RPS Impressions: Warhammer Online Beta

This is not a review. It also isn’t a verdict, or a judgement, or a rating, or anything of the sort. WAR isn’t released yet, there’ll likely be a fair few changes in the final game, elements of it won’t be up and running properly until the servers are jam-packed, and without a doubt none of us have played enough of it to make a really definite judgement. Apart from Jim, who knows full well he won’t be playing it until they put some spaceships in.

What it is a discussion. We’ve been on the WAR closed beta for a few weeks now, and it’s certainly a game we’ve desperately wanted to talk about here. And not simply because we’re British, hence playing Warhammer is fairly synonymous with puberty for us. Also because, well, it’s potentially the most interesting MMO this year. Despite… ah, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s see what we’ve got to say…

Edit – a little context. The European closed beta differed significantly to the US closed beta in that players were split onto different servers dependent on their language. The net result was four fairly quiet servers instead of one busy one, and that mean the PvP/RvR elements of the game were barely operable. That’s why we don’t discuss ’em as much as we do the PvE and Public Quests. If you think we shouldn’t be talking about the game at all given that, well, that’s your prerogative, but we disagree. We’re writing about what the game’s European publisher presented us with. Additionally, WAR is far from being just a PvP game – the PvE is substantial and omnipresent, and the reason many people want to play the game. And again – this is not a review. It’s just a cheerful, informal discussion of our experiences on the closed beta.

Jim: Come one, come all, back from your tea and masturbation, to discuss Warhammer: Rage Of Eckoning! First, let’s talk about how much we’ve played. I have created three characters, and played nothing
John: I’ve played a High Elf to 10, a Chaos to 8 and an Orc to 15.
Alec: I’ve made a few characters to poke about with, mostly on the Destruction side
Kieron: I’ve played my Witch Elf up to Level 14 or so. A couple of other really low alts. And some messing around with the level 31 stuff. I haven’t done much of the PvP or RvR stuff yet. Those areas have been quiet when I’ve been playing, it seems.
Jim: John, how do you feel about playing another MMO? Your first since City Of Heroes?
John: I’ve played a bunch of WoW between the two. But it’s an interesting thing. It’s a comfortable place to be, but sometimes I feel like WAR was a bit too comfortable.
John: WAR is good. It’s really, really good. I think they’ve done a stunning job. But it’s also the same as another game.
Jim: What game?
John: WoW.
Jim: Goodness, how dare you.
John: I know! Who’d have thought this would come up?
Alec: They are genuinely trying to take that model further, though
Jim: I’m sure it’s completely different.
Alec: It tries quite hard to make its classes distinct, and your every action is that much more tied into the ongoing struggle
John: That’s true. And the endgame is very different. And the Public Quests, and the instanced Scenarios, and the whole RvR thing – that’s all different. But it feels like a different topping on the same ice cream.

Jim: Alec, how is this making you want to play MMOs again? Aren’t you burned out after months of WoW?
Alec: I took a while to click with WAR precisely because of the initial crushing familiarity, but after a while you pick up on how it’s more focused on giving you what’s fun, not what’s a pain in the arse
Jim: The familiarity is a good thing though, right? In the same way that MMO’s ease of play and comparative lack of skill demands are a good thing? Get people playing…
Alec: I’ve yet to decide entirely about this. There are times when I want to throttle everyone involved for being so cynical, but other times when I entirely appreciate that yes, it’s bringing people in, and is an entry point to hopefully experimenting with stuff outside of their WoW comfort-grind zone. But at the same time, it turns some people off, and it paints them into a corner. Plus it’s depressing that what’s likely to be the biggest MMO of the year – and the biggest step-forward MMO of the year – is hanging on to someone else’s coat-tails
Jim: =But does the game offer enough new shit to keep time-hungry beasts like me interested?
John: I think its physical similarity has an astounding effect on you. A housemate walked in and said, “How come you’re playing WoW again?”
Alec: No, it’s not going to appeal to anyone who’s completely done with the WoW model. It goes beyond it in many ways, but you don’t ever think you’re playing a different sort of game

Jim: Let’s get away from that for a bit, and assume everyone knows what they’re getting themselves in for on that count. John, can you explain those public quests for me.
John: Right, well, you’re toddling along, probably killing ten of something, and then you’re alerted to a quest that’s happening in the area. You can join in without joining a group (although there’s a very smart system that lets you join an impromptu group with others taking part, should you wish to), and what you contribute to the push defines the XP and rewards you receive. They’re generally three stages, and often end in killing a powerful boss, and they’re really rather a lot of fun. They are, without question, WAR’s best feature.
Jim: Alec – public quests?
Alec: The public quests do make a big difference
John: They really do. Every MMO from now on is going to do them.
Alec: It terms of it’s what you want to play a fantasy MMO for – big fight, nice reward, grouping, but without any of the hassle. It’s just there, and instant, no talking required. You get your big monster in about 10 minutes
Jim: That sounds like a great way of getting away from the “massively single-player ” trap
Alec: My concern is it’s overwhelming the game a little. That’s what everyone piles into, and the best rewards only come from doing them multiple times.
Jim: That’s something for patch/tweaks though, right?
John: It really is getting away from that. Mucking in to a general effort – that’s a great feeling.
Alec: But at the same time it’s organically bringing about group play, in the very clever way of dangling a personal carrot in front of you
John: It pushes you into teamplay in other ways too. You’re given quests that are simply to take part in a Scenario.
Alec: That may be at the expense of the standard quests, though. Possibly the RvR stuff too, though it was hard to get a good sense of that from the stuff we were playing a couple of weeks back

