Damnation – Keeping Its Cards To Its Ample Chest

Show us some of this bit!

The first trailer for breast-physics-defying Damnation has appeared, splicing together lots of cutscenes, but with a miniscule glimpse of some in-game footage. Sadly there’s nothing in there to demonstrate the promised open environments, acrobatics, vehicular stunts, or high-running antics and le Parkour properties that make the game sound so enticing. See it for yourself below.


  1. Ian says:

    I would like to start an argument about the representation of females in games.


    Are retro-style adverts as part of game lore the new bullet-time?

  2. cullnean says:

    ill add to the argument

    she has tits and they hang out of her top, who cares?

  3. Phil H says:

    Steampunk Terminators? Sweet. And I still can’t get over how awesome the gasmask bowler dudes look.

    I didn’t see anything in there that I didn’t like, but yes, more of the motorcycles please.

  4. John Walker says:

    I’d suggest let’s not. Let’s argue about piracy and BioShock instead.

  5. cullnean says:

    ? pirates in bioshock ?

    give details of this hidden lvl

  6. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Steampunk breasts, hun?

  7. Dinger says:

    Yeah, Steampunk breast-augmentation is its own subgenre. There’s a big debate about whether filling a vellum bladders with castor oil or spermacetti makes for a “more maidenlike ampleness.”

    The Bioshock Pirate level makes explicit the developer’s fervent stand on the Iraq war.

  8. _Nocturnal says:

    All the voice actors in that video sound terribly sleepy to me.
    So sleepy it’s sad.

  9. Pavel says:

    looks shitty!

    But the game itself could be good.

  10. Wroth says:


  11. Koopa says:

    Why do all games have to be dipped in shit? Brown ain’t a cool colour. I want all the colours of a rainbow in a shooter for a change (e.g. Nerf Arena Blast!).

  12. Noc says:

    Huh. I’m not seeing a lot of vertical stuff, and I’m not seeing a lot of vehicles.

    This is worrying.

  13. Monkfish says:

    If anything, the snippets of gameplay looked very similar to Gears of War, only in glorious technicolour and with 100% more devil’s dumplings hanging out of ill-fitting tops.

  14. Alex says:

    In A World Without Justice..

    It’s like getting pummeled with clich├ęs.

  15. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    But punk and steamy cliches, mind.

  16. KindredPhantom says:

    It seems steampunk with terminators and a mix of WW2 nazi.
    Looks rather like a boring 3rd person action game.

  17. CrashT says:

    Wasn’t this a film staring Will Smith and Salma Hayek?

  18. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Anything starring Will Smith should be called Damnation.

  19. R. says:

    Looks terrible, so dull I almost died.


  20. gaijin says:

    wait, i watched the whole thing and i didn’t see any enormous difference engines, augmented or otherwise. But then again I was hard pushed to see anything much as it was ALL SO DARK.

  21. Chaos Theory says:

    The ingame shots didn’t seem all that interesting or action-y, but then again they only lasted about a second before cutting to a different one.

    Although, the concept seems like it will make for an entertaining game, so I’ll keep an eye on it, hopefully they just cut that trailer badly.

    But by gods does it look like Gears of War, look at the HUD, white gun icon, line of bullets for ammo, alternate weapon strapped to your back…

  22. Jahkaivah says:

    “Its worse than you imagined”

    Thats problably something you shouldn’t say in a game trailer.

  23. DSX says:

    looks sort of like Bioshock meets V for vendetta starring will smith :D The very small bit of in-game looked kinda crappy imho :(

  24. Steelfist says:

    It looks a lot like GoW, the overall style, the gunplay, slow moving bullets, camera, rolling, and deep gravelly voices.