Fallout 3: In-Game Footage At Last

Words later. E3 Video now:

Immediate thought: Oh. Is that… it? But before we dismiss it as –nnng– ‘Oblivion with guns’ (I’m strongly tempted to ironic-o-edit any comment that includes that ‘orrible phrase from now on), let’s keep in mind that this is a 100 hour, open-world RPG brutally compressed into a 3-minute combat demo for an audience of gun-hungry 360 journos, eh? I presume – based on how the game’s been described previously – there’s an awful lot more to see. And the palette aside – always a problem with post-apocalyptic landscapes – some of those dystopia-vistas really do look impressive.

Extra! Beneath the cut, a full-length trailer, showing more baddies, Dogmeat, some in-Vault stuff and more 50s ad-spoofery. And an excellent into-the-sunset closing shot.

Looks a lot sparkier than the demo walkthrough, though some of that’s down to the splendid music. Still, we desperately need to see some of the questing, dialogue and non-monster towns to get a real sense of the game, I think.


  1. MasterBoo says:

    BAH!. NMA were right all along. This looks so uninspired and so not “Fallout”. Everything looks dull, the animations and these err, characters? (are these mutants or human?) look so awkward. Everything just yells “Poorly made Oblivion mod”.

    Oh yes, and VATS looks terribly stupid as expected. I thought they wanted to “progress the franchise to today’s standards” – they even don’t meet them! It looks like a generic FPS from 4 years ago.

  2. Tenorek says:

    ah, it was on the 360, no wonder it looked like hell to play. I never played much of the other fallout games, but I can say that this doesn’t look all that great in my opinion.

  3. Al3xand3r says:

    Walking around and checking pipboy seemed nicely polished, the environment was nice enough though the guy seemed to walk in almost a straight line not checking anything else out and there was an extreme overusage of bloom.

    VATS view and usage seemed meh.

    Overall combat seemed meh. Shotgun seemed nice enough, laser thing not.

    Enemy types plain weird.

    Mini nuke plain bleh.

    Can’t judge role playing from this. Overall meh until further notice.

  4. Noc says:

    Then again, all you saw was someone with three times as much health as they need and an arsenal of weapons shooting at several low-level enemies. How it plays is going to depend a lot on if you can just do what he did and stand there, leisurely figuring out what weapon to use, then dropping a rocket on whatever’s in front of you.

    What I’m curious about is how much control you’ll have over the pause-time decisions. Is it limited to attacks? Or can you attack-move, and fire off a shot before dodging behind cover? This demo seemed to be much more of an “Engine and graphics” thing than any sort of in-depth look at the gameplay. And I’ll wait for THAT before I write it off.

    Also, Fallout was pretty ugly and clumsy. What I saw looked kind of ugly and clumsy with current generation graphics. The only “Totally not Fallout” thing I can see is the fact that while Fallout was brown, this game is gray.

  5. CLLMM says:

    My brain is broken. Thanks RPS.

  6. Lightbulb says:

    Looks… …well…

    To be honest my basic assumption is this will be as bad as TESIV. If its not i will be very pleased but at least this way I can’t be disappointed…

  7. SwiftRanger says:

    Some nice things in there, like the VTOL (would be nice if you could take it down) and that EMP blast, the rest is a bit off and doesn’t come close to the original Fallout (art) style.

    The marching music really doesn’t nail it Todd, where the hell is Mark Morgan when you need him? Ah well, hopefully the presentation tomorrow is more aimed at the wits and needs of a PC audience.

    EDIT: full trailer is a bit more promising, only a bit though.

  8. Pavel says:

    I was optimistic ALL THOSE 4 YEARS, always reading NMA (almost every day) just to counteract my optimism (because, well, I kinda liked Oblivion when it came out, and would rate it 8/10), but this video sort of crushed my hopes.It looks soooo bland and uninspired..

    Why the hell can’t they just show some dialogue, various ways to complete quests, etc? why another stupid combat? For those drooling console idiots? How about thinking about FALLOUT FANS?

    Hopefully some better and more varied video will come out, that will restore my faith in this game..

  9. Maximum Fish says:

    Clear Sky it is then…

  10. Pidesco says:

    If the pip boy turns out the same in the PC version as in that video, Bethesda will just show that they don’t learn from past mistakes.

    The fatman is retarded.

  11. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    “Then again, all you saw was someone with three times as much health as they need and an arsenal of weapons shooting at several low-level enemies. How it plays is going to depend a lot on if you can just do what he did and stand there, leisurely figuring out what weapon to use, then dropping a rocket on whatever’s in front of you.”

    This tbqfh! I really hope you’d never be in that situation if playing it properly, and he was just trying to show off the combat. I really want to see a more extended and typical sequence before I say anymore, but for now: MEH is the operative word.

  12. MetalCircus says:

    Well, well, well.

    Like people have said, my reaction thus far is “meh”

    But as demo’s go, this is a very shit temo. Why are less popular games like BiA:HH doing ten minute long demo’s yet the Fallout 3 dev team can barely eek out 3 minutes of gameplay? Piss poor demo, so on that basis I won’t be judging the game yet. If I was though i’d say “average.”