[Kieron returns from his tea and masturbation]
Kieron: Hullo!
Jim: Kieron Gillen, we’re talking public quests
John: The standard quests, that I’ve played across all races, are pretty poor. Kill 10 of this, gather 5 of those, and then go tell that guy.
Jim: Girren: public quests?
Kieron: That’s the thing – I agree entirely with the guys that the public quests are the really nifty PvE component.
Kieron: I mean, I’m a level four Witch-elf and I’m already involved in a mass brawl with a bloody dragon.
John: When I spoke to Mythic and asked them what would be the thing that stood out, they said PQs.
Kieron: Yes, but the game is being hyped as a RvR thing. We haven’t done much of that, man.
Kieron: Something Tim E said to me seems relevant – with Warhammer, to have the most fun with it, you have to kind of go with the flow.
Jim: Do you think RvR will matter to the majority of gamers?
Kieron: I suspect it may actually.
John: I think it will have to. The game passionately funnels you into taking part in it. And with a level cap at 40, it’s what the game becomes about.
Kieron: Which is what I mean – rather than in WoW where at a similar part of the game I generally stuck my head down and carried on doing my own thing
Alec: I think the PQs are pushing you into it to a significant extent
John: They very quickly set PQs in RvR zones.
Kieron: In Warhammer, you see what’s happening. Is there a big RvR scrap going down? I’ll go get involved. passing a PQ on the way to something else? Well, why not muck in.
Alec: Yeah, that “well I’m here anyway, and I don’t have to anything other than start hitting things” sentiment pervades
Jim: Will making the MMO *more* multiplayer, be the lesson of Warhammer?
Kieron: The ONLY WAR thing

Alec: It’s the reason it’s important, and not simply A WoW Clone
John: Yeah, it really means that. You CAN skin animals, but really you’re meant to be hitting stuff.
Kieron: (Hell, I was amazed there was crafting in it at all. And I’m also disappointed that Witch Elves can’t skin elves to make clothes out of it)
John: I think it’s going to be a huge success primarily because it apes familiar MMOs enough that people instinctively know what they’re doing, but it also is a game that’s deliberately built around that endgame world of epic battle. Rather than sticking it on the end so the hardcore have something to do.

Alec: My concern with the PQs and the RvR both is that it really messes up the game’s geography. It’s not a world filled with events – it’s more like wandering around a science museum, and stopping off at the exhibits that have pushy-buttons and flickering lights. It’s really unconvincing as a place – it’s these pockets of activities within their own weird, insular bubbles, but far too close too each other. There’s really no sense that you can explore.
John: I didn’t find that at all. I found the PQs occuring naturally between towns, or in contested zones.
Kieron: I disagree too actually, though I know what Alec gets at. Thing is, for me, it’s not meant to be a world. It’s meant to be a warzone. Those pockets of areas on the maps are individual skirmishes going on, and in terms of giving character to individual conflicts – at least for the Dark Elf stuff – it does it well.
John: There’s these old ruins at the bottom of a hill, near a town in the Greenskin area, and on the border of a RvR zone. It has an epic PvE PQ going on, occasionally with enemy players getting mixed up in. It’s an awesome site, and feels like it makes sense to be there.
Alec: That’s the thing – you can’t wander anywhere without some message popping up on screen. It feels artificial to that extent. I want to feel like I’ve found this stuff, not that it’s dropped in my lap.
Kieron: Like – say – this whole forest area off the main path where the elves are counterattacking via these traps, and there’s a low level skirmish going on between the two. perpetually, as it’s a standard PvE MMO, but decently enough.
Alec: It’s not a critical failing, but it’s made it hard for me to get a sense of place.
Kieron: I’ll give you that those messages can be intrusive. But I think the alternative is worse. “Where’s the public quest again?”
Alec: I’d make them further apart and shown on the map, or shown on a map once you speak to an obvious NPC in town
Kieron: Wow – lots more walking. That’s the thing – I like its tightness. I like things like not having to kneel and eat food to recover health.
John: All praise the super-fast healing!
Alec: No, not lots more walking, just a bit more breathing space
Kieron: Stuff like that absolutely stopped me playing WoW. I have a very low threshold for boredom.
Alec: Yes, it’s identified a shedload of WoW annoyances to get rid of – whilst retaining plenty of others

