Bionic Commando Grapples With The Iss… (Dies)

They appear determined to not release any screenshots showing the arm in action.

I don’t know why I’m so convinced I’m going to enjoy the modernised Bionic Commando (as well as the modernised 2D platformer, Bionic Commando Rearmed), but I am. Maybe it’s because I too have a bionic arm, and am so under-represented in the media. The trailer below only enhances that enthusiasm. Look how cool the grapply arm thing is! I really am convinced that all games become at least 20% better purely for the addition of a grappling hook. 30% better for double-jumps, and 20% for grappling. Those are the maths, developers. Take note.


  1. mike says:

    holy sh**! those couple of seconds in the forest look amazing!

  2. ImperialCreed says:

    After watching that, I suddenly care tremendous amounts about this game.

    What’s with the change of character in the first shot of the new Bionic commando tho? It’s not the dreadhead we see in all the others…

  3. Mythrilfan says:

    It’ll be rubbish. There’s no way anything that looks so awesome can actually be awesome.

  4. Cooper says:

    First trailer for some time to leave me in awe.

    My want glands are raging.

  5. Cedge says:

    The “change of character” you see is a bonus for owners of Bionic Commando Rearmed. By playing BCR, you can unlock the classic Nathan Spencer character model for Bionic Commando 2008, so that the player in BC2008 will resemble the original Bionic Commando protagonist.

  6. Mike says:

    Spiderman sucks compared to this guy! The trailer looks so good!

  7. ImperialCreed says:

    Thankee Cedge.

    I think I may just have to buy both of them.

  8. Ipsquiggle says:

    Having played Rearmed now, I have to say: it’s poo. It’s the original, identical 2-button gameplay as the original, except that it’s lost all it’s snappiness and twitchiness that made the original somewhat playable. I played it for about an hour and I don’t think there was a single second that I wasn’t wishing for:
    a) All the stupid animation transitions to just stop playing, or
    b) A jump button. I realize that having a jump button would not be ‘classic’, but c’mon. There are 16 buttons and two analog sticks on the 360 controller. I’m sure if the designers of the original Bionic Commando had 3 buttons on their controller, they would have included jump… to put it another way: Some gameplay is ‘classic’. This gameplay is just old. And they made it worse.

    That said, the 3D one looks pretty tight. Not holding my breath, though.

  9. NOT AN ALIEN says:

    The big news is its no-show on Steam though (it’s on D2D and gamersgate). I’ve never used either of those services and I’ll wait to see how it goes. :/

  10. Radiant says:

    Please be good.
    btw The C64 version of bionic commandos is better then all the other versions.
    Impressionist art Commando

    Just listen to the music!

  11. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Ipsquiggle: Yeah, I really want to like Rearmed but it feels too restrictive and fiddly when you can neither jump nor aim the arm where you want to grapple. The music is really awesome though.

    The new Bionic Commando is still looking quite fun though.

  12. Nitre says:

    looking good.

  13. Cedge says:

    Yeah, this Steam no-show is driving me nuts.

    The $5 price jack at the last minute, I could deal with that. But now, completely unannounced, it appears that the game won’t be launching on the services they promised, on the day they promised. If it’s not on Steam by 5 PM today, I swear to god, I won’t buy it at all.

    This is a real shame, because the game itself looks brilliant, but the PC release has been embarrassingly botched, to hell and back.

  14. subedii says:

    Aww, no Steam?

    Guess it’s down the store for a hard copy like all the good ol’ days.

    I have to say this really does give off a heavy Spider-Man vibe, only with some really good animation that has a good sense of inertia and weight to it.

    Colour me interested now.

  15. Ian says:

    This trailer just took me from “Actually don’t really care…” to “Holy shit, can it possibly be as much fun as it looks?”

  16. Downloads says:

    Sort of resembles Spiderman…but with guns.

    Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all, in my book.

  17. bobince says:

    Great! That’s how you do a trailer! None of that wanky cut-scene and character nonsense: show us the central mechanic of the gameplay and why it’s fun.

  18. ascagnel says:

    No Steam, no buy.

    After previous experiences with Direct-2-Drive (specifically, Tribes: Venegeance, a lost gem from 2004 that was out-shone by HL2, Halo 2, and GTA:SA but can stand on its own two feet) that rendered the game nigh on unplayable without rebooting both before and after launching makes me hate other download services.

