RPS Impressions: Warhammer Online Beta

This is not a review. It also isn’t a verdict, or a judgement, or a rating, or anything of the sort. WAR isn’t released yet, there’ll likely be a fair few changes in the final game, elements of it won’t be up and running properly until the servers are jam-packed, and without a doubt none of us have played enough of it to make a really definite judgement. Apart from Jim, who knows full well he won’t be playing it until they put some spaceships in.

What it is a discussion. We’ve been on the WAR closed beta for a few weeks now, and it’s certainly a game we’ve desperately wanted to talk about here. And not simply because we’re British, hence playing Warhammer is fairly synonymous with puberty for us. Also because, well, it’s potentially the most interesting MMO this year. Despite… ah, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s see what we’ve got to say…

Edit – a little context. The European closed beta differed significantly to the US closed beta in that players were split onto different servers dependent on their language. The net result was four fairly quiet servers instead of one busy one, and that mean the PvP/RvR elements of the game were barely operable. That’s why we don’t discuss ’em as much as we do the PvE and Public Quests. If you think we shouldn’t be talking about the game at all given that, well, that’s your prerogative, but we disagree. We’re writing about what the game’s European publisher presented us with. Additionally, WAR is far from being just a PvP game – the PvE is substantial and omnipresent, and the reason many people want to play the game. And again – this is not a review. It’s just a cheerful, informal discussion of our experiences on the closed beta.

Jim: Come one, come all, back from your tea and masturbation, to discuss Warhammer: Rage Of Eckoning! First, let’s talk about how much we’ve played. I have created three characters, and played nothing
John: I’ve played a High Elf to 10, a Chaos to 8 and an Orc to 15.
Alec: I’ve made a few characters to poke about with, mostly on the Destruction side
Kieron: I’ve played my Witch Elf up to Level 14 or so. A couple of other really low alts. And some messing around with the level 31 stuff. I haven’t done much of the PvP or RvR stuff yet. Those areas have been quiet when I’ve been playing, it seems.
Jim: John, how do you feel about playing another MMO? Your first since City Of Heroes?
John: I’ve played a bunch of WoW between the two. But it’s an interesting thing. It’s a comfortable place to be, but sometimes I feel like WAR was a bit too comfortable.
John: WAR is good. It’s really, really good. I think they’ve done a stunning job. But it’s also the same as another game.
Jim: What game?
John: WoW.
Jim: Goodness, how dare you.
John: I know! Who’d have thought this would come up?
Alec: They are genuinely trying to take that model further, though
Jim: I’m sure it’s completely different.
Alec: It tries quite hard to make its classes distinct, and your every action is that much more tied into the ongoing struggle
John: That’s true. And the endgame is very different. And the Public Quests, and the instanced Scenarios, and the whole RvR thing – that’s all different. But it feels like a different topping on the same ice cream.

Jim: Alec, how is this making you want to play MMOs again? Aren’t you burned out after months of WoW?
Alec: I took a while to click with WAR precisely because of the initial crushing familiarity, but after a while you pick up on how it’s more focused on giving you what’s fun, not what’s a pain in the arse
Jim: The familiarity is a good thing though, right? In the same way that MMO’s ease of play and comparative lack of skill demands are a good thing? Get people playing…
Alec: I’ve yet to decide entirely about this. There are times when I want to throttle everyone involved for being so cynical, but other times when I entirely appreciate that yes, it’s bringing people in, and is an entry point to hopefully experimenting with stuff outside of their WoW comfort-grind zone. But at the same time, it turns some people off, and it paints them into a corner. Plus it’s depressing that what’s likely to be the biggest MMO of the year – and the biggest step-forward MMO of the year – is hanging on to someone else’s coat-tails
Jim: =But does the game offer enough new shit to keep time-hungry beasts like me interested?
John: I think its physical similarity has an astounding effect on you. A housemate walked in and said, “How come you’re playing WoW again?”
Alec: No, it’s not going to appeal to anyone who’s completely done with the WoW model. It goes beyond it in many ways, but you don’t ever think you’re playing a different sort of game

