E3: Borderlands Ten-Minute Shakycam

This is a really poor quality video, but the developer voiceover does reveal quite a lot more than the constant reiteration of there being “500,000” weapons in the game. It talks about the persistent nature of Borderlands characters, the level-based system, the nature of online co-op, and the wide-open, exploration-rich terrain.

“Oblivion-with-guns” can be a genre now, right?


  1. darkripper says:

    “Stalker with swords” would be a better definition for Oblivion!

  2. Dan says:

    Or “Morrowind with no depth”

  3. Mitza says:

    You can find a better version on Shacknews, here: link to shacknews.com

  4. MisterBritish says:

    Nice shooty shooty, now for some drivey drivey please.

  5. kenok says:

    Half a million guns… how many chances that 3/4’s of them will suck or behave exactly the same as weapon #413998?

  6. Smee says:

    “You know, some of these enemies…oh…he’s just a torso now…Some of these enemies are protected by…”

    Did anyone else get the feeling that he was enjoying it a little too much?

  7. SwiftRanger says:

    If they got some kind of randomised levels as well then this will be ace.

  8. The Shed says:

    It’s dark, but the quality aint bad at all.

    Good show.

  9. Dante says:


  10. Razerious says:

    Saw this on shacknews earlier today. Coop FPS? If I can get my friends to pick this up I’m getting it

  11. Erlam says:

    The idea of ‘levelling’ in a shooter feels… odd.

  12. BaconIsGood4You says:

    So very meh. Whats the point of “500k” guns? Isn’t quality more important than quantity. I mean, how many different guns have been manufactured in history?

    Oh and the narrator, wow, so annoying.

  13. Leeks! says:

    I like the idea of each different manufacturer putting out different products based on the materials available to them–nice bit of sci-fi verisimilitude. But even if that’s the justification, isn’t 500,000 still a tad excessive? I mean, in that situation, if I had to pick a gun, I’d want the one that stopped aliens from breathing the most effectively. Because it’s set on a sci-fi frontier, you’d think the only weapons anyone would bother out there would be only the most pragmatic.

    Alright, that was very nerdy. So sorry.

  14. Noc says:

    I actually really like the idea of Diablo-style proceedurally generated equipment used in this sort of way. We’ve sort of taken for granted that in an RPG you’ll come across a Broadsword of Flaming +2, then find a Longsword of Flaming Slightly Differently a minute later . . . but that sort of acquisition thing’s never really ended up in an FPS. And it looks like it fits well.

    What I ALSO like that they’ve done is that they’ve applied this random generation to the appearances, too. You never get much of THAT in an RPG . . . your weapons, though statistically different, tend to look pretty similar. But, like the revolver-sniper rifle thing . . . the idea of proceedurally putting together the weapons themselves, to give them interesting visual characteristics on top of their stats, is something we haven’t really seen much of before.

    And I like it. Oblivion-with-Guns it is, but I think I would’ve liked Oblivion better if I hadn’t been led to believe that it would be Morrowind-with-Pretty.

  15. PleasingFungus says:

    Man, that was pretty nifty. I second Noc and Smee.

  16. toro says:

    Is strange but both Rage and Borderlands are more impressive than Fallout 3? This game feels almost right and it has something of Stalker/Fallout. Also waiting for driving trailer.

    Oblivion = crap with swords != Stalker with swords

    Yep, I love Fallout. The first games. No flame plz. :)

  17. Dy says:

    Hopefully, though, there are repeated weapons available. It wouldn’t make much sense that every single weapon you find is completely unique.

  18. Simon says:

    Are we so starved of decent PC games now that this looks good?

  19. Meat Circus says:


    Meh, it looks like some kinds of fun, and that’s as much as I ask from games of its oeuvre.

  20. Bhlaab says:

    Looks badass. It’s not forced co-op is it?

  21. KindredPhantom says:

    The shacknews vids are a much better.

  22. Nick Halme says:

    Randy Pitchford is sure an excitable guy, but he does give great commentary. I don’t doubt that the weapons will all be fairly similar with slightly different stats and effects, but the way they’re generating content systemically is pretty damn interesting.

  23. Chris R says:

    Looks fun to me… then again I love FPS games, so… whatever. ;)

  24. fanciestofpants says:

    I’m always on the lookout for a good sandbox Co-op game. Seems like I’m spoiled for choice this year :D

  25. spd from Russia says:

    cool somewhat but
    combat and AI looks crap. the bandits just stand there in the open waiting to be shot or run on you like in wolf3d? is that for the console players who cant aim with a gamepad reason? Stalker and farcry2 combat and AI looks ages ahead of this.

  26. someyoungguy says:

    Someone should just make Deus Shock: Online already.