    By the way, that trailer MasterBoo just posted is pure Paul Verhosen-esque satire… good stuff.

  13. Rook says:

    I thought it looked good. Maybe Mass Effect has dulled my senses but the combat sure looked a lot more fun than that game ever did. Sure I’d like to see some RPG bits as well, but I don’t see the massive cause for alarm this seems to have triggered.

  14. Nuyan says:

    That music thing is very cool, happy 19th century military music in an apocalyptic world is pretty funny.

  15. Theory says:

    Thank god for the full trailer. If not for it, I’d have thought the whole game was washed out and brown.

  16. changeling says:

    I think it looks… OK. I think either way I’m buying, just for the outside chance that it might be superb. Hopefully this won’t conclude Bethesda’s offerings this E3.

    Also, I love all the news, but I hate the hassle of having E3 on American time. All the big stuff’ll be announced at 1 am!

  17. PonyStickers says:

    You all are [people]. This looks awesome and completely like what a 3-D Fallout should look like. Combat looks quite gory and intense. For “Gun hungry 360 journos”? Gimme a break. Like the original Fallouts were so “intellectual” and not really about tearing freaks to ribbons with automatic weapons and missile launchers. This old school Fallout fan gives the video a thumbs up, and I’m glad they didn’t show more. I don’t want to see a bit more about this game until I play it. I hate when game trailers (and movie trailers for that matter) show too much.

  18. martin says:

    Looks like a must-check-out (must-buys died for me sometime ago, especially after gothic3, hgl, aitd).

    One question is still not answeared: “Will it be as mod able as TES4 is?”

  19. Zyrusticae says:

    Looks good to me. At least, what they’ve shown of it.

    Still nothing but combat (and some really awesome ad spoofs), but what they’ve shown looks good. The game demo is pretty poorly done, all told, as there was simply no tension there, but that bit aside, it looks rather nice. Love the goriness of it all.

  20. 18Rabbit says:

    I thought it looked pretty good but I enjoyed Fallout:Tactics which most people seemed to hate. If it stays true to the setting, which it looks like it is from the media I’ve seen, I’ll be pre-ordering (which I rarely do).

  21. Crash says:

    Not an actual atomic blast.

  22. Calabi says:

    Doesnt look to bad althought its hard to tell at this stage. I’m betting one thing though it’ll feel more like a game, unlike the originals which felt more like you stepped into another world.

    I think part of its to do with how the enemies appear to be placed. Its like you can tell how they made the decisions of where to put them. They placed enemies to be a challenge to the player instead of placing them to fit in and be plausible to the world. And I doubt much of the combat will have any context.

  23. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    @Ponystickers – leave the personal attacks out, yeah? People are in disagreement, that’s all. I don’t think it captures the spirit of fallout at all from that trailer – i’m still convinced they’ll come good when it’s released however, and that was merely an unrepresentative slice.

    p.s. – you could complete fallout 1 without firing a single shot – not sure if the same was true of 2 but I wouldn’t be surprised

  24. SwiftRanger says:

    “Like the original Fallouts were so “intellectual” and not really about tearing freaks to ribbons with automatic weapons and missile launchers.”

    So, you were always playing with Bloody Mess then? Combat is a vital part of course but if you think that’s all there’s to it then you’re an odd kind of old school fan. The press conference walkthrough clearly only had a single focus unfortunately.

  25. Dante says:

    Combat looks nice and all Bethesda, but seriously, that’s not what people are worried about. What we want to know is if we’ll be walking around towns of populated by stiffly animated NPCs with only two voice actors again.

  26. Peronthious says:

    Gameplay aside, what really bothered me was that The Enclave just flew in and started shooting. No conversation, no interrogation as to what the hell you’re doing there, just BOOM.

  27. Ross B says:

    Gravatar martin says
    One question is still not answeared: “Will it be as mod able as TES4 is?”

    They’ve already announced that an SDK will not ship with the game and that they may not provide one.

  28. Bhlaab says:

    Looks cool to me. The atmosphere is everything I could have wanted, but combat and the ui is a bit worrying for me. (apprently the pc version has a different ui but I’m still wary)

    How exactly are action points going to fit into this?

  29. Lightingale says:

    If I cant sell my party as slaves or use drugs and star in p0rnflicks, I aint bothering.

  30. dartt says:

    I think it looks great.


  31. james b says:

    i am sure i am missing something..i have never played fallout (or oblivion) but it looked like a ps2 game to me (terrible characters)…does not make me want to look further…but i will – as so many people seem to into it…

  32. CannedLizard says:

    Have to disagree with most people here and side with the “it looks good” side. I’m tired of the “told you it’d suck” whinging that permeates the comments threads on RPS. I, personally, think it looks fantastic. I’m worried about the possibility that it’ll be linear, but it looks like a fairly free world. Sort of like a version of STALKER that’s actually good.

  33. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    ” Sort of like a version of STALKER that’s actually good.”


