Far Cry 2: Map Editor Revolution?

Could the best bit of Far Cry 2 be the map editor? That’s what my secret Ubisoft contact has been reporting – and now there’s a trailer to back up his ludicrous claims, which you can see after the jump. The lengthy mapping footage shows a map being put together with a gamepad – a sequence which inadvertently reveals that there’s a hang-glider in Far Cry 2. There are also “over a thousand” miscellaneous objects. Excellent news.

No! Don’t say it! “In fact, the only limit…” NOOOOOO! He’s going to say it! “…is your own imagination.” Aiiiieeeeeeeeee!


  1. Joe Russell says:

    I’m fairly sure I’ve aready seen screen shots with a hangglider being used… but great video all the same! Looks like Console-ers might actually be able to create something in games other than generic skate parks in Tony Hawks…

  2. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    I have to admit, that seems incredibly intuitive :O

  3. Ian says:

    The hang-glider was in one of the videos too.

    I intend to spend as much time as possible finding ways to complete every mission using hang-gliders.

    I already have visions of sneaking around, setting up bombs and oil trails, sneaking back out to some overlook and hang-gliding down to the base, landing as I set off all the bombs.

    And then of course, it’ll turn out I’m a doofus and left half the camp untouched and will get riddle with bullets.

    I can’t wait.

  4. phuzz says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw a trailer/gameplay vid with a hang glider as well, but anyway;
    Cor! look at the pretty!
    (I’m guessing the little gauge in the top right is a FPS’o’meter)
    and creating a bit of Paris out of a north African suite of bits is pretty impressive, hope they distribute that map as well :)

  5. Feet says:

    Man that looks great.

    Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. Need to upgrade. :(

  6. davidalpha says:

    that voiceover scares me a bit, its like he’s trying to get me to go home with him.

  7. Ian says:

    Just watched this after reading the other comments. I didn’t watch at first because map editors don’t normally interest me.

    This, however, does.

  8. caramelcarrot says:

    That man has a really patronising accent.

  9. Chaz says:

    Blimey that does look good!

    Question is now, do I shell out £400 for a new PC or do I get the game for my 360?

  10. Muzman says:

    It’s looks about relatively the same amount “Good Lord” as when the Far Cry and Crysis editors were seen for the first time. But editing on those two never really took off did it?

    It seems that unless you’ve spent years building the support base like Valve, Epic or Id has it’s hard to get a foothold. Even though the graphics aren’t as high end people like modding HL2 because it seems to offer more chance for your stuff to get supported and played.
    I guess Ubi and the Cryengine folks (or whoever this is) need to do the same kind of thing. They should though. Their systems seem definitely worth it.

  11. Half Broken Glass says:

    Far Cry 2 sounds promising to be sure, but this is SUCH a ripoff of Crysis’ Sandbox Editor. I smell a lot of bad blood between Crytek and Ubisoft.

  12. Jochen Scheisse says:

    The background music and the voice of the guy clearly indicate that FarCry 2 is a shaving cream from the 90s and/or wants to have sex/drugs with me.

  13. c-Row says:

    Is this for multiplayer maps only, or will people be able to create small (or large) singleplayer mods with it as well?

  14. James T says:

    If only Phil Hartman were around today to narrate FC2 videos…

    “As I said to Dolores Montenegro in ‘Calling All Quakers’… ‘Have it your way, baby!'”

  15. Jochen Scheisse says:

    “Put some trees on that…yeeeeah…you know you want it…you like that huh? Now take off your clothes…I mean, take a close look at the river function.”

  16. dartt says:

    That’s an impressive choice of bridges.

  17. Theory says:

    Heh, 100MB memory limit. Bless ’em.

  18. The Hammer says:

    Te evolution of the Timesplitters map-maker?

    I hope so…

  19. suchchoices says:

    “No! Don’t say it! “In fact, the only limit…” NOOOOOO! He’s going to say it! “…is your own imagination.” Aiiiieeeeeeeeee!”

    that’s precisely what I thought.

    As an aside, I don’t think I could bear to make a map using a 360 controller. Urgh.

  20. Little Green Man says:

    There’s some rubbishy cam footage on Gametrailers showing the guy driving his boat into some docks, then a pretty explosion, then shooting some guys. About a minute long.

    link to gametrailers.com

  21. Phil says:

    I loved that “the only limit is your imagination” coincided with the frames-per-second absolutely plummeting as the reasonable limits of what it could display in real-time were clearly exceeded :)

    Looks great. Here’s hoping people use it!

  22. SwiftRanger says:

    “In fact, the only limit…” is the amount of objects yes, hopefully they do the full deal for the PC version.