John: What about the Tome of Knowledge? That was the other Big New Thing, and was the thing I was most looking forward to.
Kieron: The Tome’s neat, but I honestly haven’t used it much.
Alec: I’ve used the Tome to check quest details, and that’s it
John: I’m really let down by the Tome. For me it’s become one of those irritating things that flashes on the screen that I just click on to clear it.
Kieron: What’s it actually *meant* to do?
John: And it makes getting at quest details a real fiddle. I assume a hotkey for going straight to quests will be added eventually. It was meant to be this alternative to RvR.
Alec: It’s an awful lot of text for a game that’s about cartoon characters stabbing each other
John: It was there for the person who wanted to SP the game.
Kieron: Right.
John: It would provide a coherent narrative, and offer its own quests.
Kieron: It’s a step on from Middle-Earth’s similar thing, I think, in that way
John: But I’ve not had a single tome quest offered. There are 10,000 Tome Unlocks in the game, and they’re fun to get, but then a confusion mess to understand. I think that’s what will happen – the Tome will become a fiddly quest journal, with an achievements page.
Kieron: It’s a very big achievement page. Anyone got a favourite character class? I like my Witch Elf a lot. Which surprises me, as I despise elves.
John: Okay, I have one other worry, and it’s that question.
Jim: Has anyone got to the squig tank? that sounds amazing
Alec: Yeah, I’ve enjoyed my Chaos Magus, though the floaty disc isn’t floaty enough. I get stumped by small hills and puddles.
John: I played as a High Elf first, and it was just so dull. I thought the game was doomed. I played as a Chaos, and I thought: meh. Very standard MMO. I then played as an Orc, and I thought: Woo! Best MMO ever!
Jim: Tell me a bit more about the classes – is there anything specifically unusual?
Alec: Most of the classes are a bit more hybrid than you’d have expected. Still fit into the standard boxes, but generally feel a lot less like you’re just Tank or DPS or whatever.
Kieron: Yeah. The thing with the classes is *there is a lot of them*. And they’re not just the same with the names filed off.
Jim: Why are orcs so good John?
John: It seems like a squillion times more passion went into that zone. You’re immediately firing yourself off Orcapults to reach distant castle roofs. You’re having these really funny quest givers talk in grunts. You’re a real character.
Kieron: I haven’t played the Dwarves, but I’ve heard similar things
John: Whereas a High Elf is like being a bloody librarian. “Go and find 8 of this plant, for no reason.”
Alec: The comedy races were always going to be easier to achieve that with. Which WoW sort of failed at by lumping Gnomes in with Dwarves and Trolls with Orcs in its starting zones
Kieron: And I really enjoyed the DE. Even the “Kill X” quests were often turned into something a little more interesting. Like – say – the one where I collected heads and stuck them on spikes in front of an enemy base to try and lure a hero out to fight.
John: There’s an Orc quest similar to that. It makes a big difference.
Alec: There’s a lot of head-pole action. I’ve done that almost half a dozen times
Kieron: Yeah – I used it as an example. there’s certainly been mroe pole-head sticking.
John: But even if it’s just an aesthetic on the end of a kill quest, it makes it feel like narrative.
Kieron: Yes – exactly.
Alec: It was funny the first time, etc. I just hope they can sustain that kind of thinking without running out of ideas. Having seen some of the l30 stuff, I’m not convinced yet, but there’s much I’ve not done yet.
Kieron: You know, I’m going to go and roll a new High Elf alt after this and see what I make of it
Jim: Speaking of aesthetics – how good looking is it?
Kieron: It’s acceptable.
John: It looks like a polished WoW. There’s no escaping that comparison.
Alec: you stop noticing what it looks like – it’s like a genetic memory of playing an MMO. Though the Inevitable City looks incredible, if horribly confusing to navigate
John: The Inevitable City is utterly brilliant.
Kieron: I haven’t been yet. I may go there instead of forming a HE.
John: It’s a stunning piece of design. Visually wonderful.

Is this meant to be in here?

[Alec leaves on a secret mission. It may or may not involve milk.]
Jim: Anyone got something else to add? We can conclude otherwise
John: One thing. I want to make it clear that this is one of those occasions where you’re deducting marks from 10, rather than adding them on from 0. They’ve managed it – they’re the first to create an MMO that compares to, and goes beyond, WoW. And that’s an absolutely massive deal that shouldn’t get lost in the (very valid) nitpicking.
Kieron: Yeah. God knows how it’s going to do long term, but given a choice between the two, I’d play this.
John: I think it’s best summed up as: they’ve created the WoW that Kieron wants to play.
Kieron: And I do wonder how much I’ll play it – after all, I’m the one of us who *didn’t* burn out on WoW. I didn’t like it enough to burn out on it.
John: Kieron I use as an example of someone’s who entirely immune to grind hypnosis.
Kieron: Heh. of course, it’s also the one MMO I’ll never review due to conflict of interest stuff (He’s writing a comic set in Warhammer at the moment. Out September, Comics peeps – Ed). To conclude: What’s your favourite chaos god?
John: God.
Kieron: Slanesh.
John: What’s a funny answer to attribute to Alec?
Kieron: The Horned Rat



  1. Jabin says:

    See how this game really looks:
    link to fohguild.org
    AND link to flickr.com

  2. Warghoul says:

    Nice, you remove my post bashing gorgeras, who was bashing everyone else, but not his post. I wont be frequenting this site anymore. And, removing the offending parts of his psot, either the admins, or perhaps gorg himself, i dont know, doesnt change the fact that he is an idiot with no valid points. and if it WAS in fact an admin, or someone other than Gorg who edited his post, you shouldnt change peoples posts to make them seem more intelligent than they are

  3. mikevika says:

