RPS-ish At-Ish E3: Housecleaning – Capcom,Warner

Any excuse to use this shot again, really

Now here’s something I managed to forget about completely until I was sitting in Phoenix Airport, lamenting my missed connecting flight. Capcom actually really quite like the PC. I spent a fair bit of time in the Capcom booth having my arse handed to me in Street Fighter IV by a team of people who apparently came to E3 already unstoppably good at the game, and I have to say – it’s absolutely superb, far far better than I thought it was going to be.

I still think it looks incredibly stupid when Ryu gets punched so hard his eyes bulge, but it’s great anyway. And while I was thinking about this, I remembered that for once PC players have a brilliant arcade stick to play it with that’s still quite easy to get a hold of – the Hori EX2. Sure, it was actually developed for use with the 360, but it works brilliantly with the PC. So SFIV on PC – made of win, as long as it’s authentic.

I have to admit though that because I spent so long playing Street Fighter IV I didn’t have time to look at any of the other games they were showing that will be reciving a PC release, including Bionic Commando and Dark Void. Ah well.

Over at Warner Bros. Entertainment I snatched a play with Lego Batman: The Videogame. After some time hands on it’s obvious that it’s just Lego Star Wars again. Which is fine, sort of, because Lego Star Wars is really fun, but I’m personally kind of tired of the same side-scrolling beat-em-up action plus light puzzle solving, collectables and the odd driving level/mini-game.

Still, it’s got Batman in it! Plus they gave me a Harley Quinn minifig (I *heart* Harley Quinn) so I shouldn’t be too mean about it. [Hivemind edit – we’ll have some more Lego Batman thoughts and an interview with Traveller’s Tales later this week. Possibly some gibber about The Dark Knight too, if we’re feeling really self-indulgent.]

Project Origin
was a little more interesting, except by the time I saw it I already had urban decay fatigue, so the level on show in the E3 build was kind of poorly chosen really. The level was from the third act and my hands-on time revealed no medkits (regenerative health, but it’s very, very slow to regenerate) great graphics and a satisfyingly destructible landscape (not really something you need a hands-on to see, but the particle effects were stunning when I shot a rocket at a sniper and it exploded the part of the building he was hiding on) and something I found especially interesting – giant robots.

Well, “powered armour -” but it looks like the normally Japanophile robosexuals will have to check out Project Origin, as you will, in certain sections of the game, have to don the power armour to fight other giant robots. Personally I think that’s really exciting news, as Monolith was the team behind the excellent Shogo: Mobile Armour Division.

Oh, and there will be multiplayer, but nothing about it was really discussed.


  1. Pixie Trap says:

    “Still, it’s got Batman in it! Plus they gave me a Harley Quinn minifig (I *heart* Harley Quinn) so I shouldn’t be too mean about it.”

    “Still, it’s got a green tax in it! Plus they gave me a David Cameron minifig (I *heart* David Cameron) so I shouldn’t be too mean about the budget.”

    Not really suggesting standards should be the same (they’re only games, after all), but it still made me sigh. At least it’s upfront.

    Very slow regenerating health? Please tell me this isn’t a game where you have to pull your DS out after each fight to wait for your health to come back.

  2. slang says:

    “Capcom actually really quite like the PC.”

    So where’s Dead Rising for the PC then? This one is crying for mods!

  3. Heliocentric says:

    but will it have mobile armored combat multiplayer? the game could really up its level of intensity in multiplayer by having mechs.

  4. KruddMan says:

    If they like PC so much why did the port of RE4 suck so bad

  5. Pidesco says:

    RE4 sucked anyway.

    And their DMC4 port is made of awesome and win, so they’re learning.

  6. malkav11 says:

    What really makes the lack of Dead Rising PC unconscionable is the fact that they’re porting it to the Wii – a platform that’s wholly unable to render that game to the standards it requires.

  7. Pidesco says:

    I second the Dead Rising port by the way.

  8. Al3xand3r says:

    Right, RE4 sucked:
    link to metacritic.com
    link to metacritic.com
    Oh wait, it didn’t. It was only named GOTY by several publications and kept being called the greatest game ever made during the year of its release… Heck, even the horrible PC port scored high on many places (not all though) since many look past the flaws thanks to the actual game’s greatness…

    Would love to see it (and Dead Rising, and other Capcom games) on PC properly, there’s a fanmade mouse aiming patch which supposdelly helps, maybe give that shot… There’s probably other patches for other improvements also but I don’t have it on PC so I haven’t looked, I just know of that because the developers of a promising HL2 modification made it.
    link to evilmod.de

    Anyway, I’m glad to see Dead Rising on the Wii, even if it’s a slightly worse version than on the 360 (talking about the various feature removals, not visuals which aren’t so important as long as they’re pleasant and not blatantly shoddified from the higher res versions). The first screenshots shown on 1UP look pretty good, if a little blurry, I hope the controls are as good as RE4.

  9. born2expire says:

    i thought Capcom announced a Dead Rising PC pport sometime last year?


