Postal III: Badger In Action

Weapons that you have to feed seem to be something of a theme this week. Here’s the trailer for politically dubious murdersim, Postal III, in which the dev team (Running With Scissors) show off the use of their angry-badger weapon.


  1. cullnean says:

    was it you who did the devils advocate on boring weapons jim?

    if so this weapon is a gift from the gods, screw ak47’s bring on the badgers, also because of you im now playing stalker rather than my usual diet of mmo’s you swine!

  2. AbyssUK says:

    Wow you’d think after all this time they would have worked on the graphics.. its looks almost identical to postal II..

  3. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    One question: Why the hell hasn’t anyone ever thought of an angry badger on a harness before?

    Genius…. pure…. genius…

  4. Koopa says:

    Those flame effects seem really bad after seeing the fireworks in Alone in the Dark, or Far Cry 2.

  5. feitclub says:

    Awww, I was hoping to see the vacuum cleaner loaded with spunk-rags. No, I’m not making that up…they discussed it on the GFW 1Up podcast last week.

  6. Someone says:

    Looks great but why third person?

  7. mister slim says:

    Okay, now we need retrospectives on Oddworld Stranger (Does complaining about lack of a PC port qualify it for RPS coverage?) and Armed & Dangerous (though I guess the sharks were capable of finding their own food).

  8. Zerimski says:

    That was…really boring. Give me a shark launcher any day.

  9. Smee says:

    Sorry, a badger? Are they supposed to be very dangerous, then? I only ask because I was reading the aborted Black Isle Fallout 3 Van Buren design documents the other night and at one point they mentioned that the player could get an angry badger as a Dogmeat replacement.

    Ah, synchronicity.

    @Mister Slim – add the alien parasite from Half Life: Opposing Force to your list, and in a way, the barnacle grappling hook.

  10. Phil says:

    I don’t care if the game is as unholy an abomination as Postal I and Postal II, any game featuring the mighty honey badger is a win. Ah, the honey badger, the only creature on earth that when faced with a rampaging lion thinks, “right, I’m going to eat it’s testicles.” See “Do honey badgers emasculate their prey?”
    @ link to

  11. James G says:

    Does anyone else remember this story:

    link to

    “British forces have denied rumours that they released a plague of ferocious badgers into the Iraqi city of Basra.

    Word spread among the populace that UK troops had introduced strange man-eating, bear-like beasts into the area to sow panic. “

  12. Ian says:

    If you combined a honey badger with a grizzly bear you’d have yourself an animal. I like the story about the guy in the woods in America who shot a grizzly with his rifle from a hundred yards or so away, and then made the mistake of resting his gun against a tree while he went to admire his, ahem, “kill”.

    Back on topic, where the hell does he put a live badger when he’s not using it?

  13. DSX says:

    Brilliant. Snake launcher should be next. And yes, badger storage is indeed a very relevant question.

  14. cullnean says:

    he keeps it in his pants……..sorry thought you daid tadger Wooooo see what i did there.

    ill get my coat

  15. Kazz says:

    wow, that looks like….crap? sure some teenagers will find it fun and hilarious though

  16. Pavel says:

    Third person perspective sucks in this game.

  17. Andrew Wills says:

    Erm? Missing cubemaps ahoy? Check out the glass on the cars and the bench in the shop… Purple textures!

    Looks fairly amusing, and the angry badger is the stuff of pure legend.

  18. Stuart W says:

    I’m enjoying the comments, please keep them up!

    Just a note on the “that looks crap” comments – yes, it does a bit doesnt it? and it does look like its a “hilarious” game aimed at teenagers with personality issues. But on the other hand, so was Postal 2 and that didnt stop it being one of my guilty pleasures. Somehow, despite the almost desperate attempts at controversy and the dodgy grpahics it really did work as a piece of entertainment. I dont know whether 3 will follow the same fine (?) line but i dont see anything in the video to suggest otherwise despite the apparent validity of the “it looks crap” comments here.

    Can only wait and see… but the Badger is brilliant.

  19. Calabi says:

    Yeah it looks crap, so what, at least their putting gameplay above graphics.

    Has anyone noticed where his other hand is.^^

  20. Albides says:

    Badgers badgers badger badger badgers!!!!

    Also badgers!

  21. Alex McLarty says:

    Albibes, I second you:

    Badgers, badgers, badger, badger, badgers!!!!

  22. Albides says:

    No, no! I appreciate your passion for badgers! Badgers are fine! Extraneous commas aren’t! Exclamation marks, also good!

    (Interrobags, even better, because it sounds like a some sort of improvised orgasm device!?)

  23. The_B says:

    Snaaake? Snake, it’s a snake!

    Remember kids, if you can’t think of a funny comment, pull out the memes.

  24. sana says:

    Obvious standard Source Engine sounds are obvious.

