1. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    I enjoyed the Portal version more, but that may have to do with not caring much for Mirror’s Edge.

  2. Cooper says:

    Earth shattering prediction:
    Mirror’s Edge will not live up to the hype being generated.

  3. Optimaximal says:

    Ahh well, don’t have to buy it now :)

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    I see a lot of Mirror’s Edge coverage, but hype? MGS4 had hype, Halo games have hype.

  5. JonFitt says:

    Nice. That was a good recreation.

  6. Cooper says:

    I see a lot of Mirror’s Edge coverage, but hype? MGS4 had hype, Halo games have hype.

    Yeah, but the coverage (bar lukewarm responses to the most recent video of greyish brown interiors) has been uniformly positive amongst most of the gaming press. Everyone seems to be clamouring to proclaim – sometimes in so many words – how Mirror’s Edge will somehow redefine gaming genres… It’s not (all) brown, it’s ‘clean’ and ‘crisp’ – ‘stylised’, it’s not shooty, it’s kinda platformy, kinda puzzle-y, something different. Don’t get me wrong – vive la difference – but this is begining to smell of middle of the road FPS wrapped with a pretty pseudo-po-mo bow.

    It seems to be a weird mix of spin and panting journos. PR hype can be smelt a mile off, this is less easy to distinguish.

  7. Lorc says:

    I think it might just be enthusiasm.

  8. LionsPhil says:

    Mirror’s Edge was dead to me the moment a pistol welded itself to the protagonist’s face in the trailer. Sigh.

    The completely unbreakable ankles didn’t help.

  9. Jaxtrasi says:

    The difference between official, artificial hype (like Bioshock) and unofficial, we’re actually really excited about this hype (like, well, Bioshock) only matters at the media end. Sure, one is immoral horror designed to shift units and the other is the genuine enthusiasm of people who, at heart, really desperately want something new to love. To the reader, though, it’s still a press build-up which may or may not be realised.

  10. Mike says:

    So basically, the girl who’s in Mirrors Edge should join the portal franchise so that she can complete her levels quicker. Thats the point their trying to make?!

  11. cyrenic says:

    Kudos to the guy that took all that time to make such a faithful recreation of the level (complete with red textures in the appropriate places). It had to have taken a while.

  12. NOT AN ALIEN says:

    God forbid anyone takes a fresh new gaming idea, not to mention a different take on art direction, with any enthusiasm. This is the gaming community, we must always demand the same kind of shooter, only with shinier weapons.

  13. P.T. says:

    Nicely done. I like the head-shake “No” when jumps went awry. :)

    I find it somewhat amazing that random Internet people can recreate game levels at this level of detail so quickly. Developers should start releasing artists sketches of levels, and let the intertubes fill in the details …

  14. The Shed says:

    @LionsPhil: The completely unbreakable GodMode probably didn’t help either? ;)

    That’s a really well done video anyway.

  15. Cooper says:

    I’m a cynical person, so you should probably ignore me – but, whilst I welcome with open arms anything potentially ‘new’ (whatever you want that to mean), we all know there’ll be reams of ‘feature lists’ and screenshots pre-release which make us love what the game could be, but that some big wig higher up in EA – after reading another dull marketing exercise report – will say that the game needs more shooty and shinier weapons because that’s, apparently, what is wanted. Problem is – that EA guy is probably right…

    Either that, or they’re just lying outright (Haze anyone?)

  16. Sax says:


    Yeah, thought the same…

  17. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    I don’t know. I couldn’t really glimpse anything that novel in the trailer. The ability to abstain from violent conflict through the use of firearms is interesting but it’s not necessarily new, just an incremental approach to combat. You could knock people unconscious in Thief and Deus Ex, and even play through levels without resorting to too much violence, so if anything, Mirror’s Edge seems like a refinement or at least an expansion of those concepts, and I wish it luck on that regard.

    The thing I was more intrigued about was the Parkour-styled movement across levels which admittedly doesn’t look bad but I have to wonder if it won’t become too predictable in the final version. After all this was the first time I saw the trailer and I mentally went through the motions before the character did.

