Men Of War Trailer… What?

As I’ve mentioned before, Men Of War is a rather excellent-looking RTS from Russian developers Best Way. It’s incredibly realistic and rather formidable in its attempt to convey the Russian theatre of World War II. Quite what is going on with this latest trailer I don’t know. It’s been scripted up to be… wacky? Quite peculiar indeed.


  1. Real Horrorshow says:

    Localization strikes again.

  2. Stitched says:

    Animation ? Not so much.
    Visual Effects ? Not so much.

    I think this trailer doesn’t show anything, which is a bit worrying. What it does show is a great game…

    …from the late 90’s.

  3. Alex says:

    I think it´s about hit locations… hitting the turret – no good. hitting the track – gets you a pic of a captured tank. But wacky it is… indeed. ;)

  4. ORYLY says:

    Wacky trailer for a realistic Russian RTS? It’s not really wacky compared to the trailer for Theatre of War. (link to

  5. Jesucristo says:

    Theatre of War is great. Like Men of War, it’s a tactical game focused in tactics, not in visual effects. There is not “life bars”, there is real damage model, ballistics, armor piercing and such of things.

    These games are not arcadish style like Company of Heroes.

    Late 90 game Stitched? any example?. Not real tactical games like this in late 90.

  6. RiptoR says:

    Looks a bit like Soldiers Heroes of WW2. That game also had different hitlocations for tanks and stuff.

    I’m replaying that game atm, I just love the gameplay of Soldiers. The varying physics and ballistics of different types of ammo/guns/grenades makes the game fun to play. Especially taking on an entire Allied tank squadron with a heavy Tiger tank is enticing.

    PS: If anyone is up for a coop session in Soldiers, contact me ;)

  7. Real Horrorshow says:

    @ Jesucristo

    CoH arcadish? No, not even close. Perhaps in an alternate reality. I’m not even sure how the adjective “arcadish” could be applied to an RTS, but if you’re going to use it, I think you mean to say it’s not arcadish like C&C.

    At any rate, I think the most accurate description would be “These games are hyper-realistic, while CoH is normal.”

  8. Jesucristo says:

    CoH arcadish, of course. Arcadish, not arcade. That’s because is not a realistic game. There is not hyper realism in games. CoH is action oriented, the game is fast paced to be a RTS, like most “normal” RTS. Soldiers Heroes of WW2 is less arcadish than CoH. But I think that there is not “normal” games. Every game has its own public.
    Men of War is from the same team than Soldiers, but more realistic (or less arcadish).

  9. Flint says:

    I was expecting something much wackier :(.

  10. Psychopomp says:


  11. caesarbear says:

    If you had to build a fence between arcade and realism, then CoH would have to fall on the arcade side. Soldiers isn’t completely comfortable on the realism side, but it would deserve it much more than CoH. The Airborne Assault series would perhaps be more like what you’re talking about Horrorshow. But I’d echo Jesucristo, “hyper-realistic” isn’t a description that belongs in gaming. Unless it simulates the boredom of sitting in a foxhole for days and urinating in an empty can, it’s not “hyper-real”, it’s still a game. Maybe not you’re style, but certainly still a game.

  12. Real Horrorshow says:

    Well I already scoffed at giving arbitrary distinctions to games and only offered on that I felt was more accurate if we had to use them.

    I would argue most games that are billed as “realistic,” especially FPS games, feel totally stale and the exact opposite of what I imagine being in a battle would be like. Perfect example is Red Orchestra which is slow, cumbersome, and just dull. There’s more to realism than just having the right armor penetration values for a pak gun hitting an IS-2 tank’s side armor or setting up an FPS so people die in one hit and recoil has you aiming at the sky after 3 shots in full auto. In some respects I think it can be argued that a game like Call of Duty is more realistic than Red Orchestra in certain significant ways, same thing with games like Men of War and CoH. CoH is unrealistic in many ways, but it’s got cover, side/rear/frontal armor is VERY important to consider when attacking a tank, there’s suppression, pinning, etc. soldiers act behave realistically. I value this type of realism over the realism of “numbers” that a lot of fans of stale realism games gush over.

  13. caesarbear says:

    Perfect example is Red Orchestra which is slow, cumbersome, and just dull.

    You are dead to me man. Some of the most intense firefights I’ve ever had in an FPS were from Red Orchestra.

  14. Jesucristo says:

    CoD has not any realism, and of course less realism in EVERY aspect if you compare with Red Orchestra. Is slow, of course, because infantry combat is not the olympic games. The infantry could only charge for a moment, taking acoount that you have about 20kg extra weight (ammo, weapons, grenades) and your foot does not wear a pair of Nike. And Bunny Hopping… blaj…

    Numbers like penetration, armor values, ballistic and such of things are very important for the realism. It has not sense to kill a tank with guns only because you shoot him 1000 times. COver has not sense because Tank has not “point of view” or “line of Sight”, like Theatre of War. And you know where to hit, (it’s not the same a hit in front armor than side or rear), you know the range of the enemy weapon, and yours… its like compare IL2 Sturmovik with Crimson Skies.

  15. mrrobsa says:

    Random walk animations for the win.
    I like my RTS, but this will have to show me something new and/or improved to grab my attention.

  16. Deuteronomy says:

    Haha I have to defend Red Orchestra. In my opinion it’s simply the best multiplayer FPS – and possibly the best multiplayer game out there period. Experience 50 man Konigsplatz – it’s sheer insanity with tank shells, mg fire and artillery raking the battlefield. It’s on a completely differently level than a skanky game of paintball in COD4.

  17. Culprit says:

    RO is a great simulation of the Russian front of WW2. Your opinion of its gameplay may vary, but it is extremely accurate in its portrayal of battle and tactics. I enjoy it at one extreme and TF2 at the other extreme.

  18. Erlam says:

    “In some respects I think it can be argued that a game like Call of Duty is more realistic than Red Orchestra in certain significant ways…”

    Name these ways. Hell, name two.

    I’m not sure why everyone thinks people asking for ‘realistic’ means they want ‘exactly like life.’ What people want with ‘realistic’ games is often – no health regen; weapon jams; non-suicidal A.I.; environmental interaction that is meaningful (bushes make noise when crawled through, you can’t just leap over a 12 foot chasm, .50cals go through walls, but 9mm parabellums don’t, etc); weapons that don’t do ’25’ damage, but do different damage based on where they hit, etc. The idea is that you obviously can’t make a game that perfectly represents how real life works, but you can get close in meaningful ways.

    Call of Duty – Unrealistic.
    Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear – Realistic.

  19. FhnuZoag says:

    Kinda looks exactly like their previous game, Faces of War.

    Which would be disappointing, but Faces of War was pretty fantastic, though. For the doubters, what’s unusual compared to e.g. Company of Heroes is that there’s a manual aiming/moving system which you can take direct control of units with, and then fully modelled locational damage. So you can take over an AT gun and knock out a tank’s treads, for example, instead of activating it as a special ability or hoping for it to trigger as a random ‘critical hit’ or whatever.

  20. Master Builder says:

    That was highly comical!

    “Let’s take a piccie of the tank, get bored and walk off.

    Whoops we left the Germans inside, doh.”

    (Germans blow Russians to pieces, GAME OVAR!!)



  21. caesarbear says:

    Here’s some youtubes of the gameplay. Can’t find any better quality videos, but yeah it looks like the prequels but with maybe a little better control.

    link to

    edit: ah, here’s the comic vid in higher quality:
    link to