RPS Impressions: Warhammer Online Beta

This is not a review. It also isn’t a verdict, or a judgement, or a rating, or anything of the sort. WAR isn’t released yet, there’ll likely be a fair few changes in the final game, elements of it won’t be up and running properly until the servers are jam-packed, and without a doubt none of us have played enough of it to make a really definite judgement. Apart from Jim, who knows full well he won’t be playing it until they put some spaceships in.

What it is a discussion. We’ve been on the WAR closed beta for a few weeks now, and it’s certainly a game we’ve desperately wanted to talk about here. And not simply because we’re British, hence playing Warhammer is fairly synonymous with puberty for us. Also because, well, it’s potentially the most interesting MMO this year. Despite… ah, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s see what we’ve got to say…

Edit – a little context. The European closed beta differed significantly to the US closed beta in that players were split onto different servers dependent on their language. The net result was four fairly quiet servers instead of one busy one, and that mean the PvP/RvR elements of the game were barely operable. That’s why we don’t discuss ’em as much as we do the PvE and Public Quests. If you think we shouldn’t be talking about the game at all given that, well, that’s your prerogative, but we disagree. We’re writing about what the game’s European publisher presented us with. Additionally, WAR is far from being just a PvP game – the PvE is substantial and omnipresent, and the reason many people want to play the game. And again – this is not a review. It’s just a cheerful, informal discussion of our experiences on the closed beta.

Jim: Come one, come all, back from your tea and masturbation, to discuss Warhammer: Rage Of Eckoning! First, let’s talk about how much we’ve played. I have created three characters, and played nothing
John: I’ve played a High Elf to 10, a Chaos to 8 and an Orc to 15.
Alec: I’ve made a few characters to poke about with, mostly on the Destruction side
Kieron: I’ve played my Witch Elf up to Level 14 or so. A couple of other really low alts. And some messing around with the level 31 stuff. I haven’t done much of the PvP or RvR stuff yet. Those areas have been quiet when I’ve been playing, it seems.
Jim: John, how do you feel about playing another MMO? Your first since City Of Heroes?
John: I’ve played a bunch of WoW between the two. But it’s an interesting thing. It’s a comfortable place to be, but sometimes I feel like WAR was a bit too comfortable.
John: WAR is good. It’s really, really good. I think they’ve done a stunning job. But it’s also the same as another game.
Jim: What game?
John: WoW.
Jim: Goodness, how dare you.
John: I know! Who’d have thought this would come up?
Alec: They are genuinely trying to take that model further, though
Jim: I’m sure it’s completely different.
Alec: It tries quite hard to make its classes distinct, and your every action is that much more tied into the ongoing struggle
John: That’s true. And the endgame is very different. And the Public Quests, and the instanced Scenarios, and the whole RvR thing – that’s all different. But it feels like a different topping on the same ice cream.

Jim: Alec, how is this making you want to play MMOs again? Aren’t you burned out after months of WoW?
Alec: I took a while to click with WAR precisely because of the initial crushing familiarity, but after a while you pick up on how it’s more focused on giving you what’s fun, not what’s a pain in the arse
Jim: The familiarity is a good thing though, right? In the same way that MMO’s ease of play and comparative lack of skill demands are a good thing? Get people playing…
Alec: I’ve yet to decide entirely about this. There are times when I want to throttle everyone involved for being so cynical, but other times when I entirely appreciate that yes, it’s bringing people in, and is an entry point to hopefully experimenting with stuff outside of their WoW comfort-grind zone. But at the same time, it turns some people off, and it paints them into a corner. Plus it’s depressing that what’s likely to be the biggest MMO of the year – and the biggest step-forward MMO of the year – is hanging on to someone else’s coat-tails
Jim: =But does the game offer enough new shit to keep time-hungry beasts like me interested?
John: I think its physical similarity has an astounding effect on you. A housemate walked in and said, “How come you’re playing WoW again?”
Alec: No, it’s not going to appeal to anyone who’s completely done with the WoW model. It goes beyond it in many ways, but you don’t ever think you’re playing a different sort of game

Jim: Let’s get away from that for a bit, and assume everyone knows what they’re getting themselves in for on that count. John, can you explain those public quests for me.
John: Right, well, you’re toddling along, probably killing ten of something, and then you’re alerted to a quest that’s happening in the area. You can join in without joining a group (although there’s a very smart system that lets you join an impromptu group with others taking part, should you wish to), and what you contribute to the push defines the XP and rewards you receive. They’re generally three stages, and often end in killing a powerful boss, and they’re really rather a lot of fun. They are, without question, WAR’s best feature.
Jim: Alec – public quests?
Alec: The public quests do make a big difference
John: They really do. Every MMO from now on is going to do them.
Alec: It terms of it’s what you want to play a fantasy MMO for – big fight, nice reward, grouping, but without any of the hassle. It’s just there, and instant, no talking required. You get your big monster in about 10 minutes
Jim: That sounds like a great way of getting away from the “massively single-player ” trap
Alec: My concern is it’s overwhelming the game a little. That’s what everyone piles into, and the best rewards only come from doing them multiple times.
Jim: That’s something for patch/tweaks though, right?
John: It really is getting away from that. Mucking in to a general effort – that’s a great feeling.
Alec: But at the same time it’s organically bringing about group play, in the very clever way of dangling a personal carrot in front of you
John: It pushes you into teamplay in other ways too. You’re given quests that are simply to take part in a Scenario.
Alec: That may be at the expense of the standard quests, though. Possibly the RvR stuff too, though it was hard to get a good sense of that from the stuff we were playing a couple of weeks back