  19. Yann Best says:

    Tch, Rearmed does exactly what it sets out to do, and with aplomb (and, on the consoles, screen-tearing. Oops). It’s ace. As is the soundtrack, and most of all, the highly amusing ‘One Man, One Bionic Arm’ – Track 15 – link to

  20. Domicius says:

    I think the whole point of Bionic Commando was that you couldn’t jump. The mechanic certainly existed in other games of the time, but you were restricted from using it in order to have a “different” experience.

    It frustrated the heck out of me for the 30 minutes I actually played the original, but that’s probably why I’m not so excited about the FPS version.

    Funny how lack of jumping is actually quite common in FPS’s, eh?

  21. rasmus says:


    Now if only we could have an immediate end to games where you tear pilots out of their aircraft (or rather, press A to see an animation thereof…). I’ve seen it in so many trailers for so many games that it’s a dead gimmick before the games are even released. This is how publishers innovate gameplay – atleast make it more tactile and fun, developers!

  22. MisterBritish says:

    Rearmed needs ‘Rose Tints’ in the system requirements, it’s rubbish.

  23. Alex says:

    Very impressive, although there’s still something about the running animation that feels off. Kinda like the mo-capped stuff from Enter The Matrix. Very fluid but somehow ‘wrong.’

    Now, back to off-topic discussion: if you guys shorten mathematics to maths, do you do the same for gymnastics?

  24. Heliocentric says:

    ha. No steam, no impulse? You can keep your retro remake, blame the lost sales on piracy if you like. I’d like a decent port of re 5 though co op against zombies is the new bald space marine.

    If they bundle the remake into a reasonably priced collectors edition of the next gen game and that game isn’t ass it’d be another way to get it i guess. Eh, silly publisher refusing to let me make gabe even more rich.

  25. Dominic White says:

    BC:Rearmed is fantastic. Grin have taken the classic NES game and actually improved it in almost every respect. Totally reworked combat and bosses and weapons, but the arm mechanics are pretty much the same as ever, which is excellent.

    Don’t listen to the idiots saying that it controls badly – it’s more responsive than the NES version ever was – I know this because I played the two versions side by side on the same day. Rose tinted glasses are a terrible thing.

    I also managed to beat BC:R in a day. It’s probably just has hard as the original, but it doesn’t throw you right back to the start when you run out of lives – just the beginning of the current level, which is still painful, but manageably so.

    The new game (which I refer to as BC3D) looks lovely now. Each video released has looked better than the last. Oh, and for those wondering, it’s the same character in both Rearmed and BC3D – Spencer gets double-crossed after the original game and sent to prison, which is where he gets the dreads. The sequel is set ten years after the first.

    Oh, and you don’t actually need to own BC:R to unlock the retro character model. It’s a cheat code type thing thats listed in the ‘extras’ menu in BC:R.

  26. Incognito says:

    It won´t be on Steam at all.

    “Actually, I do have some bad news on the Steam front. At the last minute, we’ve been unable to reach mutually agreeable terms with Valve on BCR, so they won’t be carrying it (unfortunately you’ll have to get it elsewhere). I won’t get into the details but we do continue to have a good relationship with Valve and future Capcom titles we expect to be carried on Steam.”

    link to

    Can someone from RPS perhaps contact Valve about the increasing number of developers who find Valve difficult to deal with? Other examples are White Bird Productions, the Postal Developers, and Jonathan “Braid” Blow. There are more, and it seems strange considering Gabe Newells speech abouth how Valve want all PC games ever developed, on Steam.

  27. NOT AN ALIEN says:

    @Incognito: Gah. Damn. But thanks.

    But did Jonathan Blow said anything bad about it? I’ve read his posts and he said he’s in talk with them and a bunch of others, but nothing decided yet.

  28. Dominic White says:

    Not being on Steam is no huge loss. Given the choice between buying off Steam and off Gamersgate (which is WILL be on), I’d choose the latter.

    Gamersgate is a bit like Stardock/Impulse, in that there’s no DRM. You download your game, get given your key and from there you can do anything you want with them – including putting them on your Steam games list.

    It doesn’t require you to have any sort of launcher app of outside verification, which is a definite perk.

  29. Incognito says:

    Not is not just a list with games, so being able to put a shortcut there is not enough. I like the community features, being able to install/uninstall with just a simple mouseclick, the autopatcher, etc.

  30. MisterBritish says:

    Piffle. It controls badly. If the old one really was worse, it must have been horrific. It makes you realise that developers have made some good decisions about controls and player enablement in the years since the NES version came out.

  31. Grey_Ghost says:

    Wait, so where does one buy BC: Rearmed for PC?