  18. Alex says:

    I don’t know.. if there’s anything that might worry me about this game it might be the story and how it’s told – some of the writing we’ve been able to see as voiceovers or as that comic thingy hasn’t been stellar. If it keeps up with that bland, action-movie-like crap it could ruin a potentially interesting atmosphere.

    But the gameplay itself still looks very exciting, I think.

  19. LionsPhil says:

    @Diogo: The trailer clearly has some gunplay in it, which doesn’t bode well for that. In fact, their approach to conflict appears to be “I know kung-fu” and “USE BULLET ON BAD GUY”. So, nothing we haven’t seen before a million-odd times. You just know that the rushed ending will be a showdown gunfight in a sewer against an army of explosive wasps.

  20. xeallos says:

    RPS, leave this garbage at Kotaku if you’re just going to post the lame YouTube link and leave out the intelligent commentary.

    What is the novelty of this juxtaposition? Put a portal at the start and the end of a linear obstacle course with midrange elevation changes and you can finish it in one move?

    This is just like when I play chess with my friends! After they’ve placed their first pawn, I just pick up the board, throw all the pieces in the air and punch them in the face while screaming “CHECKMATE BITCH”.

    I think outside teh boxes lulz

    “I find it somewhat amazing that random Internet people can recreate game levels at this level of detail so quickly. Developers should start releasing artists sketches of levels, and let the intertubes fill in the details …”

    Obviously you know nothing about Source, you could assemble that poor collection of brushes in Hammer in less time than it would take to compile the map; seal it off in a skybox, throw in a single global light entity and call it done – 10 minutes or you are terrible at Worldcraft based editors.

  21. Jim Rossignol says:

    I’m sure you had a point in there, xeallos, but it gets kind of lost.

  22. xeallos says:

    You could have answered the question I posed instead of insulting my post, but it’s ok, we both know which required less effort.

    If you think the analogy is poor or inept, please illustrate the ways in which you find it lacking.

    If you found an error with my technical information regarding the map construction techniques in Source I am standing by, waiting to be advised as to how that information doesn’t apply to the post I quoted.

  23. Valentin Galea says:

    Who took the gem out of xeallos Source-donut ?

  24. phuzz says:

    Jim, that was a masterful bit of peace keeping.
    I’d have gone for the more puerile; “That easy to make huh? Let’s see you do it then.”

  25. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    @Valentin Galea:
    More importantly, are we tuff enuff anonymous dudes to rescue it?

  26. Sum0 says:

    I think Mirror’s Edge takes the award for Quickest Internet Backlash from Bioshock’s clutches by managing it before the game has even been released.

  27. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Hell hath no fury like the Fallout 3 backlash. However, Bioshock and Mirror’s Edge would probably come in close second and third, respectively.

  28. RichPowers says:


    Does the stink caused by Angry Internet Men over Diablo III‘s “lighter” art style count as a backlash? They even released photoshopped screens and prompted a response from one of Blizz’s artists.

  29. cyrenic says:


    Fallout 3 won that award looooong ago :D.

    Edit: Beat to the punch.

  30. Diogo Ribeiro says:


    As someone who has been involved with Fallout-based or worshipping communities in the past, it was my duty to mention it first ;)

  31. Ian says:

    I’m sure you had a point in there, xeallos, but it gets kind of lost.
    As far as I can tell he was asking what exactly made it worth posting, given the ease with which it can apparently be created and the fact that it appears to be a novelty without any degree of substance. However, I don’t expect RPS to be the last word in commentary and welcome the occasional novelty. (:

  32. Sahagin says:

    I slept.

  33. Noc says:

    Xeallos, the reason people are surprised about the ease with which this was put together has nothing to do with the ability to create such a thing in Source. Yes, the architecture is rather simple, there’s one global light source, they didn’t even bother to create the whole environment . . . so, as a Source creation, it’s what we call in any other artistic pursuit a “sketch.”

