Fallout 3 Teases Anew

Beneath the jump: another cinematic-only trailer that may further anger poor Jim. Bizarrely, it’s the same concept as the original Fallout 3 trailer, to the point where it’s almost a shot for shot remake. Consciously so, no doubt, but similarly it gives no sense of how the game will play. Lengthy in-game footage is way-past due please, Bethesda. But it looks good, and it sounds even better. I can’t wait to see how the vintage soundtrack is implemented in-game. Oh, there’s also a couple of recentish screengrabs below the cut – click to gigantorise ’em.

I’m crazy-excited about Fallout 3, probably more so than any other game this year. Hush now, Oblivion-haters. Allow us our anticipation.


  1. Eternal Soup Chef says:

    links on images are wrong way round

  2. MetalCircus says:

    Fuck, the first pic looks brilliant – the ghouls look tasty in all glorious 3D. I’m worried the combat will largely involve shooty bang bang game play but oh well. I wouldn’t expect turn-based combat to go down well with the consumers, who incidentally have attention spans so short you’d be lucky to get them to count to 5 without blowing thier own brains out with boredom.

    Despite the shit storm surrounding this, and despite the massive amount of pressure on Bethesda to get it right, i’m fully looking forward to a contemporary take on Fallout. I love both the first games, and I can’t wait for this one, even if NMA are mangling thier own balls over it.

  3. muscrat says:

    Grah, if Bethseda make it anything like Oblivion game mechanics and design wise im going to be seriously pissed off. Of all great franchises the Fallout series is one that should be handeld with great care.

    Still I cant not but be pessimistic, the more previews I read, the more pessimistic I get.

    Fallout 1 and 2 were fantastic… Possibly two of some of the greatest RPGs concieved…. And Oblivion as an RPG…. Erkkk. I dont want to think about it any more. Its going to take a helluva lot more than shiny visuals and teh threee deee to impress me.

  4. ExplosiveCoot says:

    I have to respectfully disagree that the first screen looks good – it looks like one of the shanty-towns from Oblivion populated by rejected Limbo of the Lost characters.

    The interface shot is also worrying; I hope that’s just a screen of the X360 version and the PC will sport an interface that isn’t optimized for viewing in 640×480.

    Moving on to the vid, I loved the original Fallout 3 trailer, but this one left me feeling a little less tingly. “Super Duper Mart” makes me cringe, and although the music was quite nice the whole thing just felt somewhat uninspired.

  5. No Problem says:

    Fallout and Fallout 2 were a little before my time, so I honestly don’t care if this is faithful to the series or not. Bethesda does good work, I’m sure it will be a blast.

  6. Optimaximal says:

    I’m also not overly sold by the video – Its missing that little something and seems to be going for ‘drama’ rather than ‘dark humour’.

  7. Lake says:

    I am also ready for some gameplay footage and I am hoping some is shown at E3.

  8. skalpadda says:

    If they can manage to take the good things that Oblivion had (I personally feel it had enough good bits to warrant it’s existence), scrap the crap, take the awesome bits of Fallout 1+2 and add some new hotness I’ll be completely sold on this.

    Not an easy feat, and I’ll second that it’s high time to show some gameplay footage. It could be awesome.

  9. Heliocentric says:

    They built oblivion from the ground up, the quality suffered in places, engine wise FO3 is a mod, they can focus on content, but these screenshots do not impress me. See me after class.

  10. Ragnar says:


    It isn’t too late to play Fallout 1 + 2.

  11. rehashbodash says:

    I don’t want this to be like oblivion or any other fallout game. Take not a single piece from any other games and give me something new to adventure.

  12. TychoCelchuuu says:

    @No Problem:

    Before your time? What? Have you not been reading about GOG? They’re coming out in September!

  13. Pidesco says:

    This feels like a lame attempt at placating the NMA people. It’s just a lazy copy of Fallout’s intro.

  14. Al3xand3r says:

    People really do’t think it’s weird that Fallout 3 is a few months away from release, has been getting hyped to hell and back for months now as the second coming, and yet we all still don’t know how it actually plays, unless we start imagining Oblivion with guns, which is what Bethesda have been trying to tell us it really isn’t?!

