Dawn Of War II: E3 Trailer, New Race Unveiled

With real game footage! Cor, imagine a trailer that actually showed you what the game engine looked like as someone played it. I know, it’s a radical idea, but Relic have gone and done it. It also reveals one of the other races that will come with the game, and let’s just say that they’re not exactly shattering the mould with this one.

I give this trailer a pat on the back, but explain to its parents that it could do better.


  1. MasterBoo says:

    I was expecting Tyranids. Eldar again? Meh.

  2. Acosta says:

    Oh, Eldars, surprise!

    I don’t care, they could put Space Smurfs and the game would still being awesome. This is my big hope for tuture RPS (with Demigod), I’m expecting a lot from Relic in order to move the water and give RTS the changes it needs. This is the type of info I’m waiting to hear (in any case, is great to check how good the engine looks).

  3. Stromko says:

    Why do they keep having Marines vs Orks vs Eldar when Starcraft has already stolen the thunder from 2 out of the 3 factions, and will do so again when Starcraft II comes out? There’s a rich and broad history available to them with the Warhammer license, and yet they keep pumping the same well.

    (edit) I’m sure they’ll add more races in expansion packs, but then by then they’ll have completely screwed over the balance by making changes for the sake of change, and it’ll be an unplayable mess, just like Dawn of War 1 and Company of Heroes.

  4. Acosta says:

    Company of Heroes “unplayable mess”, internet wild hyperbole at sight! Bail out!

    In any case, what is the problem?, DoW was nothing like Starcraft and I’m sure DoW2 will be completely different from Starcraft 2. In any case, there are still one race more I think, so there is hope of seeing Tyranids (bit I think the fourth one will be Chaos, letting Tyranids for a expansion).

    I have enjoyed every DoW expansion, even Soulstorm, being the weaker of all, so I have no problems waiting for it. With DoW2 I know I will be paying for a long standing game with a lot to offer and that is good enough for me.

  5. Jim Rossignol says:

    DoW 2 is completely, completely different to Starcraft 2. It’s far smaller scale, with just a couple of squads at most on screen at any one time, and there’s no base building.

    It looks incredible and I can’t wait to play it.

  6. Albides says:

    Call me a pansy elf-lover, but I’m a sucker for Eldar. So I approve.

    ‘nids would be nice for a bit of spice, but I’m sure we’ll see them in due time. And when we do I bet it will be awesome.

  7. Mark-P says:

    There’s a load of CoH’s lovely, clunky kineticism in those gameplay shots. I’m moist with excitement already, and pleased that Relic are being more adventurous with the core game mechanics than Blizzard are with Starcraft 2.

    I too have a feeling that we may not see Tyranids until the first expansion. It’d be a huge selling point.

  8. sigma83 says:

    I’ve never liked the Eldar. I just don’t gel with them at all, fiction, units, everything.

    Space Marines! Now THERE’S an army I can get behind

  9. Steven Hutton says:

    See now that wraith lord (the big eldar robot) looked really, really cool to me.

  10. Alex Grose says:

    WAIT! Eldar are already in the game! Introduced in the very first version! Does this mean that they are introducing Dark Eldar?

  11. K says:

    What have they done with Mr. Narrator? Bah!
    I’m starting a petition!

    Obviously, I hope for tyranids too. But, I can’t see them not having Chaos. Also, The Eldar didn’t sound very…Eldar.

  12. Alex says:

    I too have a feeling that we may not see Tyranids until the first expansion. It’d be a huge selling point.

    It’d be a huge sellingpoint for DoW 2 itself, especially after years and years and years of fans clamoring for them, why they’d wait to introduce them in an expansion pack I don’t know.

  13. Matt says:

    Well if they can push the game out and say. “Sorry no tyranids yet, but we think we can do them in the near future” then bring out an expansion, that could be a marketing plan.

    Or they just might be saving them for a reveal closer to the games release, so their press for the game doesn’t dip. Obviously you want maximum exposure prior to launch.

    Assuming they are putting them in at all that is.

  14. Guido says:

    I’ll just wait and see how it turns out. Did play the first campaign of DoW 1 and some of the first expansion, I do have the rest bar the last expansion as well but am not really tempted to play more of the same. I am looking forward to SC2 and this one equally – although I’m a huge Starcraft fan, I’m not getting my hopes up too high or I will be disappointed.

