Double Blammy: StarGate Worlds Footages

Blimey, it sure is convention season. There’s a whole load of other stuff coming out of Comi-Con in San Diego (where our own Mr Gillen currently pimps his second career) and one of the most interesting bits of info-fluff is this first look at StarGate Worlds. An MMO with machineguns? And people apparently using cover? Stealth? Beautiful sci-fi worlds? Okay we were expecting that last bit, but still: stuff!

This is the trailer:

This is some footage from the presentation:


  1. Funness says:

    I.. I.. I need new pants..

  2. Janek says:

    It looks pretty awful. The UI in the second video is a mess, and “WoW with guns” is completely incongruous to the setting.

    What a shame they can’t strike out in an original direction.

  3. weegosan says:

    It’s amazing that developers don’t see that WoW already pushes the limits of what’s fun in terms of how little interaction you have. The moment that not only do you only press 1 or 2 buttons to kill stuff but they are guns so your character isn’t even really moving via animation is the moment you really end up wondering why the fuck you are playing.

  4. Larington says:

    Not looking particularly thrilling yet, but has definate potential.

    Not necessarily in the animations, but in the tictacs brainy stuff of actually working out how to take on an enemy encampment that doesn’t take the form of silly aggro pull management that occurs in many MMOs.

  5. NuZZ says:

    I agree Janek. Very disappointing imo… Although it was a noob playing, i feel like it is just a less FPS version of tabula rasa which is obviously not that good.

  6. Josh says:

    As a fan of Stargate, I’m sorry to say this looks like crap, at least from these vids. I really wasn’t expecting anything better, but if this is the sole product this company is pushing out, they’re going to declare bankruptcy very quickly after release.

  7. NuZZ says:

    If I ever get into the beta I will be sure to comment about it in stargate related posts. Still, it doesn’t look all that good :(. The environments are by far better than most MMOS from these vids though :). But gameplay in that second vid was just sad!! Perhaps next time there will be an experienced player instead of some kid off the street. lol.

  8. KindredPhantom says:

    The worlds look great but the characters animation and moments don’t look that great. From those two videos it looks disappointing, i just hope when it comes to the beta it has been improved.

  9. Jim Rossignol says:

    I was rather expecting this to be absolute rubbish, but was pleasantly surprised by what I’ve seen so far.

  10. Subjective Effect says:

    I think the big problem with this is that the series it is based on is the most puerile sci-fi trash ever filmed. It’s like one of those truly awful soaps. I can’t get excited about it despite the idea behind it being interesting. What is the point of using such a dull “intellectual” *cough* property for a game when you can just make something original that isn’t shackled to something so embarrassing?

  11. Larington says:

    Obviously its important to remember the game is due to be released in Q1 09 apparently, and if I know anything about games development, its that its not uncommon for release dates to get pushed back. They definately need to take another look at the interface though, I get the feeling that the video capture software wasn’t displaying parts of the interface, if that isn’t the case then the interface definately needs an overhaul. It looks pretty cluttered and, well, no one really likes having a cluttered interface – it gets in the way of the fun and action.

  12. Masked Dave says:

    Are you kidding, the Stargate mythos lends itself perfectly to a game.

  13. Jetsetlemming says:

    The environmental designs looked good in the opening cuts of the first video, but then when people started appearing it looked like footage of an RTS from a couple years ago. Especially when they showed a fight, with people just standing still behind barricades shooting at each other… meh.

    I also find it a bit odd that they didn’t show a single second of the types of environment they most often visit in the show: Coniferous forest, faux Egyptian desert, flying sci-fi Pyramid.

  14. Koalabaerchen says:

    “hey, it already worked sometimes, let’s try it, too”.

    The Stargate universe would have suited perfectly for an FPS or maybe a RPG. It worked for Star Wars and Star Trek. So why do they try to reinvent the wheel? (reinvent = copy from WoW)

    I’m so happy that they canceled Star Trek Online…

  15. rez says:

    People using cover, but without a cover system.

    Looks like all the areas designed for combat will be strewn with waist-high Lego-esque barriers, with textures changed to protect their generic identity.

    As Jetsetlemming said, the environments look nice ‘n shiny until the characters are shown.

  16. Aubrey says:

    “People using cover, but without a cover system.” Just as a general approach, I have to say I prefer that.

    Feels somehow kinaesthetically inelegant to invent a whole new movement and aiming system just so you can “stick” behind cover and use a close to useless blind fire ability.

  17. weegosan says:

    Stargate does lend itself to an MMO indeed. It needs a bit of thinking though. I mean, if you just try and go with the guns and energy weapons direct from the TV/film timeline then you’re locking yourself down too soon imo. Ideally you would want to start off in a lower developed world with limited resources from earth and build your way back up as things expand via raiding and expansions.

    If you were to write it along the lines of for some engineered reason that large amounts of people had to rush through the stargate to a largely unknown habitable world (where your character starts) and then have to build your way back up to a point where you can use stargates and higher technology then you give yourself from freedom. If you blow your load too soon so to speak then theres little immersion.

  18. K says:

    I’ve always wanted an X-Com-esque Stargate game. I think it’s perfectly suited. You’d equip your squads, send them to different worlds, retrieve items to research, capture aliens, build up the facilities in your base, have it invaded…

    But anyway. What they’ve shown wasn’t too impressive.