    They did the same thing with Oblivion’s marketing and that also turned out almost nothing like they described. Even if some people still loved it they can’t deny it was half the game they promised up to the last minute, even after they cut many features off a month before release (and barely made mention of it, like the dynamic shadows).

  15. Pantsman says:

    Well, one thing I’m glad to take away from this is that there WILL be non-hostile ghoul NPCs. I was afraid for a while.

  16. Al3xand3r says:

    That’s probably a screenshot and encounter to please the NMA crowd, I think they had very specifically called ghouls monsters in the past. I guess it’s good they at least took one complaint seriously, but there’s hopefully more than a single encounter of this with 99.9% of them being “monsters” still…

  17. No Problem says:

    It isn’t too late to play Fallout 1 + 2.

    The hardcore PC guys will probably hang me but I tried to play Fallout 2 recently and I just couldn’t stay interested. It’s a bit too old to get into now, at least from scratch.

    There are a lot of old games that I love but probably wouldn’t like if I never played them before and tried them today. Nostalgia is a big factor in keeping some of these older games alive in our minds.

    I didn’t get a PC until July 2000 just FYI

  18. malkav11 says:

    I think it was Game Informer’s preview that mentioned that they were operating on the notion that there are different varieties of ghouls and the aggressive, zombie-like ghouls we’ve mostly seen in screens were the ones that had been so badly irradiated as to lose cognitive abilities.

    I don’t think they’ve ever said that they were planning to have ghouls just as mobs to fight.

  19. Al3xand3r says:

    No Problem with you No Problem, what gets me the most is the incredibly low resolution they run on, which makes them look horrible on any decently sized monitor if they can’t be run windowed. I don’t mind the actual art, I can appreciate it and a lot of it isn’t even outdated, it just looks horrible when stretched. So I hope that Old Games thing will add windowed mode options when possible, or up the resolution settings like some fan patches have done (but glitch free). As far as actual gaming goes, some of these could have a better interface and such but I think a lot of them (including Fallout) hold up well if you give them some time to grow on you. Once you actually figure their quirks out all over again, they’re as pleasant as ever.

  20. Ragnar says:


    I never understood why it is more of a problem to play a little bit pixelated games nowadays than it was 10 years ago. Good graphics never get dated, even if it is in low resolution. I played Fallout for the first time about 2 years ago. But then, I have never thought good graphics as “high resolution and lots of polygons”, but as the artistic merit of the graphics. For me the best graphics in a game still is Grim Fandango, and there the low polygon count might even count as an advantage since they so brilliantly used the graphical limitations to the benefit of the graphics.

  21. RichPowers says:

    According to the WineHQ database, Fallout 2 runs great under WINE on Linux-based OS’s. AFAIK, the game will run in a window by default, but correct me if I’m wrong.

    Ragnar: it’s not the lack of polys; it’s how old games will fill the ENTIRE screen. On my 24” monitor, this makes WarCraft II totally unplayable. If it could run in a window at 600 x 480, that’d be great.

  22. No Problem says:

    That’s actually the main problem that kept me from enjoying myself. It looked absolutely awful on my monitor, mostly because it’s an LCD and everything looks like ass if it’s not at the native res. But when you go that low it just looks abysmal, and it wouldn’t look much better if you could jack up the res to 1680×1050. I wish I had an old CRT in a closet somewhere, I’m sure it’d look fairly decent on one of those.

  23. MetalCircus says:

    Fallout 2 runs on a low resolution ;)

    You know, i’m not surprised Bethesda are marketing this to the wider market because most of the Fallout fans are so notoriously hard to please it’s like getting a reaction out of a dead bloody horse. Frankly they’d be better off emaciating a herd of buffalow than trying to impress the wide array of Fallout fans.