[Kieron returns from his tea and masturbation]
Kieron: Hullo!
Jim: Kieron Gillen, we’re talking public quests
John: The standard quests, that I’ve played across all races, are pretty poor. Kill 10 of this, gather 5 of those, and then go tell that guy.
Jim: Girren: public quests?
Kieron: That’s the thing – I agree entirely with the guys that the public quests are the really nifty PvE component.
Kieron: I mean, I’m a level four Witch-elf and I’m already involved in a mass brawl with a bloody dragon.
John: When I spoke to Mythic and asked them what would be the thing that stood out, they said PQs.
Kieron: Yes, but the game is being hyped as a RvR thing. We haven’t done much of that, man.
Kieron: Something Tim E said to me seems relevant – with Warhammer, to have the most fun with it, you have to kind of go with the flow.
Jim: Do you think RvR will matter to the majority of gamers?
Kieron: I suspect it may actually.
John: I think it will have to. The game passionately funnels you into taking part in it. And with a level cap at 40, it’s what the game becomes about.
Kieron: Which is what I mean – rather than in WoW where at a similar part of the game I generally stuck my head down and carried on doing my own thing
Alec: I think the PQs are pushing you into it to a significant extent
John: They very quickly set PQs in RvR zones.
Kieron: In Warhammer, you see what’s happening. Is there a big RvR scrap going down? I’ll go get involved. passing a PQ on the way to something else? Well, why not muck in.
Alec: Yeah, that “well I’m here anyway, and I don’t have to anything other than start hitting things” sentiment pervades
Jim: Will making the MMO *more* multiplayer, be the lesson of Warhammer?
Kieron: The ONLY WAR thing

Alec: It’s the reason it’s important, and not simply A WoW Clone
John: Yeah, it really means that. You CAN skin animals, but really you’re meant to be hitting stuff.
Kieron: (Hell, I was amazed there was crafting in it at all. And I’m also disappointed that Witch Elves can’t skin elves to make clothes out of it)
John: I think it’s going to be a huge success primarily because it apes familiar MMOs enough that people instinctively know what they’re doing, but it also is a game that’s deliberately built around that endgame world of epic battle. Rather than sticking it on the end so the hardcore have something to do.

Alec: My concern with the PQs and the RvR both is that it really messes up the game’s geography. It’s not a world filled with events – it’s more like wandering around a science museum, and stopping off at the exhibits that have pushy-buttons and flickering lights. It’s really unconvincing as a place – it’s these pockets of activities within their own weird, insular bubbles, but far too close too each other. There’s really no sense that you can explore.
John: I didn’t find that at all. I found the PQs occuring naturally between towns, or in contested zones.
Kieron: I disagree too actually, though I know what Alec gets at. Thing is, for me, it’s not meant to be a world. It’s meant to be a warzone. Those pockets of areas on the maps are individual skirmishes going on, and in terms of giving character to individual conflicts – at least for the Dark Elf stuff – it does it well.
John: There’s these old ruins at the bottom of a hill, near a town in the Greenskin area, and on the border of a RvR zone. It has an epic PvE PQ going on, occasionally with enemy players getting mixed up in. It’s an awesome site, and feels like it makes sense to be there.
Alec: That’s the thing – you can’t wander anywhere without some message popping up on screen. It feels artificial to that extent. I want to feel like I’ve found this stuff, not that it’s dropped in my lap.
Kieron: Like – say – this whole forest area off the main path where the elves are counterattacking via these traps, and there’s a low level skirmish going on between the two. perpetually, as it’s a standard PvE MMO, but decently enough.
Alec: It’s not a critical failing, but it’s made it hard for me to get a sense of place.
Kieron: I’ll give you that those messages can be intrusive. But I think the alternative is worse. “Where’s the public quest again?”
Alec: I’d make them further apart and shown on the map, or shown on a map once you speak to an obvious NPC in town
Kieron: Wow – lots more walking. That’s the thing – I like its tightness. I like things like not having to kneel and eat food to recover health.
John: All praise the super-fast healing!
Alec: No, not lots more walking, just a bit more breathing space
Kieron: Stuff like that absolutely stopped me playing WoW. I have a very low threshold for boredom.
Alec: Yes, it’s identified a shedload of WoW annoyances to get rid of – whilst retaining plenty of others