  32. Dominic White says:

    MisterBritish – I’m sorry, but you’re just not as good as you think you are. If you’re finding the controls problematic, that’s because you’re not good enough yet. They’re perfectly responsive, and a good player can get through most levels while barely ever touching the ground.

    No, it doesn’t control like anything else on the market. That’s a positive point, not a negative. If you want to play a platformer that plays like every other platformer… buy one of the others out there.

    The game has gotten glowing reviews pretty much across the board because it’s so unique and challenging, but never unfairly so.

  33. shinygerbil says:

    That trailer has brought me out in a terrible rash of DO WANT.

  34. NOT AN ALIEN says:

    @Dominic White: does it have an install/download limit, like EA Link? Is it tied to your hardware specifications at the time of purchase, like D2D?

  35. Dominic White says:

    NOT AN ALIEN: Nope, no limits as far as I’m aware. Download as many times as you want. Only limitation seems to be that you have to use their downloader app, but once you have the installer, you can do whatever you want with it.

  36. Incognito says:

    Well, the Capcom guy who confirmed that there won´t be a Steam version has posted some replies, but its more “nah, won´t tell you why. The games is available elsewhere. Buy it…..if you want”.

    That really doesn´t sell it for me. I´m won´t bother with this now. Back to TF2 instead.

  37. Vollgassen says:

    The music somehow reminds me of Fong Sai Yuk II
    I think it’s the canned trumpety sound

  38. MindBrain says:

    I’m thinking BC:R doesn’t have internet multiplayer. Am I correct?

  39. Dominic White says:

    Correct – no online play. It was originally singleplayer only, but they added local co-op and deathmatch modes right at the end of development.

    The local co-op is great though. It does split-screen in the nicest way I’ve seen. It’s both players on-screen together normally, with the camera zooming out as they seperate, but once you reach a certain distance from each other it splits down the middle, horizontal or vertical depending on which direction you’re moving.

    Get back to your buddy, and the two halves of the screen relink.

  40. ascagnel says:

    Also, with the splitscreen on PC, you’re better off buying an Xbox 360 controller or two, instead of two people crowding around a keyboard. Especially on a laptop.

    Believe it or not, its not even a good couples activity.

  41. MeestaNob! says:

    Valve, Capcom – I speak for a lot of people when I say SORT IT OUT.

    Valve – Stop charging like wounded buffalo for companies to use your service.
    Publishers – Stop being fucking tits and release games to the whole world.


  42. Weylund says:

    @NOT AN ALIEN: As far as I am aware, no such verification system currently exists for D2D — I have regularly purchased games there for the last six months or so and have no trouble at all installing them on multiple systems.

    That said, I hated the original incarnation of Bionic Commando. It felt like a great game stuffed into a clunky design… I suspect the *need* to “almost never touch the ground” didn’t quite jibe with my own need to not get CTS. Great fun to look at, though.

  43. xate says:

    ah the awesome
    yesterday i played that bc rearmed (kinda nice joke) and I wasnt that impressed but now that I know something like that will be coming in 3d with all that grappling and swinging action… I somehow want to try bc rearmed again, now, like in an instant, sadly i am at work :/

  44. Kris says:

    So does Mr Walker enjoy console games such as various Metroid and Zelda games – i thought it was verboten?

    Struggling to think of Pc games with notable grappling hooks barring the recent Tomb Raider.

  45. Riotpoll says:

    I would buy BC:R off of Gamer’s Gate, but it appears they’ve decided to put a $7 “haha you live in Europe we can shaft you” tax on it. 15euro =/= $15. The only other option is D2D which is quite frankly appalling. And we all know what Capcom will blame the poor PC sales on…

    3D one is looking good though.

  46. Marcin says:

    Don’t forget the at least 40-50% bonus for having superjump.

    That trailer looks fantastic; I hope it leaves room for just swinging around w/o always being threatened by enemies, too.

  47. kindredphantom says:

    After watching this trailer i am now quite interested in both the Modern version and the 2d remake of the old game.
    This trailer is pretty good, it compares the original, the 2d remake and the modern version.

  48. The Shed says:

    @Dominic White: Ever played War of the Monsters? The classic PS2 giant monster brawling game- that was the first game to do the Split-screen-merge ever, and it was done really well. You both tear buildings apart whilst battling NPC monsters, then when you get within 50 yards of each other the split disappears and you’re both on the one huge FOV screen. So great.

    I think getting the Trial for BCR is what I’ll aim at. The folks who are naysaying it seem to be doing so because they haven’t taken the time to learn how to grapple right- something I intend to attempt!