Project Origin: More Footage of Shootage

E3 this week, so a whole new bunch of trailers are trickling out onto the electric internet. I love trailers, whether they’re pre-rendered or in-engine, whether they feature in-game or are purely cinematic, whether they feature FMV or game or even if they feature the wrong game completely. Go trailers! Go trailers! Go trailers!

A New one for Monolith’s not-FEAR-except-actually-yes FPS Project Origin beneath the cut, complete with my frame-by-frame analysis/mild-sarcasm.

00:01: The “May contain content unsuitable for children” sign, which is always a good thing. If a game doesn’t contain content unsuitable for children, I have no interest in it. Mario would be enormously improved by Luigi punching through Wario’s chest, pulling out his heart and sinking his comedy-italian-immigrant teeth into it.
00:05: Half-destroyed landscape. That HDthingythingy lighting. It’s a PC videogame.
00:08: Pan across landscape interrupted by one of those fuzzy-cuts which are trying to induce unease in an audience. Also, stuff on fire.
00:09: Quick faux-natural shaky-pan around room. Blood everywhere, including blood on walls. Has anyone reading RPS ever tried doing art in blood? Grad students doing work in their own Menstrual blood doesn’t count.
00:11: “What the hell are you doing, Beckett!”. Barks like this in a videogame always amuse me. Playing through Brothers In Arms, I especially loved every time you stood up from cover, your fellow soliders audibly shat themselves in a WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, SIR? ARE YOU FUCKING MENTAL! way.
00:17: Lots of cuts here – soldiers sitting around, more blood, Ghosts walking across fucked up landscape…
00:18: A little echo on someone shouting. “We may have a problem?” – pause – “And I don’t like problems!”. Which may be a little ominous introduction of a new puzzle direction to the game. But probably not.
00:21: First shot of that little girl whose name I can’t remember and am not going to bother looking up, in distorted-o-TV-vision. Hard slam into corporate logos. I LOVE CORPORATE LOGOS.
00:27: Woman looks amazed as a hatch opens in her Aliens-esque combat vehicle. Nothing particularly impressive about it – just the sort of slack-jawed oooh-tech! response. I understand this. I still get motherboards and motherships confused. A voice-over starts actually telling the plot, with someone or another being a target. Wasn’t paying much attention, as I’m waiting for blood.
00:36: Slow motion of combat soldiers jumping around with fade cuts, voices overlapping it for deliberate confusion effect. A lot of this is reminding me of aliens, but then again, it is a videogame.
00:38: At last! A really big explosion.
00:39: And some fucked up creature running around the walls and stuff. This continues. More violence. Also, a plane.
00:42: An actually kinda-awesome shot of a guy being grabbed, pulled through a door and instantaneously liquidised, with red goo everywhere.
00:44: A fractio-second shot of an enormous mech-suit exoskeleton thing, for some reason painted bright red.
00:47: Fade to black. There’s still a bit of time to go. We’ll be seeing the girl any second, mark my words.
00:50: And here she is, in Silent-Hill-o-vision. On a swing. A sinister swing. Swings are the easiest of the playground devices to make sinister, by my maths. Making a rocking horse sinister is a little trickier.
00:53: The explosions return.
00:54: And continue, in a melee of guns, monsters, blood, etc, etc.
01:06: Text starts to appear. It’s the word “Fear” in something that looks like the actual Fear Font. Shit! This is ballsy.
01:07: The text continues: “FEAR ALMA AGAIN”. Very good, Monolith.
01:12: “You have a date with destiny, Sergeant Beckett – let’s not keep her waiting” over Alma on the sinister swing. Shit! The sinister swing.

Impressions? Well, Monolith gain extra-cred with me for the FEAR ALMA AGAIN thing. That’s the way to do it.


  1. Alex says:

    Isn’t sex “content unsuitable for children” too, though? I don’t want to see Luigi sink anything into Wario, Mario or anyone else, for that matter.

    Although the violence would be supergreat. Slo-mo violence, supersupergreat.

    Anyway.. I didn’t FEAR ALMA THE FIRST TIME. Could they change the tag to PLEASE FEAR ALMA THIS TIME, WE’RE DOING OUR BEST?

  2. Donald Duck says:

    “Making a rocking horse sinister is a little trickier.”

  3. jamuel scones says:

    Yeah. The thing about the first FEAR is that it promised a lot of creepy J-horror and scaryness in the pre-release and directors cut movies, but the game was really lacking a lot of that stuff. Monolith have blanded out a bit on the story/setting side of things in recent times (compared to NOLF1/2 and TRON 2.0) Great gunplay though, and the end sequence was triffic.

    Presumably this story ignores the events of the two FEAR expansions?

  4. Phil says:

    Any playground device that involves emerging or entering from the mouth or worse, the eye, ear or stomach, of a gigantic plastic clown easily out-sinisters a humble swing.

  5. mooey poo says:

    I think rocking horses are more inherently sinister than swings. I think it’s their cold, glassy eyes. And their manic grins. And the squeaking noises.
    *cowers in the corner*

    Anyway, I’ve been replaying FEAR and it’s such a guilty pleasure, I love it.

  6. mooey poo says:

    Sorry, I meant Project Origin 0, not FEAR.

  7. mooey poo says:

    Is that Daffy Duck saying “WE MAY HAVE A PWOBLEM”?