  10. Wedge says:

    The RE4 (and DMC 3) PC ports sucked because those were outsourced to Ubisoft, who did half-ass lazy fucking ports. Anything off the 360 era is using their crossplatform PC/PS3/360 engine, and is being handled by Capcom themselves. This is why Lost Planet, DMC 4, RE 5, and even SF IV are all out or coming for PC. Dead Rising was the first game on that engine, though at the time it was only for 360. So no reason it couldn’t have a PC port, and I really do want one.

    Also, I can’t play fighting games with arcade sticks, but I do have a SF Anniversary controller for PS2 and a PS2->USB adapter, so I can totally play SF IV on PC.

  11. Al3xand3r says:

    Is the SF2 anniversary pad any good? It looks like an imitation of the Sega Saturn controller, but it’s all about the buttons feel, and more than that the quality of the d-pad. If those are half as good as on the Saturn pad, then it’s probably the second best controller for fighters ever. If it’s not so great, you should get an actual Sega Saturn USB controller if you can find one (it’s sold out on places like play asia).

  12. Pidesco says:

    @Al3xand3r: metacritic is incontrovertible proof that a game is good? How about you tell me in your own words why RE4 is such a brilliant piece of gaming.

    You spend most of the game standing still and shoot heads with bad aiming controls. To top it off, a big part of the game is a freaking escort mission, and it has Quick Time Events. That’s brilliant gameplay right there.

  13. Al3xand3r says:

    Not metacritic itself, but several of the reviews linked. Well, okay, those aren’t really “proof” either (there’s really no way to “prove” a game is grand, or is shit, therefor asking for such is silly), but try reading a few of those, many of them express my feelings on the game fine and I couldn’t express it differently enough myself to justify writing my own review, which you have no reason to trust more anyway, and you’d just counter it with some more senseless bashing so it’s not worth the effort.

    Ico could be described as being “an escort mission” for the WHOLE game, not just a big part of it, while the rest of the mechanics could be of a “generic average platform game” with “mediocre combat mechanics” and yet it’s one of the most brilliant games of our time and provides an unmatched experience. The game is simply more than the sum of its parts and something like that can’t really be explained in any objective manner, only experienced. RE4 is similar in that.

  14. Pidesco says:

    Why is my description lousy and prejudiced? Was it inaccurate? Was there a part of the game I completely ignored in my description that makes it a gaming epiphany?

  15. malkav11 says:

    Well, hell, I have no objections whatsoever to Dead Rising coming to the Wii (or, indeed, the PS2, were that to float their boats). I’m never going to play that version, but it’s no skin off my nose. What bothers me about it is that they’re porting to a system that can’t handle the game to the fullest while conspicuously ignoring a platform that would be perfect (and relatively easy to port to) – the PC.

    And, y’know, I have a 360, so I can live without a PC version of Dead Rising. I’d just rather not. :)

  16. propanol says:

    @Al3xand3r: so? Metacritic scores say nothing as they’re an aggregation of reviews written by shrills who are paid for by advertising deals with publishers (at least as far as all of the major Internet outlets go).

  17. Al3xand3r says:

    I explained further what my links were meant to show, I explained some of my feelings on the game in a later post, and I really shouldn’t have to quote myself but here you go anyway:

    “there’s really no way to “prove” a game is grand, or is shit, therefor asking for such is silly”

    So it boils down to one’s word against another’s which means we might as well never, ever, discuss the quality of any game since even in an imaginary extreme situation of a single person hating a game while the rest of the world adores it, you can’t prove that person wrong.

  18. Jewce says:

    I havn’t read all of the posts up there, but one in particular annoyed me: “If they like PC so much why did the port of RE4 suck so bad” because if you had researched before posting this, You would’ve discovered UBIsoft did the porting. Capcom later released a patch to fix Ubisofts broken shit – TRUTH – plus now there are tons of Mods and addons for it now making it super great.

    On a diffrent note, im so entertained by Devil May Cry 4 that I almost missed this update. I’m deffinately looking forward to the new Street Fighter and all the other loverly capcom PC goodies. I love you capcom. SO MUCH

  19. iainl says:

    @Pixie Trap: Without incurring the wrath of Travellers Tales (Jonathan is a lovely guy) LEGO Batman’s appeal is in no small part the fact that you’re playing (a) LEGO, and (b) Batman. Recognising that is pretty reasonable, I’d say.

    Yes, that sounds shallow, but I’m a shallow person. I wouldn’t play Gran Turismo if they were incredibly well modelled fictional cars I’d never heard of, and X-Wing wouldn’t be as fondly remembered as it is if they were generic spaceships. LEGO Indy practically justifies its entire purchase price with the sight of LEGO Sean Connery running around, even before you behold the actual gameplay fun.

  20. Al3xand3r says:

    Wing Commander series is just as fondly remembered, if not more so. Creating a unique new IP for a game doesn’t instantly mean it’s “generic” you know.

    Many licenced games are crappy (and overall reviews performance shows it), maybe people still buy those for the sake of the licence, but at least the Lego games have been worthwhile as games also… Well, at least Star Wars, I haven’t played the rest.

  21. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Robosexuals you say?