RPS Impressions: Warhammer Online Beta

This is not a review. It also isn’t a verdict, or a judgement, or a rating, or anything of the sort. WAR isn’t released yet, there’ll likely be a fair few changes in the final game, elements of it won’t be up and running properly until the servers are jam-packed, and without a doubt none of us have played enough of it to make a really definite judgement. Apart from Jim, who knows full well he won’t be playing it until they put some spaceships in.

What it is a discussion. We’ve been on the WAR closed beta for a few weeks now, and it’s certainly a game we’ve desperately wanted to talk about here. And not simply because we’re British, hence playing Warhammer is fairly synonymous with puberty for us. Also because, well, it’s potentially the most interesting MMO this year. Despite… ah, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s see what we’ve got to say…

Edit – a little context. The European closed beta differed significantly to the US closed beta in that players were split onto different servers dependent on their language. The net result was four fairly quiet servers instead of one busy one, and that mean the PvP/RvR elements of the game were barely operable. That’s why we don’t discuss ’em as much as we do the PvE and Public Quests. If you think we shouldn’t be talking about the game at all given that, well, that’s your prerogative, but we disagree. We’re writing about what the game’s European publisher presented us with. Additionally, WAR is far from being just a PvP game – the PvE is substantial and omnipresent, and the reason many people want to play the game. And again – this is not a review. It’s just a cheerful, informal discussion of our experiences on the closed beta.

Jim: Come one, come all, back from your tea and masturbation, to discuss Warhammer: Rage Of Eckoning! First, let’s talk about how much we’ve played. I have created three characters, and played nothing
John: I’ve played a High Elf to 10, a Chaos to 8 and an Orc to 15.
Alec: I’ve made a few characters to poke about with, mostly on the Destruction side
Kieron: I’ve played my Witch Elf up to Level 14 or so. A couple of other really low alts. And some messing around with the level 31 stuff. I haven’t done much of the PvP or RvR stuff yet. Those areas have been quiet when I’ve been playing, it seems.
Jim: John, how do you feel about playing another MMO? Your first since City Of Heroes?
John: I’ve played a bunch of WoW between the two. But it’s an interesting thing. It’s a comfortable place to be, but sometimes I feel like WAR was a bit too comfortable.
John: WAR is good. It’s really, really good. I think they’ve done a stunning job. But it’s also the same as another game.
Jim: What game?
John: WoW.
Jim: Goodness, how dare you.
John: I know! Who’d have thought this would come up?
Alec: They are genuinely trying to take that model further, though
Jim: I’m sure it’s completely different.
Alec: It tries quite hard to make its classes distinct, and your every action is that much more tied into the ongoing struggle
John: That’s true. And the endgame is very different. And the Public Quests, and the instanced Scenarios, and the whole RvR thing – that’s all different. But it feels like a different topping on the same ice cream.

Jim: Alec, how is this making you want to play MMOs again? Aren’t you burned out after months of WoW?
Alec: I took a while to click with WAR precisely because of the initial crushing familiarity, but after a while you pick up on how it’s more focused on giving you what’s fun, not what’s a pain in the arse
Jim: The familiarity is a good thing though, right? In the same way that MMO’s ease of play and comparative lack of skill demands are a good thing? Get people playing…
Alec: I’ve yet to decide entirely about this. There are times when I want to throttle everyone involved for being so cynical, but other times when I entirely appreciate that yes, it’s bringing people in, and is an entry point to hopefully experimenting with stuff outside of their WoW comfort-grind zone. But at the same time, it turns some people off, and it paints them into a corner. Plus it’s depressing that what’s likely to be the biggest MMO of the year – and the biggest step-forward MMO of the year – is hanging on to someone else’s coat-tails
Jim: =But does the game offer enough new shit to keep time-hungry beasts like me interested?
John: I think its physical similarity has an astounding effect on you. A housemate walked in and said, “How come you’re playing WoW again?”
Alec: No, it’s not going to appeal to anyone who’s completely done with the WoW model. It goes beyond it in many ways, but you don’t ever think you’re playing a different sort of game

Jim: Let’s get away from that for a bit, and assume everyone knows what they’re getting themselves in for on that count. John, can you explain those public quests for me.
John: Right, well, you’re toddling along, probably killing ten of something, and then you’re alerted to a quest that’s happening in the area. You can join in without joining a group (although there’s a very smart system that lets you join an impromptu group with others taking part, should you wish to), and what you contribute to the push defines the XP and rewards you receive. They’re generally three stages, and often end in killing a powerful boss, and they’re really rather a lot of fun. They are, without question, WAR’s best feature.
Jim: Alec – public quests?
Alec: The public quests do make a big difference
John: They really do. Every MMO from now on is going to do them.
Alec: It terms of it’s what you want to play a fantasy MMO for – big fight, nice reward, grouping, but without any of the hassle. It’s just there, and instant, no talking required. You get your big monster in about 10 minutes
Jim: That sounds like a great way of getting away from the “massively single-player ” trap
Alec: My concern is it’s overwhelming the game a little. That’s what everyone piles into, and the best rewards only come from doing them multiple times.
Jim: That’s something for patch/tweaks though, right?
John: It really is getting away from that. Mucking in to a general effort – that’s a great feeling.
Alec: But at the same time it’s organically bringing about group play, in the very clever way of dangling a personal carrot in front of you
John: It pushes you into teamplay in other ways too. You’re given quests that are simply to take part in a Scenario.
Alec: That may be at the expense of the standard quests, though. Possibly the RvR stuff too, though it was hard to get a good sense of that from the stuff we were playing a couple of weeks back

[Kieron returns from his tea and masturbation]
Kieron: Hullo!
Jim: Kieron Gillen, we’re talking public quests
John: The standard quests, that I’ve played across all races, are pretty poor. Kill 10 of this, gather 5 of those, and then go tell that guy.
Jim: Girren: public quests?
Kieron: That’s the thing – I agree entirely with the guys that the public quests are the really nifty PvE component.
Kieron: I mean, I’m a level four Witch-elf and I’m already involved in a mass brawl with a bloody dragon.
John: When I spoke to Mythic and asked them what would be the thing that stood out, they said PQs.
Kieron: Yes, but the game is being hyped as a RvR thing. We haven’t done much of that, man.
Kieron: Something Tim E said to me seems relevant – with Warhammer, to have the most fun with it, you have to kind of go with the flow.
Jim: Do you think RvR will matter to the majority of gamers?
Kieron: I suspect it may actually.
John: I think it will have to. The game passionately funnels you into taking part in it. And with a level cap at 40, it’s what the game becomes about.
Kieron: Which is what I mean – rather than in WoW where at a similar part of the game I generally stuck my head down and carried on doing my own thing
Alec: I think the PQs are pushing you into it to a significant extent
John: They very quickly set PQs in RvR zones.
Kieron: In Warhammer, you see what’s happening. Is there a big RvR scrap going down? I’ll go get involved. passing a PQ on the way to something else? Well, why not muck in.
Alec: Yeah, that “well I’m here anyway, and I don’t have to anything other than start hitting things” sentiment pervades
Jim: Will making the MMO *more* multiplayer, be the lesson of Warhammer?
Kieron: The ONLY WAR thing