John: What about the Tome of Knowledge? That was the other Big New Thing, and was the thing I was most looking forward to.
Kieron: The Tome’s neat, but I honestly haven’t used it much.
Alec: I’ve used the Tome to check quest details, and that’s it
John: I’m really let down by the Tome. For me it’s become one of those irritating things that flashes on the screen that I just click on to clear it.
Kieron: What’s it actually *meant* to do?
John: And it makes getting at quest details a real fiddle. I assume a hotkey for going straight to quests will be added eventually. It was meant to be this alternative to RvR.
Alec: It’s an awful lot of text for a game that’s about cartoon characters stabbing each other
John: It was there for the person who wanted to SP the game.
Kieron: Right.
John: It would provide a coherent narrative, and offer its own quests.
Kieron: It’s a step on from Middle-Earth’s similar thing, I think, in that way
John: But I’ve not had a single tome quest offered. There are 10,000 Tome Unlocks in the game, and they’re fun to get, but then a confusion mess to understand. I think that’s what will happen – the Tome will become a fiddly quest journal, with an achievements page.
Kieron: It’s a very big achievement page. Anyone got a favourite character class? I like my Witch Elf a lot. Which surprises me, as I despise elves.
John: Okay, I have one other worry, and it’s that question.
Jim: Has anyone got to the squig tank? that sounds amazing
Alec: Yeah, I’ve enjoyed my Chaos Magus, though the floaty disc isn’t floaty enough. I get stumped by small hills and puddles.
John: I played as a High Elf first, and it was just so dull. I thought the game was doomed. I played as a Chaos, and I thought: meh. Very standard MMO. I then played as an Orc, and I thought: Woo! Best MMO ever!
Jim: Tell me a bit more about the classes – is there anything specifically unusual?
Alec: Most of the classes are a bit more hybrid than you’d have expected. Still fit into the standard boxes, but generally feel a lot less like you’re just Tank or DPS or whatever.
Kieron: Yeah. The thing with the classes is *there is a lot of them*. And they’re not just the same with the names filed off.
Jim: Why are orcs so good John?
John: It seems like a squillion times more passion went into that zone. You’re immediately firing yourself off Orcapults to reach distant castle roofs. You’re having these really funny quest givers talk in grunts. You’re a real character.
Kieron: I haven’t played the Dwarves, but I’ve heard similar things
John: Whereas a High Elf is like being a bloody librarian. “Go and find 8 of this plant, for no reason.”
Alec: The comedy races were always going to be easier to achieve that with. Which WoW sort of failed at by lumping Gnomes in with Dwarves and Trolls with Orcs in its starting zones
Kieron: And I really enjoyed the DE. Even the “Kill X” quests were often turned into something a little more interesting. Like – say – the one where I collected heads and stuck them on spikes in front of an enemy base to try and lure a hero out to fight.
John: There’s an Orc quest similar to that. It makes a big difference.
Alec: There’s a lot of head-pole action. I’ve done that almost half a dozen times
Kieron: Yeah – I used it as an example. there’s certainly been mroe pole-head sticking.
John: But even if it’s just an aesthetic on the end of a kill quest, it makes it feel like narrative.
Kieron: Yes – exactly.
Alec: It was funny the first time, etc. I just hope they can sustain that kind of thinking without running out of ideas. Having seen some of the l30 stuff, I’m not convinced yet, but there’s much I’ve not done yet.
Kieron: You know, I’m going to go and roll a new High Elf alt after this and see what I make of it
Jim: Speaking of aesthetics – how good looking is it?
Kieron: It’s acceptable.
John: It looks like a polished WoW. There’s no escaping that comparison.
Alec: you stop noticing what it looks like – it’s like a genetic memory of playing an MMO. Though the Inevitable City looks incredible, if horribly confusing to navigate
John: The Inevitable City is utterly brilliant.
Kieron: I haven’t been yet. I may go there instead of forming a HE.
John: It’s a stunning piece of design. Visually wonderful.

Is this meant to be in here?

[Alec leaves on a secret mission. It may or may not involve milk.]
Jim: Anyone got something else to add? We can conclude otherwise
John: One thing. I want to make it clear that this is one of those occasions where you’re deducting marks from 10, rather than adding them on from 0. They’ve managed it – they’re the first to create an MMO that compares to, and goes beyond, WoW. And that’s an absolutely massive deal that shouldn’t get lost in the (very valid) nitpicking.
Kieron: Yeah. God knows how it’s going to do long term, but given a choice between the two, I’d play this.
John: I think it’s best summed up as: they’ve created the WoW that Kieron wants to play.
Kieron: And I do wonder how much I’ll play it – after all, I’m the one of us who *didn’t* burn out on WoW. I didn’t like it enough to burn out on it.
John: Kieron I use as an example of someone’s who entirely immune to grind hypnosis.
Kieron: Heh. of course, it’s also the one MMO I’ll never review due to conflict of interest stuff (He’s writing a comic set in Warhammer at the moment. Out September, Comics peeps – Ed). To conclude: What’s your favourite chaos god?
John: God.
Kieron: Slanesh.
John: What’s a funny answer to attribute to Alec?
Kieron: The Horned Rat



  1. Nick says:

    “Excuse me, have you read the comments thread?”