  8. Duncan says:

    F.E.A.R. was fucking dull. Crappy bollocks wander round empty generic office building / water treatment plant / derelict apartment block for 5 minutes with nothing to do except check answer machines for dull messages… find a few people to shoot, spend about 30 seconds killing people, then yomp around for another 5 minutes answering phones.

    They probably called it “atmosphere” or something. I called it fucking boring. I buy shooting games to shoot stuff, not to hike around empty offices.

  9. Ubernutz says:

    I still don’t entirely get the whole FEAR break-up thing. Did Monolith get fat or something (go figure) and Vivendi stop calling?

  10. DSX says:

    The nuke at the end of FEAR was one of those mouth open “OMG AWESOME” moments in video games I will never forget.

    Mostly on target with the “Aliens” theme. Mostly.

  11. Vivian says:

    Videogame equivalent of a ginsters

  12. Jeremy says:

    “Making a rocking horse sinister is a little trickier.”

    That sounds like a challenge!

    Unfortunately, all I could come up with was a google books reference to obligatory sinister rocking horses.

    Real horses are downright sinister, however.

    EDIT: fuck I hate tags

  13. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Not sure if it counts as sinister, oppressive certainly, but if STALKER had rocking horses I think they’d look a bit like this.

    Also, those crazy Russians do a good line in sinister playgrounds.

  14. Alex says:

    Not sure if it counts as sinister, oppressive certainly, but if STALKER had rocking horses I think they’d look a bit like this.

    There’s even a solemn little Stalker standing there, aw.

  15. nabeel says:

    Engine’s looking shiiiny.


  16. Don says:

    One thing that annoyed me about Fear was that as a hero you just weren’t much cop. Sure you whacked numerous clone soldiers in a variety of amusing ways but the final score?

    Hostages saved: 0
    Team-mates saved: 0
    Allied SWAT teams saved: 0
    Boss dad guys/gals taken down permanently: 0
    Nuclear explosions in cities averted: 0

    Even though they were dumber than a bag full of hammers it was quite satisfying to keep your little gang of helpers (“Don’t forget to reload Dr Freeman”) alive in HL2 as long as possible, i.e. until their inability to stay put and keenness to fight Striders with popguns ensured their demise. In Fear you never got the impression of making a difference to events.

  17. Chemix says:

    Yay for more slow motion gunplay full of sparks and beauty and enemies that before posed some kind of threat turned into pin cushions for my various calibers of ammo.

  18. Mooey Poo says:

    I think FEAR’s biggest problem is that it’s just too damn long. I hate to say it, but I do much prefer it to HL2 because you’re (usually) totally on your own against the elements. I hate friggin’ cpu-controlled co-op characters, and that Alyx Vance can go fuck herself with a crowbar.

  19. Sax says:

    Alma on the swing reminds me of Damien on the swing.

  20. Optimaximal says:

    Grad students doing work in their own Menstrual blood doesn’t count.


  21. skalpadda says:

    Did I miss it or was there no bullet time at all in that trailer?

  22. Nick says:

    How can you be scared in a stompy mech suit?

  23. tom says:

    Whenever I see the title of this game I get all excited thinking that Project Offset is being discussed. Does anyone have any inside info on it?

  24. Brains says:

    Sounds like someone hasn’t had a really bad fever-dream about being chased by a herd of animated rocking horses. You do not want to let those fuckers bite you.

    IIRC there was also one in Toy Commander with air-to-air missiles. Not that scary but not something I’d pick a fight with either.

  25. Evan says:

    “and that Alyx Vance can go fuck herself with a crowbar.”
    That would be something to see…….

  26. muscrat says:

    Fear Alma AGAIN.

    Perhaps monolith is sticking a bit too close to the same FEAR formula? Because people want to run through the same office complex again right guys?…. GUYS?

  27. Jaxtrasi says:

    I actually did find FEAR pretty scary (being a wuss), except for Alma herself. Like all good plot devices, the appearance of Alma was a sure sign that nothing remotely dangerous was about to happen.

  28. lio says:

    i really enjoyed the first fear mission pack… offered a lot more variety than the original game but the end sucked so much that it hurt.
    also they never even bothered to explain why the other characters you play have the same super-soldier time-slowing powers…

  29. Rogue says:

    From the trailers I’ve seen, I don’t think they’ve really addressed one of the main complaints people had with F.E.A.R., i.e. the endless grey rooms you fought through. From what I’ve seen, we now have a (grey) wreck of a city, (grey-ish) corporate headquarters of Armatech, probably more (grey) warehouses and a (white-ish! *gasp*) hospital to splode bads in. So basically the same shades of grey as before, but with 50% more liquidised Delta Force cannon fodder splattered over them! Joy! It’s an acquired taste, I guess. ;)

    Where’s all those other game settings that we all love and cherish, such as GENERIC MIDDLE EAST CITY, obscure jungle island and Omaha Beach ’44? Wouldn’t you prefer to nail insane hospital interns to giant Ferris wheels in abandoned Soviet era-cities (grey, but with a hint of rust and peeling paint!)? Or roundhouse kick rainbow-ninjas in a steamy South American jungle? I know I would!

  30. chesh says:

    I can’t imagine the trailer could actually do your description justice, so I won’t bother watching it.

  31. Erlam says:

    “They probably called it “atmosphere” or something. I called it fucking boring. I buy shooting games to shoot stuff, not to hike around empty offices.”

    Luckily for you they made Halo! :D


    I won’t watch this because I don’t like spoilers, but man… that’s some nice looking blood.