Alec: It’s the reason it’s important, and not simply A WoW Clone
John: Yeah, it really means that. You CAN skin animals, but really you’re meant to be hitting stuff.
Kieron: (Hell, I was amazed there was crafting in it at all. And I’m also disappointed that Witch Elves can’t skin elves to make clothes out of it)
John: I think it’s going to be a huge success primarily because it apes familiar MMOs enough that people instinctively know what they’re doing, but it also is a game that’s deliberately built around that endgame world of epic battle. Rather than sticking it on the end so the hardcore have something to do.

Alec: My concern with the PQs and the RvR both is that it really messes up the game’s geography. It’s not a world filled with events – it’s more like wandering around a science museum, and stopping off at the exhibits that have pushy-buttons and flickering lights. It’s really unconvincing as a place – it’s these pockets of activities within their own weird, insular bubbles, but far too close too each other. There’s really no sense that you can explore.
John: I didn’t find that at all. I found the PQs occuring naturally between towns, or in contested zones.
Kieron: I disagree too actually, though I know what Alec gets at. Thing is, for me, it’s not meant to be a world. It’s meant to be a warzone. Those pockets of areas on the maps are individual skirmishes going on, and in terms of giving character to individual conflicts – at least for the Dark Elf stuff – it does it well.
John: There’s these old ruins at the bottom of a hill, near a town in the Greenskin area, and on the border of a RvR zone. It has an epic PvE PQ going on, occasionally with enemy players getting mixed up in. It’s an awesome site, and feels like it makes sense to be there.
Alec: That’s the thing – you can’t wander anywhere without some message popping up on screen. It feels artificial to that extent. I want to feel like I’ve found this stuff, not that it’s dropped in my lap.
Kieron: Like – say – this whole forest area off the main path where the elves are counterattacking via these traps, and there’s a low level skirmish going on between the two. perpetually, as it’s a standard PvE MMO, but decently enough.
Alec: It’s not a critical failing, but it’s made it hard for me to get a sense of place.
Kieron: I’ll give you that those messages can be intrusive. But I think the alternative is worse. “Where’s the public quest again?”
Alec: I’d make them further apart and shown on the map, or shown on a map once you speak to an obvious NPC in town
Kieron: Wow – lots more walking. That’s the thing – I like its tightness. I like things like not having to kneel and eat food to recover health.
John: All praise the super-fast healing!
Alec: No, not lots more walking, just a bit more breathing space
Kieron: Stuff like that absolutely stopped me playing WoW. I have a very low threshold for boredom.
Alec: Yes, it’s identified a shedload of WoW annoyances to get rid of – whilst retaining plenty of others

John: What about the Tome of Knowledge? That was the other Big New Thing, and was the thing I was most looking forward to.
Kieron: The Tome’s neat, but I honestly haven’t used it much.
Alec: I’ve used the Tome to check quest details, and that’s it
John: I’m really let down by the Tome. For me it’s become one of those irritating things that flashes on the screen that I just click on to clear it.
Kieron: What’s it actually *meant* to do?
John: And it makes getting at quest details a real fiddle. I assume a hotkey for going straight to quests will be added eventually. It was meant to be this alternative to RvR.
Alec: It’s an awful lot of text for a game that’s about cartoon characters stabbing each other
John: It was there for the person who wanted to SP the game.
Kieron: Right.
John: It would provide a coherent narrative, and offer its own quests.
Kieron: It’s a step on from Middle-Earth’s similar thing, I think, in that way
John: But I’ve not had a single tome quest offered. There are 10,000 Tome Unlocks in the game, and they’re fun to get, but then a confusion mess to understand. I think that’s what will happen – the Tome will become a fiddly quest journal, with an achievements page.
Kieron: It’s a very big achievement page. Anyone got a favourite character class? I like my Witch Elf a lot. Which surprises me, as I despise elves.
John: Okay, I have one other worry, and it’s that question.
Jim: Has anyone got to the squig tank? that sounds amazing
Alec: Yeah, I’ve enjoyed my Chaos Magus, though the floaty disc isn’t floaty enough. I get stumped by small hills and puddles.
John: I played as a High Elf first, and it was just so dull. I thought the game was doomed. I played as a Chaos, and I thought: meh. Very standard MMO. I then played as an Orc, and I thought: Woo! Best MMO ever!
Jim: Tell me a bit more about the classes – is there anything specifically unusual?
Alec: Most of the classes are a bit more hybrid than you’d have expected. Still fit into the standard boxes, but generally feel a lot less like you’re just Tank or DPS or whatever.
Kieron: Yeah. The thing with the classes is *there is a lot of them*. And they’re not just the same with the names filed off.
Jim: Why are orcs so good John?
John: It seems like a squillion times more passion went into that zone. You’re immediately firing yourself off Orcapults to reach distant castle roofs. You’re having these really funny quest givers talk in grunts. You’re a real character.
Kieron: I haven’t played the Dwarves, but I’ve heard similar things
John: Whereas a High Elf is like being a bloody librarian. “Go and find 8 of this plant, for no reason.”
Alec: The comedy races were always going to be easier to achieve that with. Which WoW sort of failed at by lumping Gnomes in with Dwarves and Trolls with Orcs in its starting zones
Kieron: And I really enjoyed the DE. Even the “Kill X” quests were often turned into something a little more interesting. Like – say – the one where I collected heads and stuck them on spikes in front of an enemy base to try and lure a hero out to fight.
John: There’s an Orc quest similar to that. It makes a big difference.
Alec: There’s a lot of head-pole action. I’ve done that almost half a dozen times
Kieron: Yeah – I used it as an example. there’s certainly been mroe pole-head sticking.
John: But even if it’s just an aesthetic on the end of a kill quest, it makes it feel like narrative.
Kieron: Yes – exactly.
Alec: It was funny the first time, etc. I just hope they can sustain that kind of thinking without running out of ideas. Having seen some of the l30 stuff, I’m not convinced yet, but there’s much I’ve not done yet.
Kieron: You know, I’m going to go and roll a new High Elf alt after this and see what I make of it
Jim: Speaking of aesthetics – how good looking is it?
Kieron: It’s acceptable.
John: It looks like a polished WoW. There’s no escaping that comparison.
Alec: you stop noticing what it looks like – it’s like a genetic memory of playing an MMO. Though the Inevitable City looks incredible, if horribly confusing to navigate
John: The Inevitable City is utterly brilliant.
Kieron: I haven’t been yet. I may go there instead of forming a HE.
John: It’s a stunning piece of design. Visually wonderful.

