Multiwinia: King Of The Hill

The latest explanatory trailer for Multiwinia has arrived (actually it turned up ages ago, but I only just got around to posting it), including some lovely tutorial animations and a load of in-game battle-footage. I’ve been playing our Multiwinia preview code over the last couple of days and rather enjoying it. It’s beautiful, obviously, but it’s also just complex enough, in the way all good RTS games. I think this is going to be one 2008’s quietly successful games. For a detailed preview take a look at Kieron’s hands-on impressions.


  1. Someone says:

    Why is the FPS so low in the gameplay part?

  2. phuzz says:

    hmm, long weekend, no flatmates, I think I might play through darwinia again…

    So what’s the release date for this? (I can’t see it anywhere obvious on the Introversion website)

  3. Rosti says:

    19th of September was the announced date. Looking forward to it, personally.

  4. phuzz says:

    Ta Rosti :)
    and hopefully there’ll be at least a few people up for matches in the RPS Steam community thingy, once I’ve practised a bit natch.

  5. suchchoices says:

    Superimposing semitransparent openGL quads until the framerate chokes is no substitute for an art style.

  6. Post Maker 1 says:

    Does anyone know if there’s an mp3 available of the song in the video?

  7. Simon Jones says:

    I had the good fortune to have a play of the preview code a few weeks ago and put a little write-up and gameplay video up on my blog. It’s really remarkably good fun…treads a fine line between being instantly accessible (unlike Darwinia) and surreptitiously complex, as Jim pointed out.

    My only fear is that it’ll still be slightly too ‘out there’ for mainstream audiences, and too fast paced and ‘mainstream’ for the Darwinia loyal fanbase.

    And I still maintain that Darwinia/Multwinia has the best camera control system of any RTS game ever. Having recently picked up Company of Heroes (yes, a bit behind the times there, I admit) I really, dearly wish that it had the Darwinia camera system, rather than going for the old, irritating, ‘mouse to the edge of the screen’ design.