Jim: Let’s get away from that for a bit, and assume everyone knows what they’re getting themselves in for on that count. John, can you explain those public quests for me.
John: Right, well, you’re toddling along, probably killing ten of something, and then you’re alerted to a quest that’s happening in the area. You can join in without joining a group (although there’s a very smart system that lets you join an impromptu group with others taking part, should you wish to), and what you contribute to the push defines the XP and rewards you receive. They’re generally three stages, and often end in killing a powerful boss, and they’re really rather a lot of fun. They are, without question, WAR’s best feature.
Jim: Alec – public quests?
Alec: The public quests do make a big difference
John: They really do. Every MMO from now on is going to do them.
Alec: It terms of it’s what you want to play a fantasy MMO for – big fight, nice reward, grouping, but without any of the hassle. It’s just there, and instant, no talking required. You get your big monster in about 10 minutes
Jim: That sounds like a great way of getting away from the “massively single-player ” trap
Alec: My concern is it’s overwhelming the game a little. That’s what everyone piles into, and the best rewards only come from doing them multiple times.
Jim: That’s something for patch/tweaks though, right?
John: It really is getting away from that. Mucking in to a general effort – that’s a great feeling.
Alec: But at the same time it’s organically bringing about group play, in the very clever way of dangling a personal carrot in front of you
John: It pushes you into teamplay in other ways too. You’re given quests that are simply to take part in a Scenario.
Alec: That may be at the expense of the standard quests, though. Possibly the RvR stuff too, though it was hard to get a good sense of that from the stuff we were playing a couple of weeks back

[Kieron returns from his tea and masturbation]
Kieron: Hullo!
Jim: Kieron Gillen, we’re talking public quests
John: The standard quests, that I’ve played across all races, are pretty poor. Kill 10 of this, gather 5 of those, and then go tell that guy.
Jim: Girren: public quests?
Kieron: That’s the thing – I agree entirely with the guys that the public quests are the really nifty PvE component.
Kieron: I mean, I’m a level four Witch-elf and I’m already involved in a mass brawl with a bloody dragon.
John: When I spoke to Mythic and asked them what would be the thing that stood out, they said PQs.
Kieron: Yes, but the game is being hyped as a RvR thing. We haven’t done much of that, man.
Kieron: Something Tim E said to me seems relevant – with Warhammer, to have the most fun with it, you have to kind of go with the flow.
Jim: Do you think RvR will matter to the majority of gamers?
Kieron: I suspect it may actually.
John: I think it will have to. The game passionately funnels you into taking part in it. And with a level cap at 40, it’s what the game becomes about.
Kieron: Which is what I mean – rather than in WoW where at a similar part of the game I generally stuck my head down and carried on doing my own thing
Alec: I think the PQs are pushing you into it to a significant extent
John: They very quickly set PQs in RvR zones.
Kieron: In Warhammer, you see what’s happening. Is there a big RvR scrap going down? I’ll go get involved. passing a PQ on the way to something else? Well, why not muck in.
Alec: Yeah, that “well I’m here anyway, and I don’t have to anything other than start hitting things” sentiment pervades
Jim: Will making the MMO *more* multiplayer, be the lesson of Warhammer?
Kieron: The ONLY WAR thing

Alec: It’s the reason it’s important, and not simply A WoW Clone
John: Yeah, it really means that. You CAN skin animals, but really you’re meant to be hitting stuff.
Kieron: (Hell, I was amazed there was crafting in it at all. And I’m also disappointed that Witch Elves can’t skin elves to make clothes out of it)
John: I think it’s going to be a huge success primarily because it apes familiar MMOs enough that people instinctively know what they’re doing, but it also is a game that’s deliberately built around that endgame world of epic battle. Rather than sticking it on the end so the hardcore have something to do.

