GOA At War – More Warhammer Publishing Worries

Release the squigs!

As you can see below, we’re really looking forward to Warhammer Online. We’ve been playing it lots already, and our impression is that it’s the first MMO to take a step in front of WoW. That’s a big deal. We’re just a bit concerned by the current state of affairs when it comes to EU distribution. As we’ve covered quite heavily, there’s the internal confusion at GOA over UK pricing, and now there’s a further concern: the open beta. Right now, at least two online retailers – one of them EA itself – are selling pre-orders of the game with the promise that a purchase will mean access to the open beta. GOA are stating that this is categorically not the case, and that the 55,000 beta invites will be distribute by other, rather unclear means. What is going on?

Go to the front page of EA’s UK store and you’re greeted with this sizeable banner front and centre:

Seems pretty clear, eh?

It’s not subtle. A very clear statement that spending your £40 (pre-orders via GAME currently cost £30, but don’t offer beta access… but as we’re about to discover, that might be pretty irrelevant) on the direct download will secure you open beta access.

Head to the game’s page on the EA Store and the details state:

30 Day Free Subscription – Bonus Item Unlocks”

Wanting to save some on that digi download, you could head to Direct2Drive, who have the pre-order at £33, listing the benefits for pre-ordering as including:

This product give you access to the UK Open Beta. Be one of the first players to experience the glory of battle and the thrill of WAR! – You will not receive access to the US Open Beta.
Begin your adventures in the Age of Reckoning several days before the raw recruits arrive!

So why, on the semi-official Warhammer forum that GOA’s community team frequents, is this statement made by English WAR Community Manager, Magnus K? (And why doesn’t the game have an official forum?)

Magnus, from your last post I gather that EU se pre-orders will be missing out on the open beta, is that correct and if so why?

This is true, and is according to the plan. All along, Open Beta has been planned to include

* All current Beta testers
* Collector’s Edition Pre-Order customers
* Partner website invites
* Random invites and others

So whereas Standard Edition Pre-Order customers will gain access to the Live Head Start, they will not automatically gain access to the Open Beta. The primary reason for this is that the European market is more diverse and complex than its North American counterpart. By choosing to distribute the quite substantial number of spots we have allocated for Open Beta via partner websites programmes, we are able to tailor-suit invitations to a higher extent than we would be able to, were we to do as the Americans. More on all of this as we approach Open Beta, naturally.

To be clear, neither the EA Store nor D2D versions are the Collector’s Edition. It simply cannot be, as it’s a digital download, and therefore would be hard-pushed to fit a metal miniature, graphic novel, and book of artwork down even the phattest of pipes.

Later in the thread Magnus K reiterates the point:

Will EU SE pre-order customers get into WAR Open Beta?
No. This was a solution well suited for the American market, but less so Europe. With more diverse demographics, we have opted for a solution where we will be giving away 55 000 Open Beta keys through the EA Store and other community sites. This allow for a more focused approach, better suited the five-language market we operate in.

Perhaps this statement means something to GOA, but I’m entirely bemused. How in the shiny kingdoms of the Earth does people’s pre-ordering a game they want to play, on the promise of open beta access, form an inappropriate model for open beta key distribution? How can multiple languages possibly factor into this? Oh, and through what did he say? The EA Store? The one that’s selling the game with the promise of open beta access? This more “focused approach” remains a mystery. But more than anything, and oh my goodness how is this allowed to happen, the game is being sold for pre-order based on a promise GOA are openly stating they will not meet.

We have, of course, approached GOA to try and get answers to this question. With a bank holiday on Monday, we’re not expecting to hear back before Tuesday. (Although we’ve still not heard back about why they publically announced that the prices they told us had not come from them).

An alternative title for this post.

But the madness doesn’t end there. Because as we speak, the US are in the midst of a free Warhammer Online Preview Weekend. This is the denouement to the closed beta, a 100,000 player invite-only session to test the full-on RvR full scale battles. The invites were sent to closed beta players, people who had pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition, and to 50,000 Standard Edition pre-orderers. What an excellent fun time! When’s the European one?!

Will there be a European Preview Weekend?
No. When the Preview Weekend was announced we were frankly caught by the bed. Our schedule leading up to Open Beta and Launch have included large scale testing all along, and a Preview Weekend event of sorts was never part of this plan. In the end, making such large scale changes with such short notice proved unrealistic.

