Dead Space: A Better Trailer?

The Dead Space game footage trailers seem to be rather randomly edited. They show some scenes that seems clunky and ill-advised, and some that just seem incredible. This latest trailer is a mixture of the two including both lacklustre meandering and one fabulous scripted scene which is definitely a MAJOR SPOILER if you intend to play the game for surprise horrors. It sent shivers down my dorsal bits.


  1. Optimaximal says:

    I don’t like the way the tentacle thing just disappeared… I thought corpse-fade was SO Last-Gen!

  2. ape says:

    The last bit is quite nice, but then I found it broken by looking too “video gamey” in that the corpse disapears immediately after being killed. Then again this is a minor detail and might be due to the limitations in console memory? Correct me if I am wrong.

    In any case, be it design choice or hardware constraint it still detracts from the atmosphere and immersion, which I thought was one of this game’s aims. Seems to me they have made several questionable choices considering they want this to be scary.

    edit: Beat me to it!

  3. Pidesco says:

    Which was the very scary bit? Also, apparently the way to kill the tentacle thing was the shoot at the big shiny part.

  4. Heliocentric says:


  5. Flint says:

    I wasn’t really paying much attention to this until now, looks actually somewhat interesting. A bit like Resident Evil 4 IN SPACE. I still wish it had a proper HUD though.

  6. Pidesco says:

    I forgot to add the following to the last sentence in my previous post:

    “, which is dumb.”

  7. Salen says:

    I quite like the lack of a HUD. Look at your gun for ammo, look at your.. glowing spine for health.

    But I hate the over-the-shoulder camera combined with yucky animations. It just emphasizes that you’re standing in the middle of a metal corridor hunched uncomfortably over your gun, reacting with a set animation when you take damage, and totally ignoring your surroundings. It looks like you’re playing an FPS after fiddling with the console to move the camera.

    If you’re a third person shooter, you’re going to get compared to Gears of War. Unless movement gets a lot more fluid, the comparison isn’t going to be favorable. When the player in a trailer misses a doorway and runs against a wall things are not looking up.

  8. RichSC says:

    Not that I can remember which gameplay trailer it was, but in one of the many millions of gameplay trailers which seem to be making rounds on the internet, there’s a little cut scene which shows you what happens if you get drawn into the big tentacle thingies den. I remember it being quite awesome.

  9. SanguineLobster says:

    Those little tentacly things that the bigger alien threw at the very beginning, were they shooting rockets at him?

  10. Guido says:

    Too bad it’s developed as a console shooter first and PC shooter second. You can see it by the jerky uncoordinated movements that the tester uses a gamepad and not KB/Mouse, as a shooter player should…

  11. Smee says:

    I’m ashamed to say I squeaked at the tentacle.

  12. DSX says:

    I absolutely love the in-world HUD and interactions. Ya, the movements look sort of clunky, here’s hoping it gets better by publication or the guy running the demo was having a seizure.

    A completely crappy RPG game out recently “Legend, Hand of God” had one brilliant GUI trick too; your mouse arrow was an interactive little yappy fairy that led your char around, and also provided your dynamic light source inside caves etc. Was very spiffy and stuck with me long after I uninstalled the game an hour later. I wish more developers could do that sort of thing.

  13. Erlam says:

    If the game has the option of FPS (with or without a HUD, I don’t care) I’ll play it, otherwise no. Those animations mixed with that awful angle would not help me get scared while I play, I’d probably miss whatever was supposed to scare me because all I saw was my shoulder, or the wall or something.

  14. Noc says:

    Player Character animations tend not to be as important when you’re playing, because you’re paying more attention to other things.

    I suspect that that’s part of why animations in MMOs seem to be so bad – because you aren’t looking at the characters, you’re watching health bars and keeping an eye on your quickbar, or whatnot.

    This stuff is just more noticeable in trailers because, you know, all you really have to look at is the character. I suspect that this might have to do with a lot of the ambivalent reaction to games that turn out to play decently.

  15. The Shed says:

    @Flint: The lack of HUD is one of the defining gameplay features in the game. They were totally like “oh hai, let’s not have HUD cos it alienates the gamer” “ya rly i agree”, and it was So. The lights on the back of his suit do a fine job anyway.

    The scripted scene looked serially cool; and the movement animation looks easily as good as GoW. I expected the tentacle thing to be totally nitpicky, but damn- that is some frickin obvious fadeage. It doesn’t even have Resi 4’s grumbling ground sinking.

  16. The Dude says:

    link to

    That’s the video showing the aftermath of a failed “tentacle drag,” which will apparently appear in the game more than once.

  17. Flint says:

    @Flint: The lack of HUD is one of the defining gameplay features in the game

    Yeah I know, but I still find it wonky. Tastes and all that. Never found HUDs immersion-breaking or the lack of them to strengthen immersion.

  18. Erlam says:

    “Yeah I know, but I still find it wonky. Tastes and all that. Never found HUDs immersion-breaking or the lack of them to strengthen immersion.”

    I’m feeling the same way. And if the idea is to increase immersion, why the fuck can I see the back of my own head?

