The Tomorrow War: Hard Sci-Fi

Russian spacewar simulator The Tomorrow War is set for a September 1st release in Europe, and should apparently have an English-language version in the pipeline too. The game is an incredibly expansive simulation based on the galactic-war fictions of Alexander Zorich (actually a pseudonym for two Russian writers, Yana Botsman and Dmitry Gordevsky). After the jump we have ten minutes of footage from the game’s vast interstellar environments: it’s the absolute antidote to those glossed-up trailers coming out of Leipzig.

These videos are like the ambient music of the game footage world: long, passive sequences with not much happening. This first bit of footage shows off the scale of just one of the planets in The Tomorrow War environment. This footage follows a spaceship entering the atmosphere, landing at a base, then landing on the planet, then taking back off again.

Next, ten minutes of cruising across a planet’s surface:

Finally, some cruising with a squad of ships, complete with Russian shouting:

There’s a horrible inevitability to my playing this game.


  1. cullnean says:

    me too :(

    what with my “saga of the seven suns” fantasy’s

  2. Chris Charabaruk says:

    DO WANT. Haven’t seen a space flight sim this good since FreeSpace 2. I need this game.


  3. YggdrasilHugger says:

    I hope that it has time dilation and an option to turn off that music.

    I like the expansive look of it. I’m the sort of person who was happy landing on a planet manually in Frontier and hope that this has the option to do similarly complex space sim type things. At least it may not be 10km “boxes” of space with ships that go slower than jet fighters.

  4. faelnor says:

    yes ! This is like watching my friend show me Frontier : Elite 2 back in the day.
    I’m so getting this. I hope there is an option to be a trader…

  5. macc says:

    You gotta love those Russians for just using fraps and show some real ingame footage instead of all those prerendered glossed up clips we get, which tell us absolutely nothing.

    I hope the story is good though, and I dearly hope they use some good voice actors for the English version, not the cheesy rubbish like in Spaceforce 2.

  6. Korgan says:

    It’s been out for a year or so in Russia. It sucks.

  7. cullnean says:



  8. araczynski says:

    and here i was going to say Darek Smart (?) must be very uncomfortable right now, but i guess not, just more company.

  9. andy says:

    the internet is fascinating. 1 person says something is great, everyone gets excited. 1 person something sucks, everyone is pessimistic again.

  10. Colthor says:

    Here’s a Google-translated Russian review, and whilst I can’t get much out of the actual text other than it seems to have some annoying flaws, they scored it at 7.5 and readers scored it at 8.2, so it might be OK to good, especially if they’ve fixed stuff. Spaceforce 2 scored worse than that and it was amusing for a while.
    Wait and see, I think, but it’s only £13 from Amazon if anybody fancies a gamble.

    That said, I hope it’s brilliant.

  11. Albides says:


    But is it X3 crap, which is at the least playable if you have the right kind of head… or is it Derek Smart crap, in which case it’s unplayable rubbish ?

  12. Bobsy says:

    Iiiiiinteresting. I asked just the other day if there were any games that had anything like the scale and detail of Frontier, and along comes this. In that first video the planet looks to be coming up awful fast, made it look more than a little like the tiny toy planets of Freelancer. Which it may be.

    Still, interesting.

  13. Ben Abraham says:

    Woah, check out the box art for this game! Straight outta the 8-bit era!
    link to

  14. Stromko says:

    Especially as they didn’t say WHY it sucked. You wouldn’t have to look far to find someone on the internet who says Elder Scrolls: Oblivion sucks, but I’ve sunk I don’t know how many hours into it anyway. It’s very possible that Tommorow War could fail in any number of ways, but I’m not about to believe someone who can’t be bothered to explain why — I’m not really inclined to believe anything they say, actually.

  15. Jesucristo says:

    Since i-War 2 Edge of Chaos, I was not interested in any Sci Fi Sim. But this one owns me. I hope it does not disapoint me.
    Also there is a secuel, Tomorrow War Factor K, and IT will be released in West Europe, but I do not know when.

  16. Mr_Day says:

    The low price and the fact it says released on September 12th – me birthday – made me order it.

    I am hoping it will tip the scale – random Russian space games bought for a low price by me? Two.

    Of which Space Rangers was great and Star Wolves made me undergo a costly procedure to remove the memories of playing it. I still have it, here, with a note attached – “Open only in case of Apocalypse, offer to 4 Horsemen. It may work.”

  17. antonymous says:

    Doesn’t look that distinguished, one of the many 1C games that are going to be self-published by their new EU distribution division. Also looks a bit Hardwar-ish to me.

  18. Mr_Day says:

    You say that like it is a bad thing. Was I the only person that loved Hardwar?

  19. antonymous says:

    That was positive! Hardwar was great!

    But we all know there won’t be a sequel because spacesims are now considered way too complicated, they need a joystick, and small studios can’t spend the money on such a thoroughly engineered game and graphics..