    Now I love Fallout. 1 and 2 are my faveourite games (closely followed by DX) but the amount of shite layed on the Bethesda guys for this title is a raging joke. I have read numerous interviews with the developers that has constantly confirmed to me that they are trying thier absoloute hardest to make a brilliant game, and they’ve tried 100% to fit in the old fallout gameplay and style to the new audience. You can’t market a game to 5% of gamers (i.e. fallout fans) and expect to make a profit. If you don’t like the sound of that then welcome to the games industry! Increasing commercialisation has been tolerated 100% by the lot of you over the years, but now it’s happening to Fallout suddenly everyone cares again. Where was your moaning when this commercialisation was ever increasing? When we was told to pay for DLC? Pathetic.

    And guess what? If it is shit, then fallout 1 and 2 STILL EXIST! Amazing that, isn’t it?

    There is so much wingeing about Fallout 3 that it’s just soooo tiresome. YES, there’s a chance Fallout 3 could be a big bloody turd but no it’s not the end of the world. It’s not “ruining” a francise. Look at the games released since fallout 2 – they were both cack but it hasn’t detracted from the utter brilliance of the original 2 one jot.

    Oh and one last point, people call it Oblivion with guns… this is bad how?! That would be excellent and you know it! You’re just trying on the whole “Fallout Fan” facade. You know as well as I that’s a fucking excellent idea (provided they chuck out the monster levelling guff that is ;) )

  24. Al3xand3r says:

    It does look good in high res actually.

    I didn’t mean stretch the graphics to high res (you can’t really), just leave them at their native small size and simply increase the viewable area up to fullscreen res levels. So it’s a bit like a windowed mode with expanded view… Sort of.

    You get crisp looking visuals, you get to appreciate the hand crafted beautiful environments better and anything that’s not quite good is too small to notice much anyway.

    It’s just that text then gets too tiny and the GUI gets messed up and there are other bugs and glitches with the gameplay since it’s not an officially supported setting. If they could fix that, I’d be all over it in no time.

    MetalCircus it sounds like your opinion of Fallout fans is affected by Bethesda’s hyperbole and the trash talking of Bethesda’s fanboy journalists. If you take the time to read some of NMA for example you’ll notice the bulk of them most always provide rational arguments that go far beyond “zomg its T/FPS and not turn based!!!111” and can look past many issues.

    In fact, they’ve more or less accepted Fallout 3 is not “their” Fallout anymore and simply critique it as they see fit as far as being a proper CRPG goes, instead of some hyped to hell and back trashy open world action adventure with no real role playing.

  25. MetalCircus says:

    I have read the NMA guff. I accepted long ago that there will never, ever be another CRPG. I am accepting fallout 3 as a “good” game, not some biblical act of joy. People forget video games are JUST video games. The hostility towards Fallout 3 is drawn from alot of this. Big deal. It’s going to be an enjoyable game but it won’t be amazing.

    Although I realize I am up against some pretty hardened Fallout fans so trying to convince you is like banging my head against a brick wall most likely. Tell me, should I give up now or later? *rolls eyes*

    Love Fallout, but not the fans.

    You may think i’m being harsh or somewhat apathetic, or that i’ve swallowed some sort of massive propaganda lie (that’s probably what most of you are thinking i’m guessing) but i’m not – i’m being realistic. There will be no more CRPG’s. Okay? It’s dead. Move on, or make your own one.

    Now I’ll enjoy Fallout 3 as a bit of entertainment. Likely I will go and play Fallout 2 again straight after, and then again and again and again. I’m not saying fallout 3 will beat one or two, because it won’t, but if it’s terrible it will hardly “destroy the franchise”

  26. Al3xand3r says:

    Well at least you accept it’s not going to be an amazing game, so what exactly do you find wrong with people critiquing it for not being amazing like Bethesda and the mainstream press want to make everyone believe? If they can lie and make it sound amazing, why can’t people counter their lies with sensible arguments like they have been doing? You basically agree with them after all, at least in some ways. Otherwise you’d also think Fallout 3 is amazing. It bothers you people express themselves about it? You just expressed yourself about them you know…