Is this meant to be in here?

[Alec leaves on a secret mission. It may or may not involve milk.]
Jim: Anyone got something else to add? We can conclude otherwise
John: One thing. I want to make it clear that this is one of those occasions where you’re deducting marks from 10, rather than adding them on from 0. They’ve managed it – they’re the first to create an MMO that compares to, and goes beyond, WoW. And that’s an absolutely massive deal that shouldn’t get lost in the (very valid) nitpicking.
Kieron: Yeah. God knows how it’s going to do long term, but given a choice between the two, I’d play this.
John: I think it’s best summed up as: they’ve created the WoW that Kieron wants to play.
Kieron: And I do wonder how much I’ll play it – after all, I’m the one of us who *didn’t* burn out on WoW. I didn’t like it enough to burn out on it.
John: Kieron I use as an example of someone’s who entirely immune to grind hypnosis.
Kieron: Heh. of course, it’s also the one MMO I’ll never review due to conflict of interest stuff (He’s writing a comic set in Warhammer at the moment. Out September, Comics peeps – Ed). To conclude: What’s your favourite chaos god?
John: God.
Kieron: Slanesh.
John: What’s a funny answer to attribute to Alec?
Kieron: The Horned Rat



  1. Max says:

    Get over yourselves, If you like wow some much stay there.Finally theres a mmo that looks like it can take wow and all you lot do is bitch about the smallest little things and blow them to seem like massive flaws.Stick to wow and keep out of the faces of the people who want to give Warhammer a fair go.

  2. Nick says:

    Hard to talk about the next big thing and not acknowledge the elephant in the corner. That being said…

    My biggest issues with WoW are:
    1. having to solo so much when leveling
    2. a lack of any goals for open world PvP besides “don’t get continuously griefed by the level 70s in your nub zone”
    3. and an endgame consisting primarily of instanced combat in a massively multiplayer game

    WAR addresses all of these:
    1. Public quests, PvP areas in every zone, and an easy group finding system make soloing less appealing and grouping easier and more purposeful
    2. KEEPS!!!! Oh, and turning potential griefers into chickens with 1hp
    3. An endgame consisting of loads of open world PvP and two unique city siege instances that lead to epic dungeons and uber bosses, as well as glory for the realm.

    Combine that with the wonderful lore of Warhammer and I really can’t find anything to dislike. Just gotta wait for Mythic to work some kinks out before it goes live later this month.

  3. sikk says:

    For those that argue WOW clone etc you have to remember that WOW copied EQ, EQ copied UO. It happens because it works and is popular. Compare it to the automobile, it started with 4 wheels how many years ago? Has it changed much other than slight inside and outside differences? No because it works and delivers with 4 wheels better than 3 or 5 or more wheels. This is exactly why the UI in WAR looks alot like WOW and why the next game 3 years from now will probably look the same.

    Also as an afterthought change can become failure as we see in AoC. Reinventing the wheel backfires more often than succeeds and with the risk of MMO’s these days it’s not worth risking for many companies.

  4. Dall says:


    Just want to say I played DAoC for six years. (12 if you consider for most of that time I played two chars on two PC’s simulatenously).

    Only reason I left DAoC was it got too lonely – and that was earlier this year.

    So, my hope for WAR is that Mythic is able to recate what DAoC had created and is reflected in some of the posts here. The game encouraged interaction and discussion and teamwork with people. It was fun to widely explore. And, the grind did suck at times.

    I never jumped to WoW, not sure why, maybe “vendor loyalty”?

    Now… wouldn’ t it be cool if my 50’s from DAoC could port over to WAR? LOL

  5. Dan H says:

    RVR is the main thing with War, alot of people who play WOW have no clue as to what it feels like to have your toon for long enough to kill well and know your toon well, to work with a team and use your toons to the max, rely on your group to play at the best of there abilities and to kill others without being killed first. RVR!!

    Mythics Daoc ive played for many a year and nothing has even remotely come close to match the greatness they brought to life with there trade marked> “RVR”, that I wish the millions who’s first MMO that was WOW could experience! With War they will get the chance if they just give it that chance.

    You will defenitly get killed alot in the game at first and if you arnt used to the whole complex thing that rvr becomes, the thing that gets you hooked is becoming better and improving… as with anything.

    Honestly I think alot of people from WOW who try the game and get smacked down repeatedly (which I don’t think can happen with the ease they have made to group) might get discouraged and quit because they don’t like the feeling of dieing… WHO DOES!?

    Thats what makes it so good when you are the one standing over that guy/gals body and the thought that they perhaps are at home cussing saying “that was Bullshat!” just as I do!

    Rvr can really be intense and definatly gets the blood and nerves flowing knowing that your game play may determine who is the victor, and that one stupid decision might be one you talk about with your friends later as a topic to improve on because you all got wiped.
    Get up and go again, learn your enemies and most importantly…

  6. Nick says:

    MMO rivalry is the new Q3 vs UT in terms of angry internet mens.

  7. eddevilfoot says:

    lol people are funny. I would have to say that I have played the beta and it does feel similar to wow. But oh wait when I played wow for the first time I felt “oh this is like daoc”. The only time I felt like I was making a complete transition in a generation of mmos was from ultima to daoc. Ok is this familiar feeling a bad thing? I don’t think so. Playing the beta felt like putting on your favorite pair of sneakers that you thought you had lost, Comfortable and just freaking awesome. Please war fans don’t take this as an affront to our beloved game. Does this game feel a little like wow yes. But so does every mmo since at least for me since daoc(I never played everquest). For the gentlemen who wrote this article and complained about things being to close together. Did you explore all of the zone or just where the game sent you? Because to be honest I left that part for when I got to play my main and he wont get trashed with the rest of the server. So I can see where you are coming from. On that note in every zone I was in I had over half of the map to explore yet.

  8. Brian says:

    I played Wow for 2 years and after playing in the preview weekend for WAR, it is a totally different game. yes, the screen shots may look alike, and yes the graphics are very similar, that is a good thing; but the game play is entirely different. This whole idea of RVR is pure genious. You start playing WAR and right off you are in battle. That is what people want, action, or else you lose interest. I would take PVP and RVR over PVE anyday :)

  9. Steven says:

    I hate the fact that everyone seems to think All of WoW was completly thought up by blizzard. They seem to forget that there were many mmo’t out before WoW and WoW is simarliar in way to All of them. Yes I admit that WoW did take all these ideas from other games and Put them together really well but, That is the History of gameing.