    I don’t think reading is something 90% of the posters in this thread have any interest in..be it the post they are supposedly commenting on or other posts in the thread =)

  2. Jblaze says:

    I’m as skeptical about this whole warhammer gig as much as the next person. I play wow, raid endgame content, arena blah blah. It’s entertaining(and the only reason I still play)…and yet, WoW still seems like all it ever will be is a chat room, with raiding/arena breaks. If Warhammer can get rid of the “chat” time that WoW is so full of in between raiding and whatever else, I’ll give it a whirl. All the WoW players know how entertaining running around the bank talking in trade is -_-

  3. arden says:

    i believe comparing WoW and WAR is like comparing anime to live action. they are two completely different genres portraying the same concept. both have value, it just depends on your personal taste or mood.

  4. tj says:

    Since this article is comparing WOW to WAR, the change of concept regarding world pvp is perhaps what has captured my interest in WAR the most. MMO’s have the potential for epic pvp battles which really is something that WOW has not captured – and is where WAR is focusing. I hope it meets or exceeds expectations.

  5. Vahlouran says:

    The most obvious difference I’ve read on the posts in these forums, aside from the few people that have mentioned technical difficulties, is the difference between people that truly want to engage against other players and those who thrive on content, no matter how inane.

    I’m a die-hard MMO player. I’ve played for nigh on 12 years now and I’m not even old (is 26 old?). Despite the comparisons to WoW, the difference between the RvR system and 18-man/24-man/blahblahblah is Gear Grind vs. Player Interaction. Arden made this point succinctly. If you want to constantly Gear Max grind instances/dungeons/high-end mobs for loot, play WoW. End of story. If looking cool or having the newest set of Tier14 armor (which I DARE any true WoW fan to tell me isn’t the only realistic endgame goal), don’t count of WAR to relieve your need. Granted, I expect Mythic to add these elements into the game, but Blizzard has a very poignant history of releasing expansions that take absolutely no time at all to complete and then constantly adding in minutiae to keep their fan base happy. I will give them this…they do it well.

    However, as games such as Shadowbane, or hell, for that matter, every FPS ever created have proven, there is a strong, nearly fanatical player-base that finds their true love in video games killing other players. People used to complain endlessly about PK’s (from my perspective, that acronym started here) in Ultima Online. But really, the actual palpable fear, anxiety, adrenaline rush that came from player encounters is what drove me love MMO’s in the first place. I soloed a Frost Mage in WoW to level 70 with decent (non-instanced) gear. I got murdered more times than I can count in Ultima Online and I still love that game more. Why? The rush.

    Players will divide, WAR/WoW comparisons or not, on whether or not their love of a game is based upon their perceived skill or their perceived achievements. Congratulations all WoW players, you’ve got the next set of armor until Blizzard releases another large patch and then you get to start all over. I’ll take my pride, and happily spend my $15/month, knowing that I just single-handedly ganked a group of players attempting to take over my courtyard.

  6. soland says:

    I have played 4 yrs of daoc , 2 yrs of wow left wow to play doac again . I know i dont have alot of peoples experiance but when i did get in to see warhammer i must say they did an outstanding job . The reason i left doac is they pretty much much trashed it with all the expansions , the reason left wow is becouse is a mindless grind to get anywhere in the game . Mindless meaning a few things . 1 being its based off total class and gear 2 being pvp is so boring people bot it so they can stay at pace with the game while watching Jerry Springer. 3 when you do get into a good guild to get pve gear you have to fight over it with 20+ other people and last #4 (I left the best for last) when you do finally get a pimped out charector all that is lost in 6 months when new gear is released and in that 6 months all that gear you fought to get is lost and you get to do it all over again . In daoc there was no fighting to get gear. Hell most of you gear was player crafted and was the best at the time . You got lvl 50 , you got your crafted gear and after that is was nuthing but killing people and being killed , Total rvr consept and i loved it . Now stating what i said and putting it into warhammer , The game basics have alot of WoW gameplay in it but not the repetative boring and mindnumbing grind . There are kill quests like wow but check this out . It doesnt require a griffin ride , a horse ride and a mile long walk to get it done , Remember in wow when you wanted to go to a dif zone you took a 15 min bird path to get there . Well get this in warhammer you go to the flight master you see your charector get on the bird and BAM you are already loading into the zone you wanted to go to. It simple stuff like that ,that really make me want to play . Not every one has 8 hrs to play a day and simple tweeks like that makes the gamplay more enjoyable . To touch abit on the pvp side of warhammer . All that comes to mind is simply amazing . Unlike wow yet alot like doac , warhammer has made pvp simply exciting to be in . You will never be in the same fight ever (atleast in open world ) Its always a intense fight , The fights last forever (Not like wow where you are dead more than alive) and of coarse there are instanced style pvp for you people that feel the need not to let go of WoW . Overall the class bases in warhammer i feel are for the most part really balanced , There are no squishy classes that i have seen in the game (except for sorceresses becouse most the time they like blowing themselves up) I myself give mythic a huge thumbs up on this game , It smokes wow in everyway and i just hope they will not mess it up like they did with daoc .

  7. Asowaiya says:

    This is awesome! will play whole day N night!

    “And the Public Quests, and the instanced Scenarios, and the whole RvR thing – that’s all different. But it feels like a different topping on the same ice cream.” ha!ha!ha!ha!

  8. Scase says:

    Way to go the original and off the beaten path route of saying it looks and plays a lot like wow.