  23. teo says:

    the hang glider has been known since the first reveal

  24. james b says:

    Anyone know if you can create single player maps with this?

  25. subedii says:

    @ Muzman: Actually, Crysis has a pretty healthy map editing and modding community at the moment, there are a lot of good multiplayer and singleplayer maps if you hit up crymod.com . A quick glance reveals about 200 singlplayer maps and maybe around 300 multi (no, not all of them take place in forests either). Sandbox 2 is really intuitive to use, you can knock up a quick island in 10 minutes if you want.

    I can see this taking off in a bigger way though, primarily since it’s available for console users. I’m certain they’re going to be pushing out a LOT of maps for their mates. Only problem is I don’t quite seeing this being able to compete with Halo 3’s Forge. Forge is more like an interactive playground that you can edit on the fly, very much like a Garry’s Mod for console (though admittedly not as in-depth).

    I doubt you’ll be able to do really in-depth stuff like set AI behaviours and patrols, and it’d probably be difficult to get a level up to the kind of standards that Ubi’s own level makers make with their toolsets, but that’s actually besides the point.

    In all it looks like a pretty robust and intuitive system that people will be able to knock up all kinds of stuff with. Plus the added bonus of actually being able to shape the terrain and properly make your own levels gives it a one up on Forge.

  26. Guido says:

    Looks really intuitive indeed, I just don’t think it’ll be anywhere near as powerful as the Unreal Engine editor. In other words, a nice toy, but not really comparable to real level editors. Things such as more complex or dynamic lighting, scripts, materials, LoD controls, or importing custom geometry will be far beyond this editor’s scope.

    Still, it’s nice and will probably show more people what an interested person can do. If it draws more people towards creating custom content, all the better.

  27. subedii says:

    It’s not meant to be as complex as a full blown editor, that’s the point.

    You’re not supposed to have to spend 20 hours learning the workflow and how to import objects in from Maya. This is designed so that the average gamer can pick it up and knock out a quick map for his mates which features him and three other people defending a hill from a huge wave of enemies.

  28. spd from Russia says:

    meh. poor terrain tools. seriously, crysis`s are much better
    and placing objects over a terrain? commonplace.
    overall they showed nothing special editor-wiase. but good engine

  29. rehashbodash says:

    Do any of the trees/shrubs have color or flowers or vines blossoming? I know its “africa” but africa is filled with color its not all the same sandy hazy green with lush green grass below… Maybe I should get out of oblivion lol they did flora well.

  30. subedii says:

    True. It’s also amazing what you can do with simply changing some colours and the lighting:

    link to hamst3r.com

    link to hamst3r.com

    link to hamst3r.com

    Darnit, there’s always someone moving past in the background, ruining your nature shots.

  31. Tom says:

    You should look at some of the footage thats available showing off the id-tech 5 toolset. Now thats what I call impressive…not this toy that looks like a pimped up version of the warcraft2 mapeditor!!

  32. Radiant says:

    I thought that guy was trying to seduce me.
    I can not wait for modders and multiplayer.

  33. Drongo69 says:

    The only really amazing thing about this is that it is not a totally commonplace feature.

    I am interested though in what kind of scripting functions might be included.

  34. El Stevo says:

    The only limit is my imagination? I don’t know, I can imagine quite a bit.

  35. El Stevo says:

    The only limit is my imagination? I don’t know, I can imagine quite a bit.

  36. El Stevo says:

    Edit: aaarrgh! Damnit, sorry. Double posts. Something was screwing up. Can the offending posts get deleted?

  37. Colinmarc says:

    The Eiffel tower? That’s one hell of a miscellaneous object…

  38. subedii says:

    What? They speak French in Africa too.

  39. keegan says:

    Strange I suddenly have the urge to buy a bottle of cider…

  40. Eschatos says:

    They guy talking is incredibly cheesy, but it still looks awesome.

  41. Patrick says:

    This is all very good, but surely the fact that there is no planned SDK outweighs however good the Map editor is.

    The Far Cry 2 engine is one of the most interesting of the year, and to have no SDK at all is an insult to mod crews around the world.

  42. Bill says:

    I hated the stupid hang glider.

    Just thought I’d share.

  43. Ben Abraham says:

    Maybe it’s the mood I’m in, but I really liked the music in this video. Do we know who is doing the music for Far Cry 2?

  44. Adam says:

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    Self I’m Swedish, nice to meet you.

    If you listened on your hitory lessons you should know that some african countries like Mosambique speaks French (It was a french colony) But since most of africa were British colonies they mainly speak english. But some countrys speak french.

  45. Fox says:

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