I’m sorry, what?

Whatever is going on, it really isn’t pretty. That GOA are so openly stating they haven’t got a clue what’s happening with the US distribution of the same game is quite astonishing. A situation has somehow arisen where the US publishers, EA, are clearly not communicating with the EU publishers, GOA. This is in no way good news for anyone. Please, someone sort this out, sharpish.

Enormous thanks to Torn, of fort-awesome.eu for tips.


  1. Larington says:

    The more I hear about this EU company, the more I’m satisfied with my decision to not start another MMORPG for a while (What RPG, MMOLG (Levelling game) more like).

  2. darkripper says:

    I’m tempted by the idea of buying the US version of WAR on direct2drive and play on american servers.
    Anyone there played DAOC and actually knows something about GOA? What should we expect? are they good or not?

  3. Meat Circus says:

    This kind of shit can, and has, sunk promising mumorpurgers in the past.

    Sort it, EA. And sort it fast. Bribery, corruption, assassination. Make it go away.

  4. Gladman says:

    OK someone needs to do a summary of what’s going on because I can’t make head nor tails of this…

  5. John Walker says:

    The background is explained here:

    link to rockpapershotgun.com

  6. Azhrarn says:

    Darkripper, if the comments on the closed beta forums regarding GOAs reputation in regard to DAOC are anything to go by, this is “business as usual” for them.
    Their reputation for the way they handled DAOC is legendarily bad. There’s a good reason the DAOC EU servers are more dead than alive and lots of EU players are on the US servers.

    Moving to the US servers might actually be a better idea, even with the increased latency and comparatively lousy play times. Unless they really turned a new leaf (and by the looks of things, they haven’t) I wouldn’t wish their level of “service” on my worst enemy.

  7. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    Wow… this is all rather astonishing, and even slightly amusing, when you’ve got nothing staked in the game. I mean… EA are one of the biggest publishers (I almost wrote punishers there… Freudian?) in the world, and this is the *biggest* cock up on the publishing front I’ve ever seen… what the bejesus is going on?

  8. FP says:

    Has anyone tried contacting GW? I can’t believe they’d be too pleased that their home (biggest?) market seems to be getting a second-rate service (or maybe they just signed away the rights and don’t have much to do with the actual game).

    I don’t intend to give my money to anyone that treats us like second-class citizens and I hope no-one else does either. It’s the only way they’ll learn.

  9. Azhrarn says:

    My guess is FP that GW can’t change much about what’s happening, and neither can EA. In all likelyhood Mythic made the arrangements with GOA before EA bought them out. That contract stands, and who knows what kind of running time it has.

  10. Arnulf says:

    Cripple a user base right from the start.

    Although I don’t like the notion that you get a “headstart” when you pre-ordered. Buy an advantage because you’re able to plunk down more money and earlier than others.

  11. Beastmanaids says:

    As excited as I had been for this game, I’m now even moreso concerned.

    While I have no doubt that this could be a fine game, and could theoretically put a dent in at least some of the reign of WoW, if this confusion over quite frankly EVERYTHING regarding the launch of the game keeps up it could quickly ruin the game completely.

    Few games, if any, have come back from a failed launch to be sucessful, and as of right now this has all the precursors of a failed launch. Hopefully they end this retardedness soon.

  12. Nny says:

    People will buy it anyway, no matter how incompetent the admin side of the enterprise is.

    Mythic’s admin side was always rubbish, I remember how I couldn’t cancel my DAoC account as I didn’t have the game installed (or the original discs) anymore and the only option to cancel was in the game launcher ;). From what I heard GOA was worse than that so I’m not really amazed…

  13. Orange says:

    I was hovering on interested for WAR, but going to stay well clear until I see how things operate. There are more than enough mmos and new games coming in the next few months to occupy me. Pre-WoW and Steam companies like this could get away with this sort of ‘service’, not any more.

  14. Gorgeras says:

    I’m currently serving a two-month suspension from the Warhammer Alliance forums for basically stating what this article says, and not much more forcifully than how this article says it.

    More recently, they’ve had to tone down their zero-tolerance policy on ‘GOA bashing threads’ and they’re flooded with posts about it.

