Knights Of The Online Republic: KOTOR MMO Is Go

Classes will include Jedi, Jedi, Jedi and Gungan

It’s a big day for Bioware. First, Dragon Age scrubs up very nice indeed, and now EA have only bleedin’ gone and revealed they’re planning Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The MMO. Yes, with Bioware at the till. [Pauses for internet-wide cheer]. “As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in rapture and were suddenly fanboys…”

It’s been rumoured for ages, but E3 saw EA’s John Riccitiello drop a conclusive bombshell. Quote’n’that under the jump.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’d better be able to play as a Jawa.

“We’ve got two of the most compelling MMOs in the industry in development,” said Riccitiello. The first title, based on the Warhammer property, will launch soon. “And the one that people are dying for us to talk to them about — in partnership with Lucas, coming out of BioWare, which is, I think, quite possibly the most anticipated game, full stop, for the industry at the point when we get closer to telling you about it.”

Does Riccitiello mean the oft rumored Knights of the Old Republic Online? “Yes,” he said.

(From Portfolio via VG247).

“Yes” can be such a magical word.

In a way, the Bioware involvement is in many ways the least important element of this. It’s a certain seal of quality, sure – and crucially it’s the first time they’ve done Massively Multi – but what’s really big here is that it’s a Star Wars MMO. From EA. In a post-WoW climate (which puts it on an entirely different footing to poor Galaxies right from the off). In other words, perhaps the most serious rival World of Warcraft could possibly have.

We’ll be needing to hear your name suggestions now, please.


  1. SlyDragon says:

    I’m not sure what you’re screaming about here. How is releasing a new game, which 1) hasn’t even been officially announced by either Bioware or EA, 2) may not even actually occur in the same canonical timeframe as KOTOR 1 & 2 (I read a point earlier in comments that another viable place in timeline was Darth Bane’s, which came much much later), and 3) is a new game, going to invalidate the goodness of KOTOR 1 or 2? How can it even affect KOTOR 1 & 2? They were published years ago, finished, out, bought and played. They’re not going to change now.

    Even if it’s KOTOR-era, it’s not KOTOR 3; MMOs can be safely ignored in any chest-thumping about canon – they are their own creature.

    Are you maybe complaining about the perception that it’ll be PC-only and XBox users won’t have the chance to play? In that case I’m happy to bear you comfortable news that a lot of MMOs are being planned for dual release on PC and current-gen consoles, especially when the designer is one, like Bioware, that doesn’t design exclusively for PC in the first place.

  2. LandoLJackson says:

    I would like to play a KotOR III single-player RPG which completes the KotOR saga. I don’t like MMOs. And the first two parts rock, despite KotOR II being unfinished.

  3. Patthebaker says:

    My guess is that the game will be based before kotor 1 and 2.
    During the mandalorian wars/Jedi civil war. That would set it up for massive army’s on both sides. Jedi/sith.

  4. Arav says:

    Patthebaker, you read my mind, thats exactly what I think will happen!

  5. Lando says:

    Personally, I would have preferred they make KOTOR III a non MMO like the first two. However, I can’t say the decision to go with the MMORPG doesn’t make sense. The only thing Bioware is losing with going the MMO route is the ability to tell a good, linear story. MMORPG are not known for having great storylines. That being said, has anyone noticed that the combat/gameplay of the KOTOR series is very similar to if not exactly like a MMORPG system. That aspect should translate very well to a MMORPG. Still not happy about it, though.

  6. Matt G says:

    Like many others have said, this game has nearly unlimited potential but could very easily go wrong. At the moment im a very avid WoW player who is still very much enjoying it. Losing story in an MMORPG is very easy. WoW has pretty much no story what so ever in terms of where you are going, there cant really be a solid story if the main villian respawns after an hour of being killed, it just doesnt make sense. The fact is that WoW has incredible lore, with the whole game being based on that. Star Wars certainly doesnt lack lore. Yeah there are many gaps that have to be filled in, but from what is there at the moment can easily make a good, enjoyable (and most important worth the subscription fee) game. I dont want this to be anything like WoW, but just image some aspects of that game mirrored into Star Wars terms (without the endless grinding). The questing for reputation, killing new NPCs implimented in newly released patches. WoW has set such a high bar of standards, easily beaten, but easily missed.