    Hmm having done the closed beta on this I can not say the author is entirely correct by calling it a wow clone as wow is in itself nothing more then a clone of the games that came before it with a slight twist, that said the interface is similar there ends the similarities what wow said they would accomplish in the first year with pvp and still have yet to deliver Warhammer has done it with no problems. Pvp in warhammer means something more then a victory notch in the BG’s it can affect a whole realm in many ways from lowering XP earned to not being able to get PVP items if your forts are taken and the fact that quests add to the victory total for that side it makes even strict pve’rs apart of the over all effort. Graphics are much better then wow’s cartoons but no where near AOC but the story lines brought in for alot of the quests makes them all more intresting the running around for x number of items hoping for a drop which when it comes is always 10 levels lower then what your using. Each race has it’s own starting are with it’s own feel and the classes are for the most part well balance with a few changes to be made. ANother note before people start calling this a wow clone, blizzard made warcraft because games workshop would’nt give them a liscense to warhammer way back when so most of the concepts are taken for warhammer it’s self. Get this game if you like PVP done right in a true warhammer environment, how ever if you like expansions that tend to make old content obsolete and a very misbalanced game then stick with warcraft and enjoy playing your warlock

  4. TechKnight says:

    I played an HE shadow warrior during the preview weekend, I LOVED the class, but the character looked like a very feminine man with unoptional long hair, skinny arms and legs, and constant Link (Zelda) outfits. I then tried an Empire Witch Hunter and was pleased with the varied skills and combos. He also looked wicked with his 5AM shadow and leather tunic. I just hope most good players dont end up on destruction side and few opportunities arrive for the Order to pillage the destruction city.

    Witch Hunter FTW

  5. Geminye says:

    Jabin submitted that the game looks like this: yeah it’s close to what I experience – very close but it still doesn’t seem as good as what I getta play with my system (highend quad core CPU, 4 gigs of fastass DDR2 RAM, a 1333Mhz FSB and a sweetass GTX OC viddy card) I wonder if the shadows aren’t on full? dunno but yeah – Perhaps folks with midrange systems are getting less quality than this and that’s why we have to read the annoying people/reviewers/critics/wow fanboys spout how it looks like wow… It certainly DOES NOT. WoW looks like a 3 yr old cartoon game compared to the stylistic graphically beautiful achievment that is WAR. Thanks for posting this Jabin. –> link to fohguild.org

  6. Geminye says:

    Okay one more post: this time my images – scaled down but you should see what the game should look like if your system isn’t as old as my grandma’s.
    link to flickr.com

    PS I’m concerned about the addition of the crappy wow image at the end by the website and they make no reference to it not being WAR as if they want folks to think WAR looks a lot like wow? I dun understand that… it isn’t honest.

    what kinda system do you guys pull your screenies from cuz those images are crap… please look at mine if you wanna see what you can realize with my quad core cpu and GTX OC vid card (or at least w/hardware that’s newish) – I can also get this result with my other system that has an 8800 gt card and duo core cpu fyi… just have to expect some graphics lag with that setup if you’re keeping all settings at highest like I do with my quad and gtx oc. Hope it gives folks a good idea what to expect anyway.

  7. Terrorstorm says:

    Another prob i have is that theres to many “human” like classes couldnt they have thrown in somthing other then elves,chaos humans(no deamons?),humans and dwarfs. Skaven or undead would have been a good start im sure they will eventually put them in but for now i feel like all i have to choose from is anerexic elves and, and, and well thats all there is to choose from. Also its not as pretty as you all keep saying it has good texture art but the animation is just not right theres something missing. All in all i was very let down by the looks of the game the ideas like rvr an pq are great but where is the quality that warcraft would deliver? What was leaving me confused is how you all come here saying the game is way beter looking then wow when its just not. But enough bashing the game because i must say that i had fun playing it while blindfolded. Its very very fast paced compaired to wow no more playing all day long to lvl(betting the later lvls of War will be long though). It doesnt take long to have a hole pile of alts in War but i notice alot of the quests are the same but at leas there very short.
    That said i will be playing since i preordered it but if they dont work out the bugs im gone. Ive said it since i first started following warhammer online the ideas are great but can they make a game out of them?

  8. cyrenic says:

    And here I was hoping WAR would have a more mature community than WoW. Oh well.

  9. Zaszz says:

    I want PVP, so Im off to WAR BABY! WoW’s pvp sucks balls, seriously their class balance in arenas is a joke, and I am done laughing.

  10. Gorgeras says:

    Just to note, my earlier post was edited by RPS for reasons I don’t know but I’m fairly sure are reasonable. I’m guessing that they thought it would attract further flaming after Warghoul’s now-deleted post.

  11. Me says:

    Well, you all do realize that Warhammer came first, right? WoW ripped WAR off is what it boils down to, Mythic was just slow to come up with transitioning WAR from pen and paper to MMO.

    After playing the preview weekend, WAR is significantly different than WoW (which I played for 2 years). SIGNIFICANTLY. I can’t stress that enough. Those of you who claim it is very similar are way wrong. The art is different, the mechanics… I could go on. The only similarities I see are in the UI. And, well, bearing curse-gaming’s UI accessibility, that won’t be a problem for long.