Alec: My concern with the PQs and the RvR both is that it really messes up the game’s geography. It’s not a world filled with events – it’s more like wandering around a science museum, and stopping off at the exhibits that have pushy-buttons and flickering lights. It’s really unconvincing as a place – it’s these pockets of activities within their own weird, insular bubbles, but far too close too each other. There’s really no sense that you can explore.
John: I didn’t find that at all. I found the PQs occuring naturally between towns, or in contested zones.
Kieron: I disagree too actually, though I know what Alec gets at. Thing is, for me, it’s not meant to be a world. It’s meant to be a warzone. Those pockets of areas on the maps are individual skirmishes going on, and in terms of giving character to individual conflicts – at least for the Dark Elf stuff – it does it well.
John: There’s these old ruins at the bottom of a hill, near a town in the Greenskin area, and on the border of a RvR zone. It has an epic PvE PQ going on, occasionally with enemy players getting mixed up in. It’s an awesome site, and feels like it makes sense to be there.
Alec: That’s the thing – you can’t wander anywhere without some message popping up on screen. It feels artificial to that extent. I want to feel like I’ve found this stuff, not that it’s dropped in my lap.
Kieron: Like – say – this whole forest area off the main path where the elves are counterattacking via these traps, and there’s a low level skirmish going on between the two. perpetually, as it’s a standard PvE MMO, but decently enough.
Alec: It’s not a critical failing, but it’s made it hard for me to get a sense of place.
Kieron: I’ll give you that those messages can be intrusive. But I think the alternative is worse. “Where’s the public quest again?”
Alec: I’d make them further apart and shown on the map, or shown on a map once you speak to an obvious NPC in town
Kieron: Wow – lots more walking. That’s the thing – I like its tightness. I like things like not having to kneel and eat food to recover health.
John: All praise the super-fast healing!
Alec: No, not lots more walking, just a bit more breathing space
Kieron: Stuff like that absolutely stopped me playing WoW. I have a very low threshold for boredom.
Alec: Yes, it’s identified a shedload of WoW annoyances to get rid of – whilst retaining plenty of others

John: What about the Tome of Knowledge? That was the other Big New Thing, and was the thing I was most looking forward to.
Kieron: The Tome’s neat, but I honestly haven’t used it much.
Alec: I’ve used the Tome to check quest details, and that’s it
John: I’m really let down by the Tome. For me it’s become one of those irritating things that flashes on the screen that I just click on to clear it.
Kieron: What’s it actually *meant* to do?
John: And it makes getting at quest details a real fiddle. I assume a hotkey for going straight to quests will be added eventually. It was meant to be this alternative to RvR.
Alec: It’s an awful lot of text for a game that’s about cartoon characters stabbing each other
John: It was there for the person who wanted to SP the game.
Kieron: Right.
John: It would provide a coherent narrative, and offer its own quests.
Kieron: It’s a step on from Middle-Earth’s similar thing, I think, in that way
John: But I’ve not had a single tome quest offered. There are 10,000 Tome Unlocks in the game, and they’re fun to get, but then a confusion mess to understand. I think that’s what will happen – the Tome will become a fiddly quest journal, with an achievements page.
Kieron: It’s a very big achievement page. Anyone got a favourite character class? I like my Witch Elf a lot. Which surprises me, as I despise elves.
John: Okay, I have one other worry, and it’s that question.
Jim: Has anyone got to the squig tank? that sounds amazing
Alec: Yeah, I’ve enjoyed my Chaos Magus, though the floaty disc isn’t floaty enough. I get stumped by small hills and puddles.
John: I played as a High Elf first, and it was just so dull. I thought the game was doomed. I played as a Chaos, and I thought: meh. Very standard MMO. I then played as an Orc, and I thought: Woo! Best MMO ever!
Jim: Tell me a bit more about the classes – is there anything specifically unusual?
Alec: Most of the classes are a bit more hybrid than you’d have expected. Still fit into the standard boxes, but generally feel a lot less like you’re just Tank or DPS or whatever.
Kieron: Yeah. The thing with the classes is *there is a lot of them*. And they’re not just the same with the names filed off.
Jim: Why are orcs so good John?
John: It seems like a squillion times more passion went into that zone. You’re immediately firing yourself off Orcapults to reach distant castle roofs. You’re having these really funny quest givers talk in grunts. You’re a real character.
Kieron: I haven’t played the Dwarves, but I’ve heard similar things
John: Whereas a High Elf is like being a bloody librarian. “Go and find 8 of this plant, for no reason.”
Alec: The comedy races were always going to be easier to achieve that with. Which WoW sort of failed at by lumping Gnomes in with Dwarves and Trolls with Orcs in its starting zones
Kieron: And I really enjoyed the DE. Even the “Kill X” quests were often turned into something a little more interesting. Like – say – the one where I collected heads and stuck them on spikes in front of an enemy base to try and lure a hero out to fight.
John: There’s an Orc quest similar to that. It makes a big difference.
Alec: There’s a lot of head-pole action. I’ve done that almost half a dozen times
Kieron: Yeah – I used it as an example. there’s certainly been mroe pole-head sticking.
John: But even if it’s just an aesthetic on the end of a kill quest, it makes it feel like narrative.
Kieron: Yes – exactly.
Alec: It was funny the first time, etc. I just hope they can sustain that kind of thinking without running out of ideas. Having seen some of the l30 stuff, I’m not convinced yet, but there’s much I’ve not done yet.
Kieron: You know, I’m going to go and roll a new High Elf alt after this and see what I make of it
Jim: Speaking of aesthetics – how good looking is it?
Kieron: It’s acceptable.
John: It looks like a polished WoW. There’s no escaping that comparison.
Alec: you stop noticing what it looks like – it’s like a genetic memory of playing an MMO. Though the Inevitable City looks incredible, if horribly confusing to navigate
John: The Inevitable City is utterly brilliant.
Kieron: I haven’t been yet. I may go there instead of forming a HE.
John: It’s a stunning piece of design. Visually wonderful.