    In my opinion, 1 of the main reasons WoW is the Powerhouse of MMO’s is because of the Fanbase Blizzard already had, that play it just because it is Blizzard. I always wondered out of the millions that played WoW for how many of them was WoW their first MMO and their Only.

    I played War during Preview Weekend and the only thing i disliked about it was the absents of the stick key or autofollow. I know it may sound lazy but playing a melee i don’t like having to chase enemy casters and healer around in rvr, gives them way to much power when random lag spike makes me lose visiual and it takes 5 to 10 seconds to find them again and get to them.

  10. Demagos says:

    Well, I have been waiting for this game for years, ever since the first time I heard it was going to be made the first time.
    The main reason I want to play it is because it is based on Warhammer, although I would rather it was on 40k, I do love the fantasy theme.

    Now, hearing that it is similar to WoW is actually a plus for me. I played Wow for about a month and quit. While I did think it was a good game, personally I hate the Warcraft universe. I have never been impressed with it and even playing a good game based on it was more than enough to turn me off. So finding out that this takes off from WoW rather than EQ2 or other is nice.

    Reading about the ease of getting into a group is also a plus to me. Having limited times where I can play, whenever I tried other MMO’s, spending 15-30mins trying to find a group and then traveling to the zone to kill in, then waiting for everything to respawn, kills a majority of the time I have to play at any given time. Being able to join an open group instantly really makes things much better then sitting there shouting lvl whatever LFG over and over till somebody bites.
    The big question will be, will my limited amount of time to play at any given time going to be enough to have fun and enjoy myself and not miss out on too much, or is this going to be another game where you must have 5+ hours at a time to play or you are going to be left in the dust.

  11. Tialian says:

    WAR kicks the crap out of WoW. I’ve played some of the WAR closed beta and preview weekend.

    What I think is going to happen is those who play WoW who have been wanting much better PvP action will come over to WAR, those who prefer to PvE will probably remain with WoW.

    Speaking for myself I’m more of a PvP person so WAR is perfect for me.

  12. jeremiah says:

    Let me start by saying i have been playing WoW and running a end game guild for over 3years. WoW was alot of fun but there are certain unforgivable offenses blizzard has commited that i cannot ignore.

    1. making a new game and stacking it on top of the old and labeling it an expansion.
    2. Releasing so called expansions that make it possible to lvl past the previous content virtually making it trash.
    3. Allowing people who started a week ago to pvp grind and become more powefull than a 3yr veteran player.
    4. Making the “new” quest rewards more powerfull than the epics it took 40 people 3-4nights a week over the course of a year to aquire.
    5. Claiming PvP is at the heart of thier game when it only takes place in instanced scenarios. One of which gives more honor win or lose than the other 3 >.>
    6. Rewarding the 10hour a week player who does a couple BGs and 10 arena games a week with more powerfull equipment than someone who organizes and leads a 40/25man raid 3-4 nights a week.
    7. not allowing enough time for thier players/servers to fully explore the content before releasing more, effectively killing the desire to raid the already established content.
    8. You get nothing for killing a “boss” of the opposing faction other than a few cool screen shots and a “yeah we did that” story.

    I am eagerly awaiting WAR if not because it doesnt have these elements (yet? god i hope never) but because the raid drive is dead on my server because people think wotlk is coming out and it will make everything we have done for the past year meaningless. There is no lasting greatness in WoW. When i have dedicated years to something i want to look back on my charactrer/s and see the fruits of my labors. Now im not saying everyone who starts a mmo should have to go through everything that there is to get to the end game but blizzard may as well delete Azeroth and just put a AH in northrend and call it good.

    I sincerely hope WAR does not make these fundemantal mistakes and ruin its fan base by doing so.

    For those solo players that dont like pvp perhaps you should buy a console? for those who dont like PvP but love fighting AI controlled bosses and waiting around for the other 20 people to “get it” or simply stop sucking stay with WoW.

    The 20 or so of my comrades that are coming with me will be destroying the order in the name of chaos very soon and i hope its everything i have researched it to be.

  13. Spleenstompa says:

    Just a few random opinions on the article:

    Most of the time, you guys (especially Alec) seem to not want to like this game. You seem stuck in the idea that “it’s a WoW ripoff and I can’t like it because of that” but that’s simply not true.

    There are two aspects to the whole “WoW 2.0” idea: Visuals, and gameplay mechanics.

    Visually, this game looks no more similar to WoW than it does to the Warhammer fantasy art and models. Maybe it should be said that WoW looks like Warhammer, considering that ther Warhammer concept art and models have been around for 20+ years longer than WoW.

    Concerning mechanics, I’d say WAR is no more similar to WoW than it is to City of Heros/Villains or EQ2. Think about how much innovation (in terms of actual gameplay mechanics) there was in moving from EQ1 to WoW.

    I can without a doubt say that there is much much much more innovation and many more new features going from WoW to WAR than there was going from EQ1 or DAoC to WoW.

    Also, your opinion of the Tome of Knowledge gave me the feeling that you guys all like to min/max every aspect of your given game, which really conflicts with your complaints about the world feeling too small. The Tome provides back-story (which for me, makes it easier to get into a game) and interesting little tidbits to the play constantly. Of course if you just treat it as an annoyance and close all of the popups, you can dismiss it as an overhyped peice of garbage and then at the same time, have another reason to complain about the world that you didn’t bother taking the time to get familiar with.

    The Tome has many rewards for exploration, ranging from simple back-story and narratives about an area you stumble across, to titles, tactics, et cetera. It’s something that will keep completists like myself searching long and hard all over the world for unlocks, and min-maxers and powerlevelers will ignore it and then complain about a lack of content.

  14. Spleenstompa says:

    I’d like to ammend mine with this:

    Considering that WAR is all about RvR, I find it ghastly and unforgivable that you wrote this much about the game without playing any significant amount of RvR. That’s just unprofessional.

  15. Skipngonaked says:

    It is a PvP game. IF you like the WoW Pve thing please don’t play Warhammer because no one wants to hear the btching. The graphics in Warhammer are ALOT better and it has a more realistic look to it. As far as gameplay goes you could say WoW built off of EQ and other games before it. Every game does it so don’t come here and say Warhammer is just a re-done rip off of WoW because it is far from it. If your gonna say that then one could say you are just stubborn and afraid to see another game contend with WoW. It is called competition … accept it… it is part of life.

    And like stompa said Warhammer has been around a hell of alot longer then Warcraft. You could say Warcraft got there concepts from the board game Warhammer??