  12. Brandon says:

    Warhammer is a great game, it may not stand up to World of Warcraft’s content in the beginning months (i think it does) but give it time, how many of you can recall the content World of Warcraft had in the first few months of its release.. i mean it didn’t even have Battlegrounds so there was basically no PvP at all. I played in Preview Weekend and Closed Beta, i enjoyed the RvR, Tome of Knowledge (Which Blizzard stole through their “Achievements” expansion content even though its not even close to the ToK” and many other things this game had to offer

    And i saw a couple of people say one thing they didn’t like was that it didn’t have an “Autofollow” in the game because you were lazy. I am lazy too and it does have Auto follow, its just not an option by right clicking someone’s portrait, you just have to actually type /follow.

    Other than that the PvP vastly surpasses World of Warcraft’s, but all in all the game is on the same page as World of Wacraft is and soon to be many pages ahead of it!

    Can’t wait to see you all in the game on release day!

  13. Martijn says:

    Dark Age of Camelot (Mythic) has the best RvR ever made imo. Mix DaoC with WoW and we have the best game ever. Strange that not many people compare DaoC (2001) with WAR.

  14. Erik says:

    To the uninitiated/WoWfans: I really don’t understand what people are expecting WAR to be that doesn’t at least bear some resemblance to WoW. Of course there’s going to be “kill x of y” quests. Of course there’s going to be stylized weapons/armor. Of course there’s going to be some kind of a grind. It’s a fantasy MMO for pete’s sake. Those things are practically in the definition of MMOs. On the flip side, how much different can WoW and WAR be on… let’s see… EVERYTHING ELSE? The art is different: WAR is more muted, darker, and less… cartoony? RvR doesn’t even exist in WoW, and it’s a major component of WAR (I’m not sure how you can do a review/commentary without playing the major/flagship content…). WoW doesn’t have PQs. WoW doesn’t have interesting mechanics to smooth out PvP gameplay, while WAR has the “chicken polymorph” and the instance PvP buffing of lower levels so there’s some point of going in before the level range cap (do you hear me, Blizz?). WAR has classes that stretch the standard Tank-DPS-Caster-Healer molds. Still think it’s JUST like WoW?

    To the people that don’t play tabletop: The WAR MMO is (for better AND worse) dictated by the pre-existing Warhammer universe. Many of the thematic things that people don’t like about WAR are in there because they’re actually supposed to be. The Inevitable City has lots of twisty streets and is hard to find your way around in? Could that be because it’s… chaotic? I’m surprised that it doesn’t teleport you around randomly or spontaneously rearrange. There are too many humanoid races? High Elves are not the same as Empire are not the same as Dwarfs are not the same as Dark Elves. Please. And if you were more familiar with the IP, you would know why other races couldn’t be in the game without major rethinking. Let’s see… Skaven: whose side would they be on and why? Same thing with Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings (which someone ungraciously lumped together into “undead”: this isn’t WoW guys) Lizardmen: homeland isn’t anywhere nearby… maybe an expansion later on? All my fellow tabletop players know what I’m talking about… the rest of you, start reading before you bash decades-old IP.

    And for those people that are caught up on glitches (e.g. pathing, LOS, animations…): I will reiterate what others have said: IT’S A BETA. If you would read the beta boards, you would know that these things are well-known to the developers, are going to be fixed, and in the end, have no bearing on the underlying quality of the game.

  15. Vermilion says:

    There is blocking.

    My problem with the game: its too much for my laptop to handle! lol

    Otherwise fantastic. If you want breathing room, just walk off the main road? Maybe they can add on some ‘turn-off’ auto “announce open groups” and “announce journal acomplishments”.

    Oh and I was actually reading the Tome. I like fluff, which is seriously lacking in WoW (and most other MMOs).

    And I’d much rather have something intuitive to play, than something like EVE (which is really easy after the first few minutes, but one gets tired of hearing on noob chat “how do I move?!?”)

  16. Trunx says:

    Actually I think the AI was fixed before preview week end even ended.

  17. guy says:

    why did you include a WoW screensot? the last one is clearly NOT WAR.

    is that some subtle misinformation?

  18. arden says:

    WoW is to WAR as Naruto is to Jet Li.

  19. Klaiceps says:

    Sup all cool!

  20. MehiTheGreat says:

    WOW == PVE endgame, losely tied to Warhammer, 3 years of refinement, A Grind (have 5 70s all pvp epiced out)
    WAR == RVR endgame (the only succesful model for PVP so far), first release, tied to warhammer lore, leveling pvp or pve without the stupid hours wasted running around.

    Flaws? Yes its brand new. Experience dev team? Yes they will fix and listen. Love PVE? Don’t play WAR.

    Did I hit the main points? Yes.

  21. Sammoth says:

    Well, I played the Beta for both WAR and WOW I will tell you that WAR seems a bit more polished then WOW was in this stage. Few bugs that are known and being worked on AKA:pathfinding. I really don’t know why people gripe about the graphics there better then WOW’s period and this is still in Beta. When WOW was released they released it with dated graphics but, it worked. Same for WAR it will work. Both games have goods and bads. It’s just what works for you. Heres and idea don’t buy it if you don’t want it. I am sure alot of us WAR players don’t want the crying and complaints all over WAR servers.
    Also Quit comparing the 2 there different not copies. Warhammer was around a very log time before Blizzard was even formed. Ideas are borrowed all the time. AKA: Warcraft borrowed from Warhammer. AD&D from Lord Of The Rings and they all borrowed from Real myths and legends such as Greek, Roman etc.
    Enough of it already please get over it.

