E3: The Trailers – Rage

id’s upcoming freeformish shooty-vehichley game in action, apparently now featuring Tusken Raiders and Him With The Face From The Goonies. The big news is that EA is publishing it, id having broken from long-time publishers Activision. Ooh, there’s probably some fun gossip behind that. Something to do with Quake Wars not doing so well, perhaps? Or resistance to the Acitivsion-Blizzard merger? Sorry, sorry, I’m being horribly scurrilous. It was probably just a big huge EA cheque.


  1. Ian says:

    I have no idea what to expect from this game…

  2. cHeal says:

    Looks good actually.

  3. Turin Turambar says:

    Woaah. That’s good. Very good.

    Best graphics ever, and a strong art style displayed.

  4. MisterBritish says:

    Blimey, id outdo themselves every generation don’t they?

  5. Kurgol says:


  6. Adam Bloom says:

    Wait, where’s the bloom? Isn’t that mandatory for next-gen graphics?

  7. James T says:

    Very pretty — for all Far Cry 2’s technical achievements, I’m much more interested by something like this, with a bit of work put into art direction to create a novel game world.
    That said, the people look really nice too, don’t they (although bar-wench’s “attitude” acting mars the effect — you can render the best skin in the world, but if your animators were trained by Harold Zoid, it’s wasted!)
    I hope id aren’t just making another Doom retread with this, I want all the effort to go towards something interesting.

  8. Stew says:

    Why do I recognise the lass at the end of the bar? Remove the stupid headgear and she looks like a character from another game.

  9. Quirk says:

    Stew: Limbo of the Lost, perhaps?

  10. Dan says:

    Now THATS the wasteland i’d like to explore. And the girl in the pub was pretty damn cute. Soo realistic. Man, i wonder if they let player do things you can’t do in Fallout 3. Anyone knows what’s PEGI on this game?

  11. Al3xand3r says:

    Mad max/post apoc, hurray! We don’t have enough of these games.

  12. spd from Russia says:

    oh damn, now this looks cool. Post apoc art and style is much better than fo3. Gameplay will be pretty simple – dont expect much from IDs game ;/
    why cant we have both in the same game?

  13. MeestaNob! says:

    This looks interesting, not a fan of the EA though.

    Any word on why iD split with Activision?

  14. mrrobsa says:

    Nice artwork. Still not sold on the Mad Max Shoot/Race-em-up concept though.

  15. Taxman says:

    Looks good lot of mad max style stuff in development recently which is great, tired of quasi-realistic military games.

    As for iD and Activision I’d guess a few reasons
    * EA offering better deal (feeling the heat from Activision/Blizzard).
    * Quake Wars failing
    * Activision has bigger brands and partners to work on that it also has much more control over than iD who have been relatively quiet retooling for the X360/PS3 & still have their independence.

  16. Gryph says:

    Do you guys remember how horribly marketed Quake 4 was? I’m sure that has something to do with it too.

    But damn video looks so good.

  17. Deuteronomy says:

    I’m really disappointed with the community for not playing something as solid as QW and instead turning to shiny tripe like TF2.

  18. MetalCircus says:

    Post apocalypse is the new World War 2

  19. caramelcarrot says:

    Looks great – what’s the play style going to be? I thought it was going to be mostly driving, but the indoor scenes at the end make it look like a mix?

    Deuteronomy: Given that QW was basically a lame extension of what the Battlefield series had done before, I don’t blame them for going for a much more fun game.

  20. Sam says:

    Deuteronomy: I own ET:QW, and I own TF2.
    I’ve played TF2 a lot more because it’s fun, and ET:QW is both horribly difficult to get into, and (for me, at least) far too overcomplicated to be fun for brief periods (some of us don’t have hours to play games!)

  21. MisterBritish says:

    “Post apocalypse is the new World War 2”

    And I still have two more wishes, hurrah!

  22. Fat Zombie says:

    Looks good. I probably only noticed this because I’m replaying Doom 3 at the moment, but did anyone else note the name of the gas station, Mixom Corp?

  23. kadayi says:

    Remember the infamous D3 release when Activision after hyping the game to the gills and then released it with a 10 day window between America and Europe? I suspect iD still remember all the money lost through insane levels of piracy during those 10 days. GJ Activision.

  24. Deuteronomy says:

    Sam . . . I don’t know what to say. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to play QW. Matches last about as long in both games.

    Camelcarrot: You obviously haven’t played QW, as BF and QW are completely different in concept and execution. In fact the capture-and-hold gameplay of TF2 is more like BF2. I will now call TF2 a lame contraction of BF2 that doesn’t even have vehicles.

    I guess I’m as much of an id zealot as many of you are Valve cheerleaders. Looking back I honestly believe I enjoyed D3 more than HL2. Perhaps it didn’t have the gameplay variety, but the aesthetic (for me) was unmatched till Stalker.

    Bring on Rage.

  25. MetalCircus says:

    To say QW is a mere rip-off of the BF series is a seriously bitter slap in the mouth to all the people that worked hard on the game. I’ve been following Enemy Territory since it’s RTCW days and loved every second of it. There is more tension, joy, excitement and heartbreak in one single QW match than in all the Battlefield matches in the world. (which largely consists of massive ammounts of dissapointment, acctually!)

    Every single map and gameplay feature is so meticulously thought out that it frankly puts most multiplayer games to shame. If anyone reading this plays QW regularly they can add me to thier friends list; “ZenArcade” is my QW handle!

    tl;dr – QW is an extension of the original Enemy Territory, NOT Battlefield 2.

  26. Jewce says:

    I want to play that right now. The art style looks fantastic.


  27. DSX says:

    Almost forgot what an ID logo looked like on a game. They have some big cred in the industry, but it’s slipping in the face of so many superb studios. Hopefully this will stick ID back into the sunshine of our love.

  28. Senethro says:

    With the lack of marketing Activisions done for all recent id games, I’m surprised they didn’t switch publisher sooner. Good on them.

  29. Duoae says:

    “Wait, where’s the bloom? Isn’t that mandatory for next-gen graphics?”

    Bloom is this gen. Rage is so new that it’s inbetween this gen and next gen. Basically it’s this-gen.5. ;)

    The graphics look nice but i wonder what the gameplay will be like. Also, Borderlands looks set to have a similar style of gameplay in the sense of on foot and vehicular combat.

  30. cool10 says:

    ETQW was garbage. TF2 simple, elegant, GREAT FUN. I’m hardcore id, but after Q3 died… so did id. No more crap id. Get back to the basics (i.e. Quake and fps multiplayer).


  31. MetalCircus says:

    But ETQW was by a seperate dev team all together. id did not make ETQW. Splash Damage did. id are still pumping out generic deathmatch guff so no worries there I guess.