  7. LandoLJackson says:

    LOL @ Lando! ^^ guess I am the one with a different middle- and surname.

    I agree about the MMO stories being shallow and limited. But I was referring more to my own preference of gaming. I like to play alone and without the need for Internet, simple as that.

  8. Darth Screw You says:

    This sucks, the reason I played the kotor games is so that i can have a fun expierience in a totally different world without people calling me N00B and stupid shit like that. Its going to be hard to tell what stuff in the game is canon and everyone is going to play a jedi. its pretty pointless anyway becuase there all ready is a starwars mmo. also, i wanted to continue the story of the exile or reven, but thats going to be hard with everyone playing as essentially the same character.
    you suck EA, BioWare, and sadly to say, even, yes, you George Lucas. How could you let them do this to such a great game?

  9. Eddie says:

    Ok look. i understand playing online and stuff sounds really cool but like me, some fans wont be able to play online! I Really hope that EA and Bioware takes that into Consideration. i dont mind having a MMO on there but could we make it like the Fable game and have a single player peice too? i mean i love the KOTOR series so much i have gotten seriously injured trying to protect them. i have to be able to play this game without being online! I also hope that the story isnt messed up either by the MMO. i mean i tried Galaxies on a free trial once and it was seriously messed up when it came to the story. i mean i didnt see the point if we are not all on the same track whats the point of giving more peices of the story that we wont understand? and then new people wont understand cause the story is halfway into it. the thought that this could ruin it for me and thousands of others kinda makes me sick. so i hope this message gets out and we get a good game that can be enjoyed by all instead of just the people who can acford $30 a month. i mean gas prices makes online gameing and stuff hard to pay for even if it is monthly.

  10. LandoLJackson says:

    Yup, that’s pretty much how do I feel too. :-(

  11. KOTORFAN says:

    this better be frickin amazing. im not that big into MMOs and KOTOR is THE greatest game ever made ever. best storyline best gameplay. they better carry on the dynasty.

  12. MetalCircus says:

    Kotor is not the greatest game ever made.

  13. Saflo says:

    “Is too.”

    “Is not.”

    “Is too!”

    “Is not!”

  14. Bao-Durr says:

    Ive got a good idea for a little ingame thing.You can purchase a HK type droid that can fight alongside you and be able to take control of (like your own character)and mini side quest sort of things like the taris dueling ring,swoop racing,pazaak etc

  15. LandoLJackson says:

    Maybe KotOR isn’t the greatest game ever made, but it is a pretty decent one. And IMHO it is better than many, especially Star Wars-themed ones.

  16. Adam Zikes says:

    I’d like to support the idea of another Star Wars MMO but really? I loved the game style before and loved my teammates and being able to pause the damn game.
    I started playing video games to get AWAY from people not to be forced into groups of them just to finish a single quest that has been made impossible to finish on my own.

  17. Siranne says:

    I have to be honest, I want to play an Ewok just so I can say, “Nub nub.”

    Anyway, all lame jokes aside, I’d rather see a synopsis before I suggest a title, but I have to admit I’m not so keen on a KOTOR MMO. Still, you can’t please everyone, can you? I’d still buy it.

  18. Vargna says:

    How about a ‘build your own spaceship’ part? rather than just using pre-built ones, able to buy and customize your own ones? and able to make it as small or large as you want – from a one person fighter, to a cruise ship that charges other players to be ferried long distances and to have FUN with OTHER PLAYERS! none of this ‘cruise-ship-filled-with-crappy-mini-games-and-NPCs.’

  19. LandoLJackson says:

    Ewoks fit in a different part of a Star Wars universe. In KotOR we have Gizka for laughs.

