Awesome: Debrysis

If this isn’t the game link of the week here on RPS then I’ll eat my hat. RPS-chum Rob Hale unearthed this one for me, and thank goodness he did: Debrysis is an absolutely pitch-perfect Robotron/Mutant Storm type arena shooter, with superb baddy design and mostly excellent weapons. The chaotic splatter you create as the action ramps up has a kind of fractal complexity to it, far beyond what you’d expect from a game so simple and tiny. It’s a mere 3mb download, and astonishingly good for that. Brilliant, brilliant.


  1. Kieron Gillen says:

    This is splendid. I also recommend it.


  2. Quinns says:

    Oh sweet sweetly sweetness this is GORGEOUS.

    I love how the longer snake-like enemies can wrap around you, python style, forcing you to try and blast your way out. Also how you can get up good speeds in moments of desperation by driving against the edge of the arena.

  3. Gladman says:

    I am shit at this game and therefore declaring that it is rubbish.

  4. Thayil says:

    Derivative and boring after 30 seconds. Those 30 seconds are ok though.

  5. DrHam says:

    Man, tough crowd.

    One of the better examples of this genre.

  6. Dave says:

    Bah, won’t run on my Eee. Have to wait until I get home.

  7. spd from Russia says:

    CRIMSON LAND. this is pretty much that. except crimson land has exp and perks and better balance

  8. Ian says:

    Hectic, pretty, fun.

  9. Mike says:

    Great game! I managed to get 6700 on the plate level after about 5 minutes playing, see if you can beat me.

  10. Quinns says:

    Plate is the wild west. All that wide open space, all that death and destruction. It’s awful. Have we learned nothing from history? We should leave these lands to their indiginous geometric shapes.

    (7945 on Plate. 7250 on Oppression!)

    Hey, can anyone figure out what the Jam powerup does?

  11. schizoslayer says:

    The Jam powerup makes the enemies small and weak I think so you can turn them into tasty jam.

  12. Quinns says:

    don’t lie to me rob my mother told me what to expect from men like you

  13. Matt says:

    Beautiful! Almost regret paying for Geometry Wars.

  14. schizoslayer says:

    11906 on Plate. You turn into a tank at 10,000 points!

  15. Lorc says:

    Pretty fun. Also pretty. Thanks for the link.

  16. MisterBritish says:

    Must. Get. To. Tank.

    Getting certain weapons twice lets you dual them up! Works for igniter anyway, not tested any others. Splendid find.

  17. Jubaal says:

    I have to say this is pretty fun (once I stopped trying to se the WASD controls like an MMO!).

    Bah seems I was just 500 points shy of a tank!

  18. Echo says:

    The game really start to get hard when the enemies become super long :P
    I just got 15,000 on plate, I find that plasma and sniper weapons are the best

  19. CheeseMuffler says:

    Gentlemen of RPS. I’m on Linux (because I’m cheap) and the only thing I miss about Windows (apart from being able to use the verb ‘photoshoped’ rather than ‘GIMPed’) is being able to fire up little indie wonders like this to give them a whirl.

    I know it’s a niche within a niche – quite possibly a niche too far.. BUT.. any chance of flagging up if these gems that you find are platform agnostic, or at least have Linux friendly versions?

  20. Mr. Mechanical says:

    Great find. Love the devastator attack, the one with all the rockets coming in from all angles. Great splatter effects as well, they really do add up to something quite lovely to look at almost after a few minutes of shooting.

    Haven’t managed any scores higher than 2k so far. :/

  21. Duncan says:

    Erm… I guess if you haven’t got an Xbox360 then this is okay, but compared to Geometry Wars 2 this is utter crap.

  22. Disquete Enmascarado says:

    It runs on Ubuntu Hardy using current Wine. As my laptop is quite old (7 years), I had to keep graphical settings to its bare minimum to make it playable.

  23. RaptorRed says:

    @CheeseMuffler, I too am on linux, and this runs fine under wine 1.1.0 as do quite a few other indie games ive tried ie cavestory etc, wine has realy improved of later since going v1 and should be easy enough to install if its not already there by default in your distro. Gahh Disquete piped me by 3 mins still true though

  24. schizoslayer says:

    My discovery that killing the black ones with the yellow glow causes them to explode and cause chain reactions has elevated this game beyond awesome to awesomest!