    What surprised people, I believe was that this recreation was so faithful – because even though things like this are really easy to put together in Source, the only information we have about the Mirror’s Edge level is a couple of trailers showing someone running through the same route. Putting together a level from that convincingly, when you have to deal with things like not knowing what the back of a building looks like because the demonstrator didn’t happen to look in that direction on a five-minute shakeycam rendition of the level is “hmm” provoking.

    The novelty of this particular juxtaposition is that Mirror’s Edge and Portal share, at least from the speculation, many similarities. They are both story-based pseudo-puzzle pseudo-action first-person games built of a single unconventional mechanic. Also, the color schemes are similar. Problem solving in Mirror’s Edge is all about motion, and handling your momentum – as is problem solving in Portal, and to see the Mirror’s Edge puzzles approached from a different way is mildly interesting.

    Also, the reason Mr. Rossignol didn’t answer your point was because your post was a series of half-coherent objections tacked on end-to-end, without a clear and overriding thesis. It’s not so much that it takes time and ingenuity to answer, but that it takes time and ingenuity to bother to sift through posts like that and figure out what the hell the POINT you’re making is. Fortunately, I’ve spent the last few days browsing EVE forums, so I’m used to it.

  34. Charlie says:

    @Noc Your right and it made me laugh but I think he was just a troll.

  35. Alex says:

    Does the stink caused by Angry Internet Men over Diablo III’s “lighter” art style count as a backlash? They even released photoshopped screens and prompted a response from one of Blizz’s artists.

    I’m still of the swings-and-roundabouts opinion – developers and publishers play the internet like the cheap, whorish zither it is, to create a positive hype torrent.. the Angry Internet Men are just the opposing force – one cannot be without the other.

    In short: both are ridiculous! ;)

  36. Scandalon says:

    It was posted because he we struck by how this illustrates society’s struggle to balance the human, organic nature (we all cheer the underdog) vs. the sheer fact that with the right technological tool (we, personally, don’t even have to know how it works, just which buttons to push) makes even the most talented and deteremined individual obsolete. (i.e. Sure, it’s cool to jump off the catwalk and grab the pipe to swing onto the vent, but if you have a portal gun, it’s faster AND easier.) The author’s use of the ephemeral media of digital games (using a pre-made engine and tools no less, with which it probably took 15 minutes to do, and look good), rather than if he had sculpted or painted it, or even programmed it himself, was a genious stroke of self-reference meta commentary.

    Or, you know, ’cause it was kinda cool, and it involed Portal, one of the year’s best, or at least most luaded PC games, and Mirrors Edge, which is an intruiging, and slightly different upcoming PC Game. On this here PCGames website/blog’o’thing.

    (I really am interested in this “You can squirt it out in 10 minutes” idea…I’ve played w/ several level editors ever since the DOOM days, and the Halflife one (Worldcraft?) would certainly not qualify as “able to toss out several box-rooms that actually look right” in my limited experience…In fact, my last attempt – A TF2 map – made me lament how *little* advancement had occured…)

  37. xeallos says:

    Well, thank you for your thoughts, Noc as I do appreciate them. I apologize if my composition left much to be desired, I will attempt to be more concise in the future. I consider the Portal system to conceptually override the mechanics that Mirrors Edge is attempting to infuse into their end product, which is why I suppose I find this piece bewildering. From the outset, it appears similar to putting a BFG in Rez and spamming it while listening to Megadeth, the worst of both worlds (genres, a/v decisions, play mechanics, etc).

  38. Y3k-Bug says:

    Fallout 3 has hype too, and Eurogamer has stated that the gameplay isn’t so hot.

    Give me playthroughs, or give me death.

    Random aside: love the new iPhone formatting for the site, absolutely great.

  39. Sum0 says:

    @cyrenic, Diogo, Mr. Powers:
    I did think “oh wait, Fallout 3”, but then it seemed to me that for a week or two we were all genuinely excited* about Mirror’s Edge, whereas the Fallout 3 backlash wasn’t really a backlash as there was no goodwill to backlash against in the first place… if you get me.