    I’ve been Beta testing this game for the last 1.5years and suggest people do not go by this “not a review” review, and avoid it thinking it’s just wow 2.0.

    You comment how you haven’t really pvp’d at all (regardless of the reason) you are basically making a WoW comparison without playing what amounts to around 80% of the game and most importantly the end game.

    But sure let’s just say it looks and feels like wow without actually experiencing what the game was designed around.

  9. Tbone says:

    I see that everyone wants to push a game in a direction to get rid of the piece of that, a part of that, to make it different because some people get burnt out on it. But how long will it take before the game changes so much that its not even a roll playing game? I started on everquest and that game had alot of good qualities.. the quests were hard and might take months to do. And when you did a quest the reward meant somthing. This to me seems like a hybrid midevil shooter with no character depth. Just brand a number on my arse and put me in with all the other sheep!

  10. Michael says:

    warhammer will be far beyond world of warcraft but hope they won’T have the same problems with rvr as wow with the pvp… what i wanted to say that in my eyes this is an absolute rvr game with great pve includings but if the ballance between the order and destruction won’t fit… then it won’t be so succesfull as it could be

  11. randall says:

    the 7th screenshot is tanaris in wow isn’t it

  12. Pog says:

    Lets talk about content.. Warhammer has much, much more in every area then any MMO to date.. PvP. RvR (Which Mythic Invented), and PVE content. All these areas are larger, more complex and more interesting than anything anyone has ever played.
    Charactor Classes.. Well, I been playing alot of MMO’s and even after playing the same one for over 3 years now I can still argue about Character classes. Everyone’s always gonna have a different view on these. There new, there awesome, of course ! Your gonna like some, your gonna hate some, your gonna love some !
    Fact is, if your gonna wanna be playing the best of the best, it s time to move on into Warhammer and play a game that is simply better then anything else to date. Mythic have the experience, they have had the time to prepare, they brought a can of whoop ass with them.

  13. Pog says:

    I couldn’t have said it better :

    Magus says:

    Bottom line, This game is not WoW. The only reason people compare any MMOS to WoW is because it was the first very seccesfull game that was 3d. People Prob went on the forums about WoW and said things like “this is an everquest copy but better”. Let me tell you folks that this game has nothing to do with WoW. This is WAR. Simply put WoW = I want the best equipment grind grind grind and repeat
    WAR = get some good equipment join a massive massive group and or guild, take over stuff until hearts concent.

    see there are two very diffrent strats to these games funny thing is once WoW heard about this game and got the inside on how the basis of the game was going to run, they announced the release of thier third exansion. witch if you have not heard included distructable building and warzones just like in WAR. Not that anyone made it this far down or took the time to read this. i would also like to add that all MMOS will be copyes of each other in one way or another for the simple fact is you all connect to a game to get away from real life, where is is very hard to gain exp and lots of kool stuff like a Hammer of justice ( those things are expensive in RL) so no matter what all games are a copy of somthing.

    P.S. WAR kicks WoW in the nuts Hard

  14. Nick says:

    You could have said it better if you’d left out the blatant untruth that WoW was the first very successful 3D MMO.

  15. Pog says:

    No one has come close to WoW’s population and honestly its population was the first thing that grabbed me and kept me there. That many customers says Success.
    I would still be playing Dark Age of Camelot if it had its servers filled. Mythics first big MMO, and I honestly believe WoW will never be what that game was. I honestly don’t know how WoW was so successful. I think everyone will realize very soon, what a real MMO is suppose to look like, and good on Mythic for taking what people like in WoW and putting it in there game. Thats game evolution done right.

  16. Michael says:

    i guess thta’s because wow is so simple structered so even older people could play and enjoy it. so you had moments like “hey i’m sorry i got to get my son from school then he will help us” it became for many people a family game (what is freaky)
    and the fact that it has 10 (was it millions) of players
    now that will be rather hard or impossible to beat for war even if it’s ways better and will kick ass

  17. Tim says:

    Just wanna throw in my two cents. I think Mythic has tossed out another great game and builds upon their legacy.

    I don’t know where people come up with this being anything like WoW. Most of the concepts in the game were originally thought up by Mythic in Dark Age of Camelot. The graphics in my humble opinion are much better in WAR.

    Mythic has always been a very solid and very good company, I can’t wait until launch! Currently playing the preview before OB tomorrow.

  18. BjorkThorson says:

    “wow is so simple structered so even older people could play and enjoy it” LOL, that really made me laugh. Its all us “older people” who are making games for you, who were playing games long before you started, and yes for the most part they were all more difficult and took more skill than WoW.

  19. Michael says:

    yes i’m sorry… but i just don’t got used to this…
    normally when i talk about gamers i have someone between 12 and 26 in mind… that’s my subjective point of view

  20. Graftak says:

    Really guys reading those posts made me fall off my chair. How can you say WAR is some copy of WoW, lets not forget blizzard copied all great ideas/game contents from other games and don’t get me wrong .. it did work and it is a good game however it’s boring if you grind the same instance for like 2 years. Mytics is trying to put another twist to the MMO world by choosing for RVR (PVP) where blizzard failed massively. So how you dare to say it’s some other copy of WoW :S

    And come with facts instead of saying “it just feels like WoW”

  21. Michael says:

    yes you’re terribly.. right ^^
    that’s why i quit playing wow (it’s just got boring and exhausting) and involve myself into a real comflict in a real WAR

  22. ALaric says:

    ….Why do you have a WOW screenshot in a WAR article?

    link to rockpapershotgun.com is clearly a WOW gnome.