Is this meant to be in here?

[Alec leaves on a secret mission. It may or may not involve milk.]
Jim: Anyone got something else to add? We can conclude otherwise
John: One thing. I want to make it clear that this is one of those occasions where you’re deducting marks from 10, rather than adding them on from 0. They’ve managed it – they’re the first to create an MMO that compares to, and goes beyond, WoW. And that’s an absolutely massive deal that shouldn’t get lost in the (very valid) nitpicking.
Kieron: Yeah. God knows how it’s going to do long term, but given a choice between the two, I’d play this.
John: I think it’s best summed up as: they’ve created the WoW that Kieron wants to play.
Kieron: And I do wonder how much I’ll play it – after all, I’m the one of us who *didn’t* burn out on WoW. I didn’t like it enough to burn out on it.
John: Kieron I use as an example of someone’s who entirely immune to grind hypnosis.
Kieron: Heh. of course, it’s also the one MMO I’ll never review due to conflict of interest stuff (He’s writing a comic set in Warhammer at the moment. Out September, Comics peeps – Ed). To conclude: What’s your favourite chaos god?
John: God.
Kieron: Slanesh.
John: What’s a funny answer to attribute to Alec?
Kieron: The Horned Rat



  1. Furbaidh says:

    I’ve played EQ, and WoW both to endgame… and now I’ve played WAR for 10 ranks (levels). It may just be that the game is very bottom heavy at the moment, but it almost feels like those first 10 levels matter more than the first 50 of the other games. I’ve got cool looking gear, I’ve met cool people through the open group/PQ mechanic… I’ve even got a stunty nemesis or two.

    What impresses me the most is that I can play a tank archetype and they’ve manage to make it so the same mechanics that allow me to protect my group mates in PvE transfer over to RvR. Same with the healers… as it’s been stated before you don’t spam heal until someone comes and saves you, you actually fight back. Taunt/Detaunt, Collision, and defensive/offensive targets all make RvR so much more strategic… and the fact that your rank is adjusted when you zone into the instanced scenarios means that someone as low as rank 2 can actually make a difference on the battlefield.

    Am I going to cancel my WoW sub forever? Prolly not, but it’s going on the back burner for a long while.