  25. AbyssUK says:

    Oh the game will be funny to play, but they should have at least tried to make it look alright.. that movie above looks terrible. Postal II looked at least average compared to other games released at the same time.

  26. Plum says:

    The other hand is grabbing it by the rectum. This is how the level of anger is controlled. If it’s a burly man then you clearly need to squeeze quite hard for maximum ferocity. For weaker foes, you can get away with a more relaxed, almost caressing grip.

  27. Pus Filled Sac says:

    The WAR trailer looked bad, but the bad graphics here allow for a certain charm. You don’t need photo realistic graphics, advanced physics systems and a billion pixels per eyebrow when a handheld badger is mauling someone. Good graphics might even take away from the experience.

    My main concern with this video is that he didn’t appear able to deploy the badger on the dog running past.

  28. Calabi says:

    He better be careful he dont stroke the badger too much, or he’ll go cross eyed.

    I saw a monkey item as well, I wonder what he does with that?

  29. B Rad says:

    This looks like shit

  30. Pavel says:

    To Albides – DAMN that video is addictive! :D

    Badger badger badger badger badger badger….

  31. MetalCircus says:

    Postal 2 is still one of my faveourite games

  32. Little Green Man says:

    Mushroom! MUSHROOM!

    And it looks a bit meh, apart from inventive weapons im thinking 40-60% score, lower if buggy.

  33. Demikaze says:

    I prefer llamas.

  34. Iain says:

    I haven’t seen player movement so disconnected from what the avatar legs are doing since Deus Ex. That looks utterly pants. Big, fat, baggy pants with a broken elastic waistband.

  35. Ian Dorsch says:

    “I don’t care if the game is as unholy an abomination as Postal I and Postal II, any game featuring the mighty honey badger is a win. Ah, the honey badger, the only creature on earth that when faced with a rampaging lion thinks, “right, I’m going to eat it’s testicles.” See “Do honey badgers emasculate their prey?”
    @ link to

    Thank you so much for that. I love the second question too: “Are honey badgers invincible?”

  36. The Kins says:

    It looks very unfinished (no cubemaps) and with lots of placeholders (the damage sounds from HL2, no proper gore effects) but it looks like it has the immature, backyard Postal “charm”. Looking forward to it.

  37. Sal says:

    reminds of that game…where they had some sort of Shark gun/bomb…

  38. RLacey says:

    Armed and Dangerous?

    Does it fire shurikens and lightning? If not, then count me out.

    Or something.

  39. Zed says:

    Badgers are badass.

    Too bad it’s a melee weapon. A seek, destroy and return badgerang would have rule.

  40. Dinger says:

    Question: When he’s not using the badger, where does he keep it? I don’t think I’d be comfortable putting that back in my pocket.

  41. Kieron Gillen says:

    The Cassandra Project actually had a Badger-based weapon modelled. It was the Badger bomb. It was a badger with a bomb on its back.


  42. KingMob says:

    Do honey badgers emasculate their prey?

    Honey badgers are reputed to go for the scrotum when attacking large animals. The first published record of this behaviour was a circumstantial account by Stevenson- Hamilton (1947) where a badger reportedly castrated an adult Buffalo. Other animals alleged to have been emasculated by honey badgers include wildebeest, waterbuck, kudu, zebra and man. This has also been reported by other African tribes, but no direct evidence exists to support this behaviour.

    link to

    Thanks so much for pointing me to this link, Phil. I think we’ve all learned a lot today.

  43. rubthisway says:

    Armed and Dangerous was ace! I’d totally forgotten about that peculiar slice of oddness.

  44. Wayne M says:

    Why don’t they go the whole hog (No pun intended) and use Ruth Badger in a Harness. She wouldn’t need to eat her victims, she could just Hard-Sell them to death!
    p.s She’s also a right chunky minger so the low quality graphics would more than likely improve her mush.

  45. Jetsetlemming says:

    Is it that hard to throw in some cubemaps in your E3 demo level? Really? Step 1: Place a cubemap. Step 2: Type “buildcubemaps” in console ingame. Easy, and prevents that ugly purple missing texture crap!
    I don’t care about the graphical quality, at this point Running With Scissors is downright indie in quality, but goddamn visible error textures that are so easily avoided ingame, come on. You saved a whole 30 seconds not adding them.

  46. gentlemensclub says:

    That guy with the dog doesn’t run while everyone else does,weird. The maps look full of stuff. Hope this is available on steam!

  47. Mr. President says:

    reminds of that game…where they had some sort of Shark gun/bomb…

    Metal Wolf Chaos?

    Badger weapon or no, I’m still staying away from this.

  48. malkav11 says:

    For those wondering about badger storage – it *is* a Postal game. I’m pretty sure you are better off not knowing.

  49. GeorgeR says:

    Wow, that is just ridiculous, I think I’m in love. But still… I think I’m with Mr. President. Unless something really comes out that shows me different I won’t be picking it up.