Talk to Spore’s Executive Producer Today

Not, in fact, Lucy Bradshaw

A quick pimp for RPS chums Eurogamer, who will very shortly be hosting a live interwebby reader chat with Lucy Bradshaw, one of the main brains behind the soon-oh-so-soon Spore. Bradshaw is “every bit as responsible for that game as [Will Wright]”, according to EA topdog John Riccitiello.

Which is pretty awesome, but not something we’d necessarily post about as it doesn’t involve we four beautiful man-children. Except! EXCEPT! Knowing RPS readers have a more vested interest in Spore than most, EG have kindly said they may prioritise questions posed by anyone with an [RPS] tag before their name. Cos you’re lovely and smart and that.

The chat’s at 5.30 UK time ((6.30pm CET / 9.30am PST), so you’ll need to get a wriggle on. You’ll also need to quickly sign up for a Eurogamer account if you don’t have one (it’s free, don’t worry). Once that’s done, go here. Do us proud, fine gentlefolk.

Edit- happening right now, obv. I would imagine the above link will take you to a transcript of the chat once it’s wound up, too.


  1. Sum0 says:

    “You can find a tool in the space game that allows you to Epic-ize a creature. And you can find one that allows you to make a creature or abduct and modify a creature in your spaceship, so the combination of these tools make it so you can create an epic on any planet, and sic it on an unsuspecting alien race if you so desire.”

    I’m just grinning madly at the thought of unleashing a gigantic, waggling penis on a terrified alien civilization. Prime directive be damned!

  2. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Damn. Just as I managed to register the chat ended.

  3. PJ says:

    spore is frggin awesome. u will see :)

  4. Esha says:

    We love you too, Eurogamer.

    It’s a shame I missed this as I had some questions I would’ve liked to ask, mostly regarding locomotion as I managed to get some interesting results out of the Spore Creature Creator with quadrupedal, centipede…al (I’m not all that edumacated, so I’m not sure what the proper term is to use here), and serpentine critters.

    I suppose I’ll have to wait for the full game to get the answers to my questions though, and it’s going to be quite interesting.

  5. PJ says:

    locomotion is not really a matter in spore. creatures looks are not important. only what u put on it

  6. Stromko says:

    I know it’s kind of a letdown that the ‘design’ has nothing to do with your creature’s capabilities, and instead abilities are just a matter of what you stick on your creatures, but I could foresee running into problems if it wasn’t that way. There’d be certain leg and arm designs that were particularly fast and they’d be copied by a lot of people, whereas with the current system, you have a wide variety of feet, hands, and mouths that you can use to arrive at the same speed, striking, or biting power. Even if a part is obviously much weaker than another, you can just add more of them to compensate, and so you aren’t really punished for using any part that’s available.

    The only time it kind of punishes you for creative vision is if for instance say you’re imagining a creature with two pairs of arms, and the only hands that look right have +3 Strike or higher. You’d be paying for +6 Strike but it’d max out at +5. It’s a bit easy to make a creature that’s as powerful as it can be in whatever attribute you have your eye on, which on the other hand means if you’re imagining a simple design, you probably don’t have to add much in order for it to rumble with the big leagues.

  7. PJ says:

    skills do not add. if u put 4speed legs on ur creature, then ur max speed will be 4 no matter how many legs u will add. at least thats how it works in final ver.