    And the “REVIEW?” above just goes to show any retard can play a game, THAT IS IN BETA, for a couple days and talk like they have played the finished game for months. How the hell do you compare a game that is still in closed beta to a game that has been going for a few years now????????

    You guys were better off not writing anything at all until the finished product was out.

  16. Citizen Parker says:

    I’m not sure what all the WAR fans are finding to complain about with these beta impressions.

    The WAR team themselves seem to like it (given the front-page link from WAR’s main site and Paul’s comment far, far above mine).

    Overall it’s a glowing conversation (not a review), and the ONLY reason I looked twice at this game (and now eagerly awaiting the open beta on the 7th).

    Perhaps WAR stories are the new “piracy” articles here on RPS…

  17. Grimfate says:

    The great thing about WAR and WOW being around at the same time is that its going to push one another to make even better content. I have always wanted to see a game beat WOW, but i realize that i would rather have a game compete neck and neck with it so it is no longer a monopoly. WOW was and is and always will be a great game, and blizzard certainly has a great reputation which i think mythic will have to contend with, but i believe that there should not be animosity towards the two games. Instead we should all just appreciate each games innovative designs and aspects.

  18. Clayton says:

    I have been part of the closed beta and have these points.
    It is like WoW with slightly slower combat. WoW Graghics are like a cartoon- WAR are slightly more “real” for lack of a better word. WAR have taken PVP content and overlapped it into the PVE world giving more meaning to go and kik other players buts. Eg. I was questing, ended up questing in an RvR area and spent the next 3 hours killing ppl with mates, firing off cannons and then realised why i was there in the first place,to collect some flowers or something. Great fun. Instead of WOW- Stormwind is under attack spamming on my screen and every1 in the city just not caring cos no one is flagged or no raids being formed to take out the enemy cities coz there aint no reward. PVP in WOW=Battlegrounds or the occasional gank, camp or raid on some low lvl town. I am hoping that character customization will be improved. Choosing out of six faces and 2 haircuts and so on isnt exactly my idea of looking unique. I am not sure y they even bothered with scenarios, they are just RvR zones that you magically get teleported to after waiting in a queue. Should have just stuck them in the PVE world like the other RVR zones. Capturing keeps=Awsome! Pissed off coz if you wanna be a tank on the order you gotta be some feminime looking elf wuss or a fat shrimp dwarf. Was really hoping to be some big mad human warrior of order, so i had to go chaos chosen instead. I like bein the good guys but not if i gotta look like i was just on an episode of queer eye for the straight guy or the biggest loser. Orders cool factor is really low where chaos is kool. I dont understand why the argument has to be which game is better WoW or WAR? They both have easy to remember abbreviations of their titles. I love WoW a lot and i love playing WAR a lot. I wont be giving up one for the other and i think that both of the games developement teams should take the great ideas both games have and incorporate them into their titles. Creating 2 awsome games that continue to try and outdo each other. Forcing new fresh ideas and “keep up with the jones’s” mentality. The argument that warcraft copied warhammer is really stupid! Warcraft started as a strategy game that had humans vs orcs, pretty standard setting for fantasy based game. The story of warcraft has slowly evolved from then on from each new game release. Wow uses pretty standard fantasy creatures, elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls etc yet the back ground stories of these races are actually quite unique when you compare to other fantasy settings in books movies or games. Eg. Orcs are not a race of evil creatures, they are much like humans who were at one point corrupted by demonic forces but have since broke away from this and become shamanistic. Night elves are not evil and the high elves ended up being junkies. Both warcraft and warhammer have used standard fantasy creatures and ideas and have made their own lore for the races, world and backstory. All in all, i think WAR is an awsome game with unique features that a lot of future mmo’s should take notes on and WoW is an awsome game and will always be an awsome game. I can finally have 2 great mmo’s that i can switch between when i get tired of playing the other!

  19. Jim Rossignol says:

    And the “REVIEW?” above

    You didn’t even read the first line? Thanks for your input!

    You could say Warcraft got there concepts from the board game Warhammer??

    No! But no!

  20. Clayton says:

    Lol. yeah sorry. i just got a bit carried away.

  21. nef deppard says:

    WoW is a PVE tunnel that you are never meant to see the end of. I would rather tie my shoelaces a thousand times over, than do another PVE instance.
    After 3 years, and switching from PVE to PVP WoW, I have had enough. Blizzards’ idea of PVP is so poorly implemented that I am sure PVP players will eventually make the transition to WAR.
    If Mythic can recreate the PVP/RVR I enjoyed in DAoC then WAR will be a hit.

  22. Michael says:

    All I have to say is I tried playing WoW again a little while ago and tried playing a new class and race. I hated it… I couldn’t be bothered to spend more then a generous hour trying WoW again.

    I picked up WAR and was part of the preview weekend and I could not put the game down… it was that good! From the very start I was drawn in from the story line, combat abilities, and the over all minor differences that WoW doesn’t have that makes WAR more then just a WoW clone.

  23. zakkyboozer says:

    The game has yet to come out, so I find all this arguing a bit of an annoyance. On a similar note it seems as if most of the fanboys on this page have payed little attention to the statement that this is NOT a review. It is an opinion from a few seemingly intelligent individuals on several aspects of a game they haven’t played all that much of anyway. The game is, after all, in the beta, so save your “WoW beats everything” and “WAR ftw” until it has been released, and even then perhaps you should actually experience it prior to announcing said remarks.

    Furthermore, to those of my fellows from the “good ol’ US of A”, try to keep your Brit bashing to a minimum. It makes the quasi-intelligent citizens of our “great nation” look as stupid an uninformed as you are. Keep in mind that if it weren’t for them our country would not exist. I think I could deal with a few what have you’s and I say’s if it meant living in a country of open minded generally knowledgeable people, with a damn good sense of humor to boot.

  24. jeremiah says:

    I wonder….nobody has commented on class balance since WAR is virtually all about RvR/PvP.

    is one class equally able to kill another one on one based on the skill and/or pc/internet connection of the other? is there pvp gear that makes you more powefull pvp wise or is it all the same pve or pvp? Personally i think the items should have the least impact on the overall power of a character and skill should be at the forefront. I have no illusions that it will be completely balanced and polished at launch but i would like to know exactly how the classes perform and what plans if any they have to continuely strive for balance.

  25. Cogfatha says:

    WAR and WoW look “Nothing” alike. Please refer to those ridiculous looking hampsters they call “humans” in WoW, and then look at the definitely better job of “humans” in WAR. Big difference there.