    When Mark Jacobs first invoked the contract with GOA as a rhetorical device for addressing criticism about the decision to use them again, I asked specific questions about the contract. I thought that if he was going to use it to shut critics up, we should be damn well allowed to ask questions and expect answers about it.

    I asked who would replace GOA if it was decided they were unable to fulfill their obligations.

    What would GOA have to do to be outside of their contractual obligations.

    Who bares responsibility for deciding wether or not GOA is within or able to keep to their contractual obligations.

    Nothing. Based on that I concluded that there was absolutely nothing GOA could do which Mythic would consider a step too far. They are an anti-competitive company, used to anti-competitive market conditions and they will have demanded as such for their contract. They can’t lose, but the rest of us do.

  15. Tei says:

    Maybe GOA is too small for this game, or this game too good for GOA. That Guys of good feel somewhat amateuris to me. This is a good thing for a amateur proyect, but for something commercial can hurt the game. The USA version feels better and better by the hour.. a shame, because I already have buy the uk version.

  16. Flim says:

    There are no official forums because Mythic don’t do official forums – GOA are following this policy. Here’s Mark Jacobs explaining why: link to forums.tentonhammer.com
    The GOA folks are found on a few different community forums and blogs though (it’s not just FH or WHA)

    The Preview Weekend is a big-ass stress test of the server code that Mythic are running – to do it they invited their US CE pre-orders (this is an extra bonus that wasn’t on the box – it was thrown in last month) and a bunch of SE pre-orders.

    The CE pre-order boxes come with Open Beta, headstart and some in-game stuff (and the CE box itself comes with more in-game goodies, the ability to continue after the headstart, and some physical stuff like miniature and books). This was all announced when they went on sale – Preview Weekend and a week of Closed Beta access wasn’t mentioned till recently.

    My guess is: Mythic got their server farm up before they expected it and were therefore able to start putting large numbers of people on the live servers earlier than expected. GOA weren’t so lucky so couldn’t shift things to accommodate it (they’ve built a new datacentre for WAR, due to all go online for Open Beta which should start 7th September, pushing that forward 2 weeks wouldn’t be a mean feat).

    No idea what’s going on with the EA store and pre-orders – the european preorder program (standard edition not the CE) isn’t supposed to start till Thursday 28th… though some chap on FreddysHouse suggested that either they’ll have to give open beta spots to EA/D2D folks or EA/D2D will have to offer a refund thanks to the distance selling act.
    link to forums.freddyshouse.com

  17. Noc says:

    Tei, GOA aren’t developing the game. Mythic is developing the game. GOA is publishing it in Europe.

  18. Tei says:

    Yay, I know. Look to war-europe website
    Don’t look amateur to you?
    All these draws saved as jpg, imported to flash, re-scaled again, etc.. the tiny webmaster inside me want to kill the “webmaster” creator of that site.
    And the Mythic website is not much better, to begin first.
    I have nowhere to run now..

  19. arbitrary says:

    As Flim says, Mythic kind of dropped the preview weekend as a nice surprise for Americans, and it shocked everyone, GOA included.

    I think EA and Mythic are treating GOA pretty badly in terms of communication, and we’re all seeing the aftershocks of this.

    I’ll still be on an EU server, as will my friends – but thanks for taking up all these issues, I’m sure the extra oomph will help us all get the answers!

  20. malkav11 says:

    Bright side is, depending on what those “other methods” are, you might not actually have to preorder the game to get into the “open” beta. I still don’t think that that particular system is a good move in the US.

    Do you know how World of Warcraft hooked me? Got me to pay $80 for a CE, even? They handed out open beta invites to anyone who wanted them until they had hit their limit. I was one of them, and the week or so I spent with the game was more than enough to convince me I wanted the game, badly.

    I confess that I’m interested enough in WAR that I might preorder it anyway for the open beta, but…bleh. Not happy about that.

  21. spinks says:

    It looks to me like EA Europe are really undermining whatever plans GOA had. Offering the beta access for an extra tenner is a sure way to piss off the retail distributors and that would be a crazy thing to do, because they’ll lose so much free advertising that way.

    From what they said, I’m guessing GOA planned to do beta invites via magazines and community sites, but as usual they have been so slow to announce that no one knows. And they really do need to get their open beta invites out to people who don’t have to fork out cash first, like malkav11 says.

