Savage 2 Freeplay Week

The multiplayer beasts-versus-muscle dudes combat game Savage 2 has lifted restrictions on its demo accounts all this week, which means anyone can download and play the full game for free. I rather enjoyed Savage 2 and its predecessor, but the weird FPS/RTS hybrid mechanic doesn’t sit quite right with me, especially when the fantasy world contains peculiar out-of-place techno-phalluses, such as automatic weaponry. Regardless, it’s worth having a go, especially when the servers are busy this week.

Their front page seems to have some live match commentary embedded it in, so listen out for the increasingly rambling man when you click through.


  1. MasterBoo says:

    Meh. The Savage franchise is a great potential turned into dust (buggy, unbalanced as hell and its community consists mostly of 10 years old kids).

  2. cyrenic says:

    Speaking of FPS/RTS hybrids, any chance you guys could do some Natural Selection 2 coverage? I always thought the original mod combined FPS and RTS elements rather well, the game just had a rather steep learning curve.

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    Yeah I’ve been meaning to chase NS2 up. There’s just too many games for us to keep on top of at the moment.

  4. vash47 says:

    I played the demo a month ago, It was interesting, but the RTS implementation was very bad.

  5. absence says:

    played it, hated it.

    Thanks for the tip RPS :D

  6. Ethereal says:

    Sadly Savage2 learned very little from its predecessor, essentially its the same unbalanced and frustrating game the original Savage was, but with fancy graphics.

  7. Chiablo says:

    I played it about a month after it came out, it was too laggy to play on about 90% of the servers out there. And the class unbalancing is worse than the original.

  8. Max Miroff says:

    Quite possibly the greatest game I’ve ever played.

  9. Edward Diego says:

    Uh, class unbalancing? now that’s bullcrap, the current rate of games won and lost on both sides is 47% for humans 53% for beasts, that counts as unbalanced? Oh and the RTS implementation works like a charm. 10 year old kids playing the game during a free week, hardly counts as the community being that young. This is not a game for the TF2 generation.