  2. Michael says:

    well DAoC had just harder times… it wasn’t the age for online gaming…
    it was just the boom… and world of warcraft was the first who was mentioned this times… and warcraft is just so simillar because it’s strategy games and everyone knows that blizzard did also a great job on diabolo 2 and warcraft 3… so it was in my opinion just the right game at the right time… since than many things have changed… the gameindustries payed more and more attention to online gaming… until today many years have passed and the comunity of wow had grown a lot… because they were only a litle of compatition for wow… just think of matrix or hdro (which i couldn’T like at all.. where is the sense to play an online game were you play all alone?) but know war is coming… and the creators have much more experience with mmorpg’s than blizzard and i gues that the fan community of warhammer is nearly as big as the truly community of warcraft… it will be hard for war but this gonna rawk… even by the fact that many wow players are always talking about that wow gone boring and change sides, you can imagine that war will be the game of the year
    and that wolk won’t be the competition for WAR… so let us prepare for real WAR!!!!

  3. Jafari says:

    I am in the open beta, and I have played WoW for years. In WoW, I thought of PvE content as simply preparation for PvP. With the number of players with high level characters, PvP is no longer competitive for “casuals” until level 70, and even then until after a painful ‘honor’ grind of being killed over and over in AV. Therefore, 200 hours of playtime just to try out even-handed PvP.

    I played WAR two days so far and I am very enthusiastic about it. The scenario queuing mechanic is a wonderful thing. Anywhere, anytime, you can queue yourself. When your spot opens, you teleport to the instance. When the battle ends, you get returned exactly where you left off.

    Also, with the level normalization, PvP is meaningful even at level 1. Sure, higher level characters have better gear and new spells/abilities you haven’t learned yet, but you can contribute. You get xp and rp (renown points – still no idea what for) so you can level in the “scenarios.” On all three characters I have rolled, I have dinged level 2 in a scenario.

    For the BG oriented Warcraft player, imagine if this were possible (written from undead perspective):

    You are in DeathKnell, killing skeletons and zombies for the first quests. You figured out the basic mechanic of the class you are playing and decide you’d like to PvP. You click a PvP button next to your minimap that lets you queue for a battleground. You pass the time waiting by killing skeletons and zombies. Then, when you are one skeleton away from finishing your quest, the queue pops. What to do? You go ahead and join the fray. You enjoy the battleground and level once in the process. Ding two. When it ends, you reappear with full health back where you were, amidst the skeletons. Kill the last skeleton, join the queue again, turn in your quest and visit your trainer for your level 2 spells/abilities. By the time you get the new ability on your taskbar/binding, the queue pops again…

    Welcome to WAR.


  4. garrett says:

    okay, i dont think WoW is going to blow anything away, because we pick what games we want to play, just a fact that people need to say something to look better in thie rposts. any wayz, PvP is a huge roll in this i mean its one of the only things so far in the beta besides some quests and yes quests are fun in this game so far. but i rather pvp my brainz out. and billy i found out kinda a nerf with the dwarves to, the ironbreaker can take 2 other tanks at once.. but he has to do the best he can. and the engineer, wit the gun its amazing how much damage you can do. overall i hate when people say stuff about WoW, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT Warhammer Online HERE!!!!- just some advice.

  5. warskar says:

    ok thisd is annoying.. how can i stop getting emails when any1 responds to this i didnt even click the box to recieve an email… JEEZZ!!! any1 know how to turn it off because i have 155 new emails all from rock paperscissors.com…. -_-..

  6. Dalazar says:

    Nissl says:

    As far as your endgame question, Keegan, I like to use Rob Pardo’s (Blizzard lead designer) idea of a feature set of different activities. WoW has crafting/dailies/5-man/10-man/25-man/arena/4 BGs. That’s enough diversity to keep a lot of people playing.

    This was a while ago but I’d like to touch on it. MY REAL PROBLEM with wow is the fact that everything has been completely funneled into arenas. That and I stand by the fact that I believe resilience killed wow for many of us. Resilience and it’s effects on the direction of the game.