    *From my perspective. Your perspective may vary.

  40. Zed says:


    That made portal look really boring.

  41. There Is No Glass says:

    So what was the point of that video exactly? That you can travel faster with a MAGICAL TELEPORT GUN than on foot? Well no shit, thanks Internet.

    I also liked how the player tried oh-so-very-hard to make it look interesting despite the fact that he could create a portal at the end and right under his feet sparing himself all the trouble.
    I almost expected that they will put a cake at the end, that’s how bad this was.

  42. Bobsy says:

    Today is International Angry Internet Day I guess?

    Well, I thought that was cool. Someone managed to recreate part of an unreleased game based soley on a trailer video? That’s good work. Making a boxey square map like that from scratch, fine. Making it from a 2D image, pretty damn impressive.

    As for Mirror’s Edge backlash… you know you don’t get to keep the gun, right? You have to drop it to anything else than shoot. Like, hold on to stuff. Plus, you can’t reload. Once the clip’s empty, it’s done.

  43. Larington says:

    The cake! Thats what this video was missing all along!

    Again, I’m afraid I only see this as being another case of people judging a game before its released. And as Bobsy rightly points out, I understand they are taking measures to limit the usefulness of guns so that the game doesn’t become all about that. Besides, it doesn’t make sense at all to me that your character can’t pick up a gun just because.

    That Diablo III art thing amused me, the way many of the commenters accused it of being WoW like art despite the fact that they don’t actually look that cartoony to me, the cartoony-ness of D3 is nothing compared to WoW. Again, its people over-reacting and treating a game like they own it just because they bought a copy once and are still playing it on and off even now, and treat a change of art direction like a personal insult.

    One thing I’m certain about, is that the way D3 is headed at the moment the environments are one hell of a lot more interesting to look at than more gray and thats going to make it far more appealing to a wider audience. The fan mock ups are frankly dull, dull, dull to look at.

    And as for Fallout 3, you could have the bestest everest developers working on it and I still doubt the fans would be even remotely satisfied.

  44. GibletHead2000 says:

    I think this is great. Well done to whoever made it. The first thing I said when I saw Mirror’s Edge was that it would make a fun Portal level. More of this sort of thing!

  45. windlab says:

    In response to comparisons between two games:

    Whilst you may be able to complete Mirror’s Edge without weapon / gun usage, I somewhat doubt you could replicate that feat in Portal. :D

  46. megaman says:

    I could have beaten that level with way less portals.


  47. Okami says:

    angry internet men allways make me sad

  48. tmp says:

    Interesting. This rendition probably makes the point about increased movement freedom in Mirror’s Edge … quite better than Mirror’s own trailers.

  49. DM says:

    Perhaps I’m misreading (A bad choice of word, but I backspace for no one!) the intention of this video, in which case, feel free to ignore the rambling couple of paragraphs which follow.

    Am I alone in assuming that this was merely the work of some dedicated soul (With perhaps a touch more time on his/her hands than is healthy) as it sounded like a laugh?

    People seem to be taking as a rather insulting commentary on Mirror’s Edge, which to my mind is perhaps seeing more than what is there. It’s just a video of somebody fiddling around in a faithfully recreated version of the Mirror’s Edge trailer area, using the Portal gun and Source engine, at least to my easily outwitted eyes.

    Is the sensible response to this video not merely to grunt, “Cool” in a masculine way, then wander off to whatever rugby match, door work in the East end or drug fueled orgy that the standard RPS reader gets up to in the time he is not posting?

    Myself, I think I shall find breakfast. One man’s casual morning snack is another’s adrenaline fueled last minute life or death decision. Toast or cereal? Will I know the answer? If I return, you will know that I fought through the barborous savagery for one more day.

  50. Anesthesia says:

    I thought it was cool. Nice work to whoever made it. Not sure about all the meta-critiquing… I just thought it was neato.