Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner

As awful as the film was, it did manage one remarkable thing: Uma Thurman was hot.

More Lego Batman footage appears from E3. After the slight disappointment of Lego Indy (too similar to the Star Wars games, and missing the Force), it’s harder to know what to think about this one. Obviously hopes are high, and it’s not as if Lego Indy wasn’t lots of fun. But we want Lego Batman to be much more – the Lego game that makes us forget about the Star Wars games and get excited anew. Footage below – not a great deal that’s new, but the comic timing is lovely.


  1. DSX says:

    Is the suggestively posing Lego woman under a red light the first official Lego prostitute? If so, it’s already MUCH different then Lego Indy.

  2. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    It’s Poison Ivy.

    Edit: Also, seeing all these LEGO [insert franchise here] trailers reminds me that I still haven’t picked up LEGO Star Wars yet.

  3. rehashbodash says:

    Milking batman for decades. Give us another hero with a clever history. I just don’t understand nostalgia gaming.

  4. RichPowers says:

    Hahah that looks like green chest and stomach hair. Eeeewww

  5. Phil H says:

    @rehashrobodash – Nostalgia gaming or otherwise, it’ll just be nice to have a good DC Comics video game after eons of trash

  6. BJ Blazkowicz says:

    Next up is probably Lego Pron.

  7. Maximum Fish says:

    This looks like Lego Bioshock or something. I thought maybe she was one of those weird cultist splicers in Arcadia…

  8. Irish Al says:

    Lego Indy was pretty good but buggy as hell (whisper it – was it rushed out to coincide with the film?).

    I think Batman will be a better prospect since it’s campy 60’s Batman, and the subject matter provides a wealth of great characters with built-in ‘special powers’ or abilities. All that stuff was a bit tenuous in Indy at times. Also, Indy relies much more on elaborate-ish puzzles than Star Wars did, but hopefully Batman will redress that.

  9. mujadaddy says:

    It was disappointing me…until the action after the fade-out. Looks solid.

  10. James G says:

    Oh dear, I’m slow. I was just clicking back through postings to find an earlier thread, and I only just got the post title.