  23. PmB says:

    To be bluntly honest, i do not respect any player who is a WoW freak and never tried the harsh world that is Eve.

  24. tj says:

    Well it’s time to see for yourselves….open beta starts TODAY!!!!!! It’s a freaking huge download though so the earlier you start the better. Enjoy!

  25. Mike says:

    great changes must be made if im ganna pay per month for this …

  26. John says:

    I use to be a wow player (70 hunter), now been playing warhammer pre-order beta. Games are sort of alike (both MMORPG) but seems as if warhammer put more time in the game making. I love the public quests best idea I think ever, also the pvp is MUCH better then WOW, not to mention the graphics.. oh boy. But, I must give them a round of aplause for setting the new bar in internet games. Wow players (like myself) give it a try (hopfully they come out with free trial) but you’ll love it.

  27. hellsing says:

    i played wow from the release got to lvl 60 befor expansion got extremly bored and quit due to boring long instances. since then i have played about 6 MMOs looking for something more fun than wow. lotr did good but had no end game content and bad pvp. second best so far has been age of conan which i played over summer and quit because of the horrific grinding from 60-80 but it was fun for its pvp system and was very diffrent from wow but bad for its unbalanced classes. i have been playing this since closed beta and is the best since wow and in my opinion a whole lot better. graffics may only a little better but after 2 weeks of playing this i looked at some wow and it looks terrible. i see this game going more into pvp and wow continuing with huge 10 hour long in game instances.

    also dont know if someone has answered this yet but you cant walk through other players (i hope they add an ability like age of conan did that allows to pass through others but greatly reduces attributes so people who like making alts to screw with other people cant block doorways) this makes some abilities more realistic like a tank gets one where he holds his shield up and everyone behind him will take much less damage.

  28. George says:

    Well for all the thousands of people who only ever played WoW as there first MMO style game, any game will be compared to it.
    For me, it is not a copy of WoW. Being an old DAoC player, where RvR actually started at, and well before WoW existed. This game is a progression from many ideas that first began in DAoC and chopped up, smoothed out and taken on board all the things MMOs have come out with since.
    No MMO can exist now without a list of basic grouping and looting and guilding and so on and so stuff. As a result all MMOs will have the same famillier feel about them, if they didnt, they would be cursed for seemingly not providing.

  29. Tom says:

    You really, really, really should have just left this one alone RPS.
    Ah well. Sod it… WoW’s a boring grind. WAR looks interesting…
    I suspect in the time it took me to write that somewhere in the world; someone got pregnant, some one “came”, some one went, etc
    WAR or WoW?! When the two acronyms are that close I always laugh.

  30. Duncan says:

    I’ve been playing in the Closed Beta of WAR for a couple of weeks myself, and am now playing through Preview Weekend Plus in advance of Open Beta starting. I agree with much of what the guys had to say, but overall I have been EXTREMELY pleased with this game; on the whole, the entire feel of it is geared more toward making you feel that your purpose is to go forth and make war, in a land of perpetual war, rather than making more of a “life” in WoW. I do still somewhat like WoW, but this game seems to have more of a specific purpose; “kill the men, and hear the lamentations of the women”-hehe, in the words of the Governator. Just a humble opinion here, so don’t flame too hard-hehe. Happy gaming to you all!

  31. mazzi says:

    i cant wait until this game releses it will be sooo cool well ive played WOW for alittle while well i know thad this game will be better and the graphics are awsome in warhammer

  32. J Haught says:

    I find it odd that the people involved with this article would even go ahead with it since they didn’t experience a major part of the game-RvR. They didn’t get to see the RvR armor sets, experience keep sieges, take over flags, or any of that. That’s like talking about WoW without mentioning any instances or raids.
    Statements like ‘They (PQs) are, without question, WAR’s best feature’ have absolutely no meaning if you didn’t experience RvR.

  33. BigWyrm says:

    How are we expected to take this article seriously when the participants didn’t even engage in RvR?

  34. Scase says:

    Heh thats what I said.

  35. J Dub says:

    You guys must understand. If this game is copying any game out there. It definitely is NOT WoW. WoW has been done before many times at that. Everquest is a big example. So i wouldn’t be quick to judge WAR of taking bits and pieces from WoW. I love the hype and I am very excited to see how this all turns out. This article is a good thing to look at to see some of the few criticism this game has had since its first beta.

