Age Of Conan Buddy Program

Want to try sword-swingin’ MMO Age Of Conan for free? Then you need to poke someone who is already playing with a collector’s edition of the game, and get them to send you one of their buddy program invites. Funcom have said that all retail copies will soon have the buddy program invites, which are free trials lasting seven days.

Folks who have invites to send out and want to share with their fellow RPS readers should do so in the comments below.

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  1. Haste says:

    Hello, if anyone has any invites to spare, please send one my way. :D I’d love to give this game a spin, have been hearing a lot of love/hate reviews and very curious to experience the game firsthand. Thanks!

    csdagger [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Jouni Kärmälä says:

    My buddy sent me an invite about 30hrs ago, he didn’t type wrong my email address so is it just slow? Haven’t got the msg yet

  3. AvishaYs says:

    avishay1004 @
    can anyone please send me a buddy card…
    thanks alot to all the helpers =]

  4. AvishaYs says: