Take Your Brain To Another Dimension: Gamma 3D

We all look cool in these

Gaming whilst wearing 3D glasses? Hell yeah. And not those headache-inducing digi-3D glasses like mad people plug into their graphics cards, but yer classic B-movie red/blue cardboard thingies. That’s the challenge for this year’s Gamma competition: stereoscopic gaming.

You mightn’t have heard of last year’s Gamma256, a sort of contest/exhibition/art project/party devised by a collective of experimental developers, but if you’ve been reading RPS for a while you’ll likely have played some of its entrants. Passage tugged harrowingly at a few heart strings last year, while Mr Heart Loves You Very Much was cute and tiny. Play those and a selection of 256’s other bestests here. It’s stuff of high quality/interest enough that I’m genuinely excited to see what that level of invention can do with stereoscopy, the gimmick to end all gimmicks.

The Gamma 3D event is on November 19 in Montreal, Canada, but they’re accepting submissions now, with a deadline of Oct 15th. Clearly we’d be pleased as punch if an RPS reader got something in there, as we enjoy nothing more than living vicariously through more talented folk. There’s a bunch of specific rules on the site, but the golden one is this:

Your game must use stereoscopy in a way that is integral to the gameplay.
A game that simply uses stereoscopy as a visual effect will not make the cut.

Which pretty much ensures that every good submission will be all kinds of unique. Can’t wait to see what comes out of this. I do now need to work out where I can get some 3D glasses from, mind.

Creative Commons-licensed photo by Merfam, and story discovered via TIGsource.


  1. Nero says:

    Oooh, exciting. I do love smaller games such as these and with the concept of stereoscopic gaming could be awesome to see what these people come up with.

    I also need a pair of 3d glasses. :(

  2. michael says:

    Thanks, now I’ve got that song on my mind, and I can no longer sit still.
    I am raving in my seat, and it’s quite a pathetic sight, I’m sure.

  3. GeorgeR says:

    Man oh Man. This is going to be so sweet when it finally comes out. I can’t wait.

  4. Andy says:

    Have you not tried this with trackmania? I got really excited waiting for my 3d glasses to come from ebay but it wasn’t that great really, just hurts my eyes.

  5. Erlam says:

    Damn, I wish I could go see that, it sounds great.

    Can’t wait to see what comes out of it. I can’t even imagine how the games would function.

  6. Noc says:

    I actually found a pair of those cardboard glasses while cleaning out my apartment days ago.

    I should make a point of keeping them on hand.

  7. Sucram says:

    Magic Carpet came with cardboard glasses, sadly it turns out you need two working eyes for 3D otherwise you just get a red screen.

    Man, I hate 3D. I’m defiantly going to travel dimensions to flatland just as soon as I figure out how.

  8. Txiasaeia says:

    Just a quick note not really related to the article: if you *do* have a pair of 3d glasses, make sure to check out Dan Dixon’s Universe Sandbox — it has a 3d mode that’ll blow your mind.

  9. Nick says:

    Magic Carpet also had a “Magic Eye” setting after the R/G 3D one. They were the in thing at the time.

  10. Bobsy says:

    Yeah, doesn’t “stereoscopic” refer to the grainy squint-and-try-not-to-go-cross-eyed thing where you end up with a unicorn poking out of the page?

  11. winnie says:


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  12. Mipoi says:

    All the games that were showed at Gamma 3D are now available as free downloads at

    link to kokoromi.org

    As well as a few other games that were submitted but did not make the cut.

    Have fun!