  34. DraconianOne says:

    “Where will you be when the atomic bombs fall?”

    Hiding in a fridge.

  35. Meat Circus says:

    Looks like the NMA mongs have been right about Fallout 3 all along.

    Fallout: Love lots.

    Fallout 2: Love lots more.

    Fallout 3: Oh my fucking god, that looks appalling.


  36. Will Tomas says:

    I suspect the demo was set up to show a variety of enemies, an enclave appearance and other straightforward things, like big guns going boom. I wouldn’t slate the game too much for what you see here. It did rather seem to be trying to go for the Halo crowd.

    What’s bothering me more is actually the setting of Washington DC. I don’t know how many people here have been to DC in reality, but it’s a sprawling city with wide streets and a hell of a lot of space between any of the monuments. The Mall is barely walkable. Just the idea of walking about a ruined DC implies that it’s going to take ages to get to anywhere of interest with not all that much in between. I hope I’m wrong.

  37. Bozzl3y says:

    Fans of Fallout are already intrigued by the game. I could be wrong, but I reckon these trailers are to try and snare the people who aren’t fans (yet).

    Fanboys – you’re welcome to your opinions, but I don’t think these trailers are being made to get you commenting on blogs and forums. You’re all going to do that anyway. These trailers are probably to get non-fans talking about the game. Like I’m doing right now.

    Great success, Bethesda! Looking good!

  38. Arsewisely says:

    Have you never heard the old saying? “Don’t judge a book by its in-game video demo” Come on people, some optimism please!

  39. Lh'owon says:

    The first video was silly but the second looked awesome (if a little uninformative).

  40. K says:

    I know it’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but it seemed too…lifeless. I think it’s mostly down to the sounds, or lack thereof.

    The ad was awesome.

  41. zomggg says:

    looked pretty dire. the game had no atmosphere. everthing was static and motionless. plus some dodgy grenade throwing animations. there’s still hope i suppose but the start is not good.

    time to fire up the full trailer and see if it can appease me

  42. Meat Circus says:


    Yes, both Fallout and Fallout 2 can be completed without firing a single shot.

    I mean, you can TALK THE FINAL BOSS INTO BLOWING HIMSELF UP. What are the chances of this Halo-crowd-bothering drivel offering conversation as an equal partner as shootybangbang?

  43. Paul S says:

    I watched these two the other way round, and the trailer (with the Vault Tec ad) got me far more excited about this game than I have been so far… which the demo then dashed. The combat looks good, and the VAT thing looks much better than I had anticipated – but EMP grenades? Missile launchers? HELICOPTER THING? Just feels wrong.

    I don’t think Bethesda are going to get this one right. But I’ve been wrong before.


  44. Walsh says:

    Umm have any of you gone back recently and played Fallout 1/2? The environments are pretty sterile, most of the buildings look identical, and some areas its find the hot spot clickathon.

    BUT OMG YOU CAN COMPLETE THE OLDER GAMES WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT! Who cares!? Play Nancy Drew Mysteries if you want a game without combat. The fun was doing the assault rifle dance across some dudes chest and they keeled over.

    This looks pretty sweet.

  45. Subjective Effect says:

    I think RPS viewers are a little more discerning than most and in doing so the standard required for satiation is higher is all.

    This has potential, but imho the best shot was the last one – walking off as the sun sets, and I’m not even sure if that was in-game. Looked nice and desolate. There is too much going on in the rest of it. Let’s face it – the bar on this one is so fing high.

  46. Walsh says:

    Uh, Fallout 1/2 had missile launchers. Why are people acting like thats new?

    Only new thing is that grenade launcher doohickey. I hope they put in the lasers that slice people in half.

  47. Alex Taldren says:

    Looks pretty good. I’ll still buy it and have a look. Personally, I’d opt for a fully real-time combat system over the whole freeze time thing, but at least there are options.

    I think both Clear Sky and Fallout 3 will be good games.

  48. Walsh says:

    Fallout 1/2 also had emp grenades…

  49. MetalCircus says:

    The criticisms about the dead surroundings are doing my head in. ITS A NUCLEAR WASTELAND. [I am surprised at people’s reactions].

    I swear people won’t be happy unless it’s a direct copy of Fallout 2 with a different story…

    I admit, what I saw in-game was different, but honestly, what did you expect? People are just pissed because the graphics have been ramped up, there is nothing drastically changed about the game that acctually ruins the fallout experience. Desolate wasteland? Check. loads of gore? Check. Old fallout skills/perks features? Check. Vaults? Check. Enclave, vault tec? CHECK. The combat HAD to be tweaked, otherwise [of different interests to myself] halo players just wouldn’t bother. And anyway, im not too devastated about the turn-based combat leaving the game. You can still blow your way through the game just like in fallout 1 2 if you want to. People are just instinctivly scared of a new slant on thier old classic.

    I still think the whole thing is average at the minute but I think it’s because of the decidedly SHIT demo they’ve vomitted on to our laps. Wait for a proper playable demo or something.