Rock, Paper, Birthday: We Are One

We’re twelve months old. Of course you’ll find some “July 2007” in the archives, but that was us just messing about. Our official, royal birthday is the 20th of August. That means the Rock, Paper, Shotgun project is a year old today.

The reason it has lived this long is because we have readers. We seem to have readers because we have words. We’ve compiled the exhaustive list of the best words from Year One beyond the jump. But before you go there, we want to ask for our birthday present. We want you to read that list and find a link that you can send to a gaming chum who does not read RPS. Share the links, spread the words of RPS, and all shall be merry. Thanks, you. Here’s to another year.

There’s bound to be loads we’ve missed (You try reading through a year of daily blogging!) But this should get you started.

INTERVIEWS: We like talking to developers.
Eve Online’s Reynir Harðarson.
Popcap talk Peggle.
Vic Davis, Armageddon Empires designer.
Vince D Weller. He’s indie, and angry!
Warren Spector.
Al Lowe. Yes, the original Leisure Suit Larry guy.
Valve’s Chet Faliszek.
Positech’s Cliff Harris.
CD Projekt on The Witcher.
CCPs Torfi Olafsson on the future of Eve Online.
Massive on World In Conflict and Ground Control.
Hermann Netdevil on Jumpgate and Auto Assault.
Jeffrey Steefel, exec prod on LOTRO.
Stardock’s Brad Wardell.
Rob Humble on The Sims 3.
Memories of Lucasarts and a vision of the future of adventure games with Mike Stemmle.
Eskil Steenberg. The cleverest game designer in Stockholm.
Mr Sims: Rob Humble Interview.
Stalin vs Martians Interview.
Depths Of Peril: Steven Peeler interview.
Paul Barnett on Games Journalism.
Paul Barnett on GDC.
Liquid Entertainment’s Charley Price on Rise Of The Argonauts.
Celso Riva interview.
Thomas Simon on HAWX.
Jack Emmert talks Champions Online
Penumbra-dude Tom Jubert talks Penumbra and stuff
Ragnar Tørnquist On… Storytelling. Sexy Ragnar.
Some bloke from Gearbox on Borderlands.
Raph “Theory Of Fun” Koster talks MMOs and Metaplace.
Ron “Monkey Island 2” Gilbert talks Deathspank.
Soren “Civ4” Johnson talks about PC gaming.
Eric Wolpaw on writing for Valve, and writing Portal
.David Speyrer on making Half-Life 2: Episode Two.
Kim Swift and Jeep Barrett on making Portal.
Ken Levine on the Making of Bioshock.
The Splash Damage story: Paul Wedgwood on how they got to make Quake Wars: Enemy Territory.
Robin Walker and Charlie Brown on Team Fortress 2. Part 1. Part 2.
Professor Henry Jenkins on games and academia.
Nathan ‘Oveur’ Richardsson on Eve Online.
Adam ‘Cargo Cult’ Foster on Half-Life 2 super-mod MINERVA: Metastasis.
Chris Kramer on Men Of War.

MAKING OF: Interviews with Developers on the origins of classic games
Collect them all by clicking the Making Of tag.
Hostile Waters
Freedom Force
Harvey Smith
Rise of Nations
Laser Squad Nemesis
Arx Fatalis
City Of Heroes
The Longest Journey
Settlers II
Operation: Flashpoint
Cannon Fodder 2
Thief: Deadly Shadows
A Tale In The Desert
Dungeon Siege
Shogun Total War

RETROSPECTIVES: Recollections of games past. Some good, some great, some not so great.
Simcity 2000.
Sid Meier’s Colonisation.
Space Hulk.
Hitman: Blood Money.
Kingpin: Life Of Crime.
The Chronicles Of Riddick.
The Bard’s Tale.
Tron 2.0.
Alien Versus Predator.
Cannon Fodder.
Dungeon Keeper.
Kohan II.
Planescape: Torment.
Republic Commando.
The Longest Journey.
Writing to Reach you: Two months with Travian.
Vampire – The Masquerade: Bloodlines.
Quinns does Alien Swarm.
Stalker. Jim pontificates.

GENERAL MESSING AROUND: Funny stuff, reports from events, etc.
Tim flies across the Atlantic in real-time in MS Flight Simulator.
John Walker: Coward.
GDC 2008. Special blathering.
Kieron goes to gamecamp.
Exploring exploring games. Jim gets lost in his own words.
Limbo Of The Lost aka GOTY.
NSFW: Sporn.
Gillen does Hide & Seek festival in London.
Alec does Blizzard World Wide Invitational.
RPS Verdict: Spore Creature Creator.
Tokyo PC: Quinns reports from the depths of Japanese PC gaming.
Rebel Without A Pause Key: Kieron’s adventures with Liberal Crime Squad.
The Worst Ninja Series: Alec tries to play Ultima Online with only the in-game instructions. Madness.
Quest For Glory: John Walker dresses up as a wizard, stands in Bath city centre and tries to give people quests.
RPS Countdown: Perchance to Dream: A top 11 of recent dreams the RPS peeps have had. Psychologists, notepads ready.
Project FreezerCube: Walker decorates his fridge as a Weighted Companion Cube. Yes. Yes, he does.

CRITICAL ESSAYS: Yeah, just as poncy as they sound.
Co-op gaming: The Joy.
ErotiSim: Sex and The Sims.
No Jokes Aren’t Funny Anymore – The Orange Box moving comedy to the core of PC gaming.
World of Evecraft

ULTROMEGAFEATURES: This was Kieron’s name for them. What he means is that they’re giant, multipart features that are full of mega.
Pathologic: the ultimate retrospective. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.
Champions Online: Interviews, Critical Analysis, loads of it.
The Go Team! Team Fortress 2, class by class.
The RPS 2007 Game-O-Calendar: Looking back at the best games of 2007.
Games For 2008: The year preview in full.


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