    Only gripe I have, and it’s not even an issue cause it will for sure be fixed and I believe already is, is the rebellious little War Lion I had. Bad War Lion…BAD! And the occasional mob runnin away from a great White Lion ass whoopin!! (should be obvious what my main is gonna be…Order FTW!) I won’t get into all the other crap about who started what where, whose mama has those cookies and how blue can they make the sky. Truth is, WAR is lookin pretty good, and I just hope it doesn’t turn out like AoC did…*sniffs, still hurting from the hurt*

  26. Your Future Killa says:

    I think most people are simply too focused on comparing WAR and WoW to one another, and it’s a simple minded train of thought. First off, I can compare Star Wars Galaxies to WoW if I wanted to and call simularities, whoopty-do. There are simularities of course, you don’t want to break a working formula. The developers clearly stated several times over they don’t want to be totally different, they aren’t out to revolutionize the fantasy MMO industry, but rather to build on it with some evolutionary instead. That said, if it makes some people see it as “WoW 2.0” what in hell is wrong with that? I’ve played WoW for over 3 years and delved deep into the end game and guess what? WoW’s end game may looks pretty, but it’s actually dull as hell, simple repitition and grind over and over for shinier tidbits that offer very slight improvements overall. Then, wearing your new t5 and t6 gear, you go do the same thing again on Thursday night because once you have so many shiny bits of armor on, that’s all you can really do is repeat. WotLK? Pahleeeze! Read up on that expansion, its a total rip of game play balance, not really anything all that great or new, just more repitition and some ideas carefully stolen from WAR before its release. After the release of WotLK I fully expect to see a good years worth of constant gameplay tweaks and balances yet again. WAR doesn’t totally look like the sourcebook when talking graphics, okay, thats true. Of course, if it did almost nobody could play it due to the system reqs needed to play, and RvR (soon to be a new staple in the genre) would be all but impossible on the best systems. Also touching on that is the inevitability of many of WAR’s core features becoming staples with the fantasy MMO (and indeed MMO in general) genre; more in-depth background info, achievement and quest tracking (aka. the Tome of Knowledge by other names), Public Quests, Open Grouping, and instanced pvp scenarios that are more balanced and more accessable.
    All said, WAR in my experience thus far is far superior than WoW- far more engrossing, far more enjoyable and by far more fair minded(WoW caps servers by the total number of players per sever rather than the total number per faction, meaning PvP in WoW gets really shitty when your Horde and the alliance on that server outnumber you more than 4 to 1 -thus they have better gear progression and such) And let us face the truth, WAR developers did 2 really important things that solidly sold me on the game, they cut out the vast majority of the crappy repetitive grinding and they added collision detection to PvP! All that without mentioning how amzing the open world RvR in the game is!
    So those of you with your uppity “WoW clone” opinions, go try to develope a successful fantasy MMO that doesn’t have any simularities to WoW… good luck on that pumpkin, you’re gonna need it.

  27. Sirroark says:

    come on people you make like WoW started the hole mmo thing but it was just an advancement on the frist greay mmo EQ!! but that game got old , how really wants to lvl 70+ and now wow is going thur the same process and ithere will have to be a new better game, the market damands itm it will all ways be this way, there will always be one top mmo while the others linger in the past.

  28. NeverDeath says:

    WoW did little to nothing revolutionary to the MMO genre except for coming in and throwing its weight around, bringing more people into the genre and expanding the market; Other than that, most of what was in that game was taken from MMO games that came before it. You’d be surprised how many people seem to think WoW was the first MMO. It’s almost sad.

    WAR isn’t doing anything WoW didn’t do when it was being developed; You use the industry standards and improve upon their implementation, and sometimes you make your own systems to add. WAR has a lot of things in it that other MMO’s haven’t done, or have tried to do but failed to implement correctly. Having played it, it’s all extremely well done, particularly for a beta.

    No game can kill WoW, no matter how boring and fuzzy PvE it may ever get, but WAR is definitely going to rival it, in time. WAR is no AoC. It’s definitely going places – It only takes a person one time in large-scale RvR combat to realize that.

  29. Andrek says:

    While World of Warcraft has [other] developers such as Jeff Kaplan, and a lore-backstabber named Chris Metzen (who, except for that, is a decent guy), Warhammer has the utterly brilliant developers like Paul Barnett, Josh Drescher and so on.

    Sure, WoW has been polished during it’s 4 years. But I have to say, with the funds that Blizzard have, and so much time for improvements, they’ve not achieved perticularly much. Personally I’ve been a Warcraft fan until the point when Lore became nothing more than a resource to be butchered to keep addicts playing. This is far more obvious in Wrath of the Lich King (I could refer to pages were Blizzard contradicts themselves about their own lore, added/changed in WotLK).

    While Games Workshop will keep an eye on Mythic so they don’t go far in that sense, Blizzard already crossed the line too many times. Personally, I refuse to be around when Arthas gets brought to the slaughter just like Illidan was. (The person who has raided Illidan and now see him as a alive character, not a lootsource, please step up).

    Warhammer will give us something new, when all Blizzard is doing is filling up the same portion of shite we’ve been playing for 4 years. Simply adding something minor every now and then (which, in WotLK’s case, they stole from mainly Warhammer).

    Wrath of the Lich King is more of a Warhammer wannabe expansion than Warhammer is a Warcraft wannabe game.

    Ciao mates.

  30. Bright says:

    I disagree about the “too similar to wow, so burnt out people won’t play” idea presented here. I was severely burnt out on wow, to the point where i would log in, jump around Stormwind a couple of times, and log off 10 minutes later. This game though has kept me playing for hours on end, it’s not grindy, you are involved in something fun from the very start. No more waiting until level 70 before being able to do anything significant. Everything you do in WAR is significant, no matter what.

  31. WhiteRabbit says:

    Man, this has been a trashfest of a comment thread . . .

    This was a great discussion about the game. Every game has its good and bad points. It was nice of them to point it out. I have played in the closed beta and pretty much agree with what everybody said.

    As far as WoW vs. WAR:
    I played WoW for a while and liked it. It’s a good game. It opened MMOs to the masses. It has a user-friendly interface. WAR did copy some of those things from it because they worked. Mythic would be stupid not to. Mythic isn’t stupid, and they know most of their player base is going to come from that game. I loved hopping in the game for the first time and having the controls feel so familiar. The game world is quite different, but familiar enough so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

    There are a lot of things that make WAR stand out, and those are what should be celebrated, not its similarities to WoW because those aspects are common among most MMOs.

    I have a CE pre-ordered and can’t wait until the head-start finally opens and I can start owning face!

  32. Kieron Gillen says:

    In passing – as I haven’t had a chance to read through the comments thread – one thing we should have perhaps been clearer about is that due to playing in the EU beta, there’s rarely been the chance for us to play RvR. Since there’s multiple servers for each language, it seems that each server rarely reaches the population threshold where RvR really kicks off.

    I think that we liked it as much as we did from the PvE side alone is a sign of how neat we think it is.


