Bill Roper Speaks About Flagship

Bye : (

The mystery behind the Flagship fiasco has produced much speculation. At last Bill Roper has spoken out, in an interview with 1Up. You can now learn about the last couple of months at Flagship in detail. And it looks like it really is the last couple of months at Flagship. Sad stuff.

“Really, our focus now has been on how we best take care of the guys that aren’t there anymore and help them find jobs with other teams… We’re really working to get those guys placed. Then, past that, we’ve been spending a lot of time trying to take care of our creditors and other fiscal challenges. But it’s definitely at the point where we’re not exactly trying to plot a gigantic turnaround with a bright, rosy future at Flagship. It’s unfortunately more the other side of the coin… We’re working hard on how to end gracefully.”

Read the full interview here.


  1. teo says:

    pretty epic interview

  2. Konky Dong VII: No Rest for the Witcher says:

    Great interview from Lord Green. It’s too bad about Flagship though, they were a fun company to love to hate.

  3. Shawn says:

    Speaking of Lord Green, I want my CGW back :( waahh

  4. malkav11 says:

    I think he’s pretty much spot on about the mistakes made. I hope that those are lessons learned wherever he winds up next. And I hope that the Hellgate IP winds up in good hands – I don’t think the result was what it could have been, but an iteration or two from now, who knows? It’s a good idea.

    Mythos…well, I hope Travis Baldree and the folks at Runic come up with something just as cool. I don’t expect any resurrected Mythos to have the spark the old one did.

  5. Xyzzy says:

    Mythos… That one was a damn fine game. Easily one of the best free games (or otherwise) that I have had the pleasure of playing, and I play loads of free games. It’s a shame that it was picked up by a company (korean :( ) that has no RPG’s in its history.

  6. Meat Circus says:

    Knocking out a Diablo clone = overreaching?

    This industry’s startling lack of ambition never ceases to disappoint.

  7. onkellou says:

    It’s much more than a Diablo clone. Mythos is one, Hellgate isn’t. Which is why I find it annoying in a way when people praise Mythos, but slag off Hellgate while demanding original games in the same breath.

    Playing a marksman is Hellgate is – at least on paper – a fantastic combination. The simplicity of Doom combined with the loot-em-up addictivenes of Diablo, and skilltrees. A game that never needs to end.

    Shame that the implementation wasn’t perfect, and that the MMO model was indeed a bad idea for that type of game. Still, I loved it as long as I played it. And it still has the potential to shine if it’s properly taken care of.

  8. Harlequin says:

    Too bad playing a marksman in Hellgate required little to no skill in the context of actually aiming and hitting your target. What draws many players to FPS games is the fact that player skill (“twitch reflexes”) determine a player’s success. There is no character sheet or “phat lewt” to tip the scales. You live and die by your skill with your firearm.

    I understand Hellgate was some attempt at hybrid gameplay, but in my opinion it failed in both respects. The FPS mechanic was akin to dragging a brush around MS Paint and the RPG elements were shallow; leaving little in the way of actual character progression.

    Simply put: The combat made me snore and there was no substance to the roleplaying side of things.

    Hellgate did have some of the coolest looking armor I’ve ever seen though…I’ll give them credit for that. For those who love the game though, I truly hope it continues to run.