Star Trek Online

Cryptic Studios, those folks developing the mighty-lookin’ Champions Online, have unveiled the Star Trek Online website. This, we must assume, means that they really are developing Star Trek Online.

The site has some fairly dull environment screenshots, as well as some concrete information on the game. Apparently you’re going to be the captain of a “customisable” ship and crew, exploring, fighting, talking to aliens and all that jazz. You can play as either a Federation flunkie, or a Klingon er… clinger-on? Action takes place on ships, planets, or in space combat. Sounds like everything a Star Trek game should be, and I think Cryptic might just be the folks to pull it off.


  1. Ketch says:

    Would it not make more sense for players to form their own crews, for the sake of it being an MMO. The way this is going if everyone has their own giant megaship it may aswell be freelancer with a star trek mod.

  2. Meat Circus says:

    The most important thing for any MMO: Don’t start with a trite and dull Universe.


  3. Nick says:

    This will be an absolute bitch to design to correctly capture the essence of Star Trek. I hope they don’t fall into the trap that Pirates of the Burning Sea fell into and attempt to have both on-foot and ship combat, and really mucking up the on-foot stuff.

  4. AbyssUK says:

    Why don’t people make fun games any more… everything is so serious at the minute…

  5. Jim Rossignol says:

    No, Meat. That’s what you *do* start with. Didn’t you read the checklist?

  6. Bobsy says:


    I seem to remember the original stab at the Star Trek MMO being pitched like that, with groups of players crewing ships between them. I guess this is a new dev, new game type thing then?

  7. cliffski says:

    this is btter than the original design, which was starfleet only.
    I find all MMos to be dull and identical, so i’d be gutted if they went the same way,
    If it has levels, quests, a quest log, and “go kill 10 rats” quests, I won’t bother.
    give me a world to explore and trade and fight in, not a bunch of menial tasks and obsession with grinding to get ‘l33t l00t’.

  8. Noc says:

    Dear RPS, what happened to our Sunday Papers?

  9. Jim Rossignol says:

    Noc: We were too lazy to do one with Kieron on holiday.

  10. cliffski says:

    when is K back? he took my artist with him :(

  11. alphaxion says:

    bah, so many alien races and you’re stuck playing humans??

    I’m a human all day, I want my space based games to give me the option of being something else instead!

    How about a spore-like species creation tool and allow you to craft our own race to join the star trek universe?
    Maybe even a degree of empire building in there too – though you can’t kill off a species homeworld so as to stop a player losing their race.

    Sod it, why can’t someone just create an mmo 4X game (and no, planitarian doesn’t count!), I’ll be happy then!

  12. Shon says:

    I really hate the idea of a group of players forming the crew of a ship. I can just see the joy of getting ready to beam down to a planet except you have to wait till the Security Officer gets home from work and the Medical Officer has to wait till the kids are asleep.

    Speaking as someone who has tried to run Star Trek roleplaying games, I like the way Cryptic is leaning. It is the rare player who will happily play the Helmsman. Everyone wants to be the Captain and everyone thinks they can do a better job. Let every player be a Captain and they can team up with other Captains to perform difficult missions.

  13. Bobsy says:

    @alphaxion: There’s aliens in Star Trek? Naw, just humans with varying degrees of prosthetic bumpy bits on their faces. And cultural characteristics which take one aspect of human behavious and consider this enough to base an entire species on. Sigh. Sorry, I really hate Star Trek.

    @Shon: Are you kidding? An actual cooperative MMO would be a breath of Spaceballs-style canned air right now. Multiplayer games work best when they’re actually multiplayer. WoW has created a legacy of single-player MMOs where everyone’s the hero.

    Besides, who wouldn’t want to be helmsman? They get to pilot the ship, and get special veto over the whining asshole who declared himself captain: “YOU KIDS BE QUIET OR I’M TURNING THIS SPACESHIP AROUND AND GOING HOME”. Plus, mayonnaise.

