Heavy Day Three – Badwater Basin Payload Map

Livened their rubbish screenshot up there.

The latest bit of Heavy update news is the promised new Payload map. It’s called Badwater Basin, and it’s “focusing on more open spaces and less chokepoints than Gold Rush.” They mean “fewer” of course. See below for all the details.

Valve describe it like this:

Badwater Basin is a Payload map focusing on more open spaces and less chokepoints than Gold Rush. (A) Right out of the gate is a multi-level area where the Blu team needs to control the high ground while moving the cart through a tunnel below. This open area has few natural choke points, allowing Scouts, Soldiers, and Demomen to move creatively through the space, forcing the Red team to rapidly respond to choices made by Blu. (B) As the track winds its way into tighter spaces, vertical control becomes more important. Each successive checkpoint requires the Blu team to take control of defensive positions above the track, usually occupied by Red Engineers. (C) Eventually the track winds down into a large basin which the Blu team must assault from all sides in a final push to destroy the Red base.

Unlike Gold Rush, where the track is split into three separate stages, Badwater Basin uses a single large stage with several checkpoints. As a result, the Blu team is highly encouraged to push the cart hard after beating their way through the Red defensive line.


  1. RobotLiberationArmy says:

    “The mean “fewer” of course.”

    Wonderful, wonderful joke or even more wonderful typo?

  2. John Walker says:

    One day the internet will learn the difference between a typo and bad grammar. And on that day a lot of people will look ashamed.

  3. Surlyben says:

    “The mean “fewer” of course.”
    No, same number of chokepoints, just smaller ones.

  4. Noc says:

    And an equal number of people will look inordinately smug.

  5. PleasingFungus says:

    [Fixed, thanks – Ed]

    Not the most interesting news – certainly less compelling than the Heavy-specific stuff, or the new game type, at least for me – but new and nifty nonetheless.

  6. Crash says:

    One day the internet will learn the difference between a typo and bad grammar.

    And one day pigs will fly. I seriously believe that the outcome will be similar.

  7. RobotLiberationArmy says:

    I am ashamed…:(

    shameshameshame….it was still funny…

    Wait, what? I’m confused now, Valve’s issue was bad grammar, “They” to “The” looks like a typo (not in the literal, printing press-sense, of course). Explain why I am a failure.

  8. Cigol says:

    I believe the issue relates to typo’s being beyond the writers control – but I could be wrong!

  9. Kieron Gillen says:

    It is, but I wouldn’t worry about it.


  10. Nuyan says:

    Bomb cart will not push self!

  11. Konky Dong V: Purgatory's Hot Lesbian Daughter says:

    Gold Rush is happy fun sexy time but does get kinda tiring after the ninth straight hour of play. A new Payload map is a welcome addition and hopefully will get more play than the recent Fastlane and Turbine.

  12. Saflo says:

    Shockingly, this map is also situated within the same square mile of land containing Dustbowl, Goldrush, Badlands, and Gravel Pit.

  13. Ginger Yellow says:

    Goldrush is by far my favourite map and it’s great to see another payload map. Any word on the new game mode, yet?

  14. Y3k-Bug says:

    Nope. I would guess that’ll be tomorrow, with the final 2 updates being the 2 new weapons.

    If the heavy IS getting a sandwich, I really, REALLY hope they save that reveal for the day of the update’s release on Tuesday. That will just turn all of the internet into a tizzy.

  15. Vexor says:

    Where’s the jungles, snow and other varied terrain that TF2 should have?! I’m tired of fighting in the desert.

  16. CrashT says:

    New environments are coming… They’ve already been talking about them on the TF2 blog.

  17. RichPowers says:

    Holy shit I just realized that the bomb has “cry some more!” scrawled across the front! And to think, I called myself a TF2 player.

    This new map sounds awesome. Glad to see open maps with really high areas.

  18. Smee says:

    One long stage, hmm? I’ll be interested in how they’ll solve the Blu Reinforcement Run problem – they surely can’t just be relying on teleporters. Although it’ll probably be something simple like spawn points moving along with the cart.

  19. Seniath says:

    Fewer chokepoints, wide open spaces and vertical combat; sounds like a bad day to be a Pyro :(.

  20. Fazer says:

    “If you write anything criticizing editing or proofreading, there will be a fault of some kind in what you have written.”

    (it’s Muphry, not Murphy)

  21. SuperNashwan says:

    And a good day to be a scout or spy, for the first time since Badlands was released.

  22. Andrew Doull says:

    Vertical combat as a pyro works great. You can hit the legs of a sentry on the edge of a ledge and remain impervious to its fire.

    Or better yet the legs of the engineer standing next to it…

  23. Seniath says:

    @Andrew Doull: Yeah, that works great in places like the 2fort loft, but perhaps not a ledge as high as this one.

  24. suchchoices says:

    re: SuperNashwan

    spies go off in goldrush & fastlane. scouts go off in turbine, and the revised ctf well.

    but jah. new maps and new tricks. yays

  25. kindredphantom says:

    This looks like it may be a bit of struggle, team work will definitely be required for this map.