1. cqdemal says:

    A flamethrower won’t be of any help in that situation.

    Noclip, however, is another matter entirely. Great one, this.

  2. Martin Kingsley says:

    Agreed. Ultra-spiffy. Oh, the cumulative hours I’ve spent trying to bend the dev-console to my will.

  3. Alteisentier says:

    bah, fight your way out in a shower of death.

    idkfa! idkfa! idkfa!

  4. Bas says:

    Which game?

  5. Fat Zombie says:

    Hilarious, and also slightly creepy.

  6. heliocentric says:

    half life had this form of console prompts, but so did a number of other games. The prison may just be a tool to tell the joke rather than a reference to a game.

  7. Gladman says:

    I’d say TF2, but the command to bring up console here is different.

  8. Aldaris says:

    now THAT, is awesome.
    I’d say HL2

  9. jakson says:

    There is no knife in HL2

  10. Aldaris says:

    Like the other guy siad about the prison, it’s most likely just a tool to tell the joke, does anyone know a game that includes health, armor, flamethrowers, rocketlaunchers AND machine guns?
    TF2 don’t have armor.
    HL2 don’t have knife.
    Have fun figuring the rest out.

  11. Lorc says:

    It’s obviously a reference to the cult classic Dutch FPS “Zwart Brood”.

    The prison escape section was notoriously glitchy and most people just noclipped out of the starting cell to get on with the rest of the game.

    It was also infamous for having possibly the worst flamethrower graphics in any game, ever.

  12. Thiefsie says:

    ctrl alt makes it a doom 3 or quake 3 engine game

    My bet is RTCW

  13. The Hammer says:

    Guys. It’s just a general videogames joke. Not based on any game.

  14. Clicky says:

    I agree with Thiefsie, because RTCW started you out in a prison cell, had a ctrl alt ~ console and had all of those weapons available, although flamethrower only in MP.

  15. Larington says:

    heres something else to do your noodle in – If the prisoner needed a pen to write no_clip on the wall, hows he going to key the command to undo it, since the pen has dropped on the floor.
    Not that it needs any serious thought, just saying, is all.

  16. theleif says:

    Grand Theft Auto 3?

  17. caramelcarrot says:

    @Larington – I think that’s just him taking notes on what commands work and which don’t, like when you try to guess cheats in games.

  18. TheMindFantastic says:

    I think a lot of people found it funny for their own reasons, but a lot of people didn’t ‘get the joke’ of a gamer who by either being in prison or perhaps before they got there (and potentially why he was in the cell in the first place) found himself losing his sense of reality and starting trying to enter in codes to GTFO of prison. Ala the matrix or something. What game it comes from specifically isn’t as important as the general understanding that most games had these codes, it would have made just as much sense if a guy on death row started to do a Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right “B” “A” dance, hoping to survive it.

    I killed the joke by posting this…

  19. Stupoider says:

    This was one of my favourites. Go Strafe Left!

  20. Optimaximal says:

    Wolfenstein 3D! (Screw RTCW)

  21. Larington says:

    Thats true, personally I interpret the positioning of the pen and the no_clip command as being associated, though I’m probably trying to read too much into the joke and should just appreciate it on face value.

  22. sbs says:

    I love how he, as it seems, almost went mental trying to spell invisibility, but then had the noclip epiphany.
    But then again, he maybe just saved noclip as a last resort, seeing as it’s probably widely regarded the most inelegant solution ;)
    I still remember the first cheat I used in a pc game, ever: dnstuff

    Aaah good times.
    Also, I did the first noclip in years last week trying to avoid something I believed to be a bug in Bloodlines. In the Canals when you are on the way to the Nosferatu place, there is that Vampire which is in a fight with two monsters. According to a walkthrough you can actually help him survive and then meet him later on.
    After failing to do so about 20 times I noclipped to the baddys, killed them, then noclipped back and triggered the scene, only to watch him standing on the corner for a few seconds until he eventually vaporized.

  23. TacoNinja says:

    I believe it is referencing Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue for the x-box

  24. kororas says:

    ‘ I interpret the positioning of the pen and the no_clip command as being associated’

    Made me chuckle. Now you mention it, it does seem to indicate the wall was infact the ‘console’.

    But yeah i think this analysis is going a bit farther than intended lol

  25. Cargo Cult says:

    sv_cheats 1; save quick; load quick
    impulse 101


  26. Dan says:

    People are looking into this too deeply.

  27. terry says:

    The prisoner escaped by noclipping. It’s not a cryptic crossword!

  28. Larington says:

    I’m just having fun with what I see before me, like someone trying to read more into the lyrics of a song despite the fact they know there isn’t anymore to read.

  29. Not-a-Bot says:

    Funny, I’m re-reading ish 177 right now. Yet another great Strafe Left.

  30. Dreamhacker says:

    Hey, this one was actually clever! Seems he got it right too.

  31. MetalCircus says:

    WELL PERSONALLY, I think this is a deep profound statement about the human will to overcome oppression and facism and bla bla bla HE USED NO CLIP TO ESCAPE. End of.

  32. Chemix says:

    but as has been said, how does he use no_clip again to be able to touch things and walk on land and bathe and stuff

  33. Andrew says:

    Today on Rock, Paper, Shotgun: High-Functioning Autism Day.

    Incidentally it’s a brilliant comic.

  34. harishamo says:

    that is just great!! haha

  35. Satsuz says:

    This is by far my favorite Strafe Left yet.

    It’s so nice to be in on an in-joke.

  36. James G says:

    What people are clearly missing is that the guard has a question mark over his head, clearly indicating that he is in fact a quest-giver, and this is World of Warcraft.

    Edit: Aww, it stripped out my fake sarcasm tags.

  37. ShaunCG says:

    I’d hazard a guess that it’s not meant to be any particular game, and that the “commands” are simply supposed to be familiar enough to anyone who’s used an in-game console for the joke to work.

    SL can be hit and miss but this one is brilliant. Cheers for posting it!

  38. The Shed says:

    Good job Larington. You should write a story. About that guy. Or do like a Skylark-esque battle between no-clippers. It’d be great.

    Clever comic too.

    EDIT: “and bathe and stuff”

    Now THAT I lol’d at.

  39. Sire404 says:

    “Today on Rock, Paper, Shotgun: High-Functioning Autism Day”

    That was actually even funnier than the comic.

  40. fuynfactory says:

    falta :
    give god_mode
    give all
    give all weapon