  22. Zeitgeist says:

    I think that GOA just doesnt respond to emails in general, I got into the beta but am having trouble logging into the eu site, emailed them but they dont seem to want to reply.

    darkripper : On the D2D site it says “This product is only available for pre-order in the United States and Canada.” so i presume it wont be possible to order it either when it comes out, seems the only option is Amazon.com

  23. jigglybean says:

    The fact that is this yet ANOTHER wow clone has put me off. So I dont know what to do with my pre-ordered limited edition pack. :(

  24. Torn says:

    MagnusK (GOA representitive) has even responded directly on the subject of EAStore / direct2drive EU SE download pre-orders:

    There has – rightfully – been much confusion circulating regarding the offers and promises by the EA Store and direct2drive. I can only say two things on this as of now:

    We remain steadfast on our current line: Open Beta access is not planned to be a part of the European SE Pre-Order offer. In fact, we haven’t even launched the SE Pre-Order campaign yet. This is due August 28th.

    At the end of the day, EA is in charge of distributing WAR in Europe. This is not to say they are to blame – it takes two to tango. They, just as we, are involved in this and we need to find a solution to this mess. GOA seniors have engaged in dialogue with EA and we are all eagerly awaiting the result of this.


    Now don’t get me wrong, the game looks very promising and I can’t wait to play it with my friends. However, reports of GOA’s behaviour in DAoC and the left hand clearly not talking to the right leaves me with some concern. If it comes to the worst, people in my position having pre-ordered the download version might be left with the ultimatum ‘accept it or ask for a refund’ – hardly a scenario which will instil consumer confidence in this otherwise promising game!

    Now, there’s even talk (in the August WAR newsletter) that open beta for Europe will be a ‘free for all’ in the first week of September. Sounds to me like they’re panicking and have realised that they have no workable / organised way of distributing the keys.

    I’m hoping that GOA / Mythic /EA can do the right thing here, and as a gesture of goodwill ensure that EU download pre-orders of the Standard Edition get all that they were promised.

  25. ASH says:

    If you played DAoC – you’re familiar with GOAs method of operation and well…..

  26. Steve says:


    Yup, DAoC Europe was a fricking disaster even when they could get their servers to stay up for more than a few hours…

    US servers for the win (Again).. unfortunately.

  27. Beefeater1980 says:

    “Will EU SE pre-order customers get into WAR Open Beta?
    No. This was a solution well suited for the American market, but less so Europe. With more diverse demographics, we have opted for a solution where we will be giving away 55 000 Open Beta keys through the EA Store and other community sites. This allow for a more focused approach, better suited the five-language market we operate in.

    I’m so pleased to see this nonsense picked up on. What on earth have diverse demographics to do with Open Beta access? Is he suggesting that if Europeans only had the decency to be a bit more similar to each other then the treatment would be the same as in the States? What is ‘focused’ about giving away keys through the EA store and unspecified community sites? How is this in any way connected to the number of languages spoken by customers?

    I think that he is trying to say that fewer people can be admitted to Open Beta in the EU than the US and that the method of cutting down the number of people is to exclude SE customers. What doesn’t make sense is the explanation that fewer people can be admitted here in Europe because of ‘diverse demographics’ – by which I assume he means because Europeans as a group speak more than one language (maybe they should release the Beta in Latin?). There must therefore be a link missing. My best guess is that the link is something the spokesman didn’t want to say, like ‘our servers won’t be up in time’ or ‘we can’t really cope with multiple languages yet but are doing our best and fingers crossed will be OK by September 18’, or even ‘we can’t get authorisation because our reporting and communication lines are messed up’.

    In any case, the given explanation is dishonest. It is dishonest because it hides the absence of a real explanation behind a collection of random words arranged to look like a meaningful answer. It is streaked through with carefully chosen language – a ‘more focused’ approach; more ‘diverse demographics’ – designed to soothe and reassure, not to convey information. GOA is using language that says ‘this explanation comes from sensible, important people, the kind who attend business meetings, produce strategy papers and make final decisions, so kindly just accept it and don’t ask questions’. That – a dishonest and manipulative answer – is what we should be worried about, more than missing two weeks of beta.

  28. Calabi says:

    Wow, looks like a major ballsup, if this is all happening before its been even released I cant imagine what its going to be like after.

    Seems like its best to stay away from this game in europe at least. I’m wondering if that might be ironic, if they end up with more subs from here.