  20. Billy says:

    Kotor goodness + EvE goodness+ guildwars class/subclass concept = my life wasted for $30/month

  21. Mewai, Jawa Cheif says:


  22. Irving says:

    This Has a chance of suceeding, some important points..
    1)Keep the GODLIKE crafting system from SWG pre cu/nge!!!
    2)Make Jedi a very, very, very long class to reach, trought questing etc etc, and even then, a perfectly pvp/pve balanced class , so that everyone can be a jedi not not rule the fields
    3)Give us loads of professions and classes, we want it all, we want it all!!
    4)Dont even think to give us a wow clone, we played swg, no wow noobcakes plz, thx.
    5)Give us a great Space Flight simulation, fast paced, entertraining, all of it
    6)Dont force ppl to grp, make ppl WANT to grp of theirselves trough great content, and crafting, crafting, crafting…
    7)SWG early days ruled against any mmo out at that time, why? It wasnt the Sci-Fi, stop talking non sense, it was the game itself, it was big, complex, enetertraining, it had REAL social content, due lots of professions, and a quite good crafting system (best ever tbh)
    8)Dont clone WoW ffs, we seen enaugh of that crap, i wont even mention Epic Fail Aoc, just stop cloning that crap, if u want zillions $, just create something new and keep the good things u made in SWG, but turn page, and set wow bible to fire pretty plz
    9)Dont forgive the lessons from ddo,lotro,aoc fails, give us great solo content, and then the group content, ppl shall group of their own will, not forced to, if all a game got is a few epic items which u can only gain trough raiding etc, its already FAILED, once more, we played SWG early days, we know what the good stuff is, save us from wow standards.

  23. ohboyscott says:

    It’s too bad EA sucks balls. Hopefully bioware does a good job.

  24. ShowtimeMike says:

    I’m excited about the game but have a hard time thinking it can really ever be what we all want. No, there shouldn’t be 4 million Jedi running around. But I’ll tell you this, if I fork over 15 bucks a month in addition to buying the game..if I want to be a jedi, I better be able to play as a fraking Jedi! I’m not gonna pay to get stuck as a mechanic on the Endar Spire or a cantina dancer on Tatooine.
    And if you can’t hack it as a jedi or just decide to stop being a pawn of the jedi coucil, what about falling to the darkside?

  25. Hanik says:

    Well, Id say even if theres an overpopulation of Jedi or whatever, just remember, Jedi’s arent invincible muahahahah.
    (Coughs Jango Fett/Mandolorians)

  26. Billy says:

    It has so much potential it can go both ways.Epic win or Epic fail.

  27. Lexion says:

    I and the guildies are excited, all of us loves the Star Wars and KOTOR lore and most of us played SwG at some point.

    I agree with that for a really good MMO, you´ll need a vast universe with both the regular “avatar” gameplay and the space combat. There needs to be lots to do beside the combat, that is what made SwG special and not only PvPers (like myself) played the game. I´m talking crafting, gathering, diplomacy (such as a player-driver server council), guilding etc. This way you´ll diversify and expand the subscriber base and ensure a longer lived mmo.

    I also agree to some extent that you should unlock the force sensitivity at cap level as an option, this will depend on the general gameplay though.

    If anyone here is interested in joining up with likeminded fans, check out our website at, we´re currently in AoC dominating the Tyranny PvP server and we´ll head towards this game once we get more info on it.

  28. ShowtimeMike says:

    I don’t like the idea of only being able to be a Jedi at level cap either. Jedi start training at a very young age. Make it an early option to become a Jedi but very very hard to advance beyond padawan level. I think incentives to encourage people to play as different professions are another way to go. A Jedi wouldn’t own a home or have a cool spaceship or accumulate massive amounts of money. A bounty hunter, smuggler or intergalactic gangster would be able to do all those things. I think that would work better than making people grind on sand people for 6 months to become a Jedi. And as I said earlier, I would really like to see the option of either starting out as a Sith or falling to the darkside, but preferably both. This would also open up the door to really good pvp play.

  29. ShowtimeMike says:

    How about this…purchasable droid companions for non-Jedi characters only?

