Jumpgate: “Darkness this, darkness that”

There sure is a lot of darkness in the Jumpgate universe, at least if this new trailer is to be believed. Well, it is space, I suppose. Anyway, this has some in-engine (if not in-game) splendidness, and it all looks rather pretty indeed – darkness permitting. And it’s about time someone came up with an alternative to that space MMO, so I’m rather anxious to get hold of the beta and get playing. Could this be NetDevil’s great redemption? Have a nose at our recent interview if this tickles your space-glands.


  1. NuZZ says:

    Still waiting to get into the damned beta!

  2. The Sombrero Kid says:

    already signed up for this beta, looks interesting

  3. Sartoris says:

    Ancient civilizations, huh? It’s like everybody just fucking stopped trying. Come up with a new cheesy plot to [milk] to death already.

  4. Nuyan says:


  5. Matt says:

    @ Sartoris.

    I agree but can we stop it with the rape comments already please

  6. Heliocentric says:

    you got monthly fee in my freelancer-homeworld-alike?

  7. Chaz says:

    Phwoar! That is looking very tasty indeed.

  8. Batolemaeus says:

    Funny, this looks like an Eve trailer, but in less polished, and less “omg dark cruel space nobody will hear you scream”-ish.

    Honestly, some twitch based space mmo would be nice, but the trailer is horribly boring. I’m waiting for some real ingame footage.

  9. Sartoris says:

    @ Matt

    Sure, no problem. My bouts of NERD RAGE sometimes get the better of me.

  10. Tom says:

    lol. oh god, that voice over did absolutely nothing for this game. Highly amusing though. And as this darkness darkens it all started getting terrible… dark…!

  11. shon says:

    It reminds me of how much I don’t miss Babylon 5.

  12. no says:

    This seems nothing like EVE. While EVE has in-depth game play with a large variety of options for playing style and a lot of open-ended experiences to be had and is focused around a long term career in various exploits, this game seems like it’s just a shooter . . . in space.

    Not to mention “nations at war”. Great. So … what, like… I get to go out to space to fight the CHinese or something? *yawn*

    At best, I expect this to be a dumbed-down version of EVE. If you want instant action and math is tuff and plotting courses hurts your little head, then this seems right up your alley.

  13. D says:

    That’s very negative of you.

    Some people don’t care much for EVE. For me it comes down to the time-based skills aquisition and the standard MMO “press buttons” gameplay. Jumpgate is a twitchy actiony space sim. What you’re saying is that Team Fortress 2 isn’t a good game because it’s a dumbed down World of Warcraft.

    “In-depth gameplay”, “a variety of options”, “open-ended experiences”, “long term career,” those are not exclusive to EVE. If Jumpgate ends up what it’s planned to be, I’ll have a very good time. And I’m positive I’ll be spending plenty of time calculating damage-over-range charts and plotting courses.

  14. Shawny D says:

    if this turns into Freespace (well at least close to the feeling of freespace), they’ll get my monthly fee no problem. I’m starving for a space sim in the worst kind of way. I hope the price point per month is closer to 10 USD though, this standard 15 USD is asking too much. Still, if it’s good enough, and a little less hardcore than EVE, I’m really excited for this.

  15. ysbreker says:

    anyone else notice how the trailer music sounds awfully much like the intro music of battlestar galactica?

  16. Esha says:

    I can’t say anything really until I can get my hands on it and try it.

    Though I loved Freelancer, even online, and despite my hatred of PvPissantry (pissant is not a rude word, no need to panic!). It was fun being a trader and knowing the routes so that one could always outrun the raiders, whom I always happily imagined to be banging their heads on their keyboards when I managed to outmaneuver them with an almost completely unarmed ship.

    That was a kind of PvP I could get into, but I never felt that the playing field was balanced. It took a long time and many frustrating deaths before I managed to save enough for the exact kind of ship I wanted, the ship that would leave many frustrated would-be looters in my dust as I hopped from lane to lane. If they can get the balance right and provide a smoother experience from the beginning, then they’ll likely have my money per month, too. At least for a little while.

    But if the WoW-ish grind element rears its ugly head, I might just skip over it. The last thing I want to be doing is killing ten space slugs with my scout ship over and over just so I can get an entry-level merchant vessel.

  17. Nick Halme says:

    This only makes me more sad that it isn’t Battlestar. At the very least, TRY to invent a cool plot.

  18. Dominic White says:

    So, has anyone here actually played the original Jumpgate, which this is a remake of? It was basically Elite Online with a pretty realistic and demanding flight model. The kind of game you need a gamepad at the very least to play properly.

    It was also probably the best thing Netdevil had ever done.

    If they can keep that blend of flying, shooting, trading and exploring, and make it look good this time (Jumpgate looked rather out of date even when it was brand new), then I’m in.