  33. ourlastflight says:

    i’ve preordered this game and im defiitly going to give it a shot,but being a wow fan i don’t think war will deliver a better or competing experience to wow and in the long run i don’t see myself sticking with war online.

  34. loki says:

    In the end who really cares if it seems a bit like wow, aspects of wow seem ( and in fact are) like alot like other games; its the nature of the market if it works here why change whats not broken. AoC tried it and look a 5 wheel dosn’t make the car anymore fun to drive it just adds a whole layer of extra shit to screw up on. Not saying that in the confines of “what works” there isn’t alot of room to be innovative though. and that’s where this game (hopefully) shines.

    And anyone who looks at Beta and nitpics needs to have there head checked especially when comparing to wow did any of you actualy play wow when it was first released ? complaing about class imbalances and waiting ques …. hello your playing a beta did you really think you where playing a FINISHED games i hope to hell not. Im sure its gonna be a couple of months before all the classes are acceptably balanced and kinks in the never before stress tested system are ironed out its a fact of life. What matters is did they get the ground work right? The most impressive building can go to S*** if you dont have the foundation of a great thing worked out its not gonna improve its just gonna snowball.

    So spend the 50 bucks and try it out if your interested who cares what a beta tester said/ didn’t say you might find them spot on or decide they are full of crap don’t let the fan boys or nay sayer’s ruin it for you (/rantoff )

  35. Alec Meer says:

    Why do people keep getting angry about things we haven’t written?

  36. Meat Circus says:

    Why do you say such hurtful things about my mother?

  37. Kieron Gillen says:

    That’s ludicrous, Meat. Anarchistic syndicalism is a viable response to certain social events.


  38. Drakensteel says:


    On the whole “WoW copied WAR fantasy setting”
    WoW DID copy WAR. Expecially if you look at the older games.
    Now of course most games have some *universals* (elves are old and smart and arrogent and dead sexy), however, I would like to point out that untill WAR3, orcs WERE monsterous evil crazy killing machines. Then in 3 they finally decided to make a real major background to the game and have been fleshing it out (and F*#$King it up) since.

    You pointed out “Warcraft started as a strategy game”….im curious if you really know anything about Warhammer?

    Night elves, do seem to be mildly unique to WoW, however you could likely point out MANY similarities between them and wood elves of warhammer (bloody treehuggers the lot!)

    Ok, my train of thought is quickly disentigrating, so feel free to stop now as I’m about to embark on a WoW lore rant.

    I can understand having to make changes over time to really add lore (expecially from stuff b4 WAR 3, since that is where they really actually started creating a real backstory), however it seems every time they add new story it breaks the old.

    Also, QUIT RUINING EPIC CHARACTERS! Illiden, while always a bit on the insane side, still used to be pretty cool, and while things didn’t exactly work out as he had expected, he really did have the best intentions for his people at heart. Kael….what the hell did they do to him ><
    I was already disappointed that he went completly maniac obsessive after the frozen throne…but the first time I saw him in Magisters terrace my respect for the storyline people at blizz diminished….why!?!?!

    Now of course, they are takeing the blue dragonflight and screwing them up as well. Malygos IS a bit of a nut since almost all of his flight was destroyed 10k years ago, but he knows magic better then anything alive (on azeroth), I severaly doubt he is addled enough to do something to save the world (deprive every1 else of magic) in an attempt to save it.

    Bah, enough ranting.

    In short, I LOVE the warcraft lore, while so far im only moderatly into warhammer (though 40k is EPIC), but they continuoulsly drive me away and honestly, my obsessivness with the series since the original (which I played when I was 4) is the only thing really keeping me going…

    Ok, stopping now before I really crash.

    And I do realize that this post for a WAR topic was mostly on WoW…Ill try to make another about the actual game once I collect myself.

  39. Epic says:

    @Meat Circus
    1.The game is about KILLING. It’s like asking for less shooting in a shooter.
    2.Kill quests are more fun than “Go spend 15 minutes walking to X and pick up Y and then turn around and come back to me” quests.
    3. Warhammer kill quests are not nearly as much of a grind as WoW kill quests are. You can finish them 2-3x faster and there is less travel time.
    4. You aren’t supposed to do nothing but solo quests, do PQ’s, dungeons, scenarios, and Open-World RvR.


  40. mr reason says:

    Ok After reading asll the posts I want to say the following.
    1) its still in beta and some smoothing etc is still to be done.
    2) I have played every Warhammer Genre game their is and can tell you it does feel like warhammer.
    3) I played wow for years and while their are some similarities, playing it past lev 20 will show you just how different it is.
    4) WoW has sold out to the easy quick fix brigade and is constantly making the game easier and easier to where now if you can click a mouse you can Heal or use a shot rotation etc.

    This game is different enough to stand alone but similar enough (was wow really that different from DAOC, or EQ or EQ2?) to be easily picked up.
    Also remember how the other games were at release??? It takes a bit of time to polish the stone and get it to the place its going to be.

    Wow sucked at release….now having years of time to work on it, it feels polished. Warhammer will too.

    Even if you played in Beta, Even if you got to play at high level, you haven’t seen the game that its going to be.


  41. Epic says:

    Order sux cuz if dey says “WAAAGH” da orcs will kik der asses. and da odder destuck…..destruct….destruction….ya dats it, dey will help us. Dey n00bz dey have to says order ftw.

  42. Drakensteel says:

    Ok then.
    Public quests – I, personally, loved deeply, however I will admit that when you have 40+ people all doing them at once they lose some of their fun, yet there are MANY PQs in less traveled areas that I never saw any1 doing, and yo really cant do them w/o at least a small group.

    Scenarios – To all the people ocmplaining about insanced combat in MMOs, a big part of it is to keep the place balanced. If you are in World RvR its very common for one side to start completly rolling the other because they simply have more population/people in that particular area. With scenarios, stratagy is, if anything, more importent, and the sides are useually much more balanced. I saw one person talk about not likeing getting teleported into it….well that is just for conviniance. And I must say, I played WoW back when you had to run to ashenvale/Arathi basin/Hillsbrad to get in BG, and thats just annoying, and it reduces the number of people queing drasticly since many dont want to spend that much time going out there.

    ToK – I can understand if you doint like it, if you have no intrest in lore/obsessing over random, comparativly meaningless (compared to stats) numbers, then I doubt you will place muhc intrest in the ToK. Personally, I loved reading many of the entries (from the very 1st one which has a maurader clawing his eyes out), and being one of the few chaos with the 25 “killed by sorcerer” thing. I will admit, it could use some better organization, Whenever I was looking for soemthing specific (list of all quests I currently have going/how much influence I have for this PQ) it could often take a bit to find it.

