They Are The Champions Online: Compo!

You can be amazed at my photography?
What’s that? Oh, my dear child. It’s a prize. Well, it’s something we’re going to give away to whoever wins a competition we set, which means it counts as a prize in our book. But what is it? And what do you have to do to win it? And how did I get it through customs into the country? The answers to all can only be discovered beneath this finely crafted cut…

Sexy Skateboard!
It’s a skateboard. Without wheels, true, but that didn’t stop the Silver Surfer. Except he was on a surfboard, so maybe it would stop him. I’ll have to ask Stan Lee if I bump into him at San Diego Comic Con next week.

I’m digressing.

This was presented to me as I was leaving Cryptic, and it’s quite the oddest object d’art which a developer has tried to heft off on me for a while. Being a terminal killjoy, I tend to give them back, but I was so startled that I had to take it. And work out a way to get it on the plane and across London, just because I had the nagging sensation that an RPS reader would actually find it highly amusing. Or even useful, if they had a set of wheels and no board.

So – a competition. Let’s keep this simple. Since everyone’s so excited about the character creator, let’s ask you to design one. You can do it in text desciptions. You can do it with drawings. You can do it in fuzzyfelt. We’re looking for ideas rather than artistic execution, and whoever amuses or amazes us most gets the board.

Send your entries here before the August 14th. Oh – and the usual RPS compo rules apply.


  1. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Maybe one could modify it to an ad-hoc snowboard? As is the fate of all unwanted orphaned skateboards.

    But have no fear of people stepping on your prize, RPS. Not like anyone still skateboards outside of New Fruitandnutland.

  2. GeorgeR says:

    Okay I am entering this as soon as I get back from batman tonight. Mwaha. I have such an amazing idea.

    It also helps that I’ve been watching Dr. Horrible this week too. It is almost too much geekdom for even me to handle this week.

  3. Jochen Scheisse says:



  4. nihohit says:

    I know it might be simply that I’m dense, or it’s just that I’m not a native english speaker, but – are we asked to create a character (and then, I presume, one of a superhero), or a character-creation tool?

    also – what happened to that sci-fi qoutes compo? I don’t remember seeing its results.

  5. Hmm-hmm. says:

    are we asked to create a character (and then, I presume, one of a superhero), or a character-creation tool?

    That would be the second. The character creation tool.

    To Kieron: That’s a mighty fine gesture.

  6. Lost says:

    I d like to hang it in my room , I think it would amazing. My oldest brother in the 80s use to collect skateboards when Tony Hawk was like 50 then O.O
    I cant believe this guy is giving away such nice swag.

  7. simon says:

    My surname is Champion, so it belongs to me.

    btw, try (just for the fun of it) growing up through an english secondary grammar school with a surname like that.

  8. alphaxion says:

    ah, a competition where all those years spent watching whose line is it anyway finally come in handy.

    arise captain inappropriate and his sidekick thinks-everything-is-a-humping-post boy!