  22. Zombi says:

    “John: I’ve played a High Elf to 10, a Chaos to 8 and an Orc to 15.”
    “Kieron: I’ve played my Witch Elf up to Level 14 or so. A couple of other really low alts. And some messing around with the level 31 stuff. I haven’t done much of the PvP or RvR stuff yet.”

    I really wish you guys had played more of the game before posting “impressions.” Your observations on WAR are really pretty weak and NOTHING like what everyone else I spoke with throughout closed beta has to say about the game. I totally understand the loose comparisons, after all, it’s a fantasy MMO and you can’t really re-define that.

    For anyone who actually makes it down this far into the comments, I would advise you to try this game and see what your impressions of it are after more than the half a day (if that) a few of them have put into it.

    I’m kind of amazed that Mythic linked to this page from their website. I’m not saying you guys trashed the game, far from it. But posting impressions of a game when you obviously experienced very little content in it is pointless.

  23. Xiara says:

    The game really doesn’t look like WoW…unless your looking at screenshots. Login to the game, and you’ll see the world is much more detailed and beautiful looking.

    The folks in this interview obviously didn’t get very far into the game, and their opinions/views seemed to be based on a distate for WoW. More than once I was wondering if they had more MMO experience than WoW/CoH…I think the preview sums up the answer “No.”

    I disagree with the comment that ToK is for SP. It is very heavily tied into RVR, not SP. Its a great addition to an already countless amount of things to do in-game.

  24. Rageaholic says:

    I have been looking forward to the release to WAR for a long time due to many reasons. I’ve checked their websites daily, seen every cinematic, sat through every interview, read every monthly “issue”, as they described what they were trying to acheive.

    I, like many others, feel Blizzard has done an inadequate job providing for gamers whom are looking for lasting acheivement in their online world. With every expansion of WoW, everything previous has become meaningless; new characters right now are often rightfully told there’s not much point looking for gear in any of the level 60 instances, because what you get as green items in the outland outshine the best things from any old world dungeon. And good luck getting one of those old school 40 mans together! The exact same thing is happening with WotLK.

    This seems most especially inadequate when you consider how many resources the company now has because of their consumers.. it seems unfair how little they’re doing to appease their large masses.

    The classes are still extremely imbalanced. There is little to no actual customization; one has a list of maybe 3 or 4 more powerful combinations that make other options unrealistic. In arena, there are undenyably overpowered combinations, that simply beat more other class combinations by default than they should. And while battlegrounds are finally on a large enough scale for every class to have its need, their rewards pale in comparison to the smaller scale combat.

    In the end, for all the people whom have grinned and beared it, our characters are just as well off being naked and starting at level 70 on our journey to 80. We are no better off for our efforts, no matter what we were doing at the old cap for the days and months of played time, than somebody who finally finds the ease of Blizzard’s gaming and falls under their spell 2 weeks ago.

    I am pointing this all out because WAR is offering an entirely different experience than that. Admittedly, you -must- enjoy pvp for this game to work for you. It is centered around war, and if you don’t want to kill and be killed by other players it’s simply not gonna work. I’m sorry Carebears. We’ll miss you. If your worried that the game has poopy pve to guide you along the way to being a more team oriented, tactic using killing force with your allies for when you get to end game pvp, you’re abso-frigginlutely wrong. For collectors and characters wishing to max out unique customizations alike, there will be plenty to monsters with purpose to kill. And while in a future expansion these may lose stat value, what’s important is the renown rank. A seperate leveling system in addition to your xp, based on killing enemies and completing pvp objectives. The only way somebody’s going to catch up and gain that sometimes significant advantage back is to do as much slaughter as their opponent has. Lasting achievement.

    When I was directed to this site by warhammeronline.com, at first it sort of bothered me. I didn’t understand why they had sent me to a bickering match like this; the original discussion is solely designed to get us comparing it to WoW in the first place. The gamers even admitted it was not a review, and that they had not experienced any of what the game was about. Just threw us the bone and are laughing their asses off watching us fight over it. Then I realized…

    WAR already has enough of a gathering to actually fight back forum trollers. Enough (previous?) WoWers and gamers from all genres have experienced just enough of a taste of the game to already love it and provide you with reasons why we do. When you look at the responses even on this forum, for the most part anybody nay-saying is simply uneducated about the history of fantasy mmo’s, and are pointing out facts that end up furthering our claims. Calling anything a WoW clone to begin with is incorrect, as it was just a dumbed down clone of previous mmos (which started as text games…which started as D&D..etc) so that it was a more accessible game to more people. Blizzard is brilliant and deserves every success they have gotten, but there are people looking for a different experience than they are willing to offer.

    WAR is coming. Anybody who’s into fantasy pvp who tries this game will more than likely never turn back. It’s up to us to spread the word, and up to you WoW’rs to keep making fools of yourselves and to keep reminding us why WoW is through. (Or hey, a thought out response in WoW’s favor would be cool too.)

  25. Klesk says:

    It might look alot like WoW but it’s completely different. And again, what mmo doesn’t look like WoW?.. Mostly because WoW has the best features and such which makes it fun.