    I also find it weird you came out of nowhere to bash Fallout fans and statements you have apparently seen elsewhere. Why not bash it to the place you saw it instead of bring it up here? Nobody here said it will destroy the franschise. So, you’re trash talking people who can’t defend themselves because they aren’t actually here, with the excuse they wouldn’t listen anyway, or that you don’t care enough to (and yet care enough to do so here). Why not just ignore them, just like you ignore Bethesda’s “it’s the second coming” marketing and hype? Overall, yes, I’d say your attitude is pretty contradicting…

  27. pirate0r says:

    When i read about fallout 3 being released i decided that in order to appreciate and understand it i had to play the original two. Some how i managed to play the first on a 19″ 1280*1024 monitor and after a while i didn’t notice the low resolution. When i played fallout 2 i found the resolution patch and with a little tweaking i made it playable at full res.

    Both were good games and i definitely recommend playing them before playing fallout 3.

  28. Greenbunny45 says:

    Reminds me a bit of Bioshock.

  29. MetalCircus says:

    Lol… i’d say you’re over analyzing my post a bit but really I was bashing Fallout fans because there seem to be a lot of them here (or at least from what I could see) so… really I was engaging them…

    You said: “so what exactly do you find wrong with people critiquing it” Well, pretty much that many people seem to condemn this game before anyone outside of Bethesda has really (properly) played it, without really knowing weather or not it will be good or bad. It seems to just be unfounded panic that someone is going to ruin the holy Fallout franchise when really it’s been dumped on already… twice. But like you said, there’s nothing wrong with that oppinion. I have my own, too.

  30. Al3xand3r says:

    Many people consider it the second coming before playing it, I didn’t see you come out of nowhere to complain about the hype it gets on other places though…

    As for NMA again (since they’re the most known group critiquing F3), they mostly critique what we know, what info we get from interviews, and also critique the fact we don’t really know so much even though we’re so close to release time. It’s all valid imho.

    You’ve also judged the game in one way at least, by calling it a “good game” and not the all amazing all encompassing CRPG experience it’s hyped as. And yet you haven’t played it either. Funny, no?

  31. MetalCircus says:

    Haha. I think it would be unfair for me to kick off my oppinion of it as “omfggz dis wil b shit!” I’m at LEAST going to give it a fair chance before I shoot it down in flames. But hey! Maybe i’m wrong and i’m just swallowing the fat cock of capitalism, aint that right?! *sigh*

    But anyway. I think it’s time to give up now. Not because I can’t convince you (I shot that idea into the sun the second you defended NMA) but because this is tedious now and I don’t see an end coming any time soon. I’ve said what I wanted to anyway.

  32. Alec Meer says:

    Yes, let’s move on please. There’s far too much growling in our comments threads of late.

  33. Zed says:

    In other news, Fallout 3 has been baned in Australia.

    Also, @No Problem, I seem to recall No Mutants Allowed has some resolution-increasing patches, but I can’t say if they work. (link is to Fallout2 stuff)

  34. skalpadda says:

    Wait, what, illegal all together? As in “You can’t even buy it if you’re over 53 years old”?

  35. Al3xand3r says:

    Well, I don’t think they can punish a consumer for importing it, but probably punish any store that sells it there since it’s banned.

    I find it funny, Bethesda go to great lengths to ensure the lowest possible age rating for their games given the material, for example with how underaged characters won’t be killable, and yet they get their game banned for some silly use of drugs as power ups or whatever… Ironic.

  36. Vollgassen says:

    I really hope you can melt people in FO3 instead of just gibbing them
    or burn them into ash
    those were my favorite

  37. A-Scale says:

    I’m looking for feedback here. I tried to pick up Fallout 2 last week and it drove me away within an hour. I just tried to get through the first tunnel filled with giant ants, and simply trying to get away from them took 20 minutes! I shouldn’t have to wait for all 6 of the slow ants to move for a total of 10 seconds each! That’s ridiculous! I understand that it’s turn based, but why in the heck can’t i just skip the animation and have them do their thing. Did I do something wrong? Does it pick up after the giant antscapades?

  38. Rewired says:

    @ A-scale, press escape and go into options, there you can turn up the combat speed quite a bit; however running from encounters isn’t really a valid choice in the starter temple, if you can’t take on the ants I would recommend finding a guide to help you better place your character points.

