Postal III – Even The Devs Don’t Seem Impressed

BADGER GUN! HA HA HA HA HA! Sorry guys, shark gun beat you to it, by years.

This is pretty odd. Running With Scissors gave their “world exclusive” demo of the prison breakout mission from Postal III (NSFW) at Leipzig today, but with what appears to be some sort of contempt for their own game. In the video below you can see the game running, with a peculiarly frat-boy like commentary from RWS’ Mike J.

It’s latterly stated that this is pre-alpha code, which is fair enough, but it doesn’t quite explain RWS’ Mike J declaring, “For some reason they let you keep your matches in the prison cell, and you light your bed on fire, and start the fire alarm, which [sarcastic laugh] ‘magically’ opens the gates to the jail cell.” But that’s not to mention the delight of his saying, when a female police officer shoots at the Postal Dude, “Run from this bitch.” What a charming man. Clearly it’s all in keeping with that unique Postal attitude. But brrrrrrrrrrrr.


  1. Jetsetlemming says:

    Well, at least they bothered to add cubemaps this time.

    This is the first mention I’ve heard of being “Pre-alpha” and ‘at least a year from shipping” though. Why are they showing ingame footage of people poorly playing an unfinished game?

  2. Razerious says:

    Well that looked like a horrible game. Showing pre-alpha footage isn’t something I would describe as a good PR move.

  3. MetalCircus says:

    It’s an RWS thing. Doesn’t mean he hates his own game for crying out loud.

    Guess what? I liked Postal 2. That’ll annoy everyone in this comment thread I’ll predict.

  4. EyeMessiah says:

    Ban this sick filth now?

    (I secretly enjoyed P2. Taking turns chasing cats while listening to Haitian Fight Song . Good times.)

  5. Fetthesten says:

    Hey, so did I. It walked the line between “just freeform enough to be fun” and “not freeform enough to be this sloppily designed” quite well, as emphasized by the abysmal Apocalypse Weekend add-on pack.

  6. Okami says:

    Postal 2 wasn’t that bad.

    Ok. It was that bad. But it had it’s own kind of charm. I guess it’s the whole “game developer killing people because they are annoying” thing that warmed my heart to it.

    Also, you can complete the whole game without killing anybody, though I honestly don’t know, why anybody would do that.

  7. ascagnel says:

    Wait… they finished Postal 2? I just remember that game being a series of lame dick jokes and Gary Coleman getting shot. And that was it.

  8. Alex says:

    Guess what? I liked Postal 2. That’ll annoy everyone in this comment thread I’ll predict.

    You seem to be really tuned into the general RWS mindset, where they seem to be thinking: “we’re making a game that’ll annoy everybody, look at that!”

    The truth ofcourse is.. nobody cares!

  9. MetalCircus says:

    I think you’re tuned into the mindset that I give a hoot. I enjoyed the game. Weather it offends you or not isn’t a concern of mine. I think the RWS guys are dicks personally, but they make funny games. *shrug*

  10. J.A. says:

    Postal 2 was fun for, well, going postal. Also the gimp suit level was mildly humorous.

    Overall though this really goes to show what kind of people they’ve got to work on this – seems like RWS is where you go if you are angry and frustrated about not getting the movie licensed Disney games job.

    I actually think Postal 2 was a lot better in terms of graphics. The “charred police remains” weren’t nearly as gruesome as the ones you burned in the second game (I wouldn’t normally see this as having a negative impact, but when the entire point of the game is preposterous amounts of gory violence they should get that right, at least), and the NPC’s didn’t look nearly as hilariously terrible as in the second game.

  11. MetalCircus says:

    And I don’t really want any of you to be offended, personally i could do with out, but I know some of you will, because many of you like your games to prim and proper like, with storyline and manly marines etc etc. whatever. I thought it was something different, and shock horror, it was acctually pretty fun to play. It’s not like I’m treating it as the second coming of jesus. It was just… enjoyable. And dont tell me none of you laughed when you pissed on someone, like you’re all comedy conneiseurs of the highest order or something. Even guys like you laugh at a fucking fart joke once in a while.

  12. John Walker says:

    MetalCircus – no one’s shocked, and most people found Postal II’s stupidity vaguely entertaining. Kieron rated it quite highly. We’re not the Daily Mail, and we’re not blushing at your radical ways. You’ve got a group of people agreeing with you – you don’t seem to have spotted this yet.

  13. MetalCircus says:

    My apologies guys – heavy day and all that.

  14. John Walker says:

    No problem! What did you think of what you saw in this video?

