APB Is Twenty Years Of Striving, Kinda

Realtime Worlds boss Colin Macdonald told VG247 that their upcoming MMO, APB, is “the bastard child of everything we’ve been striving towards over the 15-20 years”, but also “where we want to go in terms of sandbox gameplay and everything that started with Grand Theft Auto and was evolving through Crackdown.” It was, he said, the culmination of what Realtime’s David Jones has been working towards since the late ’90s. Macdonald claims that APB will contain “what Dave’s always wanted to do from GTA and before Crackdown and APB.”

The other big surprise is that the game might not be that far off, with news on a beta “before too long“. This year? No word on that yet, but here’s hoping. More on APB here.


  1. andy says:

    i was really hoping this would be a remake of the old arcade game.

  2. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Is it a coincidence that while reading about APB, RPS’ ads are showing me EnGarde body armor? :)

    I enjoy the core ideas behind development. Give players a simple, yet efficient and possibly appealing set of mechanics to guide the core gameplay while doing away with the standards. Grinding is in fact one of the reasons why I steer away from MOGs (you owe me one, John ;) ) and at it does seem like his heart is in the right place. But I can’t help feel those who can’t put their spreadsheating aside will even consider this.

    I’ve talked, in other gaming sites which shall not be named for brevity and on-topic attempts, of how power structures could be reinvisioned in online games, switching from player-based progression to other models. I’m not entirely sure how APB will handle this, but a global reputation or even group-based growth would seem better than statistical management. I don’t particularly care that my characters are lv. 203 Demon Butt-Munchers of Scantily Clad Disaffection, but would be extremely interested in seeing how progression (even if slow, but steady) would affect the virtual world itself.

  3. cyrenic says:

    If they can make APB as entertaining as GTAIV’s multiplayer while improving the focus (it seemed way too easy to get separated from the action in GTA IV) APB should be rather fun.

    Have they announced a business model yet? I expect they’ll avoid a monthly fee to try and make the game more accessible. Micro-transactions for specific clothing would be an obvious alternative. Or just counting on tons of people buying the game because it looks like it will have wide appeal (though I shudder to think of the community :P).

  4. xeallos says:

    I am really excited for APB, although it seems to be a wonderfully schizophrenic vision verging on madness. I remember thinking how strange it was to consider the bullet point on their first presentation regarding “the most polished mechanic ever” in Counterstrike; which of course revolves around who can click on the other persons head the fastest.

    It seems like a disingenuous position to take in the face of the targeting system in Crackdown, which was basically robocop autoaim followed by the spamming of the machinegun or the rocket launchers. Aside from the issues of target acquisition, I’m really waiting to see how they replicate the experience of shooting someone in the face through a metal storage container with a Desert Eagle from 100 yrds away, with a 40ms response time – all in 3rd person.

    Nonetheless, the idea of customizing your avatar in such an extensive fashion and with such powerful tools (comparable to Forza 2, or is this off base?) is intrinsically appealing and would serve to create a self generated storyline that could dovetail nicely with the activities you choose to participate in, depending of course on your chosen affiliation. One of my most anticipated titles, without a doubt.

  5. heliocentric says:

    why no monthly fee? Because its not tolkienesque? If the world is not super instanced then surely a fee is the natural next step? I hope not as every game with a fee is another i’m not in a position to play.

  6. Orange says:

    I think this is my most anticipated mmo, could be enormous fun as a cop and the dev track record is so strong.