Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows

Cirque de Spidey

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can. Which is all well and good for him, but a sorry tale for the milkman.

There’s another trailer for the latest Spidey game, Web Of Shadows, which once again looks like it could offer some extra-fun web swinging, free running entertainment. But will this finally be the Spider-Man game to rise above okayishness on PC? Well Dr Nosy, you’ll have to wait to find out.


  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    The Spider-man should just be a man who delivers bottles full of spiders to your house.

  2. Shunal says:

    Is that the symbiote costume I see? Ooh, me likey.

  3. ack says:

    Agreed Jim. Which makes the rat-man someone everybody with a snake or two at home would like to meet instead of something warped with sharp pointy teeth you’d do best to run from.

    This game interests me though, looks enticing somehow. Hope they pull it off.

  4. Lucky Main Street says:

    Venom Wolverine! Nice!

    City looks weirdly deserted though.

  5. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    @ Lucky Main Street: Would you want to be caught on the streets when there’s black gloop everywhere and wierd zombie monsters? O.o

  6. Chemix says:

    This looks like a remake of Spiderman, a pretty good video game, albeit very game ish, and extremely unforgiving at times, but that was games. The plot looks similar, symbiotes taking over and all, but in the previous title, it was all masterminded by Doc Ock, who became Monster Ock at the end when Carnage’s symbiote took control of him. Now it looks like a symbiote is taking over another big player, but this one is effectively immortal, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

    I like symbiotes, so there’s a plus, and the fact that they don’t shrink their faces back to show the actor underneath is even better.

  7. Lukasz says:

    Hope the game delivers.

  8. runningwthszzors says:

    Alien symbiotes invade NYC. Look out!

  9. Crash says:

    I only hope that Venolverine is playable.

  10. Danfishblue says:

    Am I the only person who’d rather play as Wolverine than Spiderman?

  11. Crash says:

    Danfishblue: nope, you aren’t.

  12. The Shed says:

    @Chemix: I loved how in the PS1 game they bypassed having city streets in full by making the Symbiote invasion take place under cover of “mysterious multicoloured fog” that prevented you from dropping below the 6th story of buildings :D what a game. The parallel with Web of Shadows here went entirely over my head until you mentioned that- good call. Shadows is basically a reinvention of the PS1 game on current-gen technology.

    @Danfishblue: The PS2/Xbox game Wolverine: Whatever had some surprisingly sweet action. Also expect a ‘Verine release for the new movie.

    This new one (Shadows) looks quite good- but I think the problems that plagued 3 will be present in terms of free-roamingness. SM2 was fantastic (considering it was for PS2), but SM3 was just too empty; the buildings were too far apart, and there just wasn’t enough life on the streets. Looks like they’ve sorted the combat system issues from 3 in this iteration though. Again, the combat in 2 was great, more points over 3.

    EDIT: The way that the symbiote invasion envelops the city will fix a lot of the setting issues from 3, I guess.

  13. Ginger Yellow says:

    Wolverine/Spiderman Fastball Special!

    NY looks pretty spartan from that trailer. I’m not expecting Liberty City, but still. I’d love to see a game that captured the spirit of Spiderman 2 but sorted out the godawful combat.

  14. Edward ChainsawHands says:

    @Jim Rossignol

    i LoLed

    also. This game looks promising. i was severely disappointed by Spiderman 3. but all movie games suck

  15. GeorgeR says:

    Yeah, I hope the venolverine comment at the end wasn’t supposed to be in a bad guy tone, because if so, yipes, completely missed the mark.

  16. Olick says:

    Three Cheers for gratuitous Wolverine fanservice!

  17. Ian says:

    @Danfishblue: My first post, before I read all the replies, was going to be; “I hope we don’t all end up just wanting to play as black-suited Wolverine.”

    Game looks like it has potential, but the PC version will probably be balls.

  18. Lu-Tze says:

    Seeing Wolverine made me go “co-op possibly?” and then I thought about how much better the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series would be if it was in the kind of cityscape they give to the Spiderman Games.

    I’m just envisagaing Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Spidey and Magneto cruising down past the Bugle in formation. And i’m liking it.

  19. Aankhen says:

    also. This game looks promising. i was severely disappointed by Spiderman 3. but all movie games suck

    Actually, the one exception I ever saw was the game based on the first Spiderman movie. I thought the movie was trash but the game was huge fun, especially because of all the fun I had swinging around wherever I wanted.

  20. Aankhen says:

    Whoops, forgot to mention that the game itself looks great. You can add me to the “pls lemme play wolverine beating up spiderman kthx” club. =)

  21. hungSolo says:

    I played a bit of one of the recent Spider-Man games on XBox and, while it was fun to swing around, the combat was a little too button mashy for me.

    It looks more intricate in one of the early scenes of the trailer, but that’s surely pre-rendered, and even if similar combat makes it into the game, I’m betting on quick-time events rather than a ‘traditional’ combat system. Looks nice, though.

  22. Zed says:

    “Joe, we’re a little worried that [insert title] is [underperforming/going to suck]. What do you want us to do about it?”

    “Needs more Wolverine!”

    “Oh, Joe. You always say that.”

  23. Phil says:

    The game+ option at the end of your first play through should be a meeting with Mephisto where he asks if you want to completely invalidate a huge chunk of plot, bring everyone who died back to life and start a stale rehash of the previous plot line.

  24. The Shed says:

    @Aankhen: The first PS1 Spiderman game was great, the second was alright, and the first Movie Game was mediocre. It was the first one to give us the swing anywhere ability though, I’ll give you that. The second Movie Game was a complete classic. Very few movie games are good though :(

  25. Scandalon says:

    Yea, the PS1 game was pretty good, but it really shone in the Dreamcast “port” – they upped the resolution of the textures and did some other technical upery to take advantage of the DC’s superior hardware.

    -le sigh wistfully for the “good ‘ol days”…

  26. Charlie says:

    Man you’ve made me miss my Dreamcast!