says:

    I never finished Spy Hunter either. Loved every damn minute of it mind. Ah back in the old days where 10p could get you a game of Spy Hunter. *sigh*

    Came first place in some crappy motorbike racer 2 weeks ago in Brighton though. Totally kicked my girlfriend and her sisters arse.

    Yeah I know their girls but it still counts! Doesn’t it? :|

  12. Dray says:

    *shudders at typo and wonders why ‘edit’ feature isn’t there at the moment*