  29. Torn says:

    Spot on, Beefeater1980. I’m used to seeing ‘sexed-up’ / meaningless language from FunCom’s AoC statements, and it’s not a pleasant surprise to find GOA employing the same spin tactics.

    Time for honesty, GOA. Lay your cards on the table, tell the community how things stand with the beta rollout and infrastructure. Whilst there might be some initial outcry, an apology (or two) will go a long way towards addressing concerns about you. Be upfront; this isn’t something that can be swept under the carpet.

  30. Ghiest says:

    With DAOC I was involved in both the EU and US beta, from the US beta I bought the game and played on the US servers, till the point where my guild disbanded I decided to start afresh on the EU servers so I could run in raids my own time. From the get go I had problems with GOA.

    Double billing, wrong billing, zero tech support, zero customer support (after being billed incorrectly). So I canceled and they continued to charge (and overcharge as well) for a whole SIX months later and I got no come back even after writing to the US company who said it was the responsibility of GOA to take care of it. 1 year after and almost 150 dollars (£90 at the time) I still had no luck and gave up.

    I will be buying a US copy of WAR for this reason, I cannot fathom the reason for using this company again as the amount of complaints I’ve seen just on the WAR EU beta forums about GOA already is quite frightening.

  31. Flim says:

    @Steve – nice soundbite but the server uptime for daoc in europe was pretty damned good (99%? something like that). The biggest issues for daoc europe was the 3-6 month lag behind with patches, which was all down to the way the thing was coded (two versions). Also no 24/7 support. WAR in europe doesn’t have either of these problems.

  32. ASH says:

    The biggest issue (for me) for DAoC EU was the horrendous “support” methods used (no ingame and slow right now support) and very little information from GOA in regards of – well anything (just like now).
    At least the 3 or so years I played.

    I fear for WAR-EU and GOA is the reason I do…..

  33. Azhrarn says:

    Indeed Ash, that’s my main fear too, GOA is completely going to screw up the EU launch and support after launch, meaning it’ll fail horribly, despite having the bigger fan base.

  34. Elos says:

    GOA knows its reputation and the guys running that company know that screwing the WAR launch up will be the end of them.

    Somehow I get a feeling that either Mythic, EA or both of them are kicking some unintentional sand in GOAs lunchbasket.

  35. Gorgeras says:

    It won’t be the end of them. As has been pointed out many times in various forums; they are part of a nationalised company and therefore are anti-competitive. Nothing they do wrong can cause the company to cease. If they win, they win. If they lose, they win and we lose.

  36. Elos says:

    It’s not like they’ll keep getting contracts if they keep fucking them up.

  37. mandrill says:

    I will not be playing WAR till this is sorted out and GOA is out of the picture. Going from what I’ve read here Mythic were idiots to even consider letting GOA in on this action. Either They should get the lawyers on it to find a loophole in the contract or EA should buy the contract out and take over.

    Having two different companies dealing with publication of the same game when EA has the muscle to handle it all is madness. Too many cooks and all that.

    I hope GW is also kicking up a fuss about the way their IP is being handled by GOA, even if they don’t have any direct say they can make their unhappiness felt in other ways (as in disallowing any further use of new IP of theirs in future patches and expansions, Skaven, Slaan anyone?)

    Get rid of GOA and I suspect that this problem will quickly sort itself out.

  38. Dexton says:

    It would really be a terrible shame for a game with such potential to be ruined, in it’s home territory, by a bad publisher. I have been attempting to follow this for the last few weeks, and although the news has been making me extremely nervous about the EU launch in the end we will have to wait until the game has been released before we see if GOA can cut it.

    The problem is with WOTLK soon to be released WAR will only have a small window of time to really capitalize on their mmo audience. If they mess it up due to something as silly as an incompetent EU publisher they may well lose many subscribers that they won’t get back. AoC made those mistakes, and no matter how great patches may make that game in the future alot of people will have been put off by the problems at launch and will never go back. Let’s hope that does not happen with WAR.

  39. born2expire says:

    Im really on the fence about WAR, im prime for a PVP focused game, but i got burned by AoC.

    I think I’ll sit on WAR for a bit, so much good stuff coming in the next 2 months, STALKER: Clear Sky, Crysis Warhead, BiA: Hell’s Highway, Farcry 2 and Fallout 3.