  26. Axx says:

    @ Gorgeras

    The Warhammer Alliance forums are a joke. Nothing but a bunch of coddled children who think any argument should be locked, any debate silenced, and any poster who speaks out banned.

    If you go there, be sure to only post what the mods want to hear.

  27. WoW player says:

    eaisly said this is WOW with a diffrent core and soon wow will have PQs becuase ive been hearing about it in wow for a long time and wow also now has a place for achivments in the upcomming expansion honestly this game may make it may not because its very simmalar the only thing that will decide it is what people want do they want a more medevil time or a more modern medevil time and people have already put many years into WoW that they have workd hard for so warhammer will need to pull something outa there asses, basicly if i join the game itll be a hit becuase ill prob be the last person to join ^.^ gl warhammer make me proud and do the impossible cuz wow is adicting now make urself a better drug then WoW

  28. Vovven says:

    If BLizzard takes the PQ’s from WAR and put it in WoW, it just shows how stupid and which copy cats they are that can’t make there own things.

  29. Vampero says:

    Noc says:

    A quick question about minutae that interests me:

    Do players block other players’ pathing? Or do players clip through each other WoW style?

    August 22nd, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    Yes you get Blocked in RvR,but in PvE you don’t.

  30. Gorgeras says:

    Zombi, would you have said the same if RPS had been completely and overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the game? Seeing as your objection is that they have played only a small part of the game, this point would equally apply if they gave no criticism at all.

    But they are mostly positive about it, which just goes to show that some people simply will not tolerate any criticism of the game no matter how mild it is. If the game tanks, it will be because of such people not allowing it to be criticised.

  31. sevensided says:

    Just a few FYI’s:

    1. I saw someone earlier asking about it, and some one later responding to it, incorrectly- All players block other players, whether they’re on your side or not. Pets also block players.

    2. There is no ‘Good’ side in Warhammer. While the game casts the side of Order as ‘Good’, they are not . They’re just less evil than destruction.

  32. Zombi says:

    @ Gorgeras
    “But they are mostly positive about it, which just goes to show that some people simply will not tolerate any criticism of the game no matter how mild it is. If the game tanks, it will be because of such people not allowing it to be criticised.”

    I do agree with you on one major point: There are people that will back this just because they don’t want their time to feel wasted. Obviously this is a pretty stupid reason for supporting anything, including WAR. However, I don’t think your comment has nothing to do with what I posted. I cannot be any more crystal clear than I was before. Don’t put words into my post that aren’t there. I don’t believe that, having seen so little of what there was out there, we should be reading RPS’s impressions of this.

    You wouldn’t put much stock into a movie review if the critic watched the first half hour, right?

    I already said they’re not bashing the game. They seem to enjoy it a lot! Not sure what else I can say to reinforce that. Their response to the game (I thought) was still very, very positive.

    Is that clear enough? I’m not saying RPS hates WAR. You could think of it like this: I disagree with when they posted it, not what was posted.

    Edit for spelling ><

  33. Jim Rossignol says:

    You wouldn’t put much stock into a movie review if the critic watched the first half hour, right?

    Not a valid comparison in this case. Games are not movies – and that’s especially true of MMOs. This is a discussion based on what we’ve played, and the fact alone that we explicitly said how much we had played should qualify that.

  34. A-bomb1 says:

    Zombi I think you’re probably taking their impressions a bit out of context. Remember that it isn’t a review at *all* but an impression of the game. Even if it’s an early impression of the game, that’s still what it is.

    The comparison though, despite what Jim says, is valid still I think in a way. I know I wouldn’t put much into what someone said about any medium even a game if it weren’t finished. *BUT* remember this: it’s not a review. So I don’t think it’s bad that they haven’t played more, as you put it.

    grrrr my post keeps failing and i didn’t get it all in..

    On a different note I don’t think it’s bad to say that WAR is looking really similar to WOW right now. I Haven’t played WAR at all but it kinda does look the same.

  35. Josus says:

    I think people forget that graphics don’t make a game work sometimes like in Lineage 2, game looked great but never really picked up. Also as far as pvp goes, looks like most people have never played one of the best pvp games ever, Shadow-bane. That game had real reasons to fight and that was to protect your city’s empires and neighbors otherwise you would find your home taken or burned. Nothing like working a year on a town filling npc guards vendors and walls to have another group come and wreck the place. They also had pvp available the moment you leave the starting zone. That meant if someone in your group was being a jerk you could leave just turn and kill them. Let alone when someone died everything except there armor was left on there dead body for looting. The game also had very good GM interaction where they could if they were feeling fun place monster outside your door or correct things that you messed up. Needed to say I’m looking forward to going back to basics of killing people to level and would love to know how this RvR will be. On an extra note anybody able to compare this game to some of the non talked about games?

  36. Atola says:

    BLah Blah Blah BLah Blah

    Everything seems to have been said twice. Just want to get my input in…

  37. Dan says:

    I always find it funny on these forums whenever a new game comes out and compares it to wow, like war is a wow duplicate with warhammer IP. WoW is the biggest functionally coppied game… ever, it deffinately wasn’t the first and has provided little of any variation from its predicessors.