    Random thought: I think when SC2 comes out, I’ll disconnect my internet for a couple days until I played through the campaign, lest there be tons of spoilers everywhere :)

  15. Mark-P says:

    DoW2 ought to be able to sell on its own strengths as a sequel. Whereas the Tyranids could move an expansion by themselves. It’d be the smart thing to do, business-wise.

    Also, they really deserve to be the focus of their own campaign and game, and I don’t think they’d get that in the main release. So I’d see it as a win-win situation for Relic and the fans.

  16. Tjoms says:

    I don’t care, they could put Space Smurfs and the game would still being awesome

    They have those, though most people in their ignorance know them as Space Marines ;-)
    (technically the Ultramarines are the Smurfs, but hey…)

  17. sigma83 says:

    I still think the best color scheme for them is stark white with gold or teal flourishes

  18. Crispy says:

    No base building? I’m very intrigued.

    Anyway in-game stuff looks solid, if there’s no base-building the door is DEFINITELY open for the Tyranids to make an appearance since it makes the resource system a lot more simplified.

    P.S. Note that ‘no base-building’ doesn’t neccessarily mean no resource system, it may well be just take and hold unit-producing structures.

  19. Excalibur says:

    For some reason I didn’t think the engine looked as good in action as it did in the screenshots. Even the new ones look better than the video.

  20. marks says:

    It looks exactly like DoW1 just with updated graphics. I bought and played every DoW expansion but I doubt I’ll be putting this on my christmas list.

  21. Turin Turambar says:

    Mark, same as DoW?

    Except the non linear campagin. With online cooperative mode. And rpg stuff as choosing loadout for your troops and assigning attributes with xp. And new cover and morale system, and new destructible scenario (as CoH). And no base building. And a maxium squad limit, focusing more than in RTT than in RTS.

    I mean, the problem here for the fans is that it is not enough like DoW1, so i kind of laughed at your comment.

  22. Homunculus says:

    One of the advantages of focusing on smaller amounts of troops onscreen is that when you come across a race that does throw O.G. Dawn of War numbers at you, it’ll seem that much more overwhelming.

  23. Jon says:

    Leaves me with a distict aftertaste of meh.

  24. Sucram says:

    6/1 Odds!

    I’m rich, rich I say, RICH!!!

  25. Crash says:

    @Turin Turambar: but it still LOOKS like DoW1. I don’t really care about non-linear campaign, or xp system *now*, all I can see in this trailer is slightly updated gfx. And Eldars again.

  26. CoH Fanboy says:

    Gar! This trailer did nothing for me. I’d much rather have CoH 2. Or at least Homeworld 3. Relic are awesome but I just do not like the 40k universe.

  27. spd from Russia says:

    great, but too little!
    and yeah, Im affraid more races will have to wait till the exp

  28. runningwthszzors says:

    The game is more of a real time squad based RPG than DoW 1. Even though the PSP version of Warhammer didn’t seem to do so well, I hope they’ll improve the formula because it looks really cool.

  29. Raptornas says:

    Meh, space elves while quite interesting to play in the last version just don’t have the punch that other 40k armies do. I want Tyranids and Chaos, virtually anybody but the fecking Tau actually.

  30. edcalaban says:

    Eldar? Meh. I’ll play them and they’ve got a fun background but I was really hoping to see some CHAOS. Iron Warrior Obliterators FTW.

  31. Rogue says:

    I suspect Relic will include Tyranids as a late-game enemy, rather than a playable race since that would maximise sales of the series. They’ll probably save player controlled Hive Tyrants for the inevitable expansion pack, along with the all too human Imperial Guard.

  32. Subjective Effect says:

    “I don’t really care about non-linear campaign, or xp system *now*, all I can see in this trailer is slightly updated gfx. And Eldars again.”
    But that is all you can SEE. Would you rather they didn’t update the gfx?
    What is the point of anyone making a sequel with improved and altered gameplay when they are only going to get responses like yours? The changes have been explained to you. If you don’t understand them that is your problem.
    I’m a big CoH fan but I didn’t like the DoW demo at all (despite being WH40K table-top player back in the day). This looks to be more up my street.

  33. I don't understand this comment system says:

    Wait.. no base building? That might kill it for me. It’s not like that idea hasn’t been done before, myth for instance, and while I enjoyed that, I just don’t see DOW working without the base mechanic.

