A Riot Of Our Own? The Wall

Look, everyone. It's a wall. Scary, scary wall.

Having seen this a few days ago in a PlayTen press-release, I decided not to post about it due to a lack of information… but it’s been nagging at me, so I will, if only to have We Talked About It First bragging rights. It’s Burut CT‘s forthcoming game The Wall. It’s not due until late 2009 – and looking around it’s been mentioned since at least 2006, though the only contemporary screenshot is the one at the top of the article – but it still screams of the sort of imaginative, oddball demi-mainstream game we’re only really seeing from Eastern-European/Russian development right now.

In short, it seems to be a kind of a first-person revolutionary simulator, like a cross between Syndicate and Rockstar’s not-very-good State of Emergency.

It appears – and you’ll note I’m using “appears” a lot, as I’m basing this of a three short paragraph press release – to be an open-world game, in a city undergoing violent revolution provoked by ecological disasters (Which is a tad unfair to the poor old Government, I guess, but hey, any riot’s a good riot). You clearly want to get involved in this mass action. And you can, thanks to the key feature of being able to both provoke and control these mobs of people.

(Which is where the whole Syndicate thing comes to mind.)

There’s also a little of Mirror’s edge – despite being first person, the combat is primarily hand-to-hand based on “authentic martial arts-moves”. I’d be fine with a broken bottle and the old glasgow-kiss, admittedly. There’s also many of the usual open-world features you’d expect – hijacking of vehicles, public transport, etc. Oh – and the somewhat intriguing mention of using the “global surveillance system”. Which you have to hope is something more than just game-developer for “map screen”.

It’s running on Emergent’s Gamebryo engine which you’ll best know from Oblivion and Fallout 3.

So yeah. Not due until December 2009. Virtually no details. And yet still… this one certainly has potential. I’ll be watching for any information as it develops.

And until then, here’s a completely extraneous Tilly and the Wall video.


  1. rei says:

    Sounds interesting enough, not that there’s a whole lot to go by.

    Is that video from the director of Baywatch?

  2. Dinger says:

    cool. Never been in a riot.

  3. Jesucristo says:

    It remembers me Republic and a Force More Powerful (another Gamebryo game). Interesting…

  4. heliocentric says:

    personally i want to be able to be a member of the police and beat down old ladies with a tazer baton. Crush the rebellion!

  5. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    From the vodka bottle until riot time.

  6. andy says:

    if you are going to post obscure random indie shit, at least post something good!

  7. Turin Turambar says:

    This post needs more Pink Floyd’s references.

  8. Dinger says:

    What are you talking about Andy? The game or the music? And besides, how many other obscure indie bands or tracks are there that you can link to?

  9. Dolphan says:

    Randomly included, incongrous music videos are one of RPS’ best features. Definitely one for the back of the box.

  10. EyeMessiah says:

    Haven’t you posted this video before?

    Going by you wierd divination like vision of how this game will turn out, it does look a bit good though. Angry Mob on a bus – genius. Also glasgow-kisses are for soft southerners! EVERYONE in glasgow has a knife these days.

  11. Kieron Gillen says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever posted Tilly and the Wall.


  12. heliocentric says:

    knives are for nonces. Real fighters kill with their bare hands.

    Level 20 monks ftw.

  13. The Sombrero Kid says:

    rockstar didn’t make state of ememrgency it was vis and yeah it was rubbish

  14. theleif says:

    I always wanted an anarco-syndicalist simulator!

  15. FreezerBag says:


    This A Force More Powerful game looks pretty interesting. No demo, natch.

    There’s a nice review over on GWJ.

    Frankly, he had me at ‘At its most basic level, AFMP is a turn-based strategy game, where the action occurs primarily within charts and menus.’

  16. john t says:

    God, I love Tilly and the Wall. Saw them live in a small club in DC not very long ago. Short set, but highly entertaining.

  17. Yhancik says:

    That reminds me of Revolution too, but in real time. Could be interesting :) even if it ends up broken like .. a russian game.

  18. matte_k says:

    @ Dinger: I’ve been in a riot, London, early 90’s.

    It wasn’t very nice :(

  19. mandrill says:

    Tilly and the wall suck ass. There I said it. nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of fashionistas shuffling arrythmically to what can only loosely be called music. ‘Oh look, we’re so thin and pretty, lets sing a song about how nice it would be if we all got along” Please, spare me this shallow and unoriginal dross and post some real music for a change. (not that you should be posting music anyway, this is a gaming blog.)

  20. Jochen Scheisse says:


  21. Joinn says:

    I find the total lack of nudity in the video clip highly disturbing.

    Also, any game called “The Wall” should feature Pink Floyd

  22. Noc says:

    Oh, man, music fight! I want in on this.

    “I also think that several bands you like are rubbish! They do not possess talent, and dress in a way to (call their sexuality into question AND/OR overcompensate for their obvious insecurity AND/OR rely on sex appeal) in a way that casts similar doubts upon people who listen to them (you).

    In addition, everbody (some people I have seen) at their shows is (are) people who I would otherwise try to avoid.”

    Hmm. I think that covers everything.

  23. n3utr0n says:


  24. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Music fight! Don’t let The Man tell you what is or isn’t allowed on the internet.