Far Cry 2: Even More Showing Off

I can’t think of why Ubisoft would have released even more Far Cry 2 footage except to show off what their new tech can do. It’s running at some chronic level of detail in this trailer, which also has a jolly good soundtrack. It’s the trailer equivalent of driving round town in your new Ferrari, or something. I still think this could emerge as GOTY.


  1. Cunningbeef says:

    Countdown ’til “There’s more to games than graphics” fit-pitching.

  2. Pavel says:

    Now THATS how you make a trailer.
    Want.Now. And for a next game, I want Clint Hocking and his team working on something even more fps/rpg like, like Deus Ex.

    Also just watched Godfather 2 trailer, damn that looks so sucky fugly I can’t believe they don’t just can it.EA is supposed to make only good games like Mirror’s Edge now, isn’t it?

  3. Little Green Man says:


    Pavel: EA aren’t making Mirror’s Edge, Dice are.

  4. LoTekK says:

    Just wait for it. Some civil group’s gonna use the bit almost halfway in to say Ubisoft encourages driving while talking on a cellphone without a handsfree kit. :p

    Trailer looks incredible, though. I’m definitely looking forward to this (even more so than Crysis Warhead, if only for the lack of annoying aliens).

  5. Optimaximal says:

    Wow, that’s looking even better than before… New damage animations (bandaging and removing a stake from your leg – ouch!) and decent team AI & scripted sequences FTW!

    Lets just hope the poor combat gameplay seen at E3/that other event was down to a monkey using a 360 pad and not bad design.

  6. Pwnzerfaust says:

    @Pavel/Little Green: DICE is a subsidiary of EA. Technically, both companies are developing it.

    Also this looks nucking futs.
    I’m pretty sure that song was in Black Hawk Down, too.

  7. Wurzel says:

    I think my PC just broke down in tears at the sight of that trailer. Damned laptops and their non-upgradability!

    I’m thinking this is gonna be a far superior game to Crysis; it has better graphics but more importantly has an actual living world, with a huge varety of things to do.

  8. Larington says:

    Thats really looking sexy now, should be awesome on high spec PCs (Mouse & Keyboard elitism ahoy!).

  9. Phil H says:

    :picks jaw up off the floor: Wow. That just became a Must Buy, even if it goes all Trigen again at the end.

    Anyone else catch the “Beautiful” posters? Made me laugh a bit.

  10. Pavel says:

    Little Green Man: When I said make, I meant “publish and give money to devs to make it”.

    Phil H – “there are no fucking mutants or aliens in our game” – devs quote. Wise decision.

  11. Esha says:

    I can’t imagine what kind of Supreme Mean Rendering-Machine they have that running on. Or maybe I can…

    That kind of PC is going to have its innards strapped to the walls of a room, with cooling pipes running all along it, and wires hanging all around like techno-organic entrails, I can see the myriad prototype monitors showing off its graphical glory now… jutting out at odd angles as if to emphasise the other-worldliness of it all. The dark hollow this beast calls home will be dotted with various little tables littered with psychotropic drugs to help “enhance” the experience, and bring The Gamer more into unity with the rest of the Universe.

    And that’s a nice fantasy, it really is, but it’s not going to look that good in my den, on the injured wildebeest that brings me my daily fix of PC gaming. I suppose that’s why I have a hard time getting excited about games with “Cry” in their title.

    Am I jealous and horribly bitter? Of course I bloody am.

  12. Jochen Scheisse says:

    The musician is Rachid Taha, and he’s cool if you like World Music.

    Oh, I just looked and he’s actually on the BHD soundtrack. Didn’t know that.

  13. Sax says:

    I would wait till you see the game up close, concerning the graphics.

  14. Pavel says:

    Esha – I have no doubt that my X1900XTX, which is two and a half years old, will run it on max details with 30 fps minimum in my resolution of 1280*960.Crysis ran on medium – high, and this has to be much more optimimised because of the consoles.

  15. Sören Höglund says:

    Now that’s how you put together a trailer.

  16. Jewce says:

    @Jochen Scheisse: Thanks for the musicians name, appreciate it.

    As for the game, looks quite nice. If they opt to have music like that in the game then im sure it’ll equal win. Unless its that type of music that only pumps when the action heats up, for some reason i’ve never dug that type of “situation adaptive” music. Give me music or give me ambience(sp?), not both.


  17. MetalCircus says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Can’t wait to attack military outposts open-world stylee

    :edit: Also, no aliens? YYYEEES!!!

  18. Tom says:

    Looking ever so slightly awesome

  19. Ben Hazell says:

    Love it.
    Only tiny thought; the “Brubba” singing does sync neatly with gun-fire in places. I hope they have a gun that makes that noise…

  20. Cooper says:

    That. Now that is a trailer.

  21. Esha says:

    Pavel: I don’t doubt it. My Dell laptop managed to run Crisis on medium-to-high (mixed settings) without barely e’er a lost frame, it proudly soldiered on through a game that was fairly decent and quite entertaining to play, yet looked nothing at all like the trailers.

    And that’s entirely my point.