  19. Noc says:

    Huh. The fade out IS really conspicuous. It occurred to me, actually, that a simple expedient might be to simply wait until the player is in a different area, or looking a different way, to remove the things: in most games, the world is pretty static, and the player is the only real motive of change. Seeing things enter or disappear by an agency other than yourself can add to the creeply factor. It won’t do very much on it’s own, but it’s another little touch.

    I mean, they could even make a bigger deal out of it. You kill the thing, then when you turn your back (or leave through the door) you hear a quick, slithering sound, and when you turn back the thing’s gone.


  20. Switch625 says:

    Better trailer than the last one, I think. My reaction to this was more of a piqued-interest “hmmm…” than the “meh” of the other one. Possibly more to do with the editing (and the fact that they recorded someone playing who could almost shoot straight this time).

    It seems far more fitted to consoles than PC though. I find that over-the-shoulder style of play is better suited to being sat reclined on a sofa with a gamepad rather than hunched over a kb+mouse.

    I agree that the tentacle fading thing is a bit naff. Hopefully they’ll polish that up a bit before release.

  21. spd from Russia says:

    nice visuals, but the gameplay?.. he just stands there and shoots ( horrible aim due to using a gamepad I guess)
    the huge arm/tentacle that drags you is somwhat more cool

  22. Jetsetlemming says:

    I’m wondering if the careful shooting they require for the “difficult” monsters would just be too damn easy on PC. I hope they have difficulty levels, with the higher settings designed to give a challenge to a player with KB&M.

    Also FPS mode would be very much appreciated. I hate the shoulder angle, it’s awkward. I don’t mind normal third person shooters like Max Payne and The Punisher, but that RE4 ripoff camera is just annoying.

  23. Tom says:

    Why are you all so determined to hate this game? It’s weird.
    And I think the dev dudes lack of accuracy when shooting the tentacle is deliberate. These vids are designed to be cinematic, not to show how quickly you can dispatch an enemy. Although I must admit it does seam rather weak. A bit to much like a quick time event. And it seams a bit strange to me that the devs would decide to show the tenticle in the first place. When i play this game, the moment I walk in to a corridor like that I’m going to know exactly what to expect. Although maybe that to is deliberate, so we don’t see it coming when a tenticle appears in some entirely different enviroment. I hope so anyways.
    I still have high hopes for this game.
    Love the lack of HUD. Graphics are top notch. Appears to have a good story. Again I say: Tactical Dismemberment = poetry to my ears. I have absolutely no problems with 3rd person/over the shoulder. It’s just like Mass Effect and we all loved that game.
    Why all the hate?

  24. Kieron Gillen says:

    Tom: The QTE comparison’s an interesting one. When I saw it I found myself thinking that it’s exactly how a big chunk of QTE should actually be done – you use the mechanisms of the main game with a specific challenge rather than creating a whole new set of completely extraneous mechanics for that moment.


  25. Larington says:

    I want to like it, but having finally tried Gears of War after it being sat in cellophane for literally months, I’m left wondering if over the shoulder gameplay is really for me. It felt ever so clunky in Gears of War and it looks clunky in this as well. I admire them for trying to do away with the hud, but I have doubts about how well its going to work on the final product.

    Haven’t gotten around to trying Mass Effect yet, I really ought to, I suppose, but the call of games to me has been oddly shrill this past month.

  26. CrashT says:

    When he accesses the terminal his body actually obscures part of the initial screen which seems like a bad idea. I like them keeping all the interface elements “in the world” but it seems like that kind of situation will happen often and if it’s during the heat of battle that will get frustrating quickly. It looks especially bad in that video The Dude linked to, because the interface screen exists in the environment you can turn the camera away from it and make it impossible to see what on it.

    In a lot of other titles that tentacle section would have been a QTE event, so I’m impressed that they didn’t simply resort to the same thing.

    Witnessing yourself “die” is something I think I hear Dead Space is going to do a lot of. It’s something I remember from Clive Barker’s Undying, another EA title. I wonder what happened to the team behind that, are some of them working on Dead Space?

  27. Jetsetlemming says:

    Clive Barker’s Undying was the last game of the ill-fated Dreamworks Interactive before they were morphed into EA Los Angeles. Dead Space is by EA Redwood Shores. Both being EA studios it’s likely for there to be some cross-over, but it’s not the same team.

  28. Tom says:

    @ KG:
    True I guess. But there’s still no hiding the fact that you have no choice but to be dragged along and aim at the yellow bag/joint part. Regardless of whether you’re creating a new set of mechs just for a specific moment, or hiding them within the game itself, it still simplifies the game.
    You have no choice, this is what you’ve got to do to get out of situation X. I don’t like it.

  29. CrashT says:

    In most games you often don’t get that much choice, it’s kill this to proceed, press this to open door. It’s a little more explicit in that tentacle scene but is it really any more or less restrictve than any other part of that game will be?

  30. Kieron Gillen says:

    Tom: I think you’re getting worryingly close to a “If only you could talk to the monsters” position.


  31. Noc says:

    All I’m saying is, the demons are clearly intelligent. Sure, they’ve slaughtered the inhabitants of the moon bases, and wiped the Earth almost entirely clean of life, but I don’t see why negotiation is out of the question.

  32. Ryan says:

    Is it just me or do all the trailers and clips released so far make the guns seem really weedy and unimpressive?