  30. ShowtimeMike says:

    I also STRONGLY agree wit hthe guy that said they shouldn’t force us to group up. A Jedi and his padawan or a couple of bounty hunters should be able to pull off pretty much everything by themselves. I REALLY don’t want to see people hanging around spamming crap like the infamous “LFG for VC”.

  31. LandoLJackson says:

    @ShowtimeMike: But being Jedi is fun! :-(

  32. SWGWOWEVEWARnMore says:

    I have been playing MMO’s since I can remember video gaming, and let me just say that if everyone that is going to play will be a Jedi, then you can count me out now. SWG was ruined by the combat change cause it forced everyone into specific classes. If everyone will be a Jedi then everyone will be after the same loot/drops/enhancement/augmentations you see where I am going with this.

    Now if EA doesn’t get to lay a finger on this and Bioware does develop other classes along with the Jedi… classes such as those seen in the KOTOR series like Slicers, Spicers, Smugglers, and so on then yes this could be the smash hit that Star Wars fans, such as me, have been waiting a long long time for. Also they better take their sweet time on it too and get all the bugs worked out first (this includes collision rendering that SWG muffed really bad) and also decide on how PvP will take place.

    Lastly as for Space combat, it better not be one expansion later like SWG did, put it in or leave it out. Develop it along side the game for seamless integration and not 300 loading screens later your in your space ship or finally landing on the ground.

  33. xx.Malic3.xx says:

    Sadly enough, this is quite explosive. I can SO easily fail. However, if they just throw away all the “grinding things to get this and that and then sell that for something else”, and so forth, this could be a great game. And I mean GREAT.
    I have full confidence in Bioware, but please, oh pretty please, give us fully customizable characters! PLEASE!

    And give us …. well… everything? “Plz”?

  34. kc says:

    the way i see it is that before creating a MMO for kotor they should have finished the story first… i mean many of us have been waiting for quite a few years to finish up the story and now we will pry end up with this.. its as if Lucas made us wait for 3 years after ep 2 but instead of giving us ep 3 he released that little clone wars cartoon thingy that no one really wants to see that bad.. then made us wait another 3 years for ep 3.. its just so aggrovating

  35. Tom says:

    I havn’t had time to read all of the posts above, so sorry if this is repeating what someone has said, just thought I’d share this cool idea. To combat the class issues, I think they should make everyone a jedi/sith. Then within the ‘Jedi’ category, you could have sentinal, counselor, blademaster, guardian etc or what ever. This way, there would be no balance issues in terms of jedi vs. peasant, but you could still have a diverse number of sub-classes people could choose from. Like Guardian – Tank, Blademaster – Melee DPS etc etc. Get 6/7 different titles and you have 6/7 different sub-classes that would fit perfectly.

    Also, to avoid the issue of EVERYONE using a lightsabar that just varries in colour, make them customizable like the new legendary system for LOTRO. Let people add different holocrons or crystals for different stats or buffs. This would be a very good idea.

    I also think it is essential that they allow to be either jedi or sith. This would open up a HUGE variety of possiblities for pvp areas/events or even pvp servers which I think would be so good.

    I think the points I have made here would make a potentially awesome game, exactly that; AWESOME.


  36. joey says:

    im definately excited for this. but im not gunna get too worked up until its actually confirmed.

    this game definately needs to be set just before the events of KOTOR1. this would make the most sense as everyone could be jedi or sith. the game definately needs an intense training part tho. there really needs to b a super long academy part to this. players can start of as w.e. they want and then once a quest or level is reached the player can choose to join the jedi or sith. players cud even start of as a soldier in the republic or sith armies, or as a child (like fable) in the academy

    this game has all the potential to blow any other mmo out of the water. i just hope it gets dun and dun right.

  37. Brandt says:

    I have to say, I was hoping for a single player game, to finish off/prelude the KotOR series. But, I can’t say I’m not excited. I just hope that there is an option to play single player, and, again, finish off/prelude the series.

    The Mandolorian Wars could also be a good timeline for this MMO.