    Graphics – Honestly I am a big (brace yourself) fan (please dont kill me) of WoWs. Like everyone else has said, WARs are a bit less cartoony then WoWs, though honestly aside from that I personally dont see much difference (ok, a bit more detail in certain areas but, hey I admited that I like WoWs). Though yes, humans look considerablly better in WAR.

    Class balance – This, naturally, is something Im sure will take time to get right, and even when it is right no one will be happy (“A good compromise leaves everyone angry”). Personally, I think it seemed pretty decend during PW, I was only in the lowbie scenarios but I never really saw one class always dominate. BWs do inflict much pain with AoE, however, even on a tank once I got within melee range they useually didnt have any choice but to run in circles untill 3 other BWs killed me (that match I beleive my team mates were running around in circles in the general vicinity of one of the capture nodes). Wish BGs had a bit more coordination, but theres the benifit to a guild.

    Other Quests – Pretty strait forward generally, but the text was VERY intresting (for destruction), and they seemed to go much faster then in WoW (then again I didnt have to run quite as far generally, bu the longer I played the more time I spent running. On the other hand, Kill collecters seem to make it mildly worth your while to kill copious amounts of pretty much anything you happen to run across in your travels. And who dosn’t love setting buildings on fire?

  43. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    I love the smell of Angry Internet Men in the afternoon, they have a rather nice cinnamon bouquet.

  44. Warghoul says:

    Well, I didnt read every single response, dont have THAT much time, so if Im reiterating something which has already been said/addressed, forgive me.
    To those who have said the artwork isnt WAR-ish enough: I played WAR rpg and tabletop for many, many years. I think the graphics are actually very faithful to WAR flavor. Many of the character renders look like they were pulled directly from WAR minatures.
    To those comparing WoW to WAR: Well, Im tempted to ignore this one, I mean, just as in RL, people who are fans of one will think its better than the other, and the majority of them will think that the lesser (in their opinion) copied the better. Its human nature. But, for my 2 cents, WoW copied all of the good points of the games that came before it, and attempted to leave out the bad. This is what WAR did as well, copied the good points of games that came before it, and attempted to leave out the bad. This is how things are developed. You dont get rid of what works well and is popular, you adopt it and add to it, which is EXACTLY the same thing WoW did when they created THIER game.
    Bugs and flaws in the BETA and Preview: Are you kidding me? Thats what beta’s are for, finding bugs, testing the game… of COURSE your going to find bugs in the beta, your SUPPOSED to. BETA isnt a just a chance to play the game before everyone else, your also supposed to be LOOKING for bugs, and reporting them so they can be fixed. Every beta agreement/contract Ive ever read explained this, so, those of you complaining about such things are just foolios that didnt read said agreement, and didnt understand what you were SUPPOSED to be doing in the beta in the first place. And to all the WoW fanbois, WoW was EXTREMELY buggy when it first came out. Sh*t, I remember it being about 8 months before the game really smoothed out and became enjoyable.
    Well, thats it i guess. I enjoy posting my thoughts and flaming others anonymously as much as the next geek, but If I were to post every though I have on the matter, this post would be an hour long read.

  45. Drakensteel says:

    @ Warghoul

    Dont know much about WAR art, as I have only got into it rather recently


    agree with the first part, but I dont really remember WoW being that buggy….then again I did quit for 3months right after it came out so I was a little behind the lemin rush (ciaphias cain ftw) that found the bugs.

  46. Warghoul says:

    @Drak: Well, I suppose its possible that I am misremembering how long it was buggy, 8 months seems about right, but it was like what, 4 or more years ago now? I am certain however that I recall it BEING buggy. I, like many other players spent much time on the forums complaining about said bugs. Also, you can go to the WoW homepage and view patch notes for all the major patches. The small, hotfix patches arent listed there but… anyhow, just reading those patch notes you see quite a few bugs which were identified and fixed, dating all the way back, and interestingly enough, all the way forward as well. The last blizz patch identified and corrected several bugs. So, even know, when they are so “polished” (Im not actually disputing that they are, dont get me wrong) they are finding and fixing bugs.

  47. Gorgeras says:

    Unfortunately my time at Warhammer Alliance told me that a large minority of people waiting for the game can not bare it to be criticised(another thing it has in common with WoW). All criticism is immediately and automatically interpreted as an attack on the game and it must mean that you don’t want the game to be great.

    PCG’s last preview of WAR was slightly critical about one of the starting areas. On Warhammer Alliance, they threw a tantrum over it. No matter how gently some matters are approached, they’re not satisfied. They don’t understand that criticism exists only because people care about what happens to the game and no amount of effort in explaining this to them on my part has got them to see sense.

    Now some of them are here throwing a wobbly over this ‘review’.

  48. Geminye says:

    Im an elder beta tester still in the test servers for WAR and yeah, that is a WoW shot at the end… only thing I have to say is this, and it’s my sig in the closed beta forums for WAR: Having played WAR Beta, I can say,
    Once upon a time I loved WoW and wow, am I over it!

  49. Azza says:

    As a Warhammer tabletop gamer it can be said that i have been waiting on this game for a VERY long time, and from everything that i have read it is all that i could hope for (except for the removal of Black Guard… i wanted one of those bad!) I feel that the Tome of Knowledge really wasn’t given the respect it deserves in this article, as a fan of history and detail the tome is nothing short of a god send, i for one will spend many hours simply reading through the tome, let alone playing the game itself. As far as the familiarities to WoW go, it’s not really a fair judgement. All MMO’s have to play in a certain way, just as most RTS, and FPS games do, to say it’s plays similar to WoW would be to say that WoW plays similar to it’s predecessors. It has to fit a certain model and THEN add it’s own mark on the genre, which it has clearly done, to be too radical would be to invite failure because people wouldn’t feel at all comfortable playing the game. Also the graphics are nothing similar to WoW’s in my opinion, they are completely fitting to any Warhammer artwork you would see in the tabletop game. Blizzard has long taken ideas from the Warhammer world and made them into their own. Graphics are never a massive thing to be looked at in MMO’s though, they have to run a minimum of sorts so that their game is accessible to as many people as possible.

    Also for those that want their space ships, THQ is working on a Warhammer 40,000 MMO as we speak. it is still years away, but it is coming ;)

  50. Joonas says:

    I’ve been playing WoW since the beginning but now I can’t help feeling that Blizzard have really killed the game for good in TBC expansion. For me WoW has become just silly self-repeating gear grind that has resulted in killing the last bits of fighting spirit and fun in the PvP side of the game.

    What I’ve read and seen – WHO seems like a fun game for a change with proper lore behind it. While in WoW, gods cried everytime I saw another D&D rip in it.
    See you in The Old World:D!