RPS Is A Thousand

No, we’ve not discovered that we’ve actually been PC gaming since 1008, but rather we heard that our official Steam Group now has a thousand brave souls amongst its members. Wowie! Yes, proper websites and magazines with budgets and funding and community editors and things may have tens of thousands, but we’re jolly chuffed that so many people want to be associated with this little thing wot we built in our spare time.

If you’re not a member already, join up here. We haven’t gotten around to organising any community games yet – we will, eventually – but it’s a fine opportunity to socialise with Good People. The RPS Steam chatroom is a remarkably pleasant place to visit, very much reflective of the general standard of commenter we have on the site, and there are always folk game for a bout of TF2 or whatever else it is you young people are currently playing. Thanks to all those who’ve joined, and super-double-thanks with delicious peach slices on top to our hard-working volunteer mods.

And also to Mythrilfan, for pointing out this wondrous occasion to our ignorant eyes. We must try harder.


  1. Theory says:

    You should give us lot permission to organise games ourselves. That would make TF2 bouts super-duper easy. :)

  2. The Hammer says:

    We haven’t gotten around to organising any community games yet – we will, eventually


    I want to be shot in the head by other RPS readers!

  3. Chris Evans says:

    I am still disappointed not to see any of you RPS gods on there right now :arms:

  4. cyrenic says:

    I would be very interested in seeing scheduled TF2 game times for RPS readers. We’d probably need different times for different continents though :P.

  5. Seniath says:

    @The Hammer; Well, if you’d be kind enough to forward me your address, I’m sure it could be arranged.

  6. Nuyan says:

    RPS chatroom people often play TF2 with each other.

  7. Garreth says:

    Yay, I’m in the picture! Anyway, well done on 1000 people

  8. Chris Livingston says:

    Hey, I think that’s me in there! Second from right in the bottom row. Cool.

  9. Chris Evans says:

    Celebratory TF2 match kicking off :D

  10. darkripper says:

    if you ever organize tf2 games count me in.

  11. Clutton says:

    I couldn’t resist when I saw there were 999 of you.
    Do I get a prize?

  12. Alexander says:

    I am so lame, I never play games, but damn me I’ve been part of your steam group since 1246. Long before you even thought you’d ever write about pc gaming. I will however show up there, one day, and wipe the floor with you bunch.

  13. AciD says:

    Next step?
    Over 9000!

  14. Chris Evans says:

    Next step:

  15. Not-A-Bot says:

    1337 surely?

  16. Optimaximal says:

    To be honest, we’ve gained 50+ since this post. Only 200 more and we beat PCZone!

  17. Vanderdecken says:

    I’m just psyched enough that I’m less than two scrolling pages of comments under the legendary Chris Livingston! Zoiks!

    You only got this many members cos PCG went down and all the rats jumped ship. :P

  18. Alec Meer says:

    200 below Zone? JOIN FASTER.

  19. Little Green Man says:

    Oh yeah PCG went down and they lost about 200 members, like me. Not because I wouldn’t join again, but because I couldn’t. Now, thankfully, I’m back in the warm and cuddly folds of the PCGamer Steam Community, occasionally foraging in this area you call “Rock, Paper, Shotgun” whenever I want TO GET HIGH!!!!

    Oh, and I LOLed like an old bearded sheperd when I realised how few people read/care about PCZone

  20. Tom says:

    PCZone is a bit pants though, isn’t it?
    Long live RPS and PCG!!!

  21. Down Rodeo says:

    I have no gaming shame or regret about being an RPS Steam group member. I’ll have to jump on for organised games though, I don’t have that many ‘decent’ servers I can join and know I’ll get a good game, so if there are opportunities for good gaming I’m there… Wherever that might end up being.

    Of course I am basing your skill level and related TF2 player quality on comments pages on the internet, but this site is amazing enough that quite possibly that’s good enough…

  22. Calabi says:

    Wahoo! its me on the bottom left corner.

  23. Nameykins says:

    Hey, I’m in the picture too. Bit startling to see that when casually browsing the site.

  24. Sax says:

    Waiting for the official Rock, Paper, Shotgun TF2 server.

  25. Alex says:

    Let’s face it: if you haven’t joined, or even don’t have Steam, go to the RPS group page and read the description. In itself that thing’s worth a join.

  26. Chaos Theory says:

    Hey, I’m on there too! And I too whole heartedly endorse hot RPS on TF2 action.

    Also: It’s very much Monday, and Valve still hasn’t posted today’s Heavy Update info!

  27. Optimaximal says:

    Also: It’s very much Monday, and Valve still hasn’t posted today’s Heavy Update info!

    They snuck it out last night – Achievement Descriptions.

    Although more may be forthcoming…

  28. James G says:

    I hadn’t noticed that the PCG group had gone down, seems its now set up as invite only with only 11 members. What happened?

  29. Deuteronomy says:

    Now you have no excuse not to come play Red Orchestra with me.

  30. The_B says:

    There’s some technical issues with the PCG one at the moment. It’s still got most of it’s members, it’s just stuck a week or so in the past for some reason. Apparently Valve are trying to fix it.

    And on topic: awesome news, I remember just before I went away for the summer, those long nights with just five of us sitting in chat.

    What A Shame.

  31. GeorgeR says:

    Hold on! I’m coming I’m coming. Never knew there was one!

  32. Tagert says:

    I too have joined to bolster the ranks of the believers.
    Now to convince others to the cause!
    One of us, one of us…

  33. H says:

    I was signer upper 999. Mr Smith in, er, school, always said I would never make it. And he was right.

  34. Heliocentric says:

    My name is legion. FOR WE ARE MANY