  38. Thaedon says:

    Blah Blah Blah,what went wrong with SWG,well everything but i still pay,is in the story line jedi are killed on by one over and over by our great LORD VADER, where swg went wrong,unlock blah blah jedi,master and have DARTH come kill your sorry weak ass,that would have solved the jedi problem the game has atm,besides all the bugggggs,

    death to all jedi
    long live the sith

  39. Thaedon says:

    oh yea, no tie fighters in kotor, and well,i still feal the same,perment death to a char is all mmo’s is a must,but ppl suck and cry like babies and quit, so no dev would ever do that, so sad:(

  40. Ahnalla says:

    As long as we can custom our toon the way we want to create them, I am absolutely playing…along with everyone else I know.

  41. Anx says:

    sadly, whenever i see a awesome game, i now check to see if EA’s making it and if they are, i just won’t get it, they screwed up a few too many games for me, *cough* zero hour *cough*.

    Its a shame tho, i’d like to like this since i’m a great KOTOR fan. just doubt i will. depends.

  42. stelarapas says:

    we want kotor online NOW! and asf far as concerns the whiners, u can play happily the crappy swg, or get force unlished for nintedo ds and stick it u know wer :D

  43. Clenceyo says:

    Heh, i would love to have a KOTOR mmo. currently ive gone back to kotor 1 and started fresh. im at jedi trials part on dantooine– but doesnt anyknow realize that there would be ALMOST (not completely) no point in making KOTOR MMO—anyone remember that nerfed game they call Star Wars Galaxies? :) me and a few of my buds going back to that on christmas together.. (email if u want to respond to this comment):

  44. ShowtimeMike says:

    Anx, *cough* the cough and say something that you think is funny thing is totally played out *cough*.

  45. Omega343 says:

    Let’s pray SOE isn’t involved.

  46. Dutstra says:

    Well its great to hear of another MMO… and most of a Star Wars one. Couple of things im concearnd about though.

    1. Is it going to follow the same path as SWG did with SoE and go from one of the greatest to one of the worst games ever.

    2. I have read a couple of posts in this thread and noticed people wanting TIE Fighter and X-wing class vehicles… I am sorry to say but KOTOR is set at earliest date 4000- Pre ANH (A New Hope) Back when Exar Kun was Jedi and not a Sith lord and onwards. X-wings were non-exsistant back in that timeline im affraid so no darth Vader either… want them go play SWG.

    But with regards to the game… When do we start seeing content and more info about it, sad for me to admit im a SW freak but its who I am and I have heard these rumors since the release of KOTOR2 and have been waiting soo long for anything to pop up.

  47. Fox says:

    look if this does come out i want:
    1) wookies
    2) really big ships that PLAYERs can OWN.
    3) more races than SWG
    4) to be able to go to all planets made in all of the games and movies. (battles on mustafarr)
    5) not haveing to be a jedi. nothings wrong, but i mean hey, everyone new to it when/if it comes out will want to be jedi.
    6) to be able to rip people lim from lim when they piss me off.
    7) dont make it so players can walk through NPCs and PCs.
    8) let PCs fight in open places just so i can see gaurds run over and beat the crap out of PCs.
    9) dont ask other devlopers if they could make a rip off of some armor from their game. unless its good.
    10) let me beat noobs that are anoying so they will leave me alone.
    11) dont have stpuid easter eggs that have nothing to do with the game. or starwars.

  48. Andro says:

    the less they change from Kotor 2 the better I think that game was and still is awesome the whole idea and influence thing were great

  49. Andro says:

    ah and i want to know what happens with Raven and The Exile in Unknown regions!!!

  50. William Ahmadi says:

    im sad at the loss of kotor 3 but happy at the gain of a new mmo but i think wat if they fuked it up like galaxies hmmm hopefully it will look like eve online but with no long stuff and grinding and have your own plyer made jedi councils on each planet hopefully this dosent fuk up plzzz im on my epic quest to find ultimate mmo everrrrrrr if someone already said this sorry i dont hve time to read like loads and loads of posts :)