New Legendary Footage

Griffins are best. I can prove it on a graph.

There’s a second behind-the-scenes trailer for the please-oh-please-oh-please-be-good Legendary. The first of these videos certainly raised attention, and I’ve got a good feeling this one will do more for that. It features some very specific details on the griffin, and a couple of types of wolves, with some excellent details on how they’ve approached the programming and the AI, as well as showing them looking really awesome in the game. If the griffin is really picking up cars on the fly (pardon), then that looks all the different kinds of excellent at once. What am I on about? Watch below.


  1. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Griffons are the new zombies :)

    To be perfectly honest, it’s the first time I’ve heard about the game. I do hope that the scenes depicted won’t turn into predictable, although majestic, set pieces. As in, one level clearly centered around ruffling up some griffon feathers, another just mowing down werewolves and so on. Then again, if the gameplay is good, that might not matter in the long run. I can’t name that many PC games that give off such a sense of scale, but if it manages to combine the better aspects of something like, say, Shadow of the Colossus, the parts of Nocturne that didn’t suck, and the Dagon level of Call of Cthulhu, I may be sold.

  2. DoomMunky says:

    Why are all the devs bald? Why must they sacrifice their hair to work on this game?

  3. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    You know what they say about bald developers, right? ::waggles brows::

    Actually, not a whole lot.

  4. Dominic White says:

    There’s some nice concepts on show here, but while there was talk of the flying animations of the Griffons having blended/procedural systems, there was no suggestion that their combat animations are anything but the standards.

    Any gameplay shown there where the player is actually fighting a griffon, rather than having cars thrown at him in a cleanly pre-animated in-game cutscene seems to resemble the pinky demons in Doom 3. Large monster takes swipes at player, player holds down fire button and hopes to win.

    I hope I’m wrong (I want every game to be good!), but I’m going to remain skeptical until I see some real gameplay footage showing off these big beasties fighting in any way beyond the FPS standards.

  5. spd from Russia says:

    nice. a monster that has various patterns of behaviour is cool
    I hope they do it right.

  6. spd from Russia says:

    Dominic White: well, the doom3 has some ’emergent’ ai
    ie spider-woman boss monster (vagary) detects any physics objects lying around and throws them at an enemy

  7. Dominic White says:

    The zombies in Half-Life 2 are the same. It never looks quite right, though – it’s usually more along the lines of a wild swinging animation, and the object in question flying directly at you.

    Never – or almost never – does it look like those animations in this video where a Griffon will pick up a car in its claws and hurl it at someone. Now, when that’s actual REAL in-game animation rather than pseudo-cutscene, I’ll be impressed.

  8. Valentin Galea says:

    Looking quite good, but I hate the idea of nearly invincible enemies that u empty tons of rounds in them… they can have the AI of Einstein but will get old pretty quick!

  9. heliocentric says:

    these guys made the turning point fall of liberty, if you liked that you’ll like… What the hell is wrong with you! To be fair maybe they’ve been given enough time this time around.

    Looks naff to me though.

  10. Koopa says:

    If I need to fill the enemies with hundreds of bullets before they die, I hope they at least react to the hits. Which I didn’t notice on this video. Hope it will change.

  11. Masked Dave says:

    You’re all a bunch of pessimistic cynics, this looks AWESOME!

    Griffons, Werewolves, More Werewolves, Oh My!

  12. mpk says:

    It looked like the player in that video had God mode on. I’d hope there’d be a little bit more reaction to a werewolf smacking a stone bench of yer pus in the final game.

    Also: This game so far looks like it is made of win and awesome. I so hope when it’s finished that it actually is made of win and awesome.

  13. Funky Badger says:

    Wanna play as the Griffon.

    Make it so.

  14. Fazer says:

    This game can be excellent if we get weapons other than normal guns – such as gravity gun for tossing things around or some kind of plasmids from Bioshock which change the way the enemy behaves.

  15. hydra9 says:

    Your character does have some kind of special, supernatural abilities (the result of the Box doing ‘something’ to his hand when he opened it) – uh, not sure what those abilities are though.

    Anyway, I think this looks great and I’m willing to give the devs the benefit of the doubt – even after I tried the extremely stinky PC port of Turning Point. I just hope this one is better!

  16. hungSolo says:

    “A scene where a human gets ripped to shreds is very satisfying.”

    Having never been shelled or attacked with a machete, I’m all for the cathartic benefits of virtual destruction. But that guy creeps me right the fuck out.

  17. Colinmarc says:

    this looks like a cool game, but man, those devs are lame and uncool.

  18. YEs says:

    this game looks cool but dont’ be fooled, those are pseudo cutscene… the same with the strider impalement animation in hl2, or the melee attack of alyx and the vortigaunt in episode 2. It looks cool and it is a great idea, it just isn’t anything revolutionary.

  19. Saflo says:

    Was it supposed to be?

  20. tehcurtis says:

    I want this game to be good since the concept is pretty cool and the artwork looks nice but I’m not setting my expectations too high. I hadn’t ever heard of this game until I saw some commercials and marketing materials for it and usually when that’s the case, the game isn’t too great.

  21. phuzz says:

    His name can’t really be Stephen Skelton can it?
    Anyway, it looks like fun, what it’ll be like to play is another thing, but I’d agree with koopa, there’s nothing worse than being given a big gun, and it having seemingly almost no visual effect on the enamies.
    (plus this looks like pretty early footage, so I’m expecting big changes before it gets done)

  22. Yes says:

    Oh yeah I also agree with the “guns with no effect” thing. It is just frustating, it looks wrong, and it is no fun

  23. Steelfist says:

    I feel… satisfied.

  24. The Shed says:

    @Hydra9: “even after I tried the extremely stinky PC port of Turning Point.”

    …How about the extremely stinky game of Turning Point. Port’s had no say on the quality of that badboy.

  25. hydra9 says:

    @The Shed:
    Hehe. I was trying to be somewhat fair to Turning Point as I’ve only played through the first level. It came across as a pretty dodgy FPS, but the thing that was immediately apparent was how lazily and shoddily it had been ported. If I ever play through the whole thing, then I’ll probably be able to say ‘stinky port of stinky game.’

  26. ReVoLT says:

    I hope the wolves are more deeply developed than just ‘rage’ stages, else its just going to be like beat one beat them all. I bet it’ll be as buggy as shit too (sorry to have such low opinion at an early stage, but I’m prepared to be amazed)

  27. malagnity says:

    your all so critical, the ememys look good, and the AI on them looks VERY impressive. Plus most the enemys look big, there not gonna be easy to kill, but they do flinch (well at least the minotor does in a different trailer, and it will probablydepend on the weapon being used e.i. shotgun causes more knock back then an assult rifle), so all you wimps who don’t want to take on an enemy who feels no pain wont have to, and the enemys take visual damage. the interaction the enemeys have with the enviroment looks impressive, especially the alpha warewolf and the griffon and. when they were showing it in-game it looked as though god mode was on. the Rage factor with the warewolf has been done before and it worked well with the brutes in halo 2 and 3, nothing about this game looked bad or at all cheap and it seemed to play very smooothly, so i’m really looking forward to it.

    And why slagg off the devs!? imature idiots