  19. EyeMessiah says:

    “Auto attack”. My two most feared words in the English language.

    Combat looks worthless. Shame, I had some hope that this would be surprisingly awesome. The premise fits computer game design like a glove and its got P90s.

  20. Jezebeau says:

    That’s unfortunate. I was hoping for something a little more fps-ish (a la Planetside, not Tabula Rasa).

  21. Vanderdecken says:

    The environment looks wonderful, when the characters started moving and shooting in the first vid I almost vomited. The jerky movements, the wooden animations, the unimaginative gunfire and environments. Not something I’d pay any money for, even as a huge fan of Stargate. Don Davis probably IS spinning in his grave.

    Up until the first shot of a person running, I was gobsmacked. Chell’nak. It’s utterly beautiful, it sounds like they got the original composer, Joel Goldsmith, to write more music for it, and the landscapes are well imagined. Combat? Nuh-uh.

  22. Bergeron says:

    I usually end up watching one of those stargate series when I’m hungover, so maybe this will start a new hangover gaming trend (since no one really likes stargate without being sedated, right?)

  23. RichPowers says:

    MMOs (at least those in the WoW vein) are overtaking tycoon games as the lamest form of shovelware.

  24. Biggles says:

    Agreed, almost thought it looked good until I saw the interface. My my, how ugly can you get? What happened to all those gamasutra articles a few years back championing the end of the UI? Plus as soon as you see it you know the game will play like any other MMO.

  25. Colinmarc says:

    I agree with Subjective Effect… Stargate is some of the worst sci-fi out there, and that’s saying something.

  26. thesombrerokid says:

    snooze fest

  27. Guy says:

    we need to find a hobbit to throw warcraft into a volcano

  28. Stromko says:

    I just realized what title the SomethingAwful forums would use for the StarGate Worlds thread (if it hasn’t already). ‘Black Guys With Spears: StarGate Worlds’. Insensitive, abrasive, and yet with a thread of truth to what the game/series offers. (Sorry, I’m jetlagged as hell right now and just woke up from a weird nap)

    The scoot-and-shoot gameplay looks frankly awful and probably artificial, staged. I doubt there’s really anything stopping them from just standing out in the open or walking up to enemies and standing there pointblank as they blaze away, aside from pulling more mobs. A thought occurs that this may just be a proof-of-concept build if SG:W is so far from its projected release date however, so I think I will reserve final judgement.

  29. 02sheslop says:

    I’m still not sure why they keep making all these WoW clones when most of them don’t do very well. You’d think someone would notice.

  30. Baltech says:

    Interesting tidbit: Just today I watched War Games: The Dead Code (link to and this StarGate Worlds was quite prominently featured in the movie. With what I guess would qualify as Gameplay scenes. At first I thought this could not be real. It looked so fake. But on the other hand, the film got its gaming terminology absolutely spot on, more like any other movie I have ever seen that is not about gaming exclusively. Anyway, I’m quite shocked to find out that this…. thing… seems to be real.

  31. Jaly says:

    Stargate = good

    MMOs = bad

  32. NeoTheo says:

    i am looking forward to this, only because ive was very fond of AO and this is the only mmo that has guns like AO.

    (ok there is tabula rasa, but i hate that game, long grind nothing to do). bah, maybe ccp will supprise me and let me shoot folks on stations.

  33. Erlam says:

    I was happy with the first video, but Jesus, what the hell was with the second one?

    You shoot a guy in the face with a huge explosive energy shot.. and then do it twice more, then he dies?


  34. tmp says:

    You shoot a guy in the face with a huge explosive energy shot.. and then do it twice more, then he dies?


    Sounds like nearly any other game already out there. Takes a few flashy hits to kill the foozle, no matter if it’s FPS, RTS, fighting game or a MMO…

  35. Erlam says:

    Yeah, that was what the first one didn’t show. It looked like shooting a guy with a P90 burst, you know, killed him. Moving to cover and so on.

    Is it really that hard to take a large environment, and give First Person view and a gun? Shoot an enemy, he dies. Why is this so difficult?

  36. Ted says:

    What’s with all the circles and squares cluttering up the screen in the gameplay video? That’s just unpleasant to look at.

  37. DSX says:

    “THIS (holds up staff) is a weapon of fear and intimidation. THIS (holds up P90) is a weapon of war.” – J.O.

    I liked the way Tabula Rasa handles aiming and attacking, this auto attack stuff is very un-immersive for a shooter. I’m also disappointed they’ve “altered canon” (literally, larf) in the demo above in that they’ve significantly decreased the effects of the staff weapons; in the series and film(s) they were a one shot one kill weapon, countered by their limited range and innaccuracy. Here it seems, they are very accurate, and very weak, with some guys needing more then 5 hits to die.

    That said, I’m still loving the idea of a Stargate MMO, the potential is endless.

  38. GeorgeR says:

    Potential is there, but yeah needs polish and cleaning. I particularly hope they clean up animation, the recoil with the staff is just weird looking.

  39. Gollum says:

    The Ui looks like someone exploded all the command buttons over the screen. Apart from that and the jerky movements of the character it looks good

  40. Vanderdecken says:

    @Gollum: like they tried to invent some innovative form of combat control, but just went too far to the land where ‘innovative’ means ‘ludicrous’.