    When we see trailers like this, the details are maxed out–and I’m not just talking about setting everything to High in the options, either–to the extreme. This includes going into the config and maxing out every little hidden option, this gives what’s colloquially known as “Trailer Quality”.

    I do wonder what the point of a game is if everyone can’t run it at “Trailer Quality”.

    You speak some truth though when it comes to the consoles, it’ll probably need some hefty optimisation (WTB [Assembly Coders] to make [Mainstream Game]s) but it’ll only be marginally better, it won’t be some significantly magical improvement. I’m sure I’m jaded, there’s no question about that but this has always been the case.

    As twisted as it sounds, I get more excited over a game with lesser graphics detailing gameplay concepts that fascinate (and potentially confuse and bewilder) me than games with the spiffest of spiff graphics.

    I think the only game where I was almost as impressed as the trailers was Bioshock. That was one optimised FPS.

  22. phuzz says:

    A game does need more than just graphics. It needs SHOOTY and BANG BANG, and FC2 seems to have this, phuzz is happy :)

    Thing about the cell phone, you’ll probably need to take your eyes off the screen to find the key to answer the phone, and then play attention to what’s being said, so in all likelihood you’ll crash, thus learning an important lesson.

  23. Dominic White says:

    I want to know why the hell they’re even calling the game Far Cry 2. Remember what happened when Ubisoft took the Far Cry liscence from Crytek? They added MORE mutants, and then made the main character a mutant and gave him superpowers, and then did a sequel (sorry – ‘standalone expansion’) with even MORE superpowers and mutants! And then re-released it on other systems with superpowers and mutants!

    And then they turn around and release a game that looks like STALKER Goes To Completely Normal and Realistic Africa, and slap the Far Cry brand (which they had repeatedly reinforced was all about mutants and superpowers) onto it.

    Don’t get me wrong, it looks like a great game. It’s just the name that’s absolutely baffling. It’s like if they released Operation Flashpoint 2 under the name Quake 5.

    As for performance, I recently got myself a Radeon 4850HD. A cheap little number at £110, and it can even handle Crysis maxed out quite nicely at Very High (DX10) detail.

  24. Michael Bay says:

    Holy-mutha-fucking shit.

    I need to option this asap.

  25. Pavel says:

    Esha: While its true that trailers are often misleading, I doubt its the case here.I have seen several very long presentations (preE3 and E3) and they were played on x360, looked exactly like this and did not suffer from any fps drops.I can’t help but I am really optimistic about this game.As for Bioshock, that game runs on UE 3.0 engine, and just about any game running on that engine is perfectly optimised, so that is not any surprise.Also, Bioshock is entirely interior-based, there is nothing too demanding except maybe the water.

    Dominic White – agreed, this game deserves its own name and brand.Especially after those shitty xbox games.

  26. Steelfist says:

    This is probably the game I am most looking forward to of 2009. Pity my PC won’t be able to run it ><

  27. luphisto says:

    looks bitching.
    my only fear is that it might be like crysis which was imo pretty damn crappy. beautiful, but crappy

  28. rehashbodash says:

    That protagonist pulling a large blood dripping stake from his right leg had me cringe and smile.

  29. NOT AN ALIEN says:

    FC2 is more like Stalker than Crysis/FarCry, so I’m pretty excited for this game. Crysis and FarCry were good, but imo were nothing else than a nice engine with some random game thrown in.

  30. The Shed says:

    I seem to be the only person who kinda liked FarCry’s trigen.; if only because they were geniunely the most challenging non-humans I’ve ever played against in a game. They were so deadly, and the chemistry between Trigen, Marines, and YOU was so fantastic in some of the better designed levels. The treehouse level… Awesome.

    FarCry 2 does look pretty sweet, but it don’t seem to have the incredible heaviness that the O.G. had, which is a rubbish thing. The killing in this one looks more like FarCry: Instincts. :(

  31. Hybrid says:

    Simply amazing, and nice soundtrack!

  32. Bhlaab says:

    @Dominic — Ubisoft’s FarCry games always seemed to me to be waffling under the obligation to have mutants… they added superpowers to the main character to balance it out, but it’s probably best for everyone if they just took the damn things out and focused on the Merc (good) gameplay

  33. born2expire says:

    wow, incredible trailer!

    This SHOULD be good, but I imagine Ubisoft screwing this up royally, either that or it will suffer from consolitis. If not every other game is gonna have to go back to the drawing board.

    Even if this sucks, i’ll still have Clear Sky to play again and again!

  34. Hmm-hmm. says:

    The Farcry type games never interested me that much for some reason (not that my machine’d be able to run ’em). It’s probably the fact that I’m satisfied with lesser graphics, but I am more insistent on good gameplay. That, and I never had the impression these games were good on story.

    Is it telling that I still play America’s Army from time to time?

  35. Ian says:

    I know my PC won’t run it looking anything like that, and I don’t care. :)

    I liked the part where a buddy comes and drags you out of the line of fire.

  36. Vexor says:

    That was possibly the most rockin’ trailer I’ve ever seen.

  37. PHeMoX says:

    *Is it telling that I still play America’s Army from time to time?*

    Haha, yeah, but that game is getting old lightning speed these days.

    Far Cry 2 on the PS3 was a disappointment though.