  40. DisappointedWarhammerPlayer says:

    I’m sorry, but after playing the game I’m sorely disappointed. This close to a launch date the graphics look antiquated. There is no sign of any “modern” technology (specular/normal maps) or even decent use of older technology (light maps). The entire lighting in the game is horrific.

    Whats worse, the client server model seems to have been completely misinterpreted. Judging by the delay I experience between pressing a button and actually seeing the appropriate animation, I must assume the server is being asked whether the animation should actually be played, or worse, the server orders the client to play the animation. Whatever the cause, even if its just client lag, its completely inacceptable in a game this big. If you’ve got money to spend on a massive cinematic trailer, you should be able to provide some smooth gameplay.

    Bad publishing or not, WAR has bigger problems than just its distribution in my opinion. That just seems to be the “icing on the cake”, if you will.

  41. Anonymous says:

    @DisappointedWarhammerPlayer – the beta client is forced to medium settings. You can use your NVidia control panel to override it to high details – or just wait until closer to launch where they’ll unlock the in-game options. Specular highlighting, etc. is in the game. example 1, 2

  42. ASH says:

    The amount of work and money it would take to get somebody to take over GOA alone would mean that I seriously doubt Mythic would kick GOA out. Sounds like PR.

    However, we don’t even have the same basic website functions as the US, and launch date is coming ever closer.
    I doubt we’ll even see a Realm War page until ages into live…….. I simply do not understand why GOA repeat the same mistakes from their DAoC times. I thought they were more experienced by now.

    But I guess not when they basically have a carte blanche for screwing over the customer base.

  43. Fiale says:

    I cannot see how they GOA will have time to distribute, accept applications for Open Beta now, they have left it all to late.

    Neither Mytic, Ea or GOA seem to be taking the EU community very seriously. Maybe they think our money is already in the bag regardless.

    Personaly if I had the power within EA or Mythic the conference phone would be going and the “you have 1 day Sort it” command would be issued. Sadly I am begining to think neither Mythic or EA have the ability… Why they did not go with a UK / Swedish or German company I have no idea – at least those countries know about customer relations and organisation.

  44. Fiale says:

    I would like to add, it would be nice if journalist in the industry could take them to task to get this sorted, but I often think the reliance on advertising makes them to timid to approach companies with hard or embarassin questions whether it hurts their reader base or not.

  45. WarhammerPlayer says:


    Thats good news about the graphics… I wonder why the GC versions looked that bad. Why would they show a poor quality version and not even announce that there is a better version?

    Unfortunately this does not address my other concern (about bad animation synchronisation and generally slow feedback, interface issues), but it does make me a bit more hopeful.

    Thanks a lot for the info.

  46. Arch says:

    Here is the latest update from GoA on the SE OB situation

    link to warhammeralliance.com

  47. ASH says:

    Heh – the development of this farce is getting to be ridiculous.
    Now it appears that some SE pre-orders will get Open Beta access, despite them a few days ago saying SE pre-orders didn’t give Open Beta access!!

    *rolleyes in a massive way*

  48. Bursar says:

    I know it’s been touched upon, but has there been an ‘official’ announcement about the patch schedule? Content updates are important but emergency bug fixes are very important. If the European servers end up more than 24/48 hours behind the US version wise that would be a major factor in whether I bought the game locally or tried to get a US import.

  49. Dr Vince says:

    EA would not have let an independant company take care of their brand new RPG’s support, registration and Billing in Europe.
    So GOA is most probably now a part of the EA family, the only condition under which EA would not have cancelled that contract.

    Now, knowing EA, and their american centrism, they will most probably forget to take into account EA europe (and EA Goa), not even caring what they can and cannot do.

    To conclude Goa staff acquired a lot of experience on DAOC, and if they were awful at first, they were not too bad at the end. But it is clear that they were not kept in the loop in open beta decisions hence the mess we are meeting and that we will meet when these servers go live. Yet they have prepared for the launch for a while, although EA (US) announced 2 months before release the street date, a release that everyone was suspecting to happen a month later.
    A bold move to steal more Acti/blizz customers, yet let’s hope that the logistic did not get as surprised as we got by that announcement!

  50. suri says:

    Ive now decided to wait till early launch to play, goa have messed this up bigtime and the idea of dealing with a company like them i find very off putting.

    Will use my free month then dump my euro copy for the usa version.