    Arenas: Almost completely rely on your class combo and RNG to win. (RNG is random number generations to get lucky procs/crits/etc)(Skill helps, but all the skill in the world won’t make dual warriors last in the high 2k ratings)
    Bg’s: Used to be somewhat fun but are now completely a chore and a stepping stone into arenas to rack up your resilience.
    World PVP: MIA.

    What I’m looking forward to in war is the fact that my avatar’s life won’t revolve around what my damn ratings are.
    Maybe I want to kill for the sake of killing? Maybe I want to kill things cause it’s fun.
    I can only pray that skill > luck/class choice in this game.

  7. blaktooth says:

    What I thought I would ad from playing in open beta so far is that the biggest overall change I think warhammer brings is it is much more of a dynamic living world than WoW. The difference between PvP and Realm vs. Realm is that with the RvR combat when you are fighting someone it matter to what is going on with the server and what you will be able to unlock and do. Same thing with guilds and cities they will grow with the more you do. You do not have the static environment that you do in WoW where one side may own a PvP area but in the end it doesn’t matter a whole lot.

    Also some notes on the tomb of knowledge. It is a great feature but it is daunting at the same time. It is a like a giant encyclopedia for the game. Being as such though it can be daunting to look at for the first few times and takes a while to get used to how to use and everything it can do for you. I will admit I had a bit of the same reaction at first of some annoying text messages popping up on my screen. But then I took some time and started to explore it some and have loved it since that point.


  8. blaktooth says:

    What I thought I would ad from playing in open beta so far is that the biggest overall change I think warhammer brings is it is much more of a dynamic living world than WoW. The difference between PvP and Realm vs. Realm is that with the RvR combat when you are fighting someone it matter to what is going on with the server and what you will be able to unlock and do. Same thing with guilds and cities they will grow with the more you do. You do not have the static environment that you do in WoW where one side may own a PvP area but in the end it doesn’t matter a whole lot.

    Also some notes on the tomb of knowledge. It is a great feature but it is daunting at the same time. It is a like a giant encyclopedia for the game. Being as such though it can be daunting to look at for the first few times and takes a while to get used to how to use and everything it can do for you. I will admit I had a bit of the same reaction at first of some annoying text messages popping up on my screen. But then I took some time and started to explore it some and have loved it since that point.


  9. Mike says:

    i was wondering if it was possible to have a biger range of dye color for equipment lol ….. 12 colors to choose from is way to low … would be nice to have my chosen a dark gray or something like that not purple like or a ugly something that came out of you’re butt green !!!!

  10. Mike says:

    double post sorry.

  11. jd glasscock says:

    man what is up, ive looked at system requirements i meet them, and the game plays fine im rolling along and then all of a sudden it flips to a blue screen, the game freezes and i cant even cntrol/alt/delete out of it i have to turn my comp off and reboot…..ive sent bug reports and no response, ive never had an issue with CoH or WoW, i dont get it am i nto gonna be able to play game.

  12. kelldinor says:

    i have played WoW and DAoC and i hate WoW it is cartoony and really geared towards PvE settings even there PvP is so forced you have teams and you cant go in to just solo one on one against other people. WAR lets you solo just like DAoc did not to mention you will see huge epic battles in all the Rvr war fronts just like in DAoC. and for all of you that know what i am talking about remember the realm gate battles in the old frontiers. or even artie raids in new frontiers.

    yes did they use some pages from blizzards book heck yeah they did but WoW is the number one game so if you are going to get people to leave them and come to you you need something that makes them feel at home. just like RvR and realm warfare is straight out of DAoC. and for all you whiny bitches out there who piss and moan about developer mistakes go make your own game, lets see you try and make a game that has to appeal to thousands and than try to make them all happy all the time. i doubt you can do it to many people not and way to much to try to focus on.

    i believe they nailed it on the head with this game i have played all the classes in this game and found them all to really kick ass. maybe it is me but i dont believe people really learn how to play a class the right way and they whine when they lose. i will give an example while playing my bright wizard i can nuke with the best of them all day long, i found that a combination of insta DoTs and debuffs followed up by afireball than release your combustion can drop most players life to almost nothing in less than 6 seconds. but i doubt most people will play it long enough to figure out what they are doing.

    i think this game is the face of MMO for the next decade sorry WoW mythic has your number.