    I’m looking forward to WAR potentially doing the mmo genre justice – most games, and wow being its biggest culprit, turn into huge single player games with a major city where everyone gathers and then ports off to play single player games. None, or little of the game content actually being massively multiplayer.

  38. Flambo says:

    Nice review guys, but… you didn’t try PvP? RvR? Seriously? You’re reviewing – no, sorry, giving impressions of – Warhammer Online and you HAVEN’T TRIED RVR?

    Get with the program.

  39. Utopia says:

    I completely agree Josus. Shadowbane was a great game, and so was DAOC. Since those days, though, there has been a gap in the games developed for PvP and RvR, maybe due to WoW’s popularity and success. Nevertheless, I do believe WAR will live up to the expectations of PvP gamers, and it’ll fill a necessary niche in the MMO community. WoW is a PvE game with a touch of PvP, WAR is a PvP game with a touch of PvE. No game will have everything to everyone.

  40. Rudolf says:

    I just noticed people randomly falling off the grammar bandwagon when getting excited over their opinion/standpoint. Nothing is better than having an argument with someone so worked up their (!) spelling cracks up. Cracks me up ;)

  41. Evalissa says:

    I hated WoW, and id agree that whilst WAR has many simularitys, i am very much enjoying playing it.

    Nice to read your opinions RPS, i just hope a few more people look past the simularitys and give it a try.

  42. Galyath says:

    I’m just wondering how many of you got into closed beta and blocked others from getting in that would have been there to really test the game and help find flaws and report bugs to help better the game for release.This happens alot with all beta tests since only a certain number of peeps are let in to each beta and that is sad to see so many get in that are only there to play earlier then others and not really there to help the outcome of the release.Anyway thats my 2 cents and i cant wait for open beta got my key and waiting for the 7th ;p cya all in game!

  43. Klendathu says:

    WoW is now (actually has been for the past 1.5 years) a joke and Blizzard is clearly throwing in “new” things into WotLK because they now know isolated PvP is boring. For example, siegeing the enemy’s capital city in open world mass pvp is one of the main innovative ideas in WAR. Now, WotLK has its own “siege weaponry” to try competing against this system. Its pathetic. Blizzard sat on its ass hoarding subscription money and making useless, pointless, and usually upsetting patches just to keep us satisfied. Now that a great-looking MMO has come and challenged the lolchampion, they are working overtime to keep up with these new systems by making identical if not closely similar ones. Just pathetic. I’m glad I’m stealing their game by playing on private servers.

  44. ScornMagi says:

    I really enjoy reading about this game. Everything that the people are saying about it just makes me want to dance uncontrollably. I never liked WoW, even though this game is similar, I still can’t wait to play it. I have never anticipated a game more than this one. I hope it does not let me down.

  45. Erlam says:

    “I’m just wondering how many of you got into closed beta and blocked others from getting in that would have been there to really test the game and help find flaws and report bugs to help better the game for release.”

    No company doing a beta like this has ever, ever used the public beta people as QA. that would be commercial suicide. What they’re using people for is server stress testing, and very vague, massively general ‘impressions.’ I.E. if a few thousand people are all saying that one race is absolute garbage, they’ll look at it.

    I’m with you, though, Klendathu. Chilton in particular is a complete idiot when it comes to PvP. Blizzard seems to think that a majority of their players raid, when the reality is it’s a vast minority. Their only reply to that was to (attempt to) force the Arena on everyone, which is one of the worst attempts at PvP organization I’ve ever seen.

    I miss BRM and Tarren Mill/South Shore battles :(

  46. Nick says:

    I think the comments thread is enough to put me off WAR.

  47. Magus says:

    Bottom line, This game is not WoW. The only reason people compare any MMOS to WoW is because it was the first very seccesfull game that was 3d. People Prob went on the forums about WoW and said things like “this is an everquest copy but better”. Let me tell you folks that this game has nothing to do with WoW. This is WAR. Simply put WoW = I want the best equipment grind grind grind and repeat
    WAR = get some good equipment join a massive massive group and or guild, take over stuff until hearts concent.

    see there are two very diffrent strats to these games funny thing is once WoW heard about this game and got the inside on how the basis of the game was going to run, they announced the release of thier third exansion. witch if you have not heard included distructable building and warzones just like in WAR. Not that anyone made it this far down or took the time to read this. i would also like to add that all MMOS will be copyes of each other in one way or another for the simple fact is you all connect to a game to get away from real life, where is is very hard to gain exp and lots of kool stuff like a Hammer of justice ( those things are expensive in RL) so no matter what all games are a copy of somthing.

    P.S. WAR kicks WoW in the nuts Hard

  48. NICKZ says:

    Most of the guys posting are scared WoW people in fear that WAR will make them lose alot of their population.

    They’ve neither tried the game or liked it form the beginning.

  49. The Hammer says:

    Most of the guys posting are scared WoW people in fear that WAR will make them lose alot of their population.

    They’ve neither tried the game or liked it form the beginning.

    Excuse me, have you read the comments thread?

  50. benji says:

    Played Beta for a while and found i liked it more than WoW… these guys didn’t try to get their first tier of pvp gear by the sounds of it which is to bad cause it was a hoot! A 24 hour battle for control of a castle so you could buy your stuff!