E3: The Trailers – DC Universe Online

From the Sony conference:

My, how very earnest. And is that Peter ‘Optimus Prime’ Cullen doing the irony-free voiceover, or just my stupid imagination? Suitably comic-booky anyway, and apparently a very straight-laced take on the DC Universe, as opposed to the incomprehensible muddle it seems to be in over in the comics at the moment.

No discussion of how the combat/levelling will work sadly, but at least it seems to promise you’ll encounter established characters often. Potentially it’s the first big PC and console MMO since Final Fantasy XI, which may mean it’s a little simpler (I’m commenting on the PS3 controller, not the audience there) than standard fare, or that it’s something entirely different from the Everquestian norm. Need to know more, basically. Champions seems superficially like the better bet for massively multisuperheroism right now, but I don’t doubt that this’ll have an unimaginable amount of money behind it, thanks to the twin hyper-corporations of Sony and Warner. Hopefully the fisticuffs will be a little more dynamic in the finished game. We wouldn’t want an Undynamic Dynamic Duo, after all.


  1. Okami says:

    Fight against Superman?

    Only if I get a Cryptonite Gattling Gun or something like that..

  2. No Problem says:

    Another MMO. Shades of uncontrolled excitement.

  3. Snarf says:

    I did giggle when Superman smacks the guy in yellow, it looked so weak and then theres the delay before he go’s flying back

  4. DSX says:

    Fighting along side Wonder Wo..er.. I mean Batman? Count me in!

  5. Dolphan says:

    I can ‘harness the true power of my Playstation 3 system or PC gaming platform’?


  6. Meat Circus says:


    But not with this obvious car crash in waiting.

  7. Al3xand3r says:

    Well it does look a bit clunky if you compare it to some action game but combat could be rather well done for a MMO. Hopefully it is actually, since it’s the main gameplay in a MMO anyway. Would be funny if DC took ideas for new comic heroes from what players create in this. Maybe there could even be contests, do good in the game and pop up in a comic story or something. If the game’s great, things like that will only compliment it…

  8. Sal says:

    combat/levelling will work like all other SOE MMOs. allowe to rip on SOE for a sec: This could be a cool game. But SOE has…how many MMOs going? Including Matrix Online? Why in F is that still going? If SOE would focus on a core set of game…EQ (cause hell would freeze if those servers shut down), SWG, and maybe this one…SOE would pwn all others. But they dont…seems like they Push a new mmo once a year, chase away the core players with F-ed up “game updates,” and basicly let the game die. This will die like the rest of SOE’s MMos. The only one getting any love is EQ and EQII…F U SOE

  9. Snarf says:

    It will start cool, be enjoyable, then SOE will rip it’s heart out, change the entirety of the game, then wonder why they lose players. In all seriousness though, although the girlfriend is a huge Batman fan, im not overly sold on DC. I’d rather fight alongside Captain America (pre-civil war obv), Iron Man (fascist) and the other Marvel heroes.

  10. Paul S says:

    Dunno about the voiceover, but I’m pretty sure that was the Mark Hamill Joker – he’s got a pretty distinctive laugh…

    But yes – crap, obviously.

  11. Al3xand3r says:

    Well at least they can have all sorts of cool quests by using storylines from the comic books. They sure have a lot of material to go on other than simply kill x number of bad guys or get x number of items. Hopefully they use that to their advantage and incorporate some sort of storyline to every single quest. Text only would be fine with me, it’s not like voice acting added much to Age of Crap.

  12. Paul S says:

    Sure, they could have all sorts of cool quests – but you know they won’t bother. Come launch, we’ll all be farming the Joker for rare drops.

    I say we. I mean “some people”, I imagine.

  13. cyrenic says:

    If that’s Peter Cullen he sounds nothing like he did in the voice overs he did for cartoon network.

  14. Redford says:

    I hate to say it, but I am unimpressed by this trailer.

  15. Snarf says:

    Trailer seemed to focus on the “look at the cool people you can play with but not be” and less on what your own characters could look like or what they can do

  16. Sp4rkR4t says:

    hmm, This or Champions Online…. I know where I’m putting my money.

  17. jungleFish says:

    I just barfed in my mouth a little. Were they seriously trying to sell the game with that footage? I LOVE superheroes, but I definitely wouldn’t play that game, it’s just insulting.

    Plus, I mean, with Superman in there, how do you compete? How do you balance someone like that. Can you mine Kryptonite and craft weapons from it? Maybe you can get a rare Kryptonite armor set with +10 to LaserVision Resistance?

  18. RichPowers says:

    When was the last time SOE made a worthwhile MMO? The original EverQuest? They totally ruined SWG and PlanetSide (and Infantry Online, but hell if anyone’s heard of it).

  19. Wholly Schmidt says:

    For showing nothing but Jim Lee art, they sure blanded it up when it comes to the actual game visuals. And seriously, Hush? Was he worth a character model?

    Anyway, I look forward to server consolidations written as Multiverse Crisis events, but other than that, meh.

  20. Matthew Gallant says:

    The future awaits!
    The next legend… is you!

    Irony-free is right, oi vey ><

  21. Sahagin says:

    Just letting everyone know, this will not be the finished product. You can stop freaking out now.

  22. Picacodigos says:

    I was a Matrix Online player before SOE bought it. It wasn’t that good before, granted; but they managed to utterly crush the few good things about the game and turn it into a putrid crap. I promised myself not to touch another MMO which had ANYthing to do with SOE.

    And I love DC, I love its characters, places and stories; but I’ll play Champions.

  23. KingMob says:

    Seems vaguely disappointing. I imagine Sahagin is right and these aren’t clips of actual game footage.
    Maybe the real game will look nothing like this, in a “more fun to play” sense.

  24. Thingus says:

    Ah! It’s not a trailer, it’s part of a secret E3 competition to see how many tired trailer cliches you can fit in one minute of footage.

    As to the game, meh.

  25. alphaxion says:

    holy hotspur, that looks like a steaming pile of tottenham!

  26. jungleFish says:

    @Sahagin: I HOPE this isn’t final product footage. But still, you’d think they would have prettied it up a bit for national media.

    But then we’d probably be whining at them for fudging things, huh? No win for losing…

    Hopefully they’re going to be working on this for another year or so. If so, I’d feel less pessimistic about the end results.

  27. cullnean says:

    hope they add some vetigo stuff