  14. Alex Taldren says:

    If players can’t form crews and work together as part of a single ship then I don’t care about this…

  15. Colinmarc says:

    I agree. The idea of the helmsman, and engineering officer, and weapons officer, and science officer, etc, is very essential to Star Trek, and would also just be a really cool idea, in an mmo.

  16. Deuteronomy says:


  17. Bobsy says:



  18. cliffski says:


  19. Bobsy says:

    Ah Jim, I know your ops are falling to pieces without the lynchpin that is Ysbo buzzing around in an underequipped interceptor he can’t afford to replace and doesn’t know how to fly properly. Never was the same after I left, huh?

  20. alphaxion says:

    bobsy: well, my whinge was more aimed at all sci-fi games really – I’m fed up of playing a human as though it is the only choice in the universe worth being, I want something new.

    I totally agree with you since pretty much every sci-fi alien is essentially based on 1 human culture and have one mannerism as you point out. Hell, they name their race after their home planet yet humans have multitudes of names for themselves.
    They only ever have 1 language and never any different dialects and colloqualisms.

    I want a truly diverse alien species.. but then I guess that requires many orders of magnitude more creativity and exhausts content pretty quickly in a busy universe!

  21. Jim Rossignol says:

    We’ve been providing corp inties recently. (And some PvP training!)

  22. caesarbear says:

    I love Trek, love RPGs, but sure don’t love MMOs. This game still looks like a disaster, even more so now that they’ve added the Horde^H^H^H^H^HKlingons. Yes, the point of Trek is cooperation, and it’s basically a waste of time using the brand if they can’t make crews. Puzzle Pirates can make ship crews, why can’t anyone figure it out for ST Online? The only way I’d be remotely interested in playing this game is if I could be a red shirt. I for one would gladly lay down my life for my captain, time and time again during a two week free trial offer. Everyone getting their own run-about to loot quatloos from the Gorn instance? LAME.

    This is such a cowardly development. Of course they could try something different, something more like what a Trek MMO ought to be, but instead we’ll get the cookie cutter game design with 100,000 Captain K1rkspH4zor.

  23. Noc says:

    I like the idea of a Spore-esque Face Putty Editor.

  24. malkav11 says:

    Cryptic developing it is the only glimmer of interest I have. I’m so over Trek, and it seems like a peculiarly poor fit for an MMO setting anyway. Add to that the general drawbacks licenses have for MMOs, and…yeah. Bleh. Wake me if it turns out, inexplicably, to be awesome.

  25. Edward ChainsawHands says:

    They should have it like City of Heroes.

    Where you can search a database of players, send instant messages to arrange a team. meet up at some part of the ship.

    then beam down to a planet or other ship/space base & do some instanced mission.

    same formula as CoH/V except instead of doing a mission in a warehouse, office building or cave you do it on a ship or planet.

  26. Bobsy says:

    @Jim: Hey, it was a Corp inty I was flying anyway. I probably still have it in-hanger. Shame.

    Back to Star Trek, it’s hard for anyone to get excited about it right now thanks to it having zero popular interest. The whole franchise was gradually run into the ground with a succession of supremely boring serieseses. But bear in mind that the JJ Abrams Star Trek prequel will be out probably around the same time as this, so who knows, we might be more receptive by then. On the subject of JJ Abrams + Star Trek… I guess it’ll be two hours of not getting to see any Klingons, before we see some Klingons, at the end maybe.

  27. Pew says:

    The setting will be very interesting for this game. Will they do an old TOS era for the old fans? Will they make it all new shiny and new like the Star Trek reboot movie?

    Since they felt the franchise needed a reboot, my guess is that it will tie in to the new movie and use the existing universe to expand the game. But although that might lure some new/younger gamers to Star Trek, I bet that will alienated the probable zillions of existing Trekkies.

  28. Sam says:

    I just want to know when is it to be able to play and do u have to pay cos i know not a lot will want to play and like some say just as humans if any of u have played flashtrek 2 i would choose using something like that race choice but with more choices and same as a guy up there if u have to shoot mouses or some crap then for get it and why can’t u form ur own crew it would be better but i think it might do that all ready becuase of joing /guilds