  15. MetalCircus says:

    Well, it was pretty rough, which I dont mind considering Postal 2 was like sandpaper in game roughness terminology. But it seemed… very, very rough. It makes me wonder how they’re going to smooth over all those problems with a year until it’s release.

    There isn’t really enough of it yet to judge it properly though really. I mean, the postal 2 formula surely isn’t that hard to better anyway, is it?

  16. Dorsch says:

    I kind of miss the euphoria engine. Fooling around in GTA4 and Star Wars: TFU (demo) was 10x more fun because of all the ways people could die. However, I don’t think they have the money or the manpower to implement euphoria. It’s sad when something that’s the core appeal of your game (fooling around) can be done better by games that don’t rely on it too much.

  17. _Nocturnal says:

    I like that way of presenting games. Just imagine how glorious would it be if all the game demonstrations were like that and games competed on the basis of their most ridiculous failures. It could very well end up being more informative about the games’ true merits too, methinks.

    As for that particular video: If the guy is able to see the things and acknowledge them as mistakes, then he is able to fix them. The fact he is able to laugh at them just makes him cooler. Therefore, no worries from me.

  18. hydra9 says:

    The guy speaking sounds like Seth Rogen from ‘Knocked Up,’ in that somewhat bored, somewhat stoned, somewhat drunk kind of way.

  19. ggregg says:

    It’s a postal game, so first looks don’t mean much. The goal of postal game is to drive you mad. You get so mad you actually start to kill people on the streets. Not least of reasons leading you to madness in Postal 2 was lame game engine and mechanics.
    I was really stunned by this game (though it definitely is not a “good” one) and I hope to repeat that feeling.

  20. Schadenfreude says:

    Heh, I initially thought that tinnitus effect was from the M60 but upon further machine gunning it appears it was caused by something else (exploding fire extinguisher?). Shame, I’ve no doubt you’d be left with a ringing in your ears after firing off a couple of dozen round from a high-calibre machine gun.

  21. Sub-kamikaze says:

    I also quite liked Postal 2 for a brief period. In the end, it wasn’t the concept that offended me, it was poor implementation: for instance, the massive loading times and the fact that you were forced to take damage. There was no option – all enemies were crackerjack shots and there was no way to avoid them. No skill involved whatsoever. That’s the kind of thing that upsets me, not the subject matter.

    However, Postal 3 does look pretty dire at the moment, but I’m not naive enough to write it off just yet. Time’s a wonderful thing. There was something quite chilling about his walkthrough though… maybe I’m becoming overly sensitive…

    In film (succesful films natch) parody, satire, comedy of all forms normally stems from a writer’s or director’s need to express dissatisfaction with the world around them, to make fun of it – they’re secretly optimists that want to effect change and their tools are ridicule and farce. Here, they’re doesn’t seem to be that sense of direction. It’s just mean-spirited and aimless. Then again, it’s a 3 minute demonstration. Forgive me for going on.

  22. sinister agent says:

    Graphically, I reckon it looks alright, to be honest, although some of the effects are a bit meh (the fire, for one).

    As a game though… it looked incredibly boring, and noticeably worse than the second one. And I hope the “dribbling cretin” brand of commentary was an act, I really do.

  23. juraksvor says:

    He did sound like Seth Rogen, somewhat bored and somewhat intoxicated, but it was a refreshing kind of preview. It was personal and rather coarse, I enjoyed it.
    It was less about selling the game, more about explaining where the project is at and what they will work on. As if he talked to someone who don’t just don’t want to see a final product. I know I find the early build of a game with all it’s seams and patchwork fascinating, even though this isn’t exactly an early build. I also happen to think that the Postal series is an interesting and unique series of games. Minus Boll.

  24. Maximum Fish says:

    It looks pretty crappy, but then all of the postal games were sort of a thin novelty anyways.

    On the other hand though, “frat-ish” or not, i do have to appreciate the display of cynicism towards one’s own game. Self-deprecation maybe? Uneasiness at being associated with a low-rent title?

    I don’t know, but’s it smells fresh next to constant repitions of “revolutionary”, “emergent”, “sort of like [insert top-selling blockbuster game here], only better!”, or a “mature storyline” that actually involves top-heavy cantaloup-boobed women with swords and/or brooding soul-patched anti-heroes issuing gravelly and cynical monlogues.

    I’m always endeared to people who say “my shit sucks, but you might like it anyways”. In this case, i don’t think i would, but whatever….

  25. Brian Damage says:

    For those of you who haven’t played Postal 2, getting arrested and incarcerated is not exactly a major plot point and it’s entirely possible to go through the entire game without this happening. RWS is demoing one enclosed environment of a huge open world so it’s premature to cast doubts on the entire game based on this mcnugget of content.