  36. jd glasscock says:

    Hey, interesting stuff, ive played CoH for a year then switched to WoW for the last 4 months, and im dropping it all for warhammer. though i am a little disappointed that when i preordered that they were out of pre order bonus boxes and that im out of luck, and whn i emailed mythic still havent heard anything, i guess im waiting for the 18th which sux means im stuck with wow for longer. I think warhammer from all ive read is a lot more creative then wow, the classes especially. Also that there wont already be 10,000 lvl 70’s running around, and from articles i hear gear will only be 40 percent of the game not 90percent like Wow. I mean the other day i did a bg with my lvl 29 warrior and the whole alliance group against us were rolling epic gear and were sending brags about it. They wiped the mat with us. We couldnt even dent them. I hope that is never the case in warhammer, that someone can go out and buy gear that makes them unbeatable to someone their same level. Anyways, heres to hopin that i somehow get me pre order bonus package and can start playin otherwise ill see yas on the 18th

  37. jd glasscock says:

    wow went and got my preorder bos game crazy called to let me know they got one so got home started downloading but if you dont have a paid account at fileplanet then you got to wait 10 hours to even start download, that kinda sux, then however long it will take for teh download itself. Wow. So maybe tomorrow sometime I’ll be able to play. Oh well, here’s to looking forwward to getting there

  38. Lord Semaj says:

    I really wouldn’t compare it to WoW for one simple reason. WAR lacks the depth of PvE that makes WoW a dungeon crawler, while WoW lacks the phenomenal PvP that makes WAR supreme. WoW requires you to PvE just to PvP. WAR has this strange concept that doing more RvR should earn you loot for RvR. What a profound idea.

    Honestly, if you love raiding, if you love instances, if you love tanking and heal rotations and endless hours spent devouring endlessly expanding content, WoW is STILL the game for you. But if you love player combat, if you felt Alterac Valley lacking, if you are sick and tired of epic clad noobs owning you, Warhammer is your salvation.

  39. QProject says:

    As far as WoW goes i’ve done all the end game content, done the GM grind, Kill KJ, Etc. All this time i have been spouting on and on about how im ready to leave WoW finally and move on…..

    Than a month before WAR comes out i realize the bumblefuck dev’s didnt make it compatible for mac (Say what you want and bash macs if you like but they are excellent computers, i havent crashed at all playing wow and it runs better than most pc’s…sorry to make this seem like a mac plug but i know how people get)

    I’d like to think that a large amount of gamers these days have macs, most notably macbook pro’s because of there power and its a laptop. With that said is there anyone who’s playing on a mac (Via bootcamp) and can tell me how the game runs for them or anything like that. Thanks.

  40. grishnak boss says:

    This game is exciting, and certainly quite different from WoW – anyone with something between their ears can see it. I’m leaving Failcom’s AoC for this awesome game, so see ya in Altdorf!

  41. brad says:

    i wouldnt say it was a polished wow (but i havnt played the beta at all) from what i remember from the ordervschaos warhammer games is that its about the violence. if we gonna compare WAR to WoW, i would say that it is WoWs more undisplayed PvP side. Lately WoW pvp sucks imo. altho with woltk coming out and destructible buildings, will have to see how far that will go.

    anyways back on topic! WAR looks great! smells great! feels great! therefore it must be great! looking forward to the release!

  42. jd glasscock says:

    man if i ever get to it, ive been in que for download to start for 7 hours and i ve gone from 1800 tto 887 in place to start download, 7 hours, and only half, and thats not even counting how ever long the download itself takes. damn, so myabe in 2 days i will have started playing game.

  43. Seth says:

    I think that WAR is going to take off and WoW ill lose alot of its players to it, which i believe is deserving considering that the Zerg from Starcraft were rip off’s from the Tyranids from warhammer 40k. So time for revenge games workshop.
    Disciple of Khaine here i come!

  44. Hitachi says:

    Well i’ve read almost all the posts on this and i find alot of repetition. What i’m excited about more then anything is the fact that this game is going to revolve around going up againsts another oponent who is ( or can be,) quick thinking, adapting and different every time you play. No A.I will ever beat the depth that an actual person can bring to the table. By implementing blocking( which i hear need a bit of work but in due time.. ) and the knockback and knockdown features are going to create huge twists and force the implementation of tactics. Choke points, high ground and many other aspects of combat are what is going to make this game unreal. Being able to knock a player off the bridge and send him to his doom for example is something i can’t wait for.(and i’m eager to see if a player will be able break through the front line by knocking a player on their ass and moving on to the casters etc.). The meaning of a front line will actually make a difference and will be enhanced by everyones different creativity. There are so many aspects that we all cannot even begin to comprehend until its full release and i can’t wait to dip my fingers into it!!! The forces of order will prevail!

  45. Hitachi says:

    oh and people better not bring the mentality that order is for newbs and destruction is for pros blah blah wow mentatily. Those who do will meet my swordmasters blade for only a split second before they realize their heads gone bahaha

    Only in thy darkest hour, will you overcome true evil

    and its looking pretty dark for the order.

  46. Bobsy says:

    Oh this is lovely! I can’t believe I missed the good stuff though!

    Incidentally: I heard WoW was sleeping with yo mom. Just saying.

  47. Seth says:

    Let the Disciple’s of Khaine sacrfice millions to Khaine! Quick and strong with the ability to drain your strength for buffs and dots, woohoo!!

  48. Herb says:

    I’ve played the open beta! in the US and we have lots of people to make the RVR fun.

