Kudos 2: First Screens

Sexy graphs.

I’ve spent more than enough time with artist Jamie McKelvie over the last two weeks, so the knowledge I’m going to have to deal with him in my bloody day job is one to provoke a crushing sense of depression. Cliff Harris, who you may know as the creator of Democracy, the previous Kudos Band and 300-post threads about Piracy, has released the first images of Kudos 2, highlighting the art of Jamie “Kitten” McKelvie. Kudos follows its prequel in being an alternative-take on the Sims-life-management genre, seen through the filter of the Princess Maker games. Except much more twenty something. More here. And what did you do during your 20s, readers? I played videogames and drank. I would score lowly in Kudos 2.


  1. Jonas says:

    Let me get back to you on that in 8 years.

    Meanwhile, McKelvie does draw lovely pictures, does he not?

  2. heliocentric says:

    wait. Does that mean you are 22 or 12? To me this lacked the minutia that made the sims at all interesting. The very idea of winning life robs the game of charm too.

  3. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    I have vague memories of that time. I was generally pissing my life away, and I suspect I was responsible for a 2% of booze and alcoohol monthly consumption in my country. I think that’s when I also began paying more attention to music, literature and hentai. Also, some thing about these weird devices you plug into your telly and they go “blop”, “blip”, “zap!” as you navigate the weird colors they present. Or maybe it was just the drugs.

    They were weird, I’ll give you that.

    Related: Sims 2 is arcadey?

  4. egg says:

    I’m only 3 years into my 20s, but so far let me put it this way: if you put my girlfriend on one side and my PC ready to load Team Fortress 2 on the other and make me choose, I’d perform mitosis.

    I’ve bever been much of a drinker acshully.

  5. Freelancepolice says:

    This looks really nice! I found democracy a bit too intense for my little brain but I’d love to get into it

  6. Dinger says:

    The game makes it too easy. Who can afford to waste their youth to alcoholism when a beer cost £7.50? At least it doesn’t make you fat.

    Cool. I can’t wait for the “Skid Row” addon. Three weeks of having a single “activity for today”: Cop. Shoot. Cop, and the challenge comes in scaring up the cash.

  7. Jonas says:

    heliocentric: 22 ;)

    I would probably not have a very high score yet, but at least I’m soberer than Kieron’s ever been.

  8. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Speaking of which, I’ve been awol for a while and when I come back, Kieron’s beard dies and there’s a new team member. It’s bizarro world.

  9. cullnean says:


    by which i mean all the stuff the army makes you take, not the bad drugs m’kay

  10. Nuyan says:

    I’m reading RPS in my twenties, would I score high?

  11. James G says:

    23, almost 24 and seriously wondering why on earth I decided to do a PhD.

  12. cullnean says:

    @James G

    Institutionalised by the education system, where as i had it done to me by the MOD, break free of the chains and do something you want to do……….nah fuck that there’s no way on earth i wanted to be a server tech :(

    Aha dear RPS readers please donate £10 each(10%goes to rps) so i can live the dream..in my pants!

  13. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    so i can live the dream..in my pants!

    Isn’t that where all dreams live – in our pants?

  14. heliocentric says:

    i’ve been browsing rps on a mobile so all posts are simply by the rps overmind. Who is the new poster?

    Kieron’s beard?

  15. Alex says:

    so i can live the dream..in my pants!

    Isn’t that where all dreams live – in our pants?

    I think he means specifically in his pants.

  16. heliocentric says:

    i can neither confirm or deny my dreams are contained within cullnean’s pants.

  17. Jon says:

    See to me, Kudos was a really rubbish “answer a load of questions and we’ll show you some jobs which have no real correlation to your answers” programe [I refuse to call it a game] that I was forced to use once in secondary school about 4 years ago. I really hope Kudos 2 isn’t a sequal to that.

  18. Gap Gen says:

    Jon: No worries – Kudos 2 will include all the forgotten jobs, like pig masturbator and gigolo.

  19. Gap Gen says:

    James G: I guess it depends on your experiences. Personally, my PhD is almost exactly what I wanted to do, although there is a lot of waiting for computers to think.

  20. sinister agent says:

    I’m about halfway through mine and have mostly been placating idiots, sleeping and doing the washing up.

  21. Dinger says:

    See, there’s another fascinating job path to put in there:
    What would you like to do today?
    A. Doubt Self.
    B. Try to work on thesis.
    C. Give in to the darkness and doubt that follows you around.

    “What color is your parachute?” as a game: maybe not. But a game like this is all about repeatability and exploring the boundaries. Sex and dying in high society is one. “Did you see to much or shoot the horse and then close the gate?”-style-horse rider is another. And then there’s driving a surveillance van, always doing seven things and writing the code for brain implants.

    The game concept has potential, and the artwork looks good too. I might have to check this out when it hit the torrentz^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Just kidding, man.

  22. malkav11 says:

    I really didn’t like the generic 3D art in Kudos 1, but this is a definite improvement. As to how it plays…we’ll see. Looks like the mechanical effect of various actions is more clearly laid out, which would be a big help.

  23. cliffski says:

    Its much clearer in this one how things affect your attributes. Plus there are a pile of extra attributes, and all kinds of usability changes.
    The premise is the same, but everything has been expanded on and improved.
    Anyway, there will be a demo, so you can see for yourself. :D

  24. raigan says:

    Wow, the new art is astoundingly good-looking, my biggest complaint with the first one was the hideous blender-isms.. hooray for no 3D!

  25. Kong says:

    A beer 7.50? Brittania seems to be a harsh place to grow up.
    Go to Germany, where alcohol is still a human right and dope tolerated in some places such as Hamburg. Work in a pub, leave all the money you make in a pub and fuck all the beautiful and open minded girls that usually work in pubs. You cannot loose that way except maybe your IQ.
    I did it and have become a brainless socialist in my 20s. Fuck capitalism. Cheers.

  26. Anthony Damiani says:

    So Kudos-life ends at 30.
    I’m depressed, and I don’t turn 29 until tomorrow.

  27. Mr. Brand says:

    Hmm..how cheap is Jamie?

  28. Kieron Gillen says:

    Pretty cheap. Also, nasty.


  29. Okami says:

    My twenties are allmost over. Just a few weeks left. I know they started with me sitting in a flat I’ve never been before after tagging along with a bunch of people I barely knew. We watched “A tribute to Freddy Mercury” on VHS tape and after that the final episode of “Babylon 5”.

    After that, stuff happened.

  30. Kadayi says:

    Woot. Game is out and it’s rather splendid. Much more polished than it’s predecessor thanks in part to the comic book style.