  39. MetalCircus says:

    That’s my one gripe with Fallout 2, If you hadn’t already previously had experience with the points, you’d have no idea what to put points in to and what to leave, and most likely your first play through would have been a disaster. Still despite that slight learning curve it’s classic.

  40. Optimaximal says:

    I’m looking for feedback here. I tried to pick up Fallout 2 last week and it drove me away within an hour. I just tried to get through the first tunnel filled with giant ants, and simply trying to get away from them took 20 minutes! I shouldn’t have to wait for all 6 of the slow ants to move for a total of 10 seconds each! That’s ridiculous! I understand that it’s turn based, but why in the heck can’t i just skip the animation and have them do their thing. Did I do something wrong? Does it pick up after the giant antscapades?

    Go into the options and increase the ‘NPC movement’ slider all the way to the right. Makes it a tad more bareable.

  41. Janto says:

    Yeah, the temple of trials is a real ‘built a character without a good weapon or brawl skill? Screw you loser!’ Even the pre-generated non-combat characters can have a tough time. At least with the rat tunnels at the start of Fallout 1, you could just sneak through or avoid them mostly. Not a great intro.

  42. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    PC ZONE (I know, I know – I subscribe to PCG too and have done for far longer if its any consolation ;)) came today and it has a really good preview where they get a lengthy (5 hours) hands-on play of the game. Recommended reading. My reactions to Fallout 3 have been, in order: 1) YES ANOTHER FALLOUT GAME 2) BUT THEY’LL MAKE IT SHIT 3) BUT OBLIVION WAS AWESOME 4) BUT IN A COMPLETLY DIFFERENT WAY FROM FALLOUT (i love caps). I’m now at stage 5) Get over it, it will be brilliant, I bet you.

  43. Vollgassen says:

    I’ve just started cheating at that beginning. Just use Falche and put my unarmed skill at 100%. Then I never use it again :/

    I’ve always wanted to play through the Fallouts as a melee character but it’s just so boring and nigh impossible. Removes any of the sense of playing tactically really.

  44. skalpadda says:

    Well, I don’t think they can punish a consumer for importing it, but probably punish any store that sells it there since it’s banned.

    Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but this made me curious, as I have pretty much no knowledge about this stuff at all.

    Does anyone know if these rules apply only to games or to other kinds of art/entertainment as well in Australia? I mean, if you can’t have details about drugs in this manner, you shouldn’t be able to sell a DVD of Trainspotting, just to take an example at random. Thinking about it, it would certainly rule out loads of music, movies and other kinds of art.

    I find it pretty horrifying to be honest and I’m Swedish, so please don’t laugh at me for not knowing if this kind of legislation is the same in the UK or something ;)

  45. malkav11 says:

    I’ve gotten well over halfway into the game with a melee character, no trouble. Stabbing people in the groin with a sharpened stick never got old.

    I admit that I can’t say for sure whether said character could have taken on powered-armour enemies (lost that save before I could try), but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  46. MetalCircus says:

    I think you can with the power fist or super sledge, but don’t quote me on that because i’ve never bothered with a melee character myself.

  47. Johnny Law says:

    skalpadda, there’s an informative comment about the Australia situation here: link to shacknews.com

  48. Lizard Dude says:

    Fallout trailers… Fallout trailers never changes…

  49. DSX says:

    Second the bioshock look and feel. But it works, so work it. I’ll take classic band music over techno (clear sky) any day. Count Basie over a future-ghoul gun fight? Awesome.

    What is the toy next to the teddy bear on the couch though? I couldn’t make it out. In the first trailer it looked like a metal truck/bus.

  50. Ragnar says:

    Ragnar: it’s not the lack of polys; it’s how old games will fill the ENTIRE screen. On my 24” monitor, this makes WarCraft II totally unplayable. If it could run in a window at 600 x 480, that’d be great.

    The games filled up the entire screen when they were released too? I can’t remember people saying they were unplayable then. Or you get a 17″ monitor to play the old games on. :D