    I loved Postal 2 for being an open-ended sandbox game, not unlike GTA, where your goal is to ensure a certain event occurs and it’s entirely up to you how you want to make that happen. Some people just play the game as this dev did – like a mindless shoot-em-up, while others play it more like an RPG or stealth or adventure game.

    I expect no less from Postal 3. I’ll be really interested to see if the Source engine can handle 100 simultaneous pedestrians onscreen like the Postal 2 engine.

  26. Andrew says:

    He didn’t sound board, probably a bit tired is all – must be a tough week. For pre-pre-alpha stuff, looks pretty good. Hell, GTA4 has you shooting less cops then that, I give it 5/5 for amount of cops killed on screen. ;)

    Didn’t seem a terrible amount to talk about, considering it was mainly the postal dude shooting people. A bit sad to say they aren’t impressed with their own game, I am sure many developers cringe when showing off buggy alpha code with entirely unfinished parts of the game on camera, but to say they are not impressed with it is just something else. :)

  27. rehashbodash says:

    This is going to stomp Diablo3 for consoles.

  28. juraksvor says:

    Sub-kamikaze: Perhaps a dissatisfaction with the current state of AI? In most 3D games these days you’re murdering blow-up dolls with pea brains. Why try creating a game where you should be compassionate about a rigged model, when it’s far more obvious to simply make you feel contempt for it. I think it’s in our nature to dislike what is trying to mimic us (mimic, not depict.) Postal is the kind of game where you sadistically destroy these unholy abominations, which dare to entitle themselves as human beings, and on top of that, are trying to hurt you; the real human. There is a pleasure in doing so. Obviously, you got to find this for yourself, I doubt all of the game designers, if any, had this in mind.

  29. Saflo says:

    The thing that annoyed me about Postal 2 was that despite the claims of the developers(?) to the contrary, you couldn’t play through the game non-violently. If I remember correctly, you could do most of your errands for the day normally if you wanted, but the final bit always required you to shoot your way through a police station or blow up an elephant or something.

  30. Erlam says:

    “Just run from that bitch.”


  31. Tom says:

    Is that the Source engine?
    Also, postal dude looks like Gordan Freeman?!

  32. internut says:

    A boorish, one-note company makes another boorish, one-note game. Doesn’t RWS have anything interesting to say?

  33. Someone says:

    Holy shit Postal 3 looks so AWESOME!!!!

    I hope it will be at least as good as Postal 2 (teh best game ever).

  34. aldo says:


    Offhand, it is the Source engine. Dunno what version, though.

  35. Mooey Poo says:


  36. FodderCannon says:


    Wow, edgy!

  37. Thomas Edison says:

    It’s a known fact that the people over at RWS could care less about their customers or their fans and that Mike Jaret has the intellect of a squirrel. Postal 2 might have been a horrible game, but personally I found the multiplayer aspect to be entertaining, hopefully Postal 3 will be a game that puts them on the map and won’t make them the laughing stock of the gaming community.

  38. Thomas Edison says:

    By the way, the poster named “Someone” is actually an administrator from the RWS forum, which just happens to be the worst forum in the history of the internet.

  39. trillex says:

    Shun those who try to be different! I dare you!

    See, you can’t. RWS gets the respect it deserves, for actually trying something completely different than the stock games.

    Postal was fun, in it’s own unique way. Any game where you can pee yourself in the face and make yourself puke needs a damn medal.

  40. sinister agent says:

    Postal was fun, in it’s own unique way. Any game where you can pee yourself in the face and make yourself puke needs a damn medal.

    I wouldn’t go that far, but you do have a point. It’s at least something a little different to your typical shooter. Whether the new one will be significantly different to the last though, is arguably more important.

  41. Sharpless says:

    It sounded like he couldn’t believe what shit he and his co-workers had produced. “This is not what I signed up for.”

  42. Cycle says:

    I sent RWS an e-mail once, and the head honcho responded to me personally. I thought that was nice!

  43. Charlie says:

    It is the Source engine but it didn’t look very pretty considering. I still think Source is one of the nicest engines. Ep2 was gorgeous and obviously TF2, although I imagine anything Valve make would be very good looking regardless of th engine.

    In my opinion it’s more about design than the graphics, companies seem to think that using UnrealEngine3 will make their game will be enough to make it look good.

  44. The Shed says:

    The ridiculous “escape from the cell” thing is just Postal doing its normal gig- taking the piss out of everything. In this case it’s obviously taking the piss out of all cell situations in games- MGS, Thief, Oblivion… It’s just their style.

    Possibly the most sketchy thing about the footage was the rubbish falling over animations. That was embarassingly bad.