    I hear a lot of people talking about WOW, but no mention of DAOC, (Dark Age of Camlot) witch was created years before WOW came out and is still being played. That game had three sides in balance always fighting each other and much more content then Wow will ever have. Mythic did a good job on it and has taken that experance and put it into this game. The things mention that make this game feel simular to Wow were in DAOC befoe that Wow was around.
    When I started playing Wow after years of playing DAOC, I said, “this is a lot like DAOC, but less complicated, kind of like MOO’s lite” WAR has taken all the experance from DAOC and made it better, the grafics, interfaces, quest and new type of quest, (group quest), just to name a few, to create a game I am already addicted to after 8hr in open beta.

    Don’t be telling people that WAR is like WOW when I know that WOW stole most of its ideas from DAOC!! WAR is like DAOC improved.

  49. tj says:

    Qproject – macs suck…there I said it. So do ipods and Iphone. Comparing a mac to another pc is like comparing apples with oranges (pun intended)- it’s not like the makers of windows make the hardware which it can run on. Unlike WOW which can run on pretty much any old PC, WAR takes some fairly decent hardware to run – sadly if you want to run WAR on a mac you will need to run windows on it. I can’t be completely sure but I think it has more to do with making WAR DirectX10 compliant which eliminates most available Operating systems bar Vista (and XP if you use hacked version of DX10), not to mention a Nvidia or ATI graphics card.

  50. Billy says:

    I read about 3/4 of the posts, and no one addressed the “how is the PVP in this game?” question, so I figured I’d help out. Having played during preview weekend on a full pop server and now during OB on a low-med pop server, I feel I can offer some insight.

    First off, PVP is PVP. There isn’t going to be some magical or new innovative way of killing people. That being said, I greatly enjoy WAR’s PVP.

    The RVR lakes (basically outside non-instanced PVP zones) start off very small, and then expand to bigger areas and more capture points as you progress. The RVR areas are avoidable, but since WAR is billed as a more PVP focused game, why would you avoid them?

    In RVR, there are banners/check points placed in the area. They are guarded by NPCs of the faction that claimed the area last. You capture the area by eliminating all the NPCs, clicking on the banner, and defending the area for 2 minutes. If at any time an enemy player comes into the area, the countdown stops. When the enemy leaves the area, the countdown resumes. (For you diehard WoW fans – it’s basically a non-instanced version of Arathi Basin).

    The second PVP aspect is the scenario, which ARE instanced battlegrounds. Similiar to the non-instanced form, there are banners placed in the map. Your job is to claim those flags. However, there are no NPCs guarding it. It is a “king of the hill” battle, where the more people of one faction you have standing there, the faster the flag turns. (Again for the die-hard WoW fans… It’s like The Overlook, Stadium Broken Hill in Hellfire Peninsula, except in WAR it’s instanced).

    Unlike in WoW, PVP here does make a difference, as a win or a loss affects the whole zone, not just you personally. A win/loss increases/decreases your faction’s control of the zone. Control of the zone grants a zone wide XP bonus, as well as some other bonuses I can’t remember right now.

    It initially feels like a zerg rush, as everyone just tabs and attacks the first enemy on their list, which is what war is about. Yes, there are some tactics involved, but if you go and play paintball or lasertag, you’re going to shoot the first enemy, not wait and focus fire with the leader.

    However, there is some cooperative team play involved. If someone sends a pet on your healers, you don’t sit there and assist the tank. Healers buff and heal the tank. Heals can also have multiple targets (ex. WoW shaman’s chain heal). Also, the dual target system makes it easier to heal and attack, without resorting to macro all your heals to use the /target lasttarget() script.

    After playing a holy priest on WoW, I can tell you that PVP on WAR is significantly better. Aside from the dual target system, most classes are hybrids (like someone mentioned before). If you’re caught on a 1v1 situation, you do not have to try and spam heal yourself while hoping someone else comes along to kill them for you. You will have sufficient damage dealing spells.

    There -IS- sticky targetting, AND auto-turning. There will be no more strafing rogues jumping around spinning and backstabbing you unless you don’t have them targetted (sorry rogues). Nor will running through the caster to get out of LOS to interrupt their spells work.

    There is still LOS, and it’s greatly improved compared to WoW’s. Walls are actually walls. You cannot get fireballed or shot through a wall because a pixel of your robe or armor sticks through. You cannot tab and shoot at me through the tank(s). Healers can actually heal, and tanks can actually tank!

    In short, PVP in WAR is fun and easily accessible, but also easily avoidable if you don’t want to be a part of it. I have not noticed any classes that seem to be overpowered, but have developed a natural hatred for the Dwarven Engineer (against my Goblin Squig Herder). There doesn’t seem to be a faction that dominates in the RVR (instanced or non-instanced versions) either.

    The biggest concern is the queue times. On the full preview weekend server, queue times were rather short, and at times, I barely had enough time to turn in the quest before I was notified that another one was opening. On the low-med pop server, the wait times are annoyingly bad, with up times of over an hour. The bright side is that you do not have to wait in the city, as you can queue from anywhere in the world, and you will be returned to that same spot after the battle is done.