E3: The Trailers – Dragon Age Origins

Whadda ya think – is Bioware’s next RPG, reportedly a spiritual Baldur’s Gate sequel, looking mightier than it did in the last trailer? Open letter to Bioware though: please, for the love of Tzeentch, hire a different voice actor for whoever Your Majesty is. The guy sounds like an annoyed Blue Peter Presenter.


  1. Ian says:

    I’ve been looking forward to Dragon Age for a while, and I can honestly say this trailer neither makes me more or less interested. Only thing being it gives us a better idea of the sort of tone they’re trying to set.

  2. zomggg says:

    The trailer tells nothing other than it will be very polished and there seems to be a wide variety of enemies and armour. The screenshots on the other hand show much more of the game style. Honestly it looks like NWN3 which is okay but not all that. It’s still in my ‘anticipated’ category though but a few in-game cutscenes don’t tell enough to judge.

  3. Schadenfreude says:

    I dunno; I get the feeling that Your Majesty is supposed to be a bit of a twerp who dies horribly in the opening cut-scene. In which case they’ve cast him just right.

    The suspicion on some boards is that he’s voiced by Rob Paulson AKA Anomen AKA Yakko Warner/Pinky, but I don’t hear it myself.

  4. MisterBritish says:

    Yeah, hopefully nancy boy dies early on.

  5. Bobsy says:

    I was watching without sound so it may be that they’re just effeminate men, which is fine, but I’m pretty sure that army contained a polite 1:1 ratio of men to women. Again. I don’t want to sound like a sexist bastard, but why do fantasy games/worlds insist on this lack of discrimination? Especially Dragon Age which is purportedly more “realistic” on a social/cultural level. Whenever I see a rugged and serious-face fantasy game with gender equality I see it as an immediate reminder that I’m just playing a damn game. Equal rights as an immersion breaker!

  6. Korgan says:

    Yes! Yes! For the Architect of Fates!

  7. MisterBritish says:

    The proper Dragon Age site has some new shots up, showing a bit more character. Even -gasp- some gameplay perspective!


  8. The Hammer says:

    Thanks, British!

    Time to ogle over screenshots.

  9. Albides says:

    Still underwhelming.

    I guess humans fighting a demonic horde wasn’t what I was expecting from a game that seemed like it was favouring a different approach by claiming to go low fantasy, low magic, and patterning itself after G. R. R. Martin. In all honesty, I don’t even like G. R. R. Martin, since it reads like ordinary navel-gazing epic fantasy, rehashed for adults. But still, in a game it’s kind of a novel thing, and I like novel things. And yeah, I suppose this might only be an intro, and the moral ambiguity, gritty realism and political anxieties associated with its supposed inspirations might still be present, but, well, it’s not very convincing in the being different department. Which makes me not care.

    Which is a strange thing to say after writing a bloody long paragraph, eh? But there you have it.

    Ideally, they should just make a new Dark Sun instead. Then I will kiss their feet.

  10. The Hammer says:

    link to dragonage.bioware.com


    Call me a simpleton, but I could never get my head around Baldur’s Gate combat or interface. That looks a lot easier.

  11. Therlun says:

    Ideally, they should just make a new Dark Sun instead. Then I will kiss their feet.


  12. James G says:

    @The Hammer

    Baldur’s Gate was a bit clumsy, especially the spell menus.

    This remainds me more of the interface in NWN, or, dare I say it, WoW.

    Also, note that characters appear to have two ‘health bars’. I’m assuming that the second will roughly correspond to a mana bar, or the fighter’s equivalent.

    EDIT: Meanwhile, on the Dragon age forums:
    link to dragonage.bioware.com
    We have someone complaining that the game has too little colour, and isn’t bright enough. If we can just get them to bump into certain Diablo ‘fans’ do you think we could get them to anihilate each other in a burst of pure energy?

  13. The Hammer says:

    Yeah. I guess it’ll be mana/energy.

    They seem to be developing a WoW like system, which is fine by me. (I’ve probably annoyed a lot of people by now…)

    And haha, nice link. Maybe it’s just an ambitious attempt as being ironic.

  14. skalpadda says:

    Well, we know it looks nice, which isn’t a bad thing and I really like the UI bits they’ve shown in the screenshots. Now I just hope they manage to put in a nice story (I trust Bioware to come up with something pleasantly interesting at least), some fascinating quests, sweet characters and fun game play and I’m buying it.

    Yeah, the UI looks very WoW-ish, although with a lot more style and you can do a lot worse in terms of user friendliness.

  15. 18Rabbit says:

    That trailer was pointless but the screenshots of the UI made me hot.

  16. Jonas says:

    Are those The Locust from Gears of War? :P

  17. hart says:

    They could have at least made the pansy prince sound like he’s actually yelling.

  18. Osama says:

    @ Bobsy

    I couldn’t agree more. In an MMO, it’s the players who determine the ratio. In “realistic” games, they should strive for more realism.

  19. dhex says:

    the trailer was pretty terrible, but the screens are intriguing.

    too bad there’s no futures market for game hype. that would be a neat way to try and measure potential success.

  20. Sal says:

    looks like LOTR…meh. Dear Bioware, where the F is SWG 2!

  21. Dante says:

    I wouldn’t worry overmuch about the voice acting, it’s probably a placeholder. I remember wanting to strangle Ashley in the first Mass Effect trailers.

  22. jackflash says:

    Yawn. Here I was holding my breath for Bioware’s triumphant return to the PC and it just looks sort of … generic. I’m going to go ahead and blame Microsoft, because I can.

  23. skalpadda says:

    About the voice actor doing “Your Majesty”, the website says “he is left to defend their land with a na├»ve and inexperienced king”. I think the voice actor does convey a spoiled inexperienced young man pretty well, so I don’t think they’ll change him.

  24. Janto says:

    Yes, the website really is a disheartening read in terms of details of the setting, all Dark Lords and noble secret societies. Having said that, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of decent script and scenario writing, shame about the concepts being so naff and worn at the heel. Games, eh?

  25. Jonathan says:

    As a fan of Dune the “boy king” can be quite a compelling character. All the optimism of youth but trapped in cynical back stabbing world. It adds a lot of potential depth as it adds a coming of age sub plot to the story and their is lots of evocative imagery of them wearing clothes too big and being dwarfed by the throne. Also I like to imagine him hiding his medieval porn as he hears his sinister aide/uncle/diplomat coming up the stairs.

  26. Trooper6 says:


    a couple of points.
    1) It isn’t a realistic game. There are Dragons and Magic. And the minute you have women who can wield magic…that changes a lot of interpersonal dynamics.
    2) When you kingdom/country/etc is about to go down, women often fight. Women in the French Resistance, Boadicea fighting the Romans. North Vietnam. Beggars can’t be choosers.

  27. DSX says:

    I am continuing to be optimistic that the engine will allow large battles in-game, though it does seem to be aimed for toward 3rd person “group” play ala NWN then up close.

  28. James T says:

    In the Boring Ages… there were dragons. And fighting, and armour. Now, the kingdom of Bordovia is set to be bored by a whole new terror! Monsters! Can the Bordovians, led by Lord Colin de Rigeur, sit all the way through this new onslaught?! You decide, this summer, in… Something With Swords And Arrows In It: And Possibly Elves!

  29. Sucram says:

    The NWN look does rather surprise me, somehow I was expecting something.. different.