1. itsallcrap says:

    I would have preferred a portable ammo refill to a health one for the Heavy. I always have to go back for that first.

    if I don’t have any of the Pyro’s (my most played class) unlocks

    Play more! I have them all and my top three classes are Engie, Soldier, Medic.

    And I’m not even very good.

  2. Andrew Doull says:

    Argh! Steam servers too busy to launch…

    Or should I say lunch?

  3. Alex Grose says:

    Not too busy! I’m getting the update through as I type!


  4. Alarik says:

    Rock, Paper, Sandvich then? .-)

  5. Vanderdecken says:

    Alarik wins.

  6. Nimic says:

    @ Angel Dust
    Yeah, I know, you’re mostly right. I remember that Valve’s reasoning for the unlockables was just to give new ways of playing that, and I actually like that, even though it also in a way goes against Valve’s own policy of trying to make everything be as clear as possible. I don’t like it when there are clearly superior unlockables, like the Ubersaw. I’m fundamentally opposed to go to special grinding servers to get achievements, so if there’s something I’m not likely to get for a while that is clearly better, that irks me somewhat.

    Of course, I’m also in a way fundamentally opposed to achievements at all. I definitely feel it makes some people change the goal of their playing from “have fun and win” to “grind and get achievements”.

  7. James T says:

    This is what I believe is one of the things Valve are trying achieve with these unlockables, give that sense of progression you get from playing a single player game.

    It’s a misguided goal; TF2 is not a single-player ‘quest’, with the experience modeled to be appropriate to the gradual acquisition of new weapons (or vice versa), it’s a game in which the ‘drama’ comes from the unfolding of MP battle — it’s far more comparable to, for example, Streetfighter than to HL2. Whether you’ve unlocked the material yourself or not, depriving opponents of alternative strategies because they’re not h4rdc0re enough has no positive effect (wide useage of memory hacks and achievement servers could — or do — counter this problem, but then, why have that artificial problem in the first place?). Never mind that the amount of class-grinding required for a significant number of these achievements (certainly if you want to make 15-plus, and thus have the rarified privilege of using, y’know, the heavily-promoted primary selling-point of these updates (well, I like getting the new maps too, but I digress)) is a strong incentive for people to play the game selfishly, grinding one class and faffing around trying to score kills in unlikely achievement-related ways whatever the actual requirements of the situation are (I can understand Valve wanting to provide an incentive for novel play-styles, but a guy paddling around under 2fort trying to get ‘Krazy Ivan’ isn’t doing anyone any favours). I generally play the class I think the team needs at the time, which spreads my experience across most classes, but dramatically slows achievement-gathering; I should be punished for playing Team Fortress 2 as part of a team?…

  8. Andrew says:

    I am entirely sold on Arena mode after playing the Lumberyard map for a while last night. Bloody excellent stuff – far more relaxed than normal TF2, somehow, yet at the same time it’s tense because of the lack of respawns. There’s still plenty opportunity for classic TF2 things like ninja pyro runs, and the heavy-medic team is still very potent, it’s just a one-shot thing now.

    Also I really like the team-scrambling, and the spectating is fine because it’s only for about two minutes tops – I spectate more in normal matches from all that respawning.

    All good, tbh.

  9. MetalCircus says:

    Right I still dont understand what the hell this does? The link tells you nothing. Is the toothpick the weapon? :|

  10. James G says:

    Eating the sandvich imobilises the Heavy for four seconds, but restores 120pts of health. The heavy has an unlimited supply of sandviches. The Heavy Update page has the details:

    link to steamgames.com

  11. gulag says:

    I take it back, the Sandvich is an excellent idea. I had it in my mind that this was a one-shot health top-up or a permanent addition to the Heavy’s total health, but this balance of durability and vunrability is a great idea well executed. I’m also glad to see that Valve have relaxed the design constraint of trying to develop upgrades that only make use of existing animations. Hopefully this will open the doors to other possibilities with future updates.

  12. sana says:

    Well, the Flare Gun didn’t exactly use shotgun animations, either.

  13. Jahkaivah says:


    Anyone else hear a female voice in that video?

    Don’t suppose….

  14. luphisto says:

    “you call breaking my spine?!?!”
    this video warms my heart, i haven’t laughed so hard since meet the sniper and meet the scout before that.
    As I play heavy almost to the point of excess I have asolutly no reservations on saying that valve have outdone themselves in creating new, interesting and BALANCED weapons. Those people must have heads the size of medicine balls.
    I take off my freakishly oversized hat off to them.

  15. James says:

    Playing on a server half-full of heavies is still fun, unlike the class spam of the previous two updates. Personally I’ve been picking up the last few medic and pyro achievements I need, mostly on badwater (which has no water?). It’s a very well balanced map overall, but it’d be better if there were: a way to drop into the tunnel at the start from above, since once the cart starts moving through there it’s hard to stop; and the final area made a bit easier, currently it’s a slaughterhouse.

  16. Chris R says:

    Last night the server I was on decided to go all heavys on the Lumberyard map, and meet at the log with the health kit for some 1 vs. 1 punching games, KGB optional. The server got up to around 10 vs. 10 and for about 30 min everyone followed the rules and waited patiently for their turn to hop on the log and punch it out. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much, it was hilarious. There were a few that even got the taunt kill while on the bridge…. POW!!!

    I should have taken some screenshots but was too busy laughing to do so, :(

    Also, I love the new Arena maps, and the scrambling of the team after 5 wins… really evens the game up. This is the best update so far.

  17. Angel Dust says:

    @James T
    I would not agree that it is a misguided goal as it I have seen it draw people into the game, myself included, who would otherwise not be interested. Personally I don’t get into multiplayer games at all, as they seem rather aimless to me. I’m not saying they actually are, but they don’t satisfying my gaming itch. These unlockables however tap into that gradually progressing feel you get from a single player game, an RPG probably being the best comparison. I got the game with the Orange Box but didn’t really play it until the unlockables turned up and I know 2 people who finally made the purchase because of the unlockables.

    Sure you get idiots who will just grind it out selfishly simply because they have to get the achievments right now but you can still easily, I did and I’m not that great a player at all, get what is required for the unlockables for each class with a couple of weeks of solid, smart team play. It kept me coming back to the game after I would have normally stopped playing. I never felt like I was missing out just because someone else had a weapon I hadn’t unlocked it simply motivated me to play more and the feeling of satisfaction after getting an achievement, particularly one that unlocks a weapon, is a great gaming high.

    You obviously don’t like them and that’s fine but it’s clear the majority, new players included, do so I would say it is a very successful tactic from Valve. They are obviously still making a ton of sales from this game since they are releasing all this content, which would have been worked on laborously knowing Valve, for free.

    I can see the logic in your argument but it simply doesn’t work that way. For most people these unlockables are a case of “dangling the carrot infront of the donkey”.

    Who is that in your avatar by the way? They look familiar.