    The big thing about this game versus starcraft 2 is that Blizzard is going to take as much time as they need to get starcraft 2 just right. Relic has some real talent, but they just get things out the door like most companies. I can only imagine what this game would be like if they gave it some extending development time and really polished it.

  34. Turin Turambar says:

    Doh, trailer (more like teaser) was too short to see the new features and gameplay changes.

  35. RichPowers says:

    Since the game is focusing on squad-level combat, how can the Tyranids work as a player-controlled race? My understanding is that they’re a swarming army that relies on massive numbers of units.

  36. Tims says:

    Space surfs would be awesome!!!
    I’ve very excited for this. The first game was the best rts I’ve played in years and this looks even better.

  37. Crash says:

    @Subjective Effect: This is first DoW2 trailer I saw in my life. All what is shown is better graphics. Not “improved and altered gameplay”, not “non linear campagin”, and even not “sh*tload of rpg stuff”. No. They show (slightly) better graphics and Eldars.

    Maybe I will believe that DoW2 is worth buying after seeing a little longer piece of gameplay. Because now this game don’t looks more promising than original DoW. And I already own DoW with extensions, thank you very much.

  38. icegreentea says:

    Of course there’s Eldar. They’ve been around since the beginning of 40k. Just like Space Marines and Orks. The next announcement will say that Chaos is in the game. And then they’ll announce one more (Tyranids probably if they don’t want to be mauled by their current fans). And then they’ll pump the rest in the expansions.

    What a lot of current 40k and DoW players wanted were sub-factions. It really only applies to SM, CSM and IG (the differences between sub factions in the other races are much smaller). Given the refocus towards smaller scale action, I think that sub factions could mesh fairly well.

    As for the trailer itself.. it could have been much better. When I heard the GRIM DARK voiceover talking about teh GRIM DARK future, I just wanted to laugh.

  39. Boomskakalaka says:

    Yeah bring back the poor lonely Squats. toot toot Siege Train.

    The teaser looks very frenzied as far as game combat goes, although the shots look to be ‘as busy as it can get’, as in almost scripted-speed. Maybe i just dont click fast enough.

    I think the delay for ‘nids is that they need to be BETTER than the zerg, otherwise it would just be every unique unit being compared to its more-unique equivalent in SC.

  40. Janto says:


    That’s certainly true about some of the Tyranids, but they’re also filled with elite, sentient units that could work well in a squad focussed game, such as Genestealers, Warriors and Lictors, with the sub-sentient units acting as completely expendable forces not under the direct control of the player, I could imagine a situation where the other races might get wargear, Tyranids get squads of grunts to clog the guns of their enemies with their ichor.

  41. Jonathan says:

    I’m stoked about Eldar purely because there’s something oddly carthartic about watching those attractive, flouncy, prancing bastards getting brutally buggered by a ten foot orc. Ancient knowledge ‘ey? Lets’ see you stop a choppa held by someone who really, really wants to hit you.

  42. Anthony Damiani says:

    “I don’t care, they could put Space Smurfs and the game would still being awesome. ”

    I seem to recall there being Space Smurfs in Dark Crusade…

  43. mpk says:

    I actually watched that twice, looking for the new race. In my defence, it is late. I predict that Chaos will round out the games’ races, with Imperial Guard in the first expansion, followed by Tau and Necrons in the second. Tyranids will be in DoW III.

  44. Erlam says:

    Humans, Orcs, and Elves? Well I never!

  45. DSX says:

    @ Jim “and there’s no base building.”

    This worries me too.. half the fun of the DoW series is base expansion tech tree climbing while fending off attacks and advancing vs. enemies (and in single player trying for for mission goals).

    I remember the single player campaign in SC and those non-base missions were fun, but I was always glad to get back to a more open build-your-base and attack as you-see-fit map.Same with WC3.

  46. Albides says:

    I don’t understand this comment system:

    Wait.. no base building? That might kill it for me. It’s not like that idea hasn’t been done before, myth for instance, and while I enjoyed that, I just don’t see DOW working without the base mechanic.

    Yeah. No base-building? In a Dawn of War game? That’s so absurd. It’s like they’re trying to copy those boring tabletop wargames. Like that Warhammer rubbish.

  47. Ruur says:

    Eldar plasma grenades?

  48. Noc says:

    God damn space elves.

  49. Furbomb says:

    We need Space Skavens

  50. Chris says:

    Oh come on, this is shiny shiny shiny.

    Shinier DoW = buy.