  20. cullnean says:

    i have a saitek cyborg evo sat here on my work desk ready for the eventuality of a game like this

  21. JonFitt says:

    Firefly mod, Firefly mod, Firefly mod!

    There, that’s the incantations done. Now let’s hope it happens.

  22. Chaz says:

    Wow you can fly down onto planets and through planetary rings, I am so sold. I have been waiting for years for a game like this, ever since Elite Frontier.

    It seems those Eastern European chaps are making all the best, what I would consider to be, old school style computer games, at the moment. Especially as a lot of the western releases these days seem to be bland homogenized big budget affairs.

    So when’s the English language version coming out again?

  23. Subject 706 says:

    Theres also Dark Horizon coming out in September, which looks a bit similar to this one. Surprise, surprise, also from Russia.

    How come no western developer makes space sims anymore? They should be fairly cheap to make, shouldn’t they?

  24. DSX says:

    In the pipe, five by five.

    Looks very cool. I’d be happy with Russian voices for everything non-critical ala stalker if they would just make goals and stuff in English.

  25. Biggles says:

    Also, for those of you looking for the next good space sim with planet landing and scale and randomly generated galaxies and art to make EVE look old, have alook at: .

    They have some nice and detailed behind the scenes developer blogs as well, if a bit technical in nature. Still, won’t be out for a very long time and you will need a beast of a machine to play it on (or a pocket calculator from the future)

  26. Janto says:

    Good game or not, those shots of flying over a giant’s rings is fantastic.

  27. Chaz says:


    Yep had eyes on Infinity for quite a while now, but like you say, it’s still a long long way off. Also if I remember rightly, isn’t Infinity being developed as an MMO rather than a single player game.

    One other thing, it says on Amazon that the platform for Tomorrow War is Vista. Does this mean it won’t run on XP?

  28. Biggles says:

    Gah, got distracted looking at their new website and missed my revision window. Could a kind mod please fix my link above so I look slightly less retarded? Thankyou!

  29. Grill says:

    Jim – if you want to get hands-on with this, give me or Rob B a call… :D

  30. minipixel says:

    the on board computer talking in russian is way cool :)

  31. D says:

    I wish for the day someone applies the Falcon 4 realism concept to space sims. I don’t think this is it, and Infinity, as mentioned, probably has enough complexity going on with that billion worlds.

    PS: Infinity is procedurally generated not random, and the tech blogs are awesomely mind boggling :)

  32. Andrew Doull says:

    Got to 5th the call for Infinity if only because the graphics are much better (and the ambition pretty incredible too). If you want a comparison video (sans ships at the moment), try this link. Starts off slow, but goes to awesomeness about half way through. There is also a playable ship combat prototype for those worried by how ‘far off’ it is.

  33. Andrew Doull says:

    Jim: By the way – how is that piece on procedural generation coming along?

  34. Korgan says:

    link to;.intl=us
    Here’s an auto-translated Russian review. 42/100.

  35. Fat Zombie says:

    That looks like a bit of nifty stuff if I ever saw some. We need more space-ship games where you can do the “space to surface in one bit” thing.

  36. CryingTheAnnualKingo says:


    You call that translated? It’s a fun read, though…

  37. Korgan says:

    Babelfish, duh.

  38. Segal says:

    Yana Botsman and Dmitry Gordevsky are actually Ukrainian writers, thank you.

    BTW, when Tomorrow War was released in Russia two years ago, it recieved generally positive or average reviews. tends to act harsh on Russian and Ukrainian games, they gave 50/100 (or something like that) to S.T.A.L.K.E.R..

  39. RusPilot says:

    Guys, these “trailers” are bullshit, game is really better.

    Here is an interest overview in English:
    link to

  40. Hmm-hmm. says:

    This made me think of subsequently 2001 – A Space Odyssey; Homeworld and Battlestar Galactica.

  41. np says:

    Now if we could only do this in EVE..

  42. Jayce says:

    I can’t wait for this to come out. Manual planet space flying was my favorite thing to do in the elite series. This so far has been the only game I’ve seen to recreate these events with a modern graphic engine. Flying through planetary rings is an added drool bonus. I wonder if flying through nebulae will give me the same style eye candy…

    It looks like all it needs is a little more traffic (read: Ships passing here and there on their own business, city traffic, etc), and the ability to hop out of the ship and explore on foot (or a vehicle of some sort, like an ATV, or a boat/submarine of sorts for water excursions), and we’d have the penultimate Space sim!

  43. Temny says:

    This game released in Russia in 2006. So, if you need super graphic, it’s not your game. But, real graphic is much better then this video shows.
    Here you can look some good screens link to
    This game is very epic and has good scenario and deep gameworld. If you enjoied Wing Commander, you will enjoy Tommorow war too.
    Anyway, i recommend this game ;)

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