1. A-Scale says:

    I just got back from London a couple of months ago, and I can vouch that you get some freaky trubador hobos in the underground station. The late night drunks are perhaps more disturbing though.

  2. Arsewisely says:

    Not for much longer. Mayor Boris is in the process of culling all underground buskers.

  3. Alex says:

    Nice armoured bra, there.

  4. Mr_Day says:

    I heard Mayor Boris is hiring this guy to create a set of weapons necessary to purge London of the menace.

    I fully expect him to be shaken and sad to discover the contractor is sadly not really a high tech weapons designer.

  5. Arsewisely says:

    Farkin hell, I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to like like Halo that much.

  6. MetalCircus says:

    Nothing will stop Emperor Boris on his triumphant march to squeeze the last remnants of good out of London.

    But I don’t know what you lot are wingeing for, you fucking voted for the guy. I didn’t. You did. I saw all this coming. You only have yourselves to blame, fellow Londoners.

  7. Grant Gould says:

    I’ve always wondered why the nigh-infinite assortment of subway platform levels in games seem between them to have a grand total of zero drunk and belligerent buskers. Is it just that modern graphics cards lack the polygons to correctly render the stench?

    (They also seem to lack the pleasant and talented sort of buskers, but I expect that most of those would sensibly flee at the sound of gunfire and/or alien invasion. Also in most cities they seem to be somewhat rarer.)

  8. King Awesome says:

    There is a busker in ‘The Darkness’. He even has a quest attached involving his stolen harmonica.

  9. Krupo says:

    I remember you being able to pay the ‘busker’ in Outcast to stop playing… :)

    Oooh, I like this “NEW! EXCITING” feature…

  10. Nick Halme says:

    That’s fantastic, what level would he be I wonder.

  11. Ian says:

    MetalCircus: I didn’t vote for the ridiculously-coiffed public school buffoon either. Unfortunately it seems like most people thought that a stint on ‘Have I Got News For You’ qualified him for public office. That, and the blatant electioneering from the Evening Standard (our motto? ‘Ken’s a shiftless bastard and loves amphibians. The bastard’).

    Still, once we have rid Olde London Towne from ye vile scourge of busking*, the streets shall be safe for Porsche Cayenne drivers and blond Etonian fops. And nary a newt shall be seen.

    *Hypocritically, there is a busker that keeps playing beneath my window (bad cover versions of ‘High and Dry’, ‘Hotel California’ and ‘Wonderwall’). And I *really* want to shoot him. Which probably makes me just as much of a git as Bog-face.

  12. Pus Filled Sac says:

    Some fellow Guardian readers!

    I wonder what happened to London if the last remnants of good are buskers. I’ve only seen one who wasn’t rubbish.

  13. Meat Circus says:

    If Boris promises we will see heavily-armed space marines patrolling the crannies of London Village before 2012, he can absolutely guarantee re-election.