  25. Del Boy says:

    Yeah, this is great.

  26. roBurky says:

    Not quite enjoying this. A lot of the time it feels like taking damage is unavoidable, and the weapons are so weak, it doesn’t feel like I’m really accomplishing much by shooting.

  27. Caiman says:

    Each weapon is effective against different enemies, so when you know which wave is coming it helps to hunt down the appropriate weapon. The igniter is awesome early on, but once the glowing white and fire creatures appear it’s utterly useless. I think I need a plasma but I keep dying! 6867 on Plate, and 8070 on Saucer.

  28. Monster says:

    Gah! [waves] Bye bye afternoon…..

  29. ouch says:

    I like the game, but the rocket explosion effect is too jarring because it bumps the view around. The berzerker rockets are already hard enough to use, and in the later parts where you have to grab the destruction pickups constantly to survive (they fill the screen with rockets), it’s just too much. I started getting a headache after 30 minutes.

  30. Robin says:

    It’s OK, but it’s no Mu-cade or Grid Wars. Or War Twat.

    The weapons seem to be very weak, apart from the minigun.

  31. bobince says:

    Dear the world,

    Please stop using RAR.

    OK, so it’s slightly smaller than ZIP-deflate – 3% smaller in this case. Whoop de doo. For that you give up the advantage of being a standardised format that any software can handle, and for which all OSes have built-in handling, without the need to install special ugly-ass desktop-acquisitive dearchiving tools? Yes? Well, you am an idiot then, the world. Please fall in a fire.

    Right! Now to play the thing! Hooray!

  32. MrTambourineMan says:

    Man, that was fun. Tnx for the tip :)

  33. Robin says:

    @bobince: link to

    no need to thank us. – the world

  34. SwiftRanger says:

    It’s basically Crimsonland idd, still very good stuff for a free game though.

  35. Tim James says:

    I wish Crimsonland wasn’t still $20. Now I have to wait around to buy it when I can drum up the enthusiasm for it.

  36. Nimic says:

    Phew, 15659 on Saucer. Head hurts.

  37. Rob says:

    In 30 seconds you will by no means see all this game has to offer.

  38. Phil says:

    Looking forward to trying this.

    Tim: A lot of indie games are over-priced, but Crimsonland is so worth the $20. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be playing it regularly for months, and possibly years, after you’ve seen all the missions.

    Admittedly you won’t replay the majority of the missions very often, but I never seem to get tired of my favourites (and there’s always the Survival mode if you want some real insanity), so I know of few finer ways to waste 10 minutes at my computer than to fire up Crimsonland for a quick blast.

  39. Martin says:

    Anyone got this to run in Vista? I can’t – no matter if I run it as admin or not. :(

  40. Martin says:

    And Crimsonland locks up my rig completely when exiting… :/

    Still, if this is anything like Crimsonland then I’ll pass, despite the accolades, as I found Crimsonland not my cup of tea at all.

    I just hope that RWOOPO will be worth playing.

  41. Ian says:

    I can’t get past about 7500 points. Am I missing something obvious? Or am I just crap?

  42. Razerious says:


  43. TomHash says:


    Nice game and all.
    Whats the programming language ?
    If I make such things in Game Maker it is gonna lag with more than 20 enemies haha…
    Had me playing for 10 minutes =p

  44. SightseeMC says:

    Well, that was quite the fun little distraction. I’m recommending it to my geek friends.

    Oh yes, it runs in Vista for me.

    Anyone know how to donate a few bucks to the developer, since I don’t read Cyrillic?

  45. OUEO says:

    Wow!! Thanks for playing, I’m so happy ^_^

    TomHash, Delphi + OpenGL

    SightseeMC, umm… thanks, but now its impossible, maybe later =) english site: link to

    Work still in progress (version 0.19 yeap =). Multiplayer demo coming this year, I hope. And, there are my “new games / stable versions” blog: link to

    p.s. sorry for bad english =)

  46. adol says:

    I liked it a lot !

  47. np says:

    This game is made of win.

    If I had the option I would actually pay for it!