  13. jd glasscock says:

    I totally agree. I think this game is better then wow, the classes are more extensive, the game is more stensive, i just hope my comp will be able to run it as im starting a new job in a week and would be a bit till i can upgrade. Ive been playing the beta and it runs great for a while then all of sudden keeps dcing me, hopefully its just beta, but as ive designed and rts game i am currently shopping, I understand the level of difficulty that goes into it. So far ive only tried maybe 5 classes. I really love the zealot, but im trying other toons to make sure. Here’s to the hoping my comp will run this game without an upgrade. Best. JD

  14. Well then says:

    Well all great MMOS come to an end. Ultima, and now WoW.

    But hey, Hello… Warhammer.

  15. Joe says:

    And also WoW is now about 4 years old. And will become 5 this new year. It’s graphics are LARGELY outdated too.
    I just really dislike how Blizzard gets lazy on the graphics of WoW. Specially with the gear.

  16. Tguts says:

    Dis is the WOW for bored Wow players…di next evolutionary step…i forsee a large amount of Wow vets, moving over,and some epic strategic pvp battles and ambushes being planned and executed.

    this game has great scope for huge fights that are not genking battles…GOTTALORVE IT!! :)…

  17. Mike says:

    would be nice if the aura of the CHOSEN wouldnt Agro so much monsters that are NOT in target … people wont play that class that much if they die all the time frome stupid agro !!

  18. AlloItsMe says:

    I am liking the game so far, animations and mob AI aside, but what I’m curious about is WAR’s long term appeal.

    Sure, scenarios are fun. For a while. But sooner or later, they’re going to be just as much of a bore as WoW’s battlegrounds, because they essentially are battlegrounds. Getting exp, loot and cash from them is a novel twist on them and a step above WoW, but this doesn’t detract from the fact that they are fixed scenarios and not dynamic situations. You’ll have capture the flag(s) and all that jazz, but how long is it fun for?

    WAR is not a particular threat to WoW just yet. It becomes a real challenger if it can keep subs and increase them over time. This means that RvR must have inherent risk and reward, as opposed to killing other players just because you should. Do you get to take a leader’s head and stick it on a spike somewhere? Do you get to sack a city and carry off gear a la public quest loot style? Can you get awesome trophies, mount armours, and most importantly does beating the other side in RvR hurt them badly enough to make them fight you until they get it back? A lot of WAR’s success will depend on how addictive the RvR is. For real veterans, on kills alone, give extra spell animations, there’s an idea. Stuff like that. So you know you’re fighting a real badass from the extra flourish his fireballs are packin’, for instance.

    By the way, fire GOA. They are useless, incompetent, and I don’t think Europe has committed enough sins to warrant them overseeing the complete and utter shambles of the Open Beta. God only knows the complete frak up they are going to pull off on launch day, and early access before that, but if bookies were taking bets I’d bet the last few quid I’m not spending on the CE version of this game that the downtime for each will be at least six hours on each respective day.

    I can see the future, and it’s another GOA screw-up. Don’t say you weren’t warned. :) If you want to get more subs in Europe, send those amateurs packing, ‘cos we are not at all pleased with the piss poor second rate service we are getting here. Even the EU website looks like I threw rabbit droppings at it and smeared them into recognizable shapes compared to the US site.

    Failing that, if you insist on keeping them, I can communicate in non-broken English in a timelier fashion to update the customer base, and I accept coffee and ham and tomato sandwiches as payment. Yanno, for that missing Community Rep job that’s not listed as a vacancy, but sodding well ought to be….

  19. Icewolf says:

    Ok, you are all going to hate me and flame me by the mighty torch of death, but i dont care. This needs to be said or at least re-amphasized if it has already been done:

    I stopped reading the comments about a quarter of the way through because by then War had been compared to Wow at least 20 times. This pisses me off to no small extent! If you friggin want to stay with wow then by all means keep masterbating over gnome-titties til your cock falls off, but keep IT TO YOUR SELF! The game is not called Warhammer online: The new wow. Its like we’re supposed to have this huge ball and chain with wow chiseled onto it attached to our feet at a checkpoint before we’re allowed to even consider having fun in new ways. “Is War a cool game? Yes, but wow…” “Is War inovative? Yes, but wow…” “Is war trying its little heart out to bring satisfaction to the huge percentage of mmo players who are losing interest? Yes, but wow…”

    Im friggin sick of it, and that goes to the discussion authors too. Tabula Rasa tried to wrench away from the wow chain, but you know what killed it for me? I couldnt read general chat for 5 seconds without seeing those hated 3 letters WOW pop up again and again and again. For the sake of pink lobsters! Age of Conan even went so far as to throw in nipples and crotch to try and get our minds off wow!

    Blizzard, pls take your titles and profits and get back to making the games we love you for. Finish that Diablo3 and SC2… go on, we will end up loving you for it. And finally, to every MMo gamer out there who feels a pitance for the genre: Pls, let us help make war great. Let us for get the joys of the past and help make the future more fun.

    pant…pant…pant… end rant

  20. Jusmeagain says:

    First and formost – ITS NOT WOW. And it is for all those who hate the “Capture the Flag” PvP that WoW has. And I love the fact that I could cap level and not have to run stupid quests. I mean, just go kick some player butts, get into it with someone on the other end, not some mob that I have memorized his every move. And oh yes, thank you Lord, no more running the same end game instance over and over and over for some stupid piece of loot just so others can outroll me on it!!.
    GO WAR!!!

  21. Valience says:

    If mythic had wanted to they could have made the graphics Epic and revolutionary so that you couldn’t take your eyes off it. Unfortunately, not everyone would have the top of the line pc to run the thing. They have to make the game for the masses. Looking at it from a marketing perspective, would you rather be able to sell your game to almost all gamers, or would you rather be able to sell it to those select few that have a high performance pc. Devs got to eat to ya know.

  22. ericcs says:

    Why does everyone always say it’s on the coat tails of WoW? All these games are crazy same. This reminded me more of an EQ/GW type. OPen beta was a nightmare for a lot of us but Mythic has seemed to be fixing things and fixing things. My lag and crashing has almost stopped. I’d rec this one to atleast try. It’s funny, when your quest is to get gnoll claws….shocking as it is every gnoll you kill has a ‘claw’. Try getting that in WoW.

  23. zarreph says:

    I liked the ‘discussion’, but it’s too bad you guys couldn’t play too much of the RvR, seeing as that’s what Mythic seems to be focusing on with WAR.

  24. Dave says:

    Other than the RvR what elements of Dark Age of Camelot did Mythic throw into WAR? I myself haven’t gotten around to looking into the beta and with release tomorrow. Its safe to say I wont be making it in :P

  25. Sean says:

    The 7th screenshot isnt Tanaris, its Dun Morogh, the gnome starting area. With that out of the way you might be able to tell im a Wow player. Its my first ever MMO. I’m a college student. Am i enough stereotypes yet? And wait for it; im not gonna compare them! People have asked me whether im going to keep playing wow or whether WAR looks better etc. I keep answering, i havent played WAR after release yet. Screenies and ppls reports from beta arent going to do it. Stop comparing, stop whining. Buy it, give it a go. If, standing on its own two feet, WAR makes you want to keep playing, then do it.
    Chaos Chosen on the way here.
    Enjoy it all guys :)

  26. ShadeVice says:

    WAR pwns WoW. Play it yourself to find out and stop talking about it. Everyone has their little opinions but the fact remains one must see for themself.

    Only brainless minions will listen to simple words and make a decision. PLAY IT TO KNOW.

  27. Patrick says:

    DAOC came out way before WoW, and if anything WoW copied DAOC first. Warhammer is just another game to follow in DAOC’s footsteps. Why are you guys comparing this game to a crappy game